A Love Less Ordinary Ch. 02

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Christmas Day 2013

We slept late on Christmas morning and rising around 9 we all gathered around the tree and exchanged gifts. We were like excited children and all our gifts were wonderful as we sat in a pile of torn discarded Christmas wrapping paper. Daniel had even bought me an ipad. My phone beeped again and he winked at me. ‘There’s another gift for you under my bed. ;-)’ the text message read and I was dying to find an excuse to go get it.

Daniel had yet to open the box containing his wristwatch and as he reached for the little envelope. I began to worry if I had done the right thing. I watched as he read the message on the card and saw him take a sharp intake of breath watched his eyes darting immediately to the box containing the watch. The message read; ‘The answer to your question is in the box.’ Tearing open the box he took out the watch and said, ‘What a gorgeous watch Mom, Thank you so much.’ Then with a quizzical look on his face he turned it over. The inscription on the back was one word. ‘Yes.’

‘Anyone want coffee?’ James called from the kitchen. ‘Yes please Dad,’ Daniel shouted, then with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on his face whispered to me, ‘If you don’t go into the den right now I’m going to kiss you right here, right now and I won’t care if Dad catches us!’

I giggled and walked quickly to the den where Daniel followed right behind me.

‘Mom you have just given me the best gift ever!’ he whispered, ‘and in the sexiest way imaginable. When I saw the back of the watch I nearly forgot myself and almost ravaged you!’

Giving him my most seductive look I whispered, ‘You’d better, I’ll hold you to that later. You’ll also notice there’s a new razor in my bathroom. Now quickly, kiss me.’

We went back to the kitchen and sipping over my coffee I thought; ‘Well now I’ve got to deliver on my promise to Daniel.’ I reasoned that how could shaving me be any more embarrassing than having him wipe my pussy last night? Besides, I was beginning to feel more adventurous, more emboldened with each time we made love. Every time I would have sex with my son I’d try my best to make it special for us.

Before getting dressed for the day I sneaked into Daniels room and looked under the bed. Retrieving a small gift wrapped package I opened it with childish excitement. The accompanying card read, ‘To the world’s best Mother & the hottest girlfriend ever!’ I could have cried with the feelings of love I felt for him at that moment. The gift contained underwear in the exact style I had worn for Daniel the first time we made love. A sheer bra and panties set in black and the same in red. Tidying away the paper and placing my new underwear in my drawer I texted Daniel. ‘To the world’s sexiest son, I love the gift. Thank you.’

After my shower I dressed and got ready for the day. It would be very busy. I had to make Christmas dinner and James’s family would arrive to spend the day. Daniel and I could only manage a few moments together here and there. I told him I couldn’t wait to wear my new underwear for him and asked how he had time to buy it. He said he’d seen the label on my white ones and had ordered them online. ‘If you’d like anything else Mom we can go on to the website together and order anything you want, my treat.’ The rest of Christmas Day went by and feeling worn out but happy I went to bed and slept peacefully till the morning.

Monday 26 December – Tuesday 27 December 2013

We spent the next 2 days together as a family and although we ached to be with each other Daniel and I had very little physical contact. James was happy to have his wife and son around him and looked rested and refreshed. After dinner Daniel said, ‘I wouldn’t mind going out for a walk in the snow, anyone like to join me?’ giving me a sly wink.

‘It’s a little too cold out there.’ James replied, ‘Not me, but wrap up warm.’

‘I’d quite like a walk,’ I said with a knowing smile, ‘But not too far.’

Closing the front door behind us, wrapped up in warm coats and woolly hats we walked along the avenue linking arms. Snow was falling lightly and the street lighting gave the area a romantic winter look.

‘I know you’re up to something Daniel,’ I said, what is it?’

‘Nothing really Mom, I just wanted to be able to talk without worrying about Dad hearing us.’ He replied.

No other people in the neighbourhood had ventured out and very few cars passed us. A few minutes later we turned off the avenue as he led us into a small copse of trees. We stopped and as I stood with my back against a tree under the shelter of the wooded canopy he said,

‘I used to play around here, isn’t it romantic Mom,’ and kissed me.

Standing on a carpet of leaves untouched by the snow the copse was silent and it seemed like we had the whole world to ourselves.

‘Yes it is,’ I replied as I returned his kiss.

I hadn’t done anything remotely romantic with Daniel’s father in such a long time and felt wonderful as our cold lips met again. I felt canlı bahis like a giddy teenage girl again, stealing forbidden kisses. We made out under the trees while we talked about our new relationship. We agreed that socially and morally it was so wrong but that was what made it so electrifyingly hot. Even just kissing each other felt amazing. Our orgasms seemed to be much more intense and we lusted after each other constantly. Feeling a little more at ease with it we started back for the house.

‘Your Dad is back to work tomorrow Daniel, so we can spend the next 3 days together before the weekend,’ I said as we walked arm in arm.

‘I know Mom, and you’re in serious trouble because I’m not going to let you out of bed all day!’ he laughed. ‘The back of my watch says its ‘time.’

‘We’ll see,’ I teased him as I understood the meaning of ‘time.’

Wednesday 28 December 2013

James had gone to work and getting back to some semblance of routine. I awoke at 7 showered, slipped on my dressing gown and made my way to the kitchen. I had been thinking about my promise to Daniel. I worried that I might look like an absolute slut in front of him but he seemed so excited I couldn’t let him down. After calling Daniel down we had breakfast and he washed up as I loaded the washing machine. Finishing up, he took me in his arms and slipping a hand inside my gown, cupping my breast he kissed me and held me close.

‘This is our day Mom, at last, some proper time to ourselves. You’re beautiful and I love you.’

My gown opened at the front and he ran his fingers lightly around my hips as he kissed me, his hardness pressing on my stomach. The area around my pussy grew warmer as he kissed me with a tenderness I hadn’t felt in years.

We just about managed to keep our hands off each other. I busied myself around the house and Daniel cleared the snow from the front porch. Even just watching him work I was beginning to feel a little horny. When he’d cleared the porch I made hot drinks and we kissed in the kitchen. Daniel washed the cups while I slipped upstairs.

I took off my clothes and sat in front of my dressing table. After carefully applying my makeup I put my hair up and slotted a pencil through it at the back. I took my bag of ‘ladies things’ that I had bought in the mall while waiting for Daniel’s watch to be engraved, and brought out a very short check pattern pleated mini skirt which left very little to the imagination. I removed my bra and put on my tightest white blouse, then the little skirt, and stepped into a pair of heels making my legs look long and sleek. My heart began to beat a little faster at the thought of how Daniel would react when he saw me. I called the house on my cell phone and Daniel answered;

‘Hello, Daniel F- speaking,’

‘Hello Daniel, it’s Mom, would you mind going into the den and waiting for me please, I’ve lost something and I want you to help me find it.’

‘Ok Mom. Bye.’

Putting on my glasses I took down my panties and stepped out of them. I tweaked my nipples and as they poked at the material of my blouse I felt deliciously wicked as I made my way to the den.

Daniel’s eyes lit up when I did my catwalk style walk into the room. Sitting on the couch he grinned

‘I should have known you’d be up to something when you disappeared.’

Standing in front of him as he stared at my breasts I took the pencil from my hair and placing the tip in my mouth I slowly drew it out through my pursed lips and ‘accidently’ dropped it on the floor behind me. Peeking down at him over the top of my glasses I said, ‘I’ve been a very silly mommy, I’ve lost something.’

‘What is it?’ Daniel asked, the bulge already growing in his pants.

Turning my back to him and keeping my legs straight I bent down to pick up the pencil.

‘I think I might have lost my panties,’

‘Oh you’ve definitely lost them alright,’ he gasped, staring at my pussy from behind me.

I turned towards him. ‘Well what are you going to do about it,’ I teased, pretending to push my little skirt down. ‘I hope you’re not going to make Mommy take her blouse off,’ I said, looking at him with hope.

‘You have been a very careless mommy and I’m afraid I want you to remove your blouse immediately,’ Daniel grinned, getting into the game.

Pouting, I slowly opened each button and took off my blouse revealing my breasts. ‘I hope you won’t spank mommy,’ I pleaded.

‘Get over my lap right now mommy and receive your punishment,’

I lay on my front over Daniel’s lap and felt him raise my skirt. He began to spank my bottom, not too hard but not too gently either as I felt a slight sting with each smack. Butterflies floated in my stomach. My pussy was creamy and wet as he spanked me and my bottom was red when he’d finished.

I couldn’t play any longer and got on my knees, tearing at his belt I pulled his pants down and as his cock sprung out I began to lick his testicles and cup them gently. I took his cock into my mouth bahis siteleri and sucked him slowly, looking up at his face and meeting his gaze as I licked around his head. I closed my eyes and revelled in the fact that it was my son. He was becoming sinfully addictive and I wanted more of him, lusted for him, craved him. Deeper and deeper I took him into my mouth, sucking and licking him. Hearing him groan I knew he would cum soon, and as he moaned, ‘ I’m cumming Mom’ I withdrew his cock from my mouth and jerked him gently, holding it in front of my chest and said softly, ‘Cum on Mommy’s tits.’

I had often wanted to do these exciting, playful things with James over the years but he was so straight-laced I would only have been wasting my time had I even suggested it to him. Yet here I was, having the time of my life with Daniel who was more than willing.

I pulled his t-shirt up and discarded it then pulled him down onto the rug. Standing over him, facing towards his feet I gave him a full view of my soaking pussy up my tiny skirt. Squatting down slowly on his cock I began to ride on him reverse cowgirl style. Faster and harder I rode him, semen running down my chest and dripping off my erect nipples. I rode him till I came, soaking his cock in my juices. I stood up off him and turned around wanting more. I bent forward and leaned over the back of a chair exposing my bare ass to him and feeling the urge to swear I said, fuck Mommy hard!’

‘Oh Mommy, you are such a bad girl Daniel moaned as he plunged his big cock into me. I pushed back against him, taking every inch inside me as his thrusts became harder and faster. Daniel pounded me till my moans became groans and with the freedom of knowing we were alone in the house my groans became screams and I yelled,’Fuck me harder Daniel, Mommy needs it, Fuck Mommy hard!’ and I rode the waves of pleasure, pushing against him as he yelled and shot his hot semen into me.

Lying on the rug catching our breath, Daniel naked and me in just my tiny skirt we giggled at our antics. ‘Consider that ‘fantasy number one,’ I laughed, his semen running out of my pussy and dribbling over my ass.

I’ll let you into a little secret, It really turns me on when you call me Mom when we’re having sex.’

‘It really turns me on just saying it,’ he replied.

Looking at my pussy he said,

‘Your garden is starting to grow a little.’

‘Oh, and I just bet you could fix it.’ I grinned, gathering up my things.

I said softly, ‘I think it’s ‘time’ Daniel,’ and took his hand leading him upstairs.

Taking his hand I led him up to my bedroom. Still almost naked I turned on the shower in my bathroom, took off my skirt and led him under the hot water. We kissed with a passion that sent roaring flames of love for him through me. We soaped each other with a soft sponge and as he washed my breasts and moved lower he asked, ‘Would you like me to keep going Mom?’

‘I’ll let you know when to stop,’ I whispered, kissing his wet face. Daniel washed every inch of me and as he reached my pussy expecting me to stop him I said nothing and gave him my tongue as he washed his Mother’s pussy.

After drying ourselves off I sat on the edge of the bathtub and reaching him my razor I smirked at him, ‘Well aren’t you going to tend to my garden?’

‘You can tick this one off my fantasy list Mom,’ he grinned as he soaped my pussy.

I spread my legs and watched as he slowly shaved my pussy in long slow strokes starting from the sides and working his way towards the middle leaving me a little landing strip.

‘Would you like to take it all off?’ I asked, he just smiled and shaved me completely smooth.

Dabbing my pussy dry with the soft towel I looked up into his eyes and saw the love he had for me.

‘I think you’ll have a little trouble getting me dry down there.’ I breathed heavily.

Walking back into the bedroom I glanced at my clock. Just after 4. ‘Your father won’t be home till after 7,’ ‘Take me to bed Daniel,’ I said.

Daniel led me by the hand to his bedroom, drew back the covers and we made love like newlyweds.

Thursday 29 December 2013

Daniel helped me with the household chores and we relaxed settling down on the living room couch after lunch.

‘Do you want to talk Mom?’ He asked as he put his arm around me.

‘Sure Honey,’ I replied, ‘What’s on your mind?’

‘It’s just that I’m a little worried that I pushed you too quickly and I’m terrified of losing you.’ He said. ‘You’ve realized a lifetime of fantasies for me and I’ll be forever grateful to you.’ He said.

‘You could never lose me, we’re a couple now and I just want to make you happy.’ I replied kissing his cheek.

‘I want you to be happy too Mom, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that we’d be sitting here like this today. If you have any fantasies of your own I hope you’ll tell me. I’d be glad to help make them a reality for you.’ He said holding my face in his hands, looking at me with sincerity bahis şirketleri in his eyes.

‘Oh darling, I’m just a normal hot-blooded woman and over the years before we made love I’ve had many sexual fantasies and there are many sexual positions I haven’t tried. I may even realise them as our relationship goes on,’ I smiled, kissing his lips. ‘There are so many things I’ve read and heard about that I’d like to try.’

‘Do you want to tell me what your fantasies are?’ He asked.

‘Oh you’ll know it when they happen,’ I teased, ‘Let’s just say I’ll surprise you.’

We giggled together and I we were happy just to hold each other for the rest of the afternoon.

Friday December 30 2013

Friday was quite a busy day for me with shopping and household chores to attend to. Daniel and I mostly stayed out of each other’s way knowing that when we were left alone together we would inevitably end up having sex. We both found this difficult as we wanted each other so badly. My thoughts constantly turned to my fantasies, not that they were too outlandish or weird, but things that James and I had never done. I wanted to have sex outside in the open air in broad daylight. Wanted to do it in a car, run the risk of being caught by my husband and also to do it in a public place. James would never have agreed to any of this but Daniel would, and I couldn’t wait.

Saturday December 31 2013

James would be home all day and I knew that it would be difficult to have any chance of being intimate with Daniel. I had a New Year’s Eve party to organize as some friends and family would be coming to the house in the evening. I put Daniel and James to work helping me and generally kept my mind occupied all day.

Everything was set up and ready by 8pm and our first guests would be arriving at 9.30 giving me plenty of time to get ready for the party. I called into the den before going upstairs to tell Daniel his clothes were ready in his room. ‘That shirt you wanted to wear tonight is hung up in your bedroom closet darling,’ I said, ‘I’m sure you’ll be the most handsome young man at the party tonight.’

‘Thanks Mom,’ he replied, standing up and giving me a peck on the lips, ‘and you’ll be the most beautiful woman.’

I went to my bedroom to shower and get ready. After showering, as it was New Year’s Eve, I laid out my obligatory little black dress and did my hair and make-up. I slipped on the teeny black thong Daniel had given me for Christmas and as my dress was backless I left the bra in my drawer. Instead of the usual black pantyhose I wore a black garter belt and stockings.

I felt so much more confident, sexy and so good about myself these days that I loved to wear sexy underwear. Besides, if I got the chance I was hoping Daniel might notice I wasn’t wearing a bra and I could tease him a little. Just as I was about to put on my dress James walked into the bedroom.

‘Wow! Honey, you look incredibly sexy!’ he exclaimed,

‘Well, it is New Year darling, I thought I’d make the effort.’ I smiled.

James kissed me, zipped my dress up and headed for the shower. I knew he’d want me tonight. Putting on my jewellery and stepping into my black heels I made my way downstairs to greet our first guests when they arrived.

The house was pretty full by 10.30pm, two of James’s work colleagues were there, three friends from my office, a friend of Daniels and a few of our neighbours all having drinks and having a good time.

‘Mom, can you help me bring some more glasses in? Daniel asked.

‘Sure Honey,’ I smiled as we made our way to the kitchen.

I’ve never seen you look so elegant and ravishing Mom!’ he grinned, tracing his fingers down my bare back, ‘I know you’re not wearing a bra and it’s driving me nuts!’

‘Oh Honey you have no idea what I am wearing under my dress,’ I smiled at him provocatively and walked out of the kitchen leaving him with his mouth agape.

In the living room Daniel appeared beside me, leaving some glasses on the drinks cabinet and in a low voice laughed pleadingly, ‘Don’t do this to me Mom, go back to the kitchen. Please.’

Returning to the kitchen I pouted and in my most innocent accent said, ‘Why Daniel, I’m quite sure I don’t know what you mean. Quickly pulling me close he said,

‘Put me out of my misery Mom, what are you wearing?’

‘Maybe you can find out later, then again, with so many people around maybe you won’t, I teased.

‘Keep your purse nearby Mom, if an opportunity arises I’ll send you a message.’ He pleaded.

‘We’ll see.’ I smiled, and walked away with my heartbeat quickening with the hope that he would find the opportunity he was anticipating.

Everyone was in high spirits and enjoying themselves and by around 11.30 despite frequent glances into my purse hoping for a message from Daniel my cell screen remained blank. I was thinking, had he just not found a way, or maybe he was paying me back for teasing him by making me wait? Just then my screen flashed. Glancing at the screen I read, ‘Excuse yourself and meet me in my bedroom asap.

‘James I’m just going to powder my nose before midnight, keep the guests entertained for me please.’ I said and hurried up to Daniels room.

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