A Hot New York Night

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It was so hot on the train the bare skin of their arms stuck together as they rocked on their seats. The air hot and heavy, stale in the carriage where they sat, the sweat sliding down their bodies like silver. He could smell her musk, which is exactly as he liked it, having made sure she came for him before they left the house. He loved how she came, the panting whimpers she made, the gush of the hot liquid into his mouth, the heavy clenching spasms of her cunt climaxing, the way she gripped something – anything – as she arched and quivered and gasped. The synthetic fabric of the short black dress he’d asked her to wear always seemed to magnify her smells and he could feel himself getting hard as he sat there and breathed her in.

She just kept surprising him. From the fateful first inane conversation in a chat room she had intrigued him, captured him. She intoxicated him and he knew he was totally addicted to her. As was she to him. They talked about everything, things they didn’t even admit to themselves. Those first months on VoIP were the most intense he’d ever known with another person. He marvelled at her trust in him, so unexpected, but then, everything she did was unexpected.

And now here they were, a mere month after the first meeting. My god, he thought languidly, that first fuck was life-altering. The trust they’d built up, the trust she laid in him, it was all there. He’d managed to control himself until they got to the hotel. But it was in the elevator on the way up to their room that she took control of him. He knew she’d planned it that way, had manipulated him into taking her, but then again, the unexpectedness of her approach, the simple way she had done it, she surprised him. In the elevator, she just stood in front of him as they got in, her back to his chest, and she let her body almost touch his. Those ripe globes of her arse had just brushed his belt and that had been his undoing. She never touched him; he knew she would not initiate sex with him until her confidence grew. But that was all he needed.

New York was certainly a change for both of them. They had agreed to visit while she was in the States to see him, just to see if they wanted to move their together. Her career was her life and she saw advancement in New York. He loved that about her. She was incredible at what she did, truly gifted, powerful, and that made her sexy as hell to him. Because with him she was a little girl. And no one else would ever see that but him.

The subway was the only way to get around easily that they could see. Besides, they liked it. The creosote smell, the nasty vinyl seats, graffiti, body odour, homeless people. It was dirty and base, and no one would care about a couple groping each other on the train. It was one of his favourite past-times, and hers too. Even now, as overheated as they both were, his hand was sliding up her bare thigh, pushing her skirt up to dip his fingers between her sticky legs and tease her swollen sensitive clit with the tip of his finger. He felt the quiver of her muscles, the intake of breath, the parting of her knees that little bit further. What a delicious, lovely little slut.

She had gradually given herself to him. The past few months had been hard work for both of them. They had a lot of ‘past’ to go through with each other, many unpleasant moments that scarred them. She was petrified of the power he wielded over her, the deep need she felt to obey, to please him. But he knew she was happiest at those moments when he told her how she pleased him, how he loved her. She worried constantly at first that he would leave her, would fuck other women, would betray her, not love her. He illegal bahis struggled with her, reassured her constantly, worked on her slowly.

And the responsibility of this love between them was significant for him. He knew that, as much healing as he had assisted her to undertake, if he was to fulfill her fear that he would reject her in some way, it would all come crashing down. He wasn’t just some guy to her, some fuck. He was her lover in all the senses of the word. She clung to him emotionally, at least for the time being. And he must look after her, be careful not to be what she still believed he was.

So, tonight he was taking her to a club. He could imagine what would go through her mind as she stepped into the thudding darkness, surrounded by those young sexy women. He knew she would despair, an inner struggle would grip her as she saw only those beautiful women and knew, knew, that he would leave her tonight for one of those sexy girls. He ached for her to see herself through his eyes, and the eyes of everyone else for that matter. She didn’t look like a model, or an actress, or even a porn star. She was curvacious and pretty and her features were striking. Big doe-eyes of the most unusual colour dominated her face. He thought they were like the sea, changeable blue-green, steely when she was angered and bottomless when she gazed into his eyes, framed with the longest dark lashes. A full sensuous mouth and smooth skin gave her a look he couldn’t put his finger on. She had a strong body, muscular with big gorgeous breasts and a round firm arse. She was, he supposed, like a short Amazon. And she certainly had a presence. She had an intellect like he had never encountered before. Piercing and fierce and unbelievably intuitive. She seemed to read his mind, which he still found un-nerving.

He simply couldn’t imagine ever wanting anyone else and constantly marvelled that she had given herself to him at all. She was very much a Gemini and two wholly different people. An innocent child and a worldly warrior woman, a tender wife and a fierce feminist, frightened and completely self-assured, an incredible slut and profoundly adverse to sex, depraved like no one he had ever met and ethical to a fault. This was a woman he would never tame yet who had submitted to him freely. He mentally pinched himself yet again.

As they walked into the club the music pulsed in their veins. He never liked this sort of music but knew she loved it, and he loved to watch her move to it, instinctively, like it was her tribal beat. His cock stiffened for the tenth time since they left the house as he watched her delicious arse sway in front of him, her arms raising as she danced a little while she wended her way through the crowd to a dark corner, laughing with delight. She stopped next to the wall, her face inches from the concrete blackness until she felt him behind her, his hand sliding up her dress to cup her bare arse cheek, his breath hot on her neck as he tells her he will be back with drinks in a minute.

The slippery wetness between her thighs only increased as she waited for him to return. It was hot in the club, and she could smell herself underneath her perfume, a smell she loved. She caught the sweat of others mixed with cologne and body spray and moaned softly. Sweat had always turned her on, freshly-earned sweat from physical exertion. Her back was pressed to the cool concrete wall as she watched the crowd, her eyes sliding over and off the gyrating bodies. She saw nothing but beautiful people; slim models and athletes in gorgeous dresses. Her depression grew as she stood there, waiting for him, knowing he couldn’t possibly want her illegal bahis siteleri when he could have any of these girls.

He could see her from the bar, could see her gazing at the crowd. Her eyes would focus on one body, then move onto another. And he saw her thinking, and he knew it was what she would do. As he snaked his way back to her he wondered how someone had beaten her self-confidence so badly that this incredible creature would think so little of herself. Of course, he knew, she had told him, but it was a source of constant amazement to him that she did not share his adoration of her.

He handed her the drink, what he knew she liked, and their eyes met over the rims of their glasses as each took a sip. He watched her lips glisten with the alcohol and saw the little shudder she always did after that first gulp. He stepped into her space, letting their lips press together as his hand slid onto her waist. “You look gorgeous,” he whispered throatily, and he cupped her arse again, knowing she would get wetter just from that touch. His cock strained his pants yet again and she recognised the lust in his eyes.

Soon his hand was between her quivering thighs, the darkness of the club not quite hiding them as he teased her clit slowly. His fingers were soaked in her juice and she struggled to grip her glass as his fingers firmly circled her pulsing clit. She could see a couple watching her not two metres away, their hips grinding to the music as they looked at her getting pleasured. His ear was close to her mouth, listening to her pants, her gasps, her whimpers. He took her glass from her hand before she dropped it, moaning in delight as she came for him right there in the club on his fingers. He knew she didn’t like his fingers inside her, and let her cum from the pleasure he gave her clit. Later he would make her cum other ways, but he wanted her to be his here too.

He handed her back her drink as she recovered, sweat glistening on her upper lip and forehead. He kissed away the sweat, saying, “I love you, god I love you.”

Within half an hour he had her out in the alley, having teased her and caressed her. Taking her hand he had finally drawn her outside into the humid night, the sexy hot darkness, and into the alley next to the club. Positioning her back to the mouth of the alley he had her bend from the waist and take his cock in her mouth. Her dress rode up over her arse, just exposing her glistening cunt to the street for anyone who glanced their way. She took his cock in her mouth hungrily, so eager to taste him, to please him. He loved watching her full lips slide back and forth on his shaft, pouting a little more as they stretched over his prominent cockhead. Her eyes closed, she relished her work.

His hands caressed her head, her soft hair, her back, feeling the muscles and sinew. Then down further, feeling his cock pushing deeper into her mouth as he leant over, wanting to tease that tiny hot anus. He felt her choke but held her there as he pushed a wet finger into her sphincter, hooking it and holding himself in her. Her throat contracted and she gagged for a few seconds before he straightened up and let her slide off his cock with a wet gurgle. Hot spit drooled from her lips and the head of his cock and he asked her if she was ok. She simply nodded, eyes filled with tears, gulped, and took his cock in her mouth again. He sighed. A wondrous creature.

He repeated his fingering of her arsehole, her wet gagging sounds turning him on. Each time he let her off him she would return his cock to her mouth after a short recovery and soon he had two fingers up her tight rectum. He pulled her off his canlı bahis siteleri cock by her hair and led her to the boxes by her hair, pushing her over one. His cock was now awash with thick saliva from her gut and he smeared her cunt juices onto her tight anus for good measure. His cock was not small, he knew, and he expected to hurt her, but not too much.

She gasped as he pressed himself against her arsehole, the thick bulbous head slipping a little on her pucker as he held the shaft and started to push with his hips. His other hand pried her round arse cheek away from her tight pucker, and he felt her quiver as the head pushed harder and harder. Finally, forcing a cry from her lips, the swollen head of his cock slipped inside the rubbery ring of her anus. Panting, she begged him to just hold still, let her get used to him, and he relented, feeling the occasional spasm of her cunt tighten the band of her arsehole on his throbbing cock. He had never been as hard as he was with her and it was all he could do not to ram his cock in and cum.

After what seemed like eternity, she began to move ever so slightly on his cock. He spread her arse with his hands and started to work the thick shaft of his cock into her slowly accommodating anus. Rewarded by her little grunts he started to fuck her, forcing inch after inch up her arse until his balls slapped her puffy dripping cuntlips softly. He gritted his teeth as the animal lust he felt with her began to rise, and reaching out he grabbed a fistful of hair in his hand, pulling her head back hard as he started to fuck. He knew her hand was between her thighs, frantically rubbing her throbbing clit as he pounded her tight arsehole, and the thought just made him fuck her harder, his free hand slapping her jiggling cheek so hard she cried out.

She could see people stopping to watch in the street, pausing and giggling before moving away, or openly staring for long minutes, but she didn’t care. In fact it made her cunt drip all the more. He owned her and she loved it that way. She knew he would never hurt her, would only use her as he wanted. And he wanted her to be safe, to feel safe. So she felt herself letting go, taking his cock up her arse so deep she felt the head of him bumping against the edge of the box through her belly. And she felt herself starting to cum, in the alley, in front of all these people, with his cock so lewdly up her arse. He made her a fucking slut for him, and she adored him for it.

He groaned as he heard her whimpers start and felt her anus clench hard on his aching cock. Fuck, she was going to cum. She’d never cum for him when he fucked her arse before. Never. He pulled her hair harder, pounding his cock up her slurping, sucking arsehole deeper. And she rewarded him, her keening cries echoing in the alley as she arched and shuddered and squirted on his shoes. And he rewarded her, grunting like a bull as he unloaded jet after hot jet of cum up her arse, coating her very bowels.

They stood locked together for what seemed like an eternity. Their panting breaths unifying and synchronising, his sweat dripping onto her back as he let his cock soften inside her still-spasming arsehole. Gradually, he withdrew, knowing she would leak his cum from her loosened arsehole all the way home. She turned, squatting down to clean him with her mouth as she felt his cum slide from her open hole. He just stared at his little girl as she used her tongue to lick him clean. When she was done he pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly, tasting all their juices on her wonderful lips.

He smoothed her dress as she put his cock back in his trousers. He pulled a clean white handkerchief from his pocket and mopped her face, then his own. He didn’t let her use it to wipe her holes, though, wanting her to drip for him all the way home. And they took each other’s hand and walked out of the alley towards the subway, a couple in love.

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