A Moonlit Night

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The black, four-door ’70 Bonneville cruised along route 49 headed north out of Charlotte, NC. at a modest 45-50mph. The twosome, Irene, 43yr-old mother, and Dale, 20yr-old son, had decided to drive through the night, figuring to make Norfolk, VA., and home, by 3am. The modest speed allowed Dale, driving, to study his mother’s legs by the light of the full moon, dividing his attention with quick glances back to the road. Irene was sleeping soundly unaware her skirt had climb up considerably revealing a good portion of her upper thighs. Her legs were smooth, supple and shapely. Was Dale not a male!

Also, another distraction, to his normally excellent attention to the road was his controlling the car with only his right hand, while his left squeezed his firm erection through his jeans. He eased across the white line often and jerked the wheel left occasionally to keep the late model Bonneville from dropping off the shoulder.

Having been visiting family in Greenville, SC., they had made a hasty departure to keep Dale from an ass whipping or worse. His cousin, Micky, had told her husband during an argument, in a fit of rage, that she had fucked Dale. They had gotten a call warning them, in the nick of time, to leave town. The hurried departure had left Micky’s mother, Lois, standing on the front porch, shaking her head at the insane, incestuous indiscretion between her daughter and favorite nephew. For over an hour on I-85 Irene had given Dale a tongue-lashing for his inability to keep “it” in his pants.

“Does incest not bother you?” She had shouted.

“Pussy is pussy!” He had brazenly and calmly replied.

Shocked to silence, she had said little more. They stopped in Charlotte to eat a late supper. When asked if she minded traveling 5 or more hour to make it home, she had said, “no problem”.

Now, it is unknown if Dale’s present indiscretion or the left jerk of the wheel caused Irene to awaken fully.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Irene snapped, now aware his hand rubbing and squeezing high on the inside of her left thigh was not a dream.

“Those shapely legs got the best of me, I guess!” He said, offering no apology. “It’s dark and unpopulated out here. I got lonely.”

“You mean horny, don’t you? And, if I remember correctly, if pussy is pussy, a leg, must be just a leg! How long have you been playing with my leg and squeezing your dick?”

“Not very long.” He said with a smile.

“I suppose we’re lucky I woke up or you might have soiled you pants – or killed us!” Irene chided. “Did you touch me?”

“Hey, I’m brazen but I’m not crazy! The way you hate men! Touching that treasure. No way!”

“But you would like to?” Irene quizzed, seeing a questioning look appear on her son’s face.

The speed had slowed to 40mph and his head swiveled continuously between her and the road.

“You screwed Micky without a second thought, I’d wager. So, be honest. If I wanted you to, you wouldn’t hesitate, would you?”

“Hell no!! Not for a moment.” Dale asserted.

Irene scooted over the leather bench seat, lifting her bare foot over the floor hump, effectively widening her legs.

“I want you to touch me and tell me what you feel.” She directed, then, gripped and released his wrist as he reached. “Wait for a straight stretch, for god sake!”

Dale stopped his hand on the inside of her thigh where It had laid before. A long minute passed, perhaps a quarter mile, filled with lustful anticipation. When the headlights lit a long down drop into a hollow, no lights on the opposing top, he eased his hand towards her treasure, lightly fingering it, finding what he hoped or expected.

“Your panties are… your pussy is wet!”

“You’re right about it feeling lonely on this old country road. I’ve spend a lot of time in the woods. I’ve told you about being a cook in the lumber camps. My first job. A full moon makes it spooky as hell – the shadows and all – but all this sexual talk has, as you’ve discovered – you can move your hand now – go on – has made me wet and I’m upset now. If you can find a place to hide this car, I could finger myself and you could jerk off.”

Dale slowed the car further looking for anything that might be a turnoff entering the woods. Within 3 miles, he slowed to a stop, then, backed up. He saw that the grown-up, two track trail ran into the woods perhaps 30-40 feet then curved to the right. He pulled the Bonneville sharply to the left crossing the road, then, quickly put it in reverse. He backed into the trail slowly, made the curve and continued until he was sure the car would not be seen. He shut the lights and the engine off, locking the doors.

They sat silent for almost a minute looking around and letting their eyes adjust to the available moonlight.

“This should do just fine.” Irene observed. “Should we move to the back seat so you will have a little bit more room.”


Irene waited for her son to move. He climbed easily into the backseat and waited. Irene canlı bahis şirketleri turned and put her knees on the front seat, lifting her straight lined skirt up to her hips she threw her right leg over the seat. Her white panties stood out in the darkness. She felt no lost of modesty as to showing her panties or her son’s hand on her ass assisting her over the seat. She plumped down mostly in his lap.

“Maybe we could talk about the first thing that pops up.” He teased.

“It has already popped up, smart ass!”

Irene repositioned herself to his right and promptly lifted her legs to remove her underwear. She now set with her bare ass on the leather seat, her left leg propped on to the hump on the floor. With the illumination of the full moon, her bush was clearly obvious. Dale reached to take the underwear from her, saying, “May I”, and promptly put them to his nose, inhaling deeply.

“AAgggggg! You are really a pervert.” She teased. “You don’t go through my underwear drawer at home, do you?”

“All the time. My favorite are the ones that have the days of the week written on them.”

She stared hard at him for a few long moments.

“So, I suppose, if you look at my underwear, and don’t shy at sniffing them in front of me, you have been wishing for a moment like this for a long time – to show me your dick? You going to take it out, or what? I’m showing you mine – fair is fair.”

Dale reached to unbuckle his belt, popping the snap and unzipping his jeans. With some difficulty, he removed them along with his briefs. He then sat there with his 6 1/2 inches standing erect.

“It makes me wonder! You must be feeling pretty cocky right now – pardon the pun – having your cousin give you some pussy, me, your mother, sitting here in front of you with her panties off, letting you see her pussy. You’re proud of that dick, showing it off to me without batting an eye, hoping I will lose control and climb right on it. But it doesn’t matter what you have between your legs if you don’t know how to use it. Shall we begin.”

Irene settled comfortably with her back leaning into the corner of the seat and put her right hand to her pussy. Dale, staring between his mother’s legs, took hold of his shaft and began to fondled it and stroke it slowly.

“How did you and Micky end up screwing, anyway?” Irene queried.

“She said she would set me up with Joe Moon. Supposedly, Joe told her she would give me some pussy.”

“Isn’t Joe Moon married?”

“Yes. He was supposed to be out of town. It never happened and I told Micky she owed me some pussy and that she was going to have to put out if Joe fell through. A week went by and Micky and I went to the fair- last Friday – remember. I pulled into some bushes that I used for necking with Joe and told her it was time. I was teasing of course – well, kind of! But I played hard case – feeling her up – and she spread her legs. I got my cock wet!”

“Was her pussy good enough to get yourself shot over?”

“You bet your sweet ass!”

“My ass is sweet.” Irene moaned pleasurably.

“This is fuckin hot!” Dale exclaimed lustfully.

The talking ceased. The moans of mother and son mingled as they masturbated. Mother, stared at her son’s action, as son, stared at his mother’s action. Irene was soon fingering her pussy causing Dale to pound his meat harder. Dale chanced to lay his hand on her left knee. She allowed it to remain there.

“How many men have you fucked, mom?” Dale asked lustfully.

“You’re awful inquisitive!” Irene replied, with labored breath, then, after a few moments. “I had to count. Eight, if I remember correctly. How many girls have you fucked?”

“Just three. Gail and Alice. Add Micky.” He groaned. “But if you’re agreeable, you can make it four!”

He had noted her change in word from “screw” to “fuck”. His exclamation was followed by his quick movement to top his mother, struggling to maneuver between her legs and lift them.

“Damn you boy! I am not a number!” She chastised, but still took hold of him and placed his cock to her. “Oh, god damn! AAhhh fuck!”

Irene instantly began to fuck her son aggressively. Dale was stabbing her deep with a quick paced rhythm. The car was filled with their individual grunts, groans and moans. Their positioning was not ideal but they were coupled and lost in incestuous lust. Both, were keenly aware of who they were fucking and it only added to their passion.

Irene, probably because it had been so long since she had fucked, was the first to orgasm, her lustful sounds. sounding like a wounded animal. There was immediate concern in her voice and words.

“Pullout, Dale! Don’t come in me! It’s not safe!”

“Are you fuckin nuts, woman!” Dale protested. “I’ve never pulled out of a pussy!”

“I’m not a number and I am not just a pussy!” She stated sternly. “I’m your mom!If you ever want to screw me again, you had better not come in me! Not now.”

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Dale complained, but, in a canlı kaçak iddaa few more moments he yanked his cock free, moving forward to squirt his semen onto his mother’s belly.

“Good boy.” Irene said with a sigh of relief. “I wasn’t prepared for tonight. You play your cards right and this won’t be the last time you get to put your dick in me.”

Irene asked Dale to hand her a few napkins that were stored in the glove box. She wiped the cum off her belly as he watched.

“Look, is there any reason why we can’t take a nap.” Irene proposed. “Take the clock out of the glove box and set it for five. That gives us a few hours.”

Dale saw no reason to disagree and retrieved the clock. He watched his mother maneuver to stretch out on the seat, facing the back. When she tried to lower her skirt, he struggled with her to prevent it as he maneuvered to spoon behind her. She did not protest either. Mother and son soon drifted off.

Dale awoke shortly before five. He laid there long minutes in the ever brightening surroundings studying his mother’s ass. His hand soon began to fondled it, bringing his cock to a firm erection. He soon began to focus on getting his cock wet and tried to lift her right leg to give him access to her.

“Can’t you wait until we get home?” Irene asked in a sleepy tone.

“I don’t want to.” Dale replied. “Just give me a minute or two.”

“Make a quick! I’ve got to pee like a racehorse.”

With no more words Irene lifted her knee against the seat, bending her knee to spread her legs giving him access. She was not a spring chicken any more, and while the positioning was not the best, a quick fuck, feeling a cock inside of her was to her liking. With a bit of maneuvering, she felt his cock enter her.

Dale began to fuck her with a determined rhythm. True to his word, and his memory, he shot off in just a few minutes, jerking his cock from her and squirting on her thigh and the leather seat. To show he was a considerate lover, he reached between her legs to give her a bit of pleasure. Immediately, he was struck by the large, meaty pussy his hand was palming, his finger searching for her clit.

“No, no, no! I appreciate the thought but I have to pee. Let me get out. Come on, move your ass.

Dale reached upfront to unlock the doors and scrambled out the back door. His mother quickly followed. The skirt having fallen, she hiked it up and squatted by the back of the car and took a substantial pee, Dale watching inquisitively the whole time. He then relieved himself.

“How about handing me a few more tissues. I’d prefer not to have your cum run any farther down my leg.”

Redressed and all cleaned up, Dale pulled the Bonneville back onto the road and they headed north and home. Irene remained mostly quiet. Dale, in no hurry to return home kept their speed around 50mph. They stopped for breakfast and stopped closer to home for lunch. They arrived home shortly after noon.

Entering the apartment, Irene stated her tiredness and intent to lay down for a bit. She stated her intent not to shower. Dale said he was going to the YMCA and swim for a bit and that he

would shower there.

Irene lay awake for some time thinking about what had transpired between her and her son in the confines of the Bonneville. She knew that their relationship would never be the same, and would continue to be sexually oriented.

Dale, as usual, walked the mile to the YMCA. He was exhilarated by the thoughts of what had transpired inside the Bonneville. He found it fascinating that his mother had given in so easily. He would strive not to let his mother revert to their former relationship. He did not see it to be much of a problem.

On the walk home he remembered palming his mother’s pussy. He had only had his hands on three others but his mother’s had felt odd – large and beefy. His stride increased slightly as he thought about seeing it up close and personal, which he hoped to do that evening.

Returning home, he found dinner nearly ready. As his mother served him he was aware of her touching or rubbing him affectionately. She did not shy from his palming of her hips and ass when she was close enough. He pondered if it meant she might be agreeable to them sharing a bit of quality, i.e. sexual, time together later on.

8 o’clock found them in front of the TV. She had made popcorn and Dale was enjoying his Coke, she, a glass of wine. They sat at opposite ends of the sofa as usual. Dale was beginning to worry. Should he make the first move?

Irene was aware of her son eying her, while trying not to be obvious. She too, as she knew he most certainly did, feel like getting together. She was as anxious to have him between her legs as he probably was to get there. In fact, during her last trip to the bathroom, she had prepped for it. Comically, she wondered how long it would take for him to make a move on her or just a suggestion. She did not have to wait long.

“You know what I would really like to do?” Dale canlı kaçak bahis said casually.

“I could not even imagine!” She answered sarcastically.

“I would like very much to see your pussy.”

The surprise showed on her face as she stared inquisitively at him.

“Don’t you think you are being a bit forward? Wanting to look at my pussy?” She teased, letting her words linger before continuing “This morning in the backseat you had your hand all over it. Wasn’t that not enough?”

“!t was a beginning!” He assured her.

“I don’t feel like being embarrassed by you staring at my snatch.”

“You saw all of my cock last night. You have seen more of me than I have seen of you.”

“I did enjoy that and you do know how to use it and that’s the important part. Now, do you want to go to my bed and screw me long and passionately or do you want to set here on the sofa and ask to do silly things?”

Knowing the answer to the question, Irene stood and walked off toward her bedroom. Dale took one last sip of his Coke and stood to follow closely behind her.

As Irene enter the bedroom, she did not reach to cut the light on. Dale, however, intentionally reached to cut the overhead light on. It caused her to look back at him with disdain in her look, but she said nothing.

“I want to see your body.” Dale said in reply to her look.

“You just want to embarrass me. You not going to find my pussy a tight perky little thing. I have hair just on my mound. I’ve never had hair around my labia. Do you really have to look at my pussy? You are not going to like it. I know! I sure as hell don’t.”

“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that.”

The point settled, her giving in, Irene stripped her PJ’s off and entered the bed, placing herself on her back in the middle. Still, she kept her legs outstretched and closed. Having to remove much less, Dale was fondling his cock, waiting.

He entered the bed from the bottom and waited obstinately for her to lift her knees and spread her thighs. Reluctantly, with consternation on her face, she slowly bent her knees and spread her thighs wide. Dale stared.

“I told you!” She said disgustedly. “Now, why don’t you just come up here and screw me like I want? You’ll like it no matter how it looks.”


Dale lowered himself down, putting his face about a foot from his mother’s pussy. It appeared to have two labia, one large, round lipped and wide, covering a large area of her crotch. He compared it to the other three he was familiar with. The inner labia sat in the middle but low, standing a half an inch high with a defined hole at the bottom that reminded one of the center of a galaxy. The hole was isolated from a crack that ran upward terminating in a small mass that appeared very much like the domed head of a very small penis. The outer labia was hairless and rose brown, while the inner labia was a light pink.

The feeling that Dale was overcome with was one of awe and desire for the well defined, galactic unknown hole, beckoning to be entered.

He crabbed up to mount his mother. She, desiring to be mounted, reached to take and place his cock to that beckoning hold. He pushed his cock into her slowly. She moaned with pleasure. They began to fuck slowly, she, moaning softly, her leg ratcheting as if in slow motion as her arms wrapped him in tight.

Dale’s concentration was centered at the point of coupling. His mind was focused on fucking the mysterious walled hole that was prominent between his mother’s legs. He felt no affection or love, just strong sexual desire to have her. He pushed deep with almost every thrust, bringing immense pleasure to Irene who had not been properly bedded in more than a year.

On the ride home, Irene had had a long time to ponder what had happened in the woods. She had not suggested their stop in the woods to masturbate as a pathway to begin an incestuous relationship with her son. Their short heated argument hurrying away from Greenville had informed her in no uncertain terms that Dale was a pussy hound, and whose pussy it was mattered little to him. Still, she had put herself in close quarters with a man stroking his cock, she, with panties off and fingering her pussy, both, highly aroused desiring more. It was, with the darkness and all, inevitable that they would end up fucking.

But what had her confused was the fact that until the moment he had moved on her she had given no thought to fucking him. And she acted instinctively. She remembered the sharp pain of him stabbing her, but it had instantly turned to pleasure and want realized. Afterward, it required no conscious decision on her part that their relationship was now going to be centered on sex. Strangely, she felt content with that knowledge.

Dale, pushed himself up, causing Irene to unwrap him, to his haunches. He continued stroking quickly into her as he leaned back to view their coupling. Irene lifted her head with her hands to join his viewing.

“Your dick is rock hard!” She said lustfully.

“Eight men have had their cock in this hole.” Dale said. “I feel very honored to be one of them.”

“Number nine.” Irene said. “Doesn’t that many men bother you? I think some people would call me loose or a slut.”

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