A Mother , Son Matchmaker Ch. 03

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Hope sat watching TV anxiously waiting for the magical 20 minutes to pass. She had learned that it took that amount of time for Marie and Josh to undress and warm-up to each other enough to begin their lovemaking.

Crossing the living room, entering the short hallway, she was instantly aware that the bedroom door was cracked. She thought it about time that Marie came through with her promise to allow her to watch them. She slowly edged up to the door and peeked into the bedroom. The bed, up against the wall to the left, framed by two windows was clearly in view. It being summer, nearing seven o’clock, the room was bright with light.

Hope was immediately, mesmerized by the scene before her.

Marie lay in the middle of the bed, on her back, her thighs wide with her legs draped over Josh’s shoulders, moaning lustfully, as Josh appeared to consume her pussy. Josh’s hands were palming Marie’s ass as he tongued, sucked and licked her pussy.

“Stick your tongue in me, Josh.” Marie whispered.

Josh answered her request by lifting her ass up and plunging his tongue into her pussy. Marie pushed her ass into his face to achieve maximum penetration.

“Tongue fuck me! Yes! Just like that!” Marie exclaimed, with a lustful tone.

Hope’s right-hand slipped into her elastic-waist shorts, slid under her panties to seek and find her already quickly moistening pussy. Her left hand squeezed and found her left tit as she leaned against the wall, watching and listening to the lovers in bed.

Long minutes passed as Hope watched and listened to her friend as she received oral stimulation from her son. Hope had never, in all her fantasies, ever envisioned receiving such pleasure as she was witnessing. She had seen oral sex in movies, of course, even a woman sucking a man’s cock, but her husband had never offered to give her such pleasure. He had never requested that she give him such. Of course, he had never viewed or allowed her to view such a movie. With his death, she was free to indulge. Even so, it had never entered her thoughts that Josh was giving Marie such pleasure. She was still so naïve.

If you could be in Hope’s mind, you would be surprised to find her watching all this sexual activity before her and, still, she denied the thoughts that she would ever allow her son to lay with her. She had convinced herself that listening and, now, watching was sufficient for her needs. She had denied real-life and surrendered to her toys, that they, and her fantasies could satisfy all her desires. Are am I, native.

“Don’t stop! Right there!” Marie demanded. “Right there! OH, FUCK!! FUCK YYEESssssssssssssssss!!”

Hope watched as Marie’s ass lifted high as the orgasm seized her. Both of Marie’s hands were trying to drag Josh’s head into her pussy.

“Come up, baby!” Marie begged. “Come up! Stick it in me! Hurry! Stick it in my pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Deep baby!

Hope fingered her clit frantically as Marie came. Then, watched as Josh scrambled to mount her. She watched Marie reach for Josh’s cock, to guide it into her, as her legs and ass lifted to achieve penetration. A long with Marie’s and Josh’s coupling, Hope’s finger entered her pussy, fingering herself frantically a long with Josh’s crazed fucking of Marie. Marie was panting and moaning as Josh thrust violently into her.

Hope wanted desperately to see her son’s cock pumping into Marie’s pussy. Marie, with her eyes closed in lustful ecstasy and Josh, again, lost in the fantasy of fucking his mother, did not hear or see the door open wider and Hope slipping into the room.

Hope had lost interest in fingering herself, as she stood at the foot of the bed mesmerized by the site before her. For long moments, she watched her son’s well-rounded buttocks tighten and relax as he fucked Marie. Stooping lower, she studied the thick veins that stood out on her son’s cock as he withdrew his cock an inch or more before plunging back into Marie’s pussy. His cock seemed to grow out of his ball sack, thick at the root and narrowing to the head, appearing as straight as a metal rod and hard as a stone, as it angled out much like an opened safety-pin. She noted the glistening moisture of the two sexual organs. With her left hand over her mouth, her mind filled with curiosity, she moved closer with intent to cup or fondle his balls, but as her left hand reached out it stopped short and retreated.

“Fuck mother, Josh!” Hope heard Marie whisper. “Fill mother’s pussy! Fill my belly with your cum, baby!”

“Are you ready, mom?” Hope heard Josh asked. “Are you ready for my cum?”

“Yes! Come in my pussy!” Hope heard Marie beg and was conscious of her son ejaculating into her, as he shoved his cock deep into her, holding it deep as he flexed his ass and moaned loudly.

Marie glanced towards the door expecting to see Hope spying through the crack, but her peripheral vision caught Hope as she straightened up at the foot of the bed. Quick and shrewd, Marie controlled Josh’s head and did not allow him to possibly look behind illegal bahis him. Instead, she whispered in his ear, “Don’t stop, Josh. It feels so good. Fuck me a little longer.”

Marie motioned Hope to move around to the left hand side of the bed. For long minutes, the two women shared the moment as Josh continued to fuck Marie, until Marie felt his cock become mostly erect.

“Don’t be alarmed, sugar” Marie said aloud. “Your mother is here with us. She’s been watching a while.”

Josh looked left and then right and saw his mother standing a few feet from the bed. If he was surprised, it did not show, as he continued to pump into Marie.

“Hope, you’re being a party pooper.” Marie exclaimed. “Why don’t you undress so you will be more comfortable? Josh, you do want Hope to undress, don’t you?”

“Yes! Of course.” Josh replied, continuing to slowly stroke into Marie’s pussy.

Hope, slowly, with uncertainty showing on her face, began to unbutton her blouse, tossing it to a nearby chair. Reaching behind her, she unclipped and removed her bra. It joined the blouse.

“Ooooouuuu!” Marie purred. “My Hope, I think he finds those perky little breast of yours to his liking. I just felt his cock stiffen a bit more. Don’t hesitate now, sugar. Take your shorts and panties off. Let him see all of you. You want to see all of her, don’t you, Josh?”

“Yes. Very much.”

Hope’s thumbs snagged both shorts and panties and pushed them down over her hips, letting them drop to the floor, kicking them toward the chair. She stood with her arms by her side, feeling naked and exposed, having lost some of the lustfulness she had had minutes earlier.

Josh ‘s cock twitched and stiffened to near full erection and he began to shove his cock a bit more forcefully into Marie, as he stared at his mother’s lavish bush. He noted, that the cuff and collar, a curly strawberry blonde, still matched as he remembered.

“Oh! Hope! I think he finds you very much to his liking.” Marie moaned, and then encouraged. “Turn around for him, sugar. Josh is very much an ass man. Don’t be shy. Turn around. You know you’ve got a great ass. Show it off.”

Slowly, Hope turned her ass towards them. She felt disconnected from herself, moving as a string-puppet.

“Now, sugar, bend over and let him see that bushy treasure of yours.” Marie encouraged. “Fuck that’s good, Josh. You get hard so easily.”

Josh became immediately infatuated with the pussy just feet away and the knowledge that it was his mother’s pussy. No pussy ever been presented to him in such a provocative manner, and, for Marie, it was having the desired effect.

Hope could tell, from Marie’s praise of her son, and the rustling on the bed, that Josh was fucking her friend with passion. She remained bent over and, seductively, spread her stance to offer a better view of her fur-lined pussy. Hope stayed in this position for long minutes while the two fucked. Glancing around, she saw her son staring at her ass, gripping Marie’s ass with both hands, as he vigorously fucked her. Hope did not try to resist the lust that was rising in her once more. Placing her hands on her knees, she wiggled her ass tauntingly

“Ohhhhh! Fuck! I’m coming again!” Marie cried out.

Hope watched, fascinated and intrigued by it all, as Marie’s body shuddered with another orgasm.

“Easy, baby! Damn! You’re killing this old lady! Give me a minute, please!” Marie cried, secretly, not wanting her lover to come just yet.

As Josh slowed his rhythm, taking his eyes off his mother’s pussy long enough to kiss Marie passionately, Marie quickly plotted her next initiative. She encouraged Josh, by placing her right hand on his buttock and pushing, to continue stroking inside of her.

“Hope, for heaven’s sake straighten up and behave yourself before you cause this boy to fuck me to death.

Hope stood erect and turned to face the bed, taking a step or two closer.

Marie lowered her left leg, while keeping her right leg bent, and noted that Hope’s attention was drawn to the point of their coupling.

“Come closer, Hope.” Marie coaxed. “Come closer and see Josh’s cock inside me. Look, yes, watch it pump into my pussy.”

Hope inched closer, leaning over the bed, getting a good view of their coupling.

Josh was in total agreement with Marie’s assessment of him talking her to death, for he would fuck her all night if his mother was so inclined as to taunt him with her treasure. It could be said, that he had not thought all of this through, as to his lover, Marie’s desire to see mother and son incestuously coupled. He was content looking at his mother’s naked body again, her absolutely beautiful, intoxicating bush. He was quite able to keep his erection inside Marie. He would play their game. He didn’t mind at all. This was about to change, not that his attitude would change.

“Now, come lay beside us.” She coaxed, tapping the bed with her left hand. “With that last display of yours, you cannot claim to be shy.” Marie had indeed witnessed illegal bahis siteleri Hope wiggling her ass seductively. “Come on! Right here!”

Hope, could no longer dislodge the hook Marie had set, though, she was still trying to dispel any thought of what could inevitably take place. She knew the door of escape was still open, literally, but she could not walk towards it. Instead, she took the final few short steps to the bed and took a position beside her friend and her son.

The room was now bathed in the soft glow of the setting sun.

Marie was now in position to bring her fantasy to life, and reality home to mother and son. Consummation of their secret desires would soon be realized.

Still, Marie was certain she needed to keep the words “mother” or “your mother” out of her vocabulary. She would wait for those words to be spoken by the real participants when the lustful, incestuous fornication began.

“Josh, I don’t think Hope would mind if you partook of her perky breasts.” Marie observed. “Would you, Hope?”

“Whatever Josh desires.” Hope replied, still not willing to admit out loud that his hand would be welcomed.

Josh reached with his right hand to cup and fondle his mother’s left breast for a long moment or two, before moving his hand to her right breast as he maneuvered to suckle on her left erect nipple, all the while pumping his cock slowly into Marie. Marie let him indulge himself for a few minutes before directing him;

“Josh, I know how much you like Hope’s lavish bush. When you like to touch it? I bet if you asked, she will let you. Don’t be shy.”

“May I, mom.” Josh whispered, releasing the nipple.

“Would you like that, sugar?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Then, of course.” Hope replied, raising her head to watch her son’s hand slide down her belly and begin to pull lightly at her curly bush. She parted her legs slightly to give him more access than he actually needed.

Marie also maneuvered to watch Josh’s hand play in his mother’s bush.

She felt confident that the fuse has been lit and decided not to direct the outcome of events any further. She pushed at Josh’s belly to decouple them as she squirmed from beneath him. Josh returned to suckling at his mother’s tit as he continued to play with her bush. Marie walked to the phone and dialed her number.

“Hey, you doing okay?” She inquired, when Bill answered the phone. “I’ll be up in a while. I am almost finished coloring Hope’s hair. I will. I’ll say hello to her for you.”

Marie replaced the receiver and walked the short distance to the bathroom, leaving both doors wide open, lifted the toilet and sat down. If one was so inclined, one could hear the water splash as she relieved herself. What one might not have heard was the drop or two of cum falling from her pussy as it hit the water. She sat watching mother and son as the scene unfolded.

Mother and son were left to their fate. Each had the option to stop the incestuous madness, but each one had harbored hidden desires far too long. Could one really blame the mother under the circumstances? Her desires, long denied, had caused her to be blindsided by Marie, a friend, with her own devilish desires. And the son,,,,,,,,, he was just being a male.

Marie smiled as she watched Josh’s hand move further downward. His middle finger, no doubt, extended as Hope’s body stiffened and a moan issued forth. There was little doubt that Hope had acquired Josh’s cock in her right hand, as Josh squirmed around giving his mother more room. The motion of the two became fluid as Josh lifted himself to kiss his mother lustfully on the mouth. He maneuvered himself between her legs and she retained control of his cock, not to insert it into her, but to restrain his desire for intercourse.

“No! Josh! We can’t!” She declared. “Not without a condom!”

“Son of a bitch!” Marie said under her breath. “Is this ever going to happen!”

“I have one, Josh.” Hope said. “Let me get it out of the draw.”

Reluctantly, Josh moved away to allow his mother to rise from the bed. He rolled to set up on the edge of the bed and watched his mother walk to the dresser, open the drawer, pick up a small condom package, opening the wrapper as she returned to stand before him. She was aware of Marie sitting on the toilet in the bathroom. It did not concern her at this moment.

“It’s old, but I don’t think they go bad.” said, handing a condom to her son and watched him roll it onto is erection.”

Having put the condom on, Josh reached to place his hands on his mother’s hips and draw her to him. He began to lavish kisses on her belly, hips, and turning her, her ass. He maneuvered her back onto the bed to lie on her chest and proceeded to lavish much attention on her buttocks for a minute or two. As his tongue lightly slid up and down the crack of her ass, Hope moaned her approval. Marie was surprised, pleasingly, when Hope rolled to her back and spread her legs wide beckoning her son to lavish the same praise on her pussy. He did canlı bahis siteleri not hesitate.

“It’s good Josh! Please, don’t stop!” Hope pleaded. “Make me come! Make me come and I’ll let you fuck your mother’s pussy!”

Marie watched Josh slide his two hands beneath his mother’s ass, lifting, and knew well what was in store. Indeed, Josh slid his tongue into his mother’s pussy, pushing it deep. Hope instinctively pushed her ass hard against his tongue to achieve the greatest penetration.

Marie rose from the toilet and walked the short distance to stand in the doorway of the bedroom.

Josh, as he indulged himself of his mother’s pussy, reached to fondle and massage her breasts, thumbing the erect and firm nipples.

Oh! The moans and sighs of ecstasy that filled the apartment as Hope was engulfed by the incestuous pleasure that was wrought by her first experience of oral sex being dispensed her son.

Hope raised her head, repeatedly, to watch, being mesmerized by the action happening between her legs. She sucked on the fingers of her right hand as the fingers of the other hand coursed through her son’s hair.

“It’s so good, Josh!” She cried, shaking her head. “I never thought anything could be this good! Right there! Yes! Oh my! My! My! I’m cooommmmiiningggggggg!”

Josh followed the up-and-down gyrations of his mother’s ass as the orgasm flowed through her, trying to keep his tongue centered on her clit, as he flicked and circled it.

If Marie could have had her way, Josh would have mounted his mother in quick order. But, as the orgasm subsided Josh slowly moved up over his mother and kissed her lustfully. She did not resist or hesitate to accept his pussy-moistened lips, or tongue as it darted into her mouth. Marie would not be disappointed much longer. Josh pushed himself to his knees, put his hands behind his mother’s knees and pushed her knees toward her breast, presenting her pussy for the taking. He studied his mother’s pussy for long moment before positioning ahead of this rubber-coated cock to the entrance of her treasure and slowly, ever so slowly, pushed his cock into her.

Hope, with some effort, raised her head to watch their bodies merge into one.

Reaching full penetration, Josh began to fuck his mother slowly, looking down at her naked body before him. He studied her lavish bush, as his cock disappeared beneath it. He compared his mother’s pussy, which almost lacked any labia, to Marie’s thick-lipped pussy. “Could my cock be sinking deeper in mom’s pussy, then it does in Marie’s, due to her meaty pussy lips?” Josh pondered.

“Come down, baby.” Hope coaxed. “Come down and hold me.”

Josh did as asked, giving Marie the opportunity to move behind them and witness their coupling. Marie was not aware of Josh’s ponderings, but anyone would have agreed, that yes, it would appear that Josh’s cock sank much deeper into his mother’s pussy. She had not the ass jowls that her friend had, hindering full penetration. And whenever he withdrew his cock, it appeared to try to turn his mother’s pussy inside out, or, could the tight elastic rim of her pussy just be grasping at his cock, refusing to let the cock retreat.

Marie had no reason to be timid as she reached to cup Josh’s balls, fondling them lightly. Josh increased his rhythm a bit with the added stimulation.

“Do you like mama’s pussy?” Hope whispered. “I love your cock. It’s so hard!”

“Am I better than your toys?” He queried.

“Yes! My Lord yes!” She replied. “They’re going in the garbage tomorrow!”

“The hell they are!” Marie exclaimed. “I’ll find a place to hide them. I’ll do something with them.”

“Are you still here?” Hope asked, lifting herself to look over Josh’s shoulders.

“She’s playing with my balls.” Josh offered.

“Marie, if you’re going to stay, sit your ass down in that chair and keep quiet. You had your fun. Now it’s my turn” Hope admonished.

Marie reluctantly did as directed, but moved the chair so she could watch their coupling.

The sun having set, the room was losing its light quickly. Marie hoped that the streetlights would be enough to make viewing capable.

“I want to fuck you for a long time and every way we can think of.” Hope proposed, theorizing that Josh had already come and he could squelch any such desire for a while. “Every way you enjoy. Fuck me a long time!”

Marie sat in the now semidarkness and watched Josh fuck his mother, changing his rhythm from slow passionate thrusts to all-out hammering of her pussy. She smiled knowingly as Hope responded, thrusting her ass to achieve full penetration of Josh’s rock hard cock. She lost track of the time but was struck with the stamina of the two lovers, especially of Josh.

“Fuck me, Josh!” Hope declared. “Fuck me until I can’t move! I love your cock! Do it hard again! AH! AH! YES!”

“You like it hard?” Josh questioned. “You like me to fuck that pussy hard? Like this?”

“Fuck it! Oh fuck yes! Fuck it hard. Harder, damn you!

Marie, still quite naked, moved her right hand to her pussy, fingering herself as she watched Josh hammer his mother’s pussy repeatedly, slowing long moments only to regain breath and strength. Still, such strenuous fucking takes its toll.

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