A Mother’s Sacrifice

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The car finally packed and gassed up, Nikki was ready to head home for the holidays. After her first college finals week, she was so glad to be done and heading home for a break and to spend some time with her mother. She had slept very little over the last week and was feeling it now that the stress of finals had ended. She had already said goodbye to her roommate and a few friends, many of whom still had finals left to take before they were done for the semester. She tossed her last bag in the backseat, climbed behind the wheel and headed for home.

She checked herself in the rear-view mirror as she started to drive. She looked like hell. She was paler than usual thanks to four months in lecture halls and libraries coupled with a week without much sleep. Her normally pin straight blonde hair was disheveled and her eyeliner and mascara that she only wore because she thought her nearly colorless eyelashes looked ‘creepy’, was smeared and gave her racoon like eyes. Someone who didn’t know her would think he was some kind of goth-girl.

The drive was about three hours and she could usually do it without a stop, but this time she decided to pull off after an hour to grab a cup of coffee and a snack, afraid she would nod off during the trip. She pulled out her phone when she stopped and sent a text to her mother letting her know what time she thought she’d be home. Her mother Susan responded, telling her to drive carefully. Had she known how exhausted Nikki was she would have been so worried that she would have been miserable for the next two hours, part of the reason Nikki didn’t call and just texted her.

Her concern for her mother was based on their relationship. They were more like best friends than mother and daughter because of the trials of their life since Nikki was a young girl. Her father Mike was very successful, owned his own business and worked a lot, or more accurately wasn’t home a lot. A lot of the time Susan had thought he was at work she later discovered he was with one of his many mistresses. One morning when Nikki was three years old he had told Susan as he left the house that he was going to the west coast on business and wasn’t coming back.

The shock of her husband leaving with no warning was multiplied six months later when the Sherriff arrived to evict Susan and Nikki from their home. Her husband had stopped paying the mortgage. She had never seen a letter or anything since all the bills went to Mike’s new address, and the separation agreement they had required him to pay the housing expenses. Obviously, he wasn’t, which was an indication of how things would go for the next fifteen years. Susan managed to scrape the money together to get the mortgage caught up and the bank allowed them to move back in after three days in a hotel. Through all of this, Nikki was never aware that anything was wrong because Susan did everything possible to protect her.

That didn’t change as Nikki grew up. Through never ending battles with Mike over money and anything else that Mike could find to fight with her about, Susan made sure that Nikki never wanted for anything. Susan renewed her nursing credentials and returned to the career that she gave up when Nikki was born. She scheduled her shifts to ensure that when Nikki was not at school or asleep she was there. Her life became the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter and she never regretted it for a second.

Susan never missed a game, recital, or anything in Nikki’s life. She never dated because she did not want to have anything in her life that took away from her focus on her precious daughter. In this loving and stable home, Nikki blossomed into a wonderful young lady with lots of friends and had her choice of some of the best schools in the country when it came time for college. She chose a state university close to home though because by now she had figured out that money was an issue despite all of Susan’s attempts to keep her sheltered from the realities of life.

Even without knowing the condition Nikki was in, Susan paced as she waited. The last four months had been a huge strain on her. After fifteen years of having a total focus on her daughter, not having her there had been a shock and she worried constantly. She knew that Nikki needed to grow and experience life on her own, so she kept her smother instincts to herself but some days it was a challenge not to get in the car and drive the three hours to check on her.

When Nikki’s car pulled into the driveway Susan rushed out the door to meet her, grabbing her and holding her tight as soon as she got out of her car. Other than the petite and slender body and perfectly round breasts, she was virtually unrecognizable. “Nikki, you look like you haven’t slept in forever. Why didn’t you stay at school and get some sleep?” Susan asked.

Nikki looked at her sweetly and replied, “I couldn’t wait another day to see you mom, I’ve missed you so much.” To many, her response would sound like a typical attempt by a teenager to talk their way out of trouble, but Nikki illegal bahis was absolutely serious. She was homesick and missed her mother. Several times during that first semester she had cried herself to sleep and told her mom she wanted to come home, but Susan forbid it, in spite of wanting nothing more herself.

Susan responded with a big hug and helped Nikki bring her bags into the house. Dinner was ready and just needed a quick reheating. They chatted about school and life here at home while they ate. Eventually Nikki asked her mom the question that had been front and center in her mind for the last few weeks, “So Mom, you seeing anyone?”

Blushing, Susan looked away and answered, “Yes, I’ve been out with a couple men. Nothing serious though.”

A big smile crossed Nikki’s face. She had asked her mother to take advantage of her newly found free time and have some fun. Go out with a few men and get back into the dating scene. She wondered if any of her dates had ended up in a bed, but didn’t want to embarrass her mom so she kept her curiosity to herself.

“Why don’t you go lie down on the couch and rest while I clean up sweetie,” Susan said as she softly kissed Nikki on the head.

Nikki wanted to argue but was so tired she just said, “Sure Mom, thanks for dinner it was delicious.” She headed for the couch where she stretched out and turned on the TV. She was asleep by the time Susan finished up in the kitchen. Her mother carried Nikki’s bags upstairs and started a load of laundry from her laundry bag, then sat down on the couch and slid Nikki’s head up onto her lap. She watched TV, softly stroking Nikki’s hair feeling the rise and fall of her baby’s body as she slept peacefully beside her.

After a couple hours Nikki woke up from her nap. She sat up and they continued their catching up until it was well after midnight. They got up and said goodnight and headed off to bed after a warm hug and Nikki telling her mother; “I’m so glad to be home Mom.”

In minutes Nikki was sound asleep, curled up in the bed she had grown up in, surrounded by the memories of her life. An amazing life that had been made possible by the wonderful woman who was sleeping down the hall.

Down the hall, Susan climbed into bed. She was so happy to have her baby home and the feelings that had somewhat gone away while Nikki was gone resurfaced. Her hand slid down between her legs and she felt the dampness between her legs. She didn’t remember when it started, but at some point while Nikki was in High School she had become sexually attracted to her. She had never considered doing anything about her feelings, but she often thought of her daughter as she masturbated. She had lied earlier when she told Nikki she had been dating, she had lost all interest in men a couple years ago.

Susan slowly ran her fingers over her velvety soft pussy lips while her other hand pinched her large swollen nipple, perched atop a heavy freckled breast. At forty-two she had noticed a little sag in them, but overall her body had held up pretty well to a fairly tough life. With the free time she had after Nikki had left for college, she had begun working out at the local Y after work. She had started attending classes and often put the majority of the other middle-aged housewives to shame.

Her fingers danced over her swollen clit. She alternated between hard pressure and soft quick strokes until her lips were swollen and slick with her juices. Susan drove her fingers into her pussy and clenched down on them as she urgently fucked herself until she reached a satisfying if not spectacular orgasm. Her long red hair was splayed all over her pillow as she drifted off to sleep with an image of her lovely daughter in the front of her mind.

At ten o’clock the next morning Nikki rolled over and opened her eyes. She felt refreshed and relaxed as she showered, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt and did her makeup. A good night’s sleep had returned the cute young woman with the turned up little nose that had disappeared for the last couple weeks. Smiling, she went downstairs to the kitchen where her mom had left a note:

‘Off to work.

Lots of food in the fridge

Home at 6

Love Mom’

She smiled as she read the message because she knew all of this, but her mother never left the house without leaving her a note like this. On the end of the table was a pile of folded laundry, the last of which was in the dryer. As much as she appreciated it, she decided to have a conversation with her mom about not needing to do everything for her.

She started the pot of coffee her mom had set up and poured a bowl of cereal. While she waited for the coffee she opened her mother’s laptop that was sitting on the table to check her email. Her laptop was upstairs, and she didn’t feel like going up to get it right now. She figured she’d use her mom’s just to catch up on what was going on with her friends while she had breakfast. She opened the web browser and a message popped up saying ‘Browser shut illegal bahis siteleri down unexpectedly. Do you want to restore previous tabs?’ Mindlessly she clicked yes and went to pour a cup of coffee and sat down. When she looked at the screen on the laptop she giggled and said, “Holy shit Mom!” as she saw the web page that was open on the computer. A site with tons of porn videos that was all the rage in college dorms.

She giggled a little then noticed the video that her mom had been watching. It was called ‘MILF Mom Seduces Teen Daughter’ and showed an image of a busty brunette woman with her head between the legs of a petite blonde teen. Intrigued, she clicked on the video and watched for a few minutes, skipping ahead through the dialog where the mother “seduced” the daughter and watched as the blonde fingered and licked her “daughter” through multiple orgasms.

Porn had never been one of Nikki’s favorite things. Like most people her age she had seen it because it was all over the internet, but she rarely went looking for it. A guy she had dated liked to watch it with her, one of the many reasons she’d dumped him, but she couldn’t think of a handful of times she had watched it alone. She couldn’t ever remember watching girl on girl before and had never been interested in women. But out of nowhere watching the video had excited her.

She wondered what other kind of porn her mother had been watching so she opened the browser history and scrolled through it. She was shocked to see that almost every video in her history was mother and daughter lesbian. There were series like Mommy and Me, Mom’s Teach Sex, Family Affair and lots of other incest themes.

Nikki sat at the kitchen table, her coffee getting cold and stared at the screen. She clicked on a couple more of the videos in the history and watched them, getting more aroused. She picked up the laptop, poured another cup of coffee and went and sat down on the couch to watch more videos from her mother’s browser history.

After a few more videos and a lot of skipping through the setup of most of them, her hand slid under her shirt and began playing with her little pink nipple. It stiffened immediately at her touch. She had always loved her nipples. They were tiny and sensitive little nubs surrounded by small areolas that were perfect caps to her breasts.

She set the laptop on the coffee table and slid her other hand inside her sweatpants and began rubbing herself through her panties. Sliding along the edge of her panties, her finger hooked her panties aside and softly touched the lips of her pussy, sending a soft shiver through her body.

The video on the screen showed a busty older woman, who was in a lot of the videos in her mother’s history, but Nikki’s mind began to see images of her mother. She tried to push those images away to focus on the videos, but she couldn’t. The more she thought about her mother, the more her arousal increased. Her fingers slid under her panties and began urgently rubbing her swollen clit.

The videos were forgotten, replaced by fleeting images of her mother as Nikki’s fingers explored her young pussy. She usually found it difficult to have an orgasm, as a matter of fact she had never had one with a boy and very few of her solo sessions had ended in orgasm because she became frustrated at how long it took. This time, however, her orgasm began to build quickly and before she realized it she was squirming on the couch as she felt a warm trickle of fluid running down her hand. Her orgasm built to a peak and she cried out in pleasure as her body shook violently until it subsided.

She laid there for several minutes with her hand still inside her sweatpants and soaking wet panties. Nikki’s mind was racing as her heartrate and breathing slowed. It was one thing to be turned on by lesbian porn videos, it was another entirely to have that kind of reaction to mental images of her mother. She tried to find something in the Freshman Psychology class she had Aced last semester that would explain it. She went through a series of theories about dependence and some Freudian crap. In the end she dismissed it all because she didn’t buy most of that psyche-babble, it all seemed too much like ways to make excuses for people’s behavior.

She couldn’t explain it and it bothered her. Was she really sexually attracted to her mother? Was she just physically aroused and the mental images had nothing to do with it? Then how could she explain the ease at which she had an orgasm? She was confused and the more she tried to understand it the worse it confused her. Finally, she gave up, put her mom’s laptop away and went to finish up her laundry.

She sent her mom a text, ‘Hope you’re having a great day, thinking of you and missing you’. She knew her mother could only check her phone during breaks, so she didn’t expect a response immediately.

She watched some mindless sitcoms on one of the retro TV channels while her mind continued to swirl. She finally realized that yes, she was canlı bahis siteleri sexually attracted to her mom. It started to make sense as she thought about how little interest she had in boys and how dating always seemed like just going through the motions. She had never had any real feelings for a boy and even the three she had had sex with were more because she felt like it was just time to do it because that’s what people did.

Susan walked into the break room and opened her locker to check her phone. As expected she had a bunch of messages from friends and one from Nikki. She read Nikki’s first. She read it a couple of times trying to understand it, ‘thinking of you and missing you’? What did that mean? She decided it was just texting, there were so many issues trying to read into texts, she was just being her normal sweet self. But part of her wanted it to mean more, a thought that made her smile despite knowing that it was just her imagination and wishful thinking.

She responded to the text, ‘Love ya ??’ and went back to work.

Through the day Nikki’s phone chimed and buzzed like every teen as her friends texted, social media alerts popped up, and a variety of other things flew by. She ignored most of them, other than to think that she really should turn off some of the alerts that she ignored anyway, but responded immediately when the distinct sound of a message from her mom sounded. She grabbed her phone and read the response and her body reacted immediately with a tingle of warmth and excitement. She checked the time and it was about two hours before her mom would be home. She started dinner, a lasagna her mother had made and refrigerated knowing it was her favorite, before heading upstairs to change into a miniskirt and a tight-fitting sheer top that showed off her perky breasts and tiny nipples.

Just before six she pulled the lasagna out of the oven and set it on the counter to set up. She put some bread in the warm oven to toast and put together a salad. When her mother pulled into the driveway the table was set and ready.

Susan walked in the door, still in her scrubs from work, and smelled the aroma of dinner immediately. Nikki came up to her and she noticed her outfit and felt a twinge of lust that she tried to push down as she wrapped her arms around her beautiful young daughter. Nikki pressed her body against her and seemed to linger longer than normal, again Susan chalked it up to wishful thinking. She smiled as they separated and said, “Dinner smells wonderful. I’ll go change and be right down.” She kissed Nikki on the forehead and headed up the stairs to her room.

Upstairs she peeled off her scrubs, washed her face, put on some fresh makeup and threw on a pair of jeans and a loose-fitting blouse with a sheer bra underneath. She looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself, “Stop imagining things you crazy old bat.” She headed downstairs with a warm feeling in her body, trying to keep herself composed.

As she came down the stairs Nikki was carrying plates to the table. They sat and ate, chatting about their days. Nikki left out the part about watching porn on her mom’s laptop. The two women were so happy to be together and it felt like nothing had changed in the months they had been apart, but both had thoughts flowing through their minds that would have shocked most people. When they finished eating they cleared the table, put the leftovers away and cleaned up the kitchen. Susan pulled a bottle of wine out of the pantry, opened it and poured herself a glass, turning to her daughter and asking, “Want a glass?”

Nikki said, “Sure.” She grabbed an empty glass and held it out for her mother to fill. Susan had never made a big deal about alcohol. She drank an occasional glass of wine and when Nikki had asked for one at seventeen she had let her have one, figuring that she was more likely to abuse it if it was taboo. Nikki, like most kids her age, drank once in a while but it was never a major part of her life.

The two women moved to the family room and sat on the couch next to each other, sipping their wine. Nikki thought about the videos she had watched earlier and the cheesy porn dialog that had ended up with the “mother and daughter” naked together. She wished there was a way she could come up with a way to tell her mother how she felt, but she was terrified. She kept trying to convince herself that the reason her mother watched those videos was that she felt the same way, but she couldn’t be sure and was too afraid to say anything.

Susan felt like she was going to burst. What used to be a feeling that came over her only when she was alone in bed was now raging inside her as she sat next to her daughter. She felt something that she had never felt before and something seemed different with Nikki.

Setting down her almost empty glass, Nikki slid over closer to her mother and took her hand. She felt flushed and when she took her mother’s hand she felt her nipples tense and knew it would be obvious through the sheer fabric of her top. Stroking her mother’s hand softly she laid her head on her shoulder, her lips laying against the nape of her neck and inhaling her scent. Her body was on fire and she wanted her mother so desperately at that moment.

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