A Matter of Taste

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I had the house all to myself for the entire week so I decided to start my time alone by pampering myself with a luxurious bath. I shaved my legs, smoked half a joint, and sipped wine while listening to music as I enjoyed the warm confines of our master suite bath. Alas, I didn’t want to prune up, so after a while I stood out of the tub and dried myself off.

I went to the dresser and selected a pretty blue lace bra and panty set and slipped into them. I hooked the matching garter around my waist and rolled on some very sheer black nylon stockings and attached the straps. I paused by a mirror and admired the sexy look of my undergarments.

At the dressing table I went for a little more color than usual and applied my makeup to a sultry sluttish hue, with dark red lush lipstick. I took my time and painted my nails a rich dark red to match. A double strand pearl necklace and earrings completed the look with my auburn shoulder length wig.

I walked into the closet and pulled my “accessory” box from the back. My now rigid cock strained against my stretch lace panties and garter. I slipped the breast forms into the cups of my bra and adjusted the shoulder straps. I rubbed my panty clad cock and knew I would have to give it serious attention quite soon. I slipped on my heels and walked into the bedroom and stood before the full length mirror. I had to admit that being blessed with feminine features made my transformations quite amazing. I had gone for an upscale slutty look and contemplated my outfit for the afternoon.

I don’t usually wear my wife’s clothes because canlı bahis I rarely leave the house when I’m dressed. I am very passable, but since I’m not gay the major turn-on for me is masturbating or making love to my wife while dressed in sexy lingerie. My wife tolerates my fetish and from time to time we are dressed in sexy lingerie while we make love. She has even taught me how to apply makeup and has purchased some of my sexier bra and panty sets. We both love the feel of our silken legs rubbing together as we fuck

I decided to go for a drive since it was a beautiful bright day. Her dark blue Lycra mini-skirt and sheer purple and blue gauze blouse went well with my makeup. I am 5” 5’ and 138 lbs. so fit isn’t a problem. My wife Kara is 5’7’ and about 130 lbs. She is a striking brunette, a wonderful lover and terrific mother to our four young children.

Before donning the skirt and blouse I walked down the hall to the study and sat at the computer. I dialed up my favorite cross dresser web site and pulled my hard cock through the crotch of my panties. I slowly rubbed it as I searched for someone to chat with. I got an invitation and soon was on my web-cam doing a very hot two-way jerk off with another sexy cross dresser. I pulled some tissues from the desk and shot my load. I again contemplated tasting the cum, but as usual I tossed the tissues after wiping my cock clean. I haven’t tasted my own cum yet, except mixed with Kara’s sweet pussy juices.

I enjoy putting my sensitive just-spent cock back into my tight panties as much as I love jerking-off while dressed. The bahis siteleri tight lace rubbing against my tender cock makes me feel very sexy while I strut in my 3-inch heels. Back in the bedroom I buttoned the blouse and pulled on the skirt, fitting it snugly on my hips and thighs. I went to the dressing table and the tops of my stockings were just visible as I sat and crossed my legs. I generously applied perfume to my neck and wrists, slipped on a couple of costume gem rings, and a lovely gold chain bracelet, a delicate ankle bracelet finished my accessories.

As I viewed the finished product I was astonished at my very sexy appearance. My cock stirred to life as I checked my outfit from every angle. I smoked the other half of the joint and walked down the stairs to the family room. My ears seared red as I heard,

“Hiya Mike!”

To my utter horror sitting at the bar was my mother-in-law Barbara.

“I had to see this!” she went on, “Kara told me, but I wanted to see for myself.”

I tried to stammer out some type of excuse but realized it was futile.

“You actually are quite sexy my dear boy”, she said, ‘I’m quite amazed at how remarkably feminine you appear.’

I mumbled a confused sort-of thank you and became even more confused when she got up from the bar and walked over to me. She kissed me lightly on the lips and took me by the hand. She led me to the front door and down the steps to her car. We spent the afternoon shopping downtown and after a late lunch she drove us back to her apartment.

Without a word and quite by surprise the bahis şirketleri moment we stepped into her place she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me wetly and deeply. I responded to her touch and felt our breasts mash together. I kissed her tenderly and accepted her tongue in my mouth as my cock went rock hard. She pushed closer and giggled as she rubbed her flat tummy against it.

Barbara is a young widow at 58 and her looks belie her age. She pulled off her sweater and her firm round breasts were framed in a beautiful light pink camisole. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. After stepping out of her slip she stood back and I could see her trimmed pussy hair through very sheer pink panties. She began to unbutton my blouse with one hand and rubbed my cock through my skirt with the other.

When she dropped to her knees and pushed my skirt up I thought I would cum right then and there. I maintained the slightest control as she fished my cock from my panties and proceeded to suck my cock like a porno star. I soon came in a huge spurt and she caught most of it in her mouth. She stood up and kissed me and proceeded to fill my mouth with my own cum. I actually like the musky salty flavor and swallowed it.

Her wet pussy had made her panties transparent. I pushed her to the floor and buried my head in her dusky twat. I made her cum twice before I skewered here with my revitalized cock. She fucked me like a whore and after several different positions all over the room I came deep and hard in her while she impaled herself while straddling me with her hands wrapped around my nylon clad ankles.

Barb and I spent most of the next week together and on that Friday night I tasted cum that wasn’t my own for the very first time…but that is another story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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