A Lucky Strike

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Supreme thanks to my wonderful friend and editor, the sweet Melody. She tirelessly attempts to make things right!

There is luck, there is chance and then there is the possibility that the most unusual, unexpected thing just might happen to you.

I mean, I guess you could be struck by lightning, or you could find an elusive up-front parking spot outside your favorite bar on Super Bowl Sunday.

Or you just might get a second chance at fate and destiny, when it comes to rekindling an old flame.

I was thinking that at the Ace Club in Aruba, sipping on an old fashioned on the rocks, minding my own business and playing cheap blackjack. I was quiet, enjoying the time away from the wife and kids when a familiar face sat down at first base – directly across my third base seat. Okay, those are blackjack table terms – she sat right across from me.

Oh Yes! I knew her. I could recognize that face, those eyes and that magnetic smile from a mile away. Staring at her, I just couldn’t remember the basics, like her name and where I knew her from; glancing over at me, with fervor and desire in her eyes, she placed her bet on the table.

We had finished playing several hands before she glanced over at me and smiled. “Oh my God! Rob! Is that you?” Her eyes beamed with excitement, and surely my erection was sticking straight up in approval.

Instantaneously, I knew. It was Alexis, my roommate’s main squeeze from college. “I can’t believe it, Alexis how are you?”

We spoke a little, attempting to have dialogue while the other players merely wanted to play the game without idle chitchat. Soon, I cashed in and walked over to the bar, and Alexis followed beside me.

“You look great, Alexis” I said after ordering the two of us another round of drinks. “You are a pretty picture from my memory back, as beautiful as you looked in college.”

The two of us caught each other up to date. She is married to a pharmacist and they live in D.C. with their son and daughter. I live in Northern Virginia and work as an accountant, married with two beautiful daughters. We are just two nearly 50-something year old friends from college who have not seen each other in almost 20 years.

What a coincidence that we are both in Aruba, and both have decided to leave behind the family commotion, hustle and bustle of city life, and seek to escape and relax at this heavenly oasis. Exchanging stories about this and that, we each bid adieu to get back to our real lives and the real world. Just before leaving Aruba, Alexis and I exchanged emails and promised to write and really catch up.

That night, after returning home from the trip and putting the kids to sleep, I cuddled with my wife Tatum and after quick and quiet foreplay soon was on top of her, pumping away for the first time in a while.

Here’s the secret – I was imagining Alexis and her lovely face, her beautiful 36D breasts and her tight toned ass that claims she still works out religiously. Oh, her body was more mature, but she was still as stunning as ever. And I still have this desire to pick up where he left off, or better yet what my roommate couldn’t do for her when they were still together.

Back in college Alexis was a jaw-dropping girl with brown hair always held in place by an ever- present blue or red hair band. Her striking crystal blue eyes told this story; one that would almost completely hypnotize you possibly even compels you to do wicked things. She was in great shape, working out like a mad woman before working out was fashionable. The Alexis I saw today was better rounded, but those eyes remained insatiable.

That night Tatum, my wife did not have a clue of who I was thinking of while fucking her, but what she did not know would not hurt her. We did it like always, a little foreplay, a little stroking, her admonishing me to keep quiet so the kids wouldn’t wake up, and then slipping on top of her for the old in and out before flipping over and finally riding to both of our orgasms. She enjoyed the roll in the hay, especially being on top, and so did I.

Bringing back memories, my mind remembered those cold New York nights when Dave and I would shoot hoops at the gym, and dancing at the student union, while learning how to hit on girls. Dave was the master, bedding a succession of ladies, while I was not as lucky with the fairer sex.

During our third year at Columbia University, before winter break, he hooked up with Alexis at the student union dance, and the two were inseparable through graduation. Having said that, Dave still strayed when he could, he loved scoring with the coeds. But he wasn’t obvious about it. He attempted to keep his cheating on Alexis a big secret…but girls and guys talk and there were a couple paper trails made their way back to Alexis…and she would get the message loud and clear.

It is still as vague to me as it was back then as to why she even stayed with Dave through thick and thin, the good bad and the ugly as they say it, and to me their arguments were even more astonishing. canlı bahis şirketleri It almost reminded me of Daddy hits me because he loves me type of shit.

From what I could recollect most was their arguments after Dave strayed and banged the leader of the cheer team, or the time he fucked the captain of the women’s basketball team who everyone assumed was a lesbian. He was a modern day Hugh Hefner and I have to admit while he strayed he always was fond of Alexis and really attempted not to rub his affairs in her face. She stuck by his side, and accepted him for who he was.

Back at Columbia, Dave and Alexis would watch TV with me or talk while downing drinks or play cards or board games. There were times – in the middle of a game – when they’d excuse themselves and retreat to his room. Soon I’d hear the springs bouncing, grunts and the sounds of sex.

As much as I attempted to ignore the sex play I couldn’t, and would listen and let my mind wander to what was going on in the other room. To be honest, I was jealous, but still there were times when I’d stroke my cock while listening to their rowdy love music.

The two lovebirds didn’t disguise their rocking and rolling, and it was so hot to listen in to their moans and groans. After a bit they would either drift off to sleep but many times, after a bit, they’d return one at a time with guilty yet satisfied facial expressions. Several times Alexis joked, “Did you miss us?”

I’d joke with them about being insatiable rabbits, but it was just something to say.

Actually, I was quite excited knowing I’d heard them screw, their moans and groans etched into my brain, and later when I’d hit the sack I’d stroke my cock thinking of their actions.

Sometimes when they’d retreat to the bedroom I’d look at porn magazines and stroke myself off while they were fucking. That was almost threesome like, at least in my mind. I know, it was a stretch, but it was one of those thoughts that stay with you and can be used late at night when there’s nobody else in your bed to play with.

It’s safe to say we were special friends. Sometimes we’d double date for movie or dance, but my dates paled in comparison to Alexis. I always seemed to date the girls who were non-adventurous, non-sexual, non-fun loving bookworms. Still, I have to admit I did go all the way with a fair share of ladies and I wasn’t a total idiot with women.

I thought of those girls that night, those girls I dated back at Columbia, but my mind kept wandering back to Alexis and our impromptu meeting that day; memories from our college days.

And I could not help but think about a very special night in their apartment.

The three of us had gone to Berrigan’s for subs.

We talked about school, upcoming exams, and then played a game. By that I mean we’d surmise this one was a bitch that one was stuck up, or that one who was a smart cookie, and that one who was a slut. From the sub shop we went to The Watering Hole, and opened a nice tab with a $50 bill that I received from my parents for Christmas.

Downing one beer after another, and getting semi-drunk, we weren’t driving, so it was not a problem. Staggering back to the apartment after midnight, it was clear Alexis was staying over, since she changed into a long t-shirt and nothing else while assuming she still had panties on. From what I could tell, it was fucking hot.

We attempted to play blackjack for a while, with the losers of a hand required to down a shot of tequila. Quite frankly, our mental agility wasn’t there and it was not fun arguing over whether a 10 was the same as a face card. The twosome were rubbing legs while playing, sometimes kissing, and I knew someone was going to get laid that night, and I was not that someone. Still, it was entertaining watching their sexual notions bounce back off of each other.

Soon Dave rose and locked arms with Alexis and directed her to the bedroom, turning to wink at me before he closed the door behind them.

I wasn’t a voyeur to what happened next, but I heard every single nitty gritty detail. They stumbled out of their clothes, as the liquor clearly affected their actions. They must have landed on the bed as I heard the groans from the springs, and I decided to get comfortable and started to stroke my cock to the erotic sounds coming from the bedroom.

First I thought of Rachel, a girl who I’d scored with a month ago for two long weeks before she bolted for another guy, but then all I could think about were the hot and heavy sounds of erotic, animalistic sex. Surprisingly, only after a few minutes, things quieted down and it must have been a quick fuck.

Continuing my stroking, I wondered what Alexis’s favorite position was, and how she did and what she did in the way of naughty things to please Dave. Wondering about Dave’s prowess, and quickly remembering that normally he’d rut his date for at least 20 minutes before getting off, maybe this time they were both drunk and intensely horny.

With my eyes closed canlı kaçak iddaa shut, all I could think of the in the next room, was lovemaking in general.

I stroked my cock until I was startled by a sound, directly in front of me. It was Alexis and she was staring at what I was doing. Turning a bright shade of crimson, out of sheer embarrassment, I quickly scrambled to cover myself up with a nearby blanket, and I could see her softly giggling from the corner of my eye.

“Oh Rob! I’m sorry I disturbed you, but I could not sleep and I heard you out here,” she said, while she watched as I had a blushed a dark shade of crimson while attempting to tuck my cock back into my boxer briefs. “It’s okay, I already saw your cock when you were not looking.”

Well, talk about sheer embarrassment, getting caught by my best friend’s girlfriend jerking off on the couch, and not to mention the one he had just fucked; the one that I was thinking about.

“Really, it is okay, I do it all the time, it’s natural to do it,” said a soothing Alexis, and for the first time I had heard words from her mouth about masturbation. “I have a wonderful “toy” that takes care of me when I need it.”

A tent began growing in my pants.

I could tell she was immensely horny as she sat on the floor, since her tee shirt rose up and displayed her pretty blue lacey panties, with a little wet spot above her delectable looking mound. I couldn’t help but stare at her gorgeous blue panties imagining her shaven and wet cunt behind the thin fabric.

“Are you enjoying the view,” she asked? “Don’t hurt yourself.”

Again blushing crimson, but this time in a state of arousal and not embarrassment

“I guess so given the way your cock is sticking up in your boxer briefs looks…. oh, no, no, don’t try to cover up.”

The sultry girl was practically ready to devour me, and was giving me all the tell tale signals.

“You were working your cock when I came in. It was very hot watching you, and I suspect if I went back into the bedroom you’d finish yourself off. Correct?”

Nodding in approval, I was slightly embarrassed.

“I’m in the same boat I need to cum or I am going to burst. Dave was just thinking about himself tonite, and it was a quickie. So I was going to go back into the bedroom and take care of myself.”

Again, I was nodding in approval with her statement.

There was a slight pause, as we both pondered what was going to happen next. Alexis broke the awkward silence.

“So Rob, don’t take this the wrong way, but it would be hot watching you get off…and if you were doing that I’d take care of myself and you could watch me and absolutely no touching I’m game if you are.”

Damn, you have to be kidding. Would I like to see a girl masturbate, watching her finger herself?

You bet! And jerking off in front of her, that nervousness took just a couple seconds to get over. I couldn’t help but say, “YES”.

We talked about it for a minute, and agreed upon discretion. We came to the conclusion that it meant nothing between us and that we were merely going to be watching porn, live porn, and except we’re the actors.

I asked her how we’d do it, and she just told me to keep my distance and wait a minute while she checked to make sure Dave was totally out of it.

She returned, stopping in the kitchen, saying that he was out for the night. “We can do it, he’s totally knocked out.”

I heard her wrestling through the cupboard looking for something, and I asked what she needed but she said found it. She came into the room with a fake silver serving tray we’d never used. She sat it on the floor and told me to drop my underwear. I did, leaving the briefs on the floor while Alexis held a dildo in her hand.

“This is my friend, Mr. Big,” she said while holding the 8-inch dong in her small hands.

She put it to her lips and kissed it, and soon I was watching her give the dildo a slow, deliberate and amazing blowjob. She licked the tip, the shaft and down where the balls would normally be but where the suction cup was.

After a bit of sexy display she licked the bottom of the suction cup and affixed it to the silver serving tray, smiling at me and merely saying: “I’m fucking horny.”

I casually stroked my cock, watching every movement, as she straddled the fleshy dong and slowly lowered herself onto it. OMG.

I’d seen some of this in porn, but this was much different, this was real. She slowly slithered down and sat on the cock, reaching down to switch on the vibration mode, and slowly began moving up and down. Her eyes were closed, and while moving she made sure she tweaked her nipples under her tee shirt.

While I was stroking my cock, I realized that she was now watching me.

“Is this hot, baby, do you like me fucking myself?” she cooed. “Do you like me fucking this big dick? Do you listen to Dave when he fucks me? When I suck him off?”

She moved a little faster, and I could tell she was fucking the cock, like a canlı kaçak bahis bitch in heat. She was moving up and down with passion. It was quite the sight, it was erotic and sensual. My stroking was hurried and I was urgently getting to the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,” I sighed.

Damn it felt good. Closing my eyes, I stroked my cock faster and faster.

All of a sudden, as my cock began to explode, felt totally different. It was as if someone was licking my dick. Looking down I saw Alexis bobbing her head on my shaft. The girl was blowing me as I shot gobs and gobs of hot spunk.

My mind was all jumbled as the girl worked her head on my cock. How she bent over to suck me so fast I will never know, but it was absolutely awesome. Her lips were delightful.

When I was finished, she moved back and rocked on her fake cock, turning up the vibration and soon groaning that she was cumming. It was clear she was in an orgasmic state, and I continued to watch her as she reached her climax, and coated the cock with all of her cunt juice. Cum was on her face as she rocked on that fake cock.

What can I say it was the most sensual, amazing, fantastic thing that had occurred in my young adult life; A thousand times better than my first blow job or first fuck. I mean, it was unbelievable and she’d only had her mouth on my dick for seconds. It was so wrong, yet so very right.

We came down from our respective highs and she smiled at me. Leaning over, she licked off some of the cum residue then opened her mouth to show me what she’d sucked and licked…but didn’t swallow.

I thought she was going to spit it out, but she merely mumbled something that sounded like she’s swallow in a minute. I watched as she rose off the fake cock, unattached it from the serving tray, and bent toward me.

“I’m going to swallow your scum in a couple minutes, Rob. Now remember, this never happened,” her words were slurred, as her mouth was full, but I understood.

With that, Alexis got up and proceeded back to the bedroom.

While I was pulling on my pants I heard Dave moving around in the next room and Alexis saying, “Kiss me.”

There was quiet, before I heard Dave telling her to suck his cock. She must have done so because for the next few minutes there was love talk, grunts and sex noises.

The next day Dave slept in and Alexis and I walked to get coffee down the street.

“Remember, nothing happened,” said the girl who let me watch her fuck a dildo and later licked me off the night before.

I assured her that we had a secret.

She then startled me. “You know, last week Dave fucked Tiffany Johnson and he fucked her in the ass! I heard about it from Tiffany’s roommate. I love that boy, but he can be an asshole. So last night I got him back. He swallowed a load of your cum.”

# # # #

A couple weeks after returning from Aruba I was checking e-mail in the office when up popped a quick note from Alexis

I had figured she’d never write, but she surprised me with a nice note. It was very innocent, she spoke about her kids and the things the family had done on the Aruba vacation. I wrote back similar things about our vacation.

Ironically, both she and I attempted to wind surf, and each of us couldn’t get the knack of it.

Innocent notes, but each a little more intimate.

We traded emails over the next week, and both ultimately admitted we’d had sex with our partners while thinking of each other.

One thing led to another before she mentioned she would be at a morning business meeting in Arlington in a couple weeks and wondered if I’d have time to have lunch with her at Liberty Tavern.

Of course was my simple reply.

We set the date and time and for the following days I found my mind wandering ahead to the time when we’d meet. I knew that we were both married, that nothing would happen, yet I’d still think of her whenever my mind wasn’t on work or some task at hand.

During the time between the email and our meeting we continued to exchange emails and several times we carefully and cautiously spoke on the phone. I have to admit there was a lot of innuendo, close to crossing the line.

I parked upon arriving at the Crystal City address across the street from her meeting, I sat at the Liberty Tavern bar alternating time between discussing sports with the bartender and people watching.

I didn’t have to wait long, as soon I noticed Alexis arriving. She looked stunning and very professional in her tailored grey suit.

She immediately noticed me and stroke over. We hugged, her kissing me on the cheek before sitting beside me. It was great to see her, and we spent the next 30 minutes talking about all kinds of things.

We decided to can the bar food and made our way to a rooftop restaurant for a light lunch at the upscale hotel across the street, setting along the windows which present a great view of the Nation’s Capital. We each ordered a salad, while continuing our witty banter.

Talk came easy, as we had so much to catch up on. Everything from little league games to ice hockey rinks, favorite books to movies. It was great dialogue, but terrible in that it wasn’t riveting. Just two people talking.

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