A Mother’s Promise Ch. 10

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Babe Shower

Satisfied that I had cleaned her vagina completely of our mutual orgasm, she finally lifted herself off my face, moved to my side and leaned down close to me on her hands and knees. As she approached, I didn’t know if she was going to kiss me, hug me or whisper in my ear.

Over the last two days, she had whispered to me numerous times, even though there was no one home to overhear us. I thought it was odd at first, but I began to understand why she was doing it while she sat on top of my face waiting for me to finish licking her pussy clean.

You see, her whispering wasn’t an attempt to keep someone from over hearing us as much as it was an overt act of intimacy and emphasis. Whispering forced us to be physically closer together, creating that additional level of intimacy and it made me pay attention better because I was interested in what she was going to say.

When she abruptly pulled me into the living room and told me to lie down without any explanation, my immediate obedience, in itself, was my formal acceptance and acknowledgment of my submission to her. But, she knew that same abruptness might scare me, so she used her whispers to reaffirm our intimacy and give me the scolding she thought was necessary at the time.

In a weird way, it made good sense to me, and as I looked back over the last two days, I recalled other times she had whispered to me and I had to agree that is was definitely effective in getting me to do what she wanted. Maybe this was her mother’s intuition or perhaps her experience with me as a child that caused her to use this technique, but regardless of the reason, it brought about the desired results. I didn’t fault her for it, either. I adored the intimacy her whispering created, and even while she was scolding me, my cock was growing harder and my excitement level was raising. I’m sure she was quite aware of that, too.

She propped herself up on her elbows and gazed at me. I hadn’t moved an inch from where she told me to lie down on the carpet. When I turned my head to look at her, she had that soft smile on her face and was nodding her head saying: “I’m impressed, Master Bobby.”

She went on to tell me that she was sorry for being rough with me, but when the opportunity presented itself for her to unexpectedly test my desire to be submissive, she had to see if I was serious about it. “What better way than to make you stop what you were doing, take control of you and then use your cock for my pleasure?” She said.

“You did well,” she continued, “you did exactly what I asked you to do and you still haven’t moved from the spot where I put you. You did an excellent job of cleaning up your mess and you even licked my backside. I didn’t expect you to do that — I just wanted to see if you would.”

She stretched out her arm and ran two fingers across my belly, making circles in the pool of pussy juice and cum that collected there. “Wow,” she said, “I think I might have let you enjoy that way too much, sweetheart. Look at all this cum? I thought you were supposed to be pleasuring me?” She smiled at me as she moved her fingers from the pool of messy goo up to my face. “Open.” She said.

Somehow, I expected this and as I opened my mouth, she put her finger tips in and said “Now suck.” I sucked her fingers, tasting my own cum as she smiled next to me. She pulled her fingers out and put them back in the pool of cum, covering them once again with our juices. When she moved her hand back toward my face, I obediently opened my mouth so she could put them in. “Oh, aren’t you the eager one?” She said. “Just like a baby bird waiting for mommy bird at feeding time.” But instead of feeding it to me, she put her fingers in her own mouth and sucked them clean as she continued to smile at me.

Withdrawing her fingers from her mouth, she put them back into the slimy mess and wiped them through the globs of sperm, coating her two fingers. As she moved them toward me, I opened my mouth again, but this time she stopped above my open mouth, holding her digits together as a drop of cum gathered at her finger tips. The drop became bigger and bigger as gravity pulled the cum down her finger, then shook precariously before it dropped into my mouth. Lowering her fingers between my lips, I began to suck them clean.

“Honestly sweetheart, if I would have known that putting you in panties would make you mind me this well, I would have done it years ago.” I glanced at her and she was smiling at me. Her comment cracked me up and I started to laugh. As I did, she moved from her position next to me and bent her head down over the pool of cum. She gathered her hair in one hand, held it back, bent her head all the way down and then proceeded to make long sweeping passes across my belly with her tongue, collecting the rest of the remaining cum in her mouth as she looked up at me. When she was done, she moved up and pressed her lips to mine. As we kissed, our tongues mixed the cum and saliva in our mouths until the taste and sticky feel of güvenilir bahis it was gone.

Pulling back from our kiss, she remarked: “Baby, I don’t know why it is, but you have the best cum I’ve ever tasted, and that’s the truth. I almost wish I could have you stand in front of me everyday and masturbate into my mouth so I can get my daily dose of protein.”

“Hmm,” I answered, “be careful what you wish for, Mom, ’cause you know — you just might get it.” We both laughed, but deep inside, I made a mental note of her comment and promised myself I would take advantage of the opportunity when, and if it availed itself to me.

As our laughing died down, she settled on the floor next to me, propping her head up and running her hands over the silky baby-doll top I was wearing and fingering my nipples. “Can I ask you something, sweetheart?” She said.

“Of course.” I replied, turning to look at her.

“And will you promise to answer truthfully?” She asked.

“I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” I answered.

“Okay, then,” She replied. She took a few seconds to collect her thoughts and then she continued, saying: “How are you doing with all of this? What I mean is, since yesterday in the laundry room, we’ve been doing some pretty crazy things — some pretty nasty things, and I was just starting to get a little worried about how you were dealing with it, what was going through your mind and of course, what happens once your father and sister get home from their trip. So, are you shocked? Happy? Afraid? Confused? What did you like and what didn’t you like? We’ve kind of been on this sexual discovery voyage — not only you, but me, too. So, I kind of need to know what’s going on in your head.”

She pulled her hand away from my chest and brushed her long hair back over her shoulder and looked at me, waiting for my reply. I was a little confused why she was asking me those questions because I thought we had covered most of them already off and on the last two days, but maybe she needed to simply ‘stop’ and do a sanity check while we seemed to be enjoying the after glow of my first ‘official’ submissive experience. They were fair questions she asked, and I decided I would do my best to answer them truthfully.

“Honestly, mom,” I started, “I’ve enjoyed it very much. I keep waiting for you to tell me it’s over and we have to stop, but you haven’t done that….. yet. I know it’s coming, though. I guess I’m dreading that part.”

“Last night when I went to bed, I was a little afraid you thought I was gay or something because I was so interested in panties. I mean, I wore them all day when I didn’t have to, and I even wore them to bed…. but all fears about that went away when you came into my room this morning after they left. When you saw I still had them on, your reaction was everything I needed to make me feel confident. You seemed to be pleased with it, so I’m not worried about that anymore.”

“I am a little confused about what happens when dad and Linda get home. I’m not going to be able to forget that any of this happened, and I wouldn’t want to, either. I know you’re my mother, and I love you very much as my mother, but, now I also see you as a woman and I love you that way, too. I’m not sure I can just set those feelings aside when they walk in the door and pretend this didn’t happen. You’ve got to know that I’m going to be taking your panties every chance I get and masturbating with them. Unless you’re blind, you know I want to make love to you — and I mean vaginally. Right now, the best looking and sexiest chick in the world could lay down in front of me with her legs spread and I would still want to do it with you. That’s going to be really hard to live with knowing you’re having sex with dad all the time. I mean, he can do it with the woman he loves anytime he wants, but I’ll never have that chance.”

“Am I shocked? Well, maybe I am, mom. I’m acutely shocked at how good all this feels and how much I love it. I’m definitely happy, that’s for sure. And, yes, I was a little embarrassed about a few things, but at this point, I don’t think there’s any reason for me to be embarrassed about anything.”

I was on a roll, but there were a few more points I wanted to make as long as I had her attention. I figured now was a good time to make some things clear to her — for better, or, for worse.

“Mom, there are a couple of things YOU said that I wanted to comment on, so here goes. I’m just going to say them straight out, so you’re going to have to forgive me for not thinking them through very well. First, I guess, is the bra thing. I wanted to tell you this when we were up in your room, but I couldn’t react fast enough and I wasn’t sure how you would take it, but….. I want to try it. I know I don’t have breasts, but I don’t care, I still want to try it. I can’t explain my reason for it, but, I’m just feeling drawn to the idea of wearing both a bra and panties. Maybe it won’t be so exciting once türkçe bahis I have one on, but I want to see what it’s like.”

“Next, you said something in passing about feminizing me. I’m not sure what that means. But if it means having some lingerie of my own and some girl clothes — you know, some silky stuff, I think I would like that. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live outside this house as a girl, but, if there’s any chance I could dress as a girl when I wanted to inside the house, that would very much interest me.”

“Then, you said something about wanting to bend me over a bed, pull my skirt up, pull my panties down and use the strap-on on me, or at least I assume you meant the strap-on. Part of that scares me a little bit because I don’t know if something that big is going to hurt me or not, but, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that since you said it. I’ve been visualizing it over and over in my mind….. what I would be wearing, what you would say, and how it would feel. I can just see you doing it to me, just the way you described it. What I’m trying to say is, uh, if it’s possible we could try that today before they get home…… and before I have time to change my mind, I would very much like that.”

“And, I hope you weren’t teasing about going to Uncle Mike and Aunt Brenda’s house, either. I’m not just saying that so I can have sex with Aunt Brenda, but also because of Uncle Mike. You already told me we were a lot alike and I think I would like to talk to him about some guy things. Plus, you said something about a girl needing to get used to the taste of a man, and I understood very well exactly what you meant. I’ve tasted Dad’s cum from your pussy and from your panties, and I’ve tasted my own and I didn’t think any of it was yucky. Maybe that means I’m bi-sexual or something, because I’ve thought about other guys before, but, I’m not worried about tasting Uncle Mike — on you or in you, or you know, even from the source.”

I peeked over from time to time to see how SHE was taking all of this. She was being a really good listener and through it all, there was no real outwardly reaction to any of it until I spoke about Uncle Mike. When I did, her eyebrows raised as if I surprised her, and I guess I did. I surprised myself, that’s for sure, since I hadn’t ever mentioned to anyone before that I had thoughts about guys as well as girls. But I meant what I said to her and I fully understood the implication of my remarks.

She hadn’t stopped my emotional outpouring, and for that I was grateful. I guess if I only get forgiveness once, I better go for it all, so I continued.

“I suppose the next few things you already know, or can guess. Yes, I would love it if you could find a way for me to be naked or dressed in panties in front of someone that wouldn’t get all freaked out about it. And yes, that includes dad and Linda. For that matter, I wouldn’t mind seeing them naked, too. What the hell, maybe we should just have the ‘Bobby’s coming out party, or, Bobby wants to be naked and sniff panties while he masturbates in front of everyone party’ some evening and just get it over with. Mom, I don’t want to have to hide all my life.”

“I’m sure you figured this out already, but, if you haven’t, then I’ll clear it up. I’ve really enjoyed being a little submissive. It doesn’t scare me, at least it doesn’t with you. You said that if I wanted to be a good submissive, I needed to learn your moods and be ready to pleasure you when you desired it. Well, okay — where do I sign up for that? I want to be a good submissive, so I’m putting myself in your hands and you can teach me. I promise I’ll do whatever you say, anytime and anyplace. I’m not afraid of this. It feels too good. I’m not scared to give up control.”

Her eyebrows peaked up again, but she wasn’t smiling this time. “Bobby, there’s something important I want you to know about being submissive, and this really is important — it’s a key factor in understanding what being submissive is, so you need to pay attention to what I’m about to say, okay?”

“Okay,” I said, “I’m listening.”

“Submissiveness,” she explained, “does not equal weakness and it’s not associated at all with fear. In fact, being submissive is actually a position of strength…. strength to have faith, trust and confidence in yourself and to who you allow to be in control over you. People who are weak can never be truly submissive. Weak people actually become dominated by those that are stronger than themselves, and many times they end up with absolutely no choice in the matter. Being submissive gives you the ability to choose who you allow to be in control, and when to start or stop that privilege.”

Wow. Some pretty heavy thoughts there. It made total sense to me and gave me a renewed feeling of pride. While I knew I wouldn’t be walking around with a button on my shirt saying ‘I’m proud to be submissive’, I knew I could balance my desire to have a normal life and be submissive, too.

“Let me make a güvenilir bahis siteleri few observations, sweetheart.” She said. “You’ve made some very bold statements and I admire you for saying them. I love you for trusting me enough to say them to me. I’m flattered that you want me to teach you how to be sexually submissive and I also understand that the last two days might have opened your eyes to some things and greatly influenced some of what you said. So, how about this…. let’s take it slow, one day at a time, one thing at a time. Take some time to think about everything you said because you’re not going to be able to hide a lot of that from your father, or your sister. I’m not suggesting you try to be something, or someone you aren’t. Also, I really encourage you to talk to your father. Trust me on this, Bobby, he’ll be a lot more understanding than you might think.”

“Mom, I could never talk to dad about any of this, you know that.” I answered. “He’ll brush it off and tell me it’s just hormones or something stupid like that.”

“Sweetheart, no he won’t. Believe me, he’s going to understand if you’ll give him a chance and talk honestly with him. Maybe it will be good to get another man’s perspective. Uncle Mike would be good, too, but try your dad first, baby. Try something small first and give him a chance. You might be surprised.”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “somehow I just can’t see him understanding the same way you do.”

“Sweetheart, do you think I would give you bad advice or try to trick you into something that wasn’t in your best interests?” She asked.

“No,” I said, “I guess not.” I thought for a minute and then asked “Do you think you could maybe be there if I do talk to him, you know, just in case he doesn’t understand?”

She pulled me over to her and hugged me. “Bobby, I would be happy to be there if that’s what you want. But, think it all through first, then go see him when you have a clear head. Look, I’m just making a suggestion that you talk to him, and I can be there for moral support if you want me there.”

“One last thing, baby,” she added, “I’m not ashamed of anything we’ve done the last two days. I haven’t violated my promise to your father and I haven’t done anything to be guilty of. Neither have you.”

“Sweetheart,” she said, “you know time is ticking. We still haven’t had our breakfast, I still haven’t had my coffee and it’s almost three o’clock. If you’re serious about me dressing you up and bending you over the bed, we better get going or they might walk in on us and get an eyeful. Hey, do you feel better now after getting all that off your chest?”

I told her I felt much better and that I meant every word of it. Sometimes, confession is good for the soul, and that old adage was true in my case. She was right, I did make some bold statements, and I meant them. I just didn’t know how I was going to be able to put any of it into action.

I smiled to myself and was going to thank her for the words of wisdom she imparted on me, but when I looked at her, I saw that her left hand had moved to her right nipple and she was playing with it. As if under some kind of spell, I leaned over and kissed her lightly. She closed her eyes as I kissed her again. Reaching for her shoulders, I rolled her onto her back and kept kissing her. She reached around my neck as we kissed, but, I pulled her arm away from me and put it back on her breast. “Go ahead and keep touching yourself, mom. I’d love it if you would let me watch you.”

She didn’t say a word — she only smiled and closed her eyes. I leaned back to give her some room, and when I did, she pulled her feet up toward her bottom and let her knees fall open. This was a much different view than I had in my bedroom yesterday and early this morning in her bedroom. It was the middle of the afternoon and even though the curtains were closed, the room was bright as the sunlight flooded through.

I could see the most intimate details of her vagina, every fold, every nook and cranny and every hair. When her hand made first contact down there, she only brushed upward lightly between her lips. She let her legs fall completely loose and I literally stared at her, trying to see everything. “Can you see okay from there?” She asked. I nodded and said “Yeah, I can see fine.”

Little by little as she touched herself, her clitoris began to peek out of its hood. The pink bud was much smaller than I thought it would be. When I had licked her, it felt so large against my tongue and when I touched it, it felt bigger against my fingers. But in reality, it was just a small nub hidden between her lips. She was enticingly beautiful lying there, and I mean all of her, not just her pussy. Yeah, her pussy was beautiful, but damn, she was one sexy woman!

Through her pubic hair, I could see everything clearly. Her outer lips were perfect and they were slightly open allowing me to see her inner lips, but I couldn’t see inside her — something I desperately wanted to see. Every time her fingers ran down between her lips, I prayed she would push her finger into her vagina, but she didn’t. With each stroke, I said to myself “let me see inside, mom…. please open it up and let me see what it looks like inside you.”

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