A Gift

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A friend of mine named Rusty called me telling me he was to be married. His bride’s parents were wealthy.

His wedding would be held at their country estate in a private back lawn area. To them it was a small house, but certainly mansion to anyone else. It had eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, on forty acres of well-kept landscape, with-out buildings, and caretaker’s cottage. It was a Mansion.

“I wanted you to be my best man — or woman in this case,” Rusty explained.

“But Christy wouldn’t go for it. All I could convince her was for you to be a groom’s man. I mean grooms woman. You’re so whipped,” I replied.

“I would have loved being best woman but I will settle for groom’s woman. I hope Christy is worth it. Do I get a tux?”

“Yes, you get a tux. Go by Adams tux rental and get fitted. I have an account there have them bill it to my account.”

Rusty’s wedding was three weeks after his phone call. I went to be fitted for a tux but didn’t like style that Rusty had chosen for his groom’s man. It was not right for a woman like me.

I am 5′ 8″ tall and 135 pounds (maybe a touch more – I’ll never tell) size 38 DD. I have brown hair with blonde streak, not too blonde, but streaked, and sparkling emerald green eyes, which you can be seen in darkness.

My breasts are large, pouty, and sometimes very perky. My nipples are almost always hard or aroused. I needed something that fit my style. So I picked out a tux especially for me. Stock lady who worked in fitting at tux rental knew wedding colors in and helped me to color coordinate perfectly.

When I showed up at wedding, well let’s just say that jaws hit their floor. I was supposed to be in a black tux like men who wore white shirt, black stripe pants, cummerbund with black morning coat and tails. I was dressed in a white low cut blouse, white lace push-up bra underneath, waistcoat matching wedding color (I hate cummerbunds), a very short black mini-skirt, garter with black stockings and of course a black tux coat with tails.

Underneath I had on stockings, garters, string thong panties and white lace bra. I liked feeling of my thong against my shaved pussy. As I moved about, it teased me all day. Depending on how I moved my lower body, my thong would arouse me. I enjoyed arousal during my day, I felt alive, sensual, and erotic. To top it all off I wore a bow tie choker.

Of course that’s what mother of bride, Rusty’s mother, and all those wedding party bridesmaids wanted to do: choke me.

Rusty on other hand loved it. We had always been crazy making each other laugh. We had dated for years on and off, sometimes serious, sometimes not, but we were connected with intimacy. We would always be connected this way. He just stood there smiling shaking his head.

Finally Rusty finally broke the ice saying, “And you wonder why Christy didn’t want you as the best man?”

Christy wasn’t real thrilled to say least, but their wedding went on without a hitch. It was beautiful as bridesmaids paraded by followed by Christy in her wedding gown. It was a wedding I would have loved for myself. I shed a few tears, as my heart welled.

During wedding I could feel eyes of crowd staring at me. Obvious snobbish women disapproved of me having disdain for me. These society matrons scorned me; a woman can always feel scorn of another woman.

Men on other had didn’t disprove at all. These were healthy men; they loved tall large breasted women. Their eyes followed me everywhere. They looked at my cleavage, then down to my mini skirt and small slit between my legs. Occasionally, if I moved just right, a male or two might get a glimpse of my perfectly shaved pussy and my vaginal slit. It was my revenge.

Immediately following wedding ceremony their reception started with a 1940’s dance band similar in sound to Glenn Miller band. I just loved 1940s dance music, it was so romantic. Everyone was dancing, everyone except me. I sat alone.

As I sat alone I rocked my hips to swing of music, sometimes opening my legs toward a glancing male. When I did, they almost always turned away, embarrassed to see my crotch.

I could hear comments from women to men. “I can’t believe she would come dressed like that. Herbert, don’t let me catch you dancing with her.”

Who the fuck is Herbert anyway? even better who fuck is his fugly wife? Herbert’s wife looked like a dried prune, but looked very wealthy. She carried a diamond necklace to die for, wearing a most wonderful Calvin Klein outfit that I had seen in Elle magazine recently. I hoped Herbert would continue to enjoy his dried up prune that was his wife, for she could not be his mistress.

Attitude of society crowd got me a little down so I took a stroll around this beautiful enchanting estate. After a while I explored house canlı bahis şirketleri with lots of rooms and doors. I opened one and found a library.

It was full of leather bound books in bookcases from floor to high ceiling. A large stone fireplace on opposite wall of bookcase rose from floor to top of a high vaulted ceiling. It was unlit and dark. I wondered what a fire might be like in this room during winter at night, with glow of logs casting flickering light along walls of books, while soft music played. I imagined myself with a glass of red wine and a book to read.

I enjoyed erotic stories, always have. This room was a perfect place for sensual love.

Leather chairs and couches were arranged in-groups about this library room. Looking at books in shelves I was startled to realize I wasn’t alone.

I heard moans from couch, but could not see anyone. I walked around end of one of black leather couches. Framed against black leather was one bridesmaid, with top of her dress down to her waist. Bride’s father was without his pants.

There he was fully erect. His cock was bobbing between large breasts of this bridesmaid, stroking her, and as he moved up down her breasts then up to her mouth.

His cock entered her mouth. Each time his cock exited her mouth on downward stroke he was between her breasts, she moaned with something like a purring whine. She was only a fourth his age. She was tit fucked by him as she sucked his cock. They completely stopped, except for their heavy breathing, a panting, when they noticed me.

“Don’t mind me,” I spoke quickly.

“Can I watch?”

While both were still panting, they startled, but un-fettered, they both answered in unison, as one lover’s soul saying; “Sure,”

As this old man’s cock was sliding between those young girls’ boobs, in rhythm to his body motion, I shoved my fingers deep into my vaginal slit. Access to me was very easy.

I often masturbated in public, but did it discretely, so no one ever knew. I had gotten to a level where I could just stand on a bus, then contracting my vaginal walls work myself into having an orgasm. My sexual scent would exude while people would look around to try and discover where my scent was coming from.

My vagina was trained well since my early childhood. I had begun to masturbate at a young age, maybe 7 or 8, I don’t remember, but was fully trained at age of nine. At nine I would take baths and let warm faucet run warm water over my clit, as my legs were hoisted above against white ceramic tiled walls.

My orgasms grew more intense over years, as I became more proficient. I usually masturbated 3 or up to 5 times a day, sometimes as much as eight times, depending on my need. Most men don’t know that a woman can have many orgasms in a day. She needs them. Once a man cums, he is for most part done, spent with a long recover time. There but a few exceptions.

I thought about my youth as I worked my cunt and watching this old man looking at his bridesmaid then at me and back to young bridesmaid. His mouth rolled as he watched masturbate, seeming to want to take me, or at least explore. He certainly eagerly watched me.

It wasn’t long before he was shooting his cum all over her round breasts.

He came forcefully, in a prolonged manner with his milky thick sticky stuff was running down her neck towards leather couch. He rose up off of her. She sat up.

She had his white goo all over her neck running in different directions. His cum was on her face, in her hair, on her dress. She had used her teeth on his cock bruising him slightly. He commented that she had made him sore. He was done, spent.

He ordered, “Go over there and let her clean you up.”

Bridesmaid immediately got off black leather couch, I think her name was Julie or maybe Mary. She wasn’t holding on to her dress as she rose up. It slid down to carpeted floor.

Wow, she had gone through whole wedding without wearing one bit of underwear. She was a tease for sure, I am sure of it; a woman knows these things.

She strolled over to where I was sitting. Her breasts hung into my face as she bent over. I eagerly licked up old man’s come from her breasts. It was salty and sweaty. I licked each boob up to her neck. When I finished I kissed her, we exchanged tongues letting her have a taste. She swallowed.

Without much of a move, she stepped into her dress pulling it back up. Old man helped her clasp back and then both of them strolled out library door with his hand on her ass.

As they were leaving, two of other groom’s men and best man came through door laughing. These society kids had just decorated Rusty’s car out in main driveway, with shaving cream and the works. Suddenly they stopped laughing when they spotted me.

I canlı kaçak iddaa was still sitting in a black leather chair with my fingers in my cunt, lifting my fingers to my mouth tasting my sweet honey.

You would have enjoyed surprised look on their faces as they watched me, stunned. My chin was shiny where I had licked cum off bridesmaid’s breasts. Rusty’s best man sharply popped off, “Well, looky here slut! Got any of that pussy for me?”

“No, but you have something I want.” I replied, which was a declarative sentence.

With that I removed my vest, skirt and blouse. I detached garters from stockings pulling garters off. When I sat back down, all I had on were my stockings and that damn bow tie. Even then I looked great; my body was one of a kind. Their eyes were popping out and I detected large bulges just beneath their cumber buns.

I directed these three men to line up next to each other. Then I began undoing their pants pulling out all their cocks. I stood back and wondered who I would do first. Then selecting one immediately started sucking down. With my hands, I beat two cocks off as I sucked on a third.

I switched, rotating between men.

I myself was really turned on. My pussy was flooding my wetness running down my legs. I had a ‘Gift’.

‘A Gift’ of being able to squirt my sweet cum honey, following with a continuous flood, my sexual perfume scent filled library room. I left it everywhere.

I was sure that at any minute a group of wedding guests could come through a door catching me in just my stockings while going at these wealthy society boys, with their cocks. Each cock went into my mouth I could feel my own body trembling with excitement.

Erect multiple cocks are wonderful. Then one right after other as if setting off a chain reaction all three cocks started spraying me. It is not easy to make three boys cum at once, just with flick of a hand or a tongue, but I could do it. My emitting sexual scent also spurred them on.

Young men’s cocks were pulsing in my hands as streams of cum were shooting at my face with great youthful force. One boy had an enormous amount of cum; I opened my mouth so to catch his sweet goo.

His cum ran down my neck covering my large sensitive breasts with erect nipples. My nipples were hard with excitement. My breathing raised then lowered with my breasts.

Cocks ran dry then sagged limply. These boys were spent. Guys backed away from me quickly then pulled up their pants. They just stood there staring at my naked body covered with their goo.

Have you ever seen a pint of cum on a woman’s body? I am sure they wondered if someone entering the room would catch them. A room now filled with my distinctive scent.

I heard door open and some laughter. I saw a look of fear on the faces of the guys. They quickly moved towards library door leaving as Rusty and his new bride, Christy came into library. Wedding reception was gearing down. They were preparing to make their exit for airport on their honeymoon.

Rusty had taken off his tuxedo tails. He was looking very handsome and dignified. After all he just married a gold mine, got a new woman, and a new house. Finally he had taste of wealth he always wanted. His new life he envisioned as comfort and style. This house was now going to be his. Christy’s parents had a large 300-acre estate in Newport Rhode Island, where they planned to enter a much quieter life.

Christy was in her bridal gown. She was drop-dead gorgeous. It had spaghetti straps down to her large breasts covered in off white lace. It was a thick lace but if you stared hard enough you could make out just a little pink where her braless nipples were.

Her lace continued down to her hips where it formed a ‘V’ shape pointing to her pussy in front and her ass in back. Her lace had beads of pearl attached, giving it sparkle. Pearls were authentic matching color of silk that flowed from her hips to floor. Her dress certainly made her look like a queen more than a bride.

When they saw me their laughing stopped. Rusty wasn’t smiling at me this time. Neither was Christy.

“Well, you’ve been busy having a good time, I see,” Christy snapped.

I sat there covered in cum, staring back. I didn’t bow my head in shame. I showed them a smirk of satisfaction instead. Heck I was fully into this wedding having just satisfied three men, myself, and watched Christy’s father fuck Julie or Mary, whatever her name was.

Christy looked at Rusty, who hadn’t moved or made a sound. Then she turned to me. She crossed five or six feet dividing us. I thought I was about to get slapped. Instead she leaned down and kissed me.

Opening my mouth, I took her tongue in as she licked remaining cum from my cheeks, mouth, and breasts. She rose up in front of me taking canlı kaçak bahis a step back. Crossing her arms she pulled her gown straps down, lowering it past her breast. It made a pile at her feet up to her knees

She was still gorgeous. Her breasts were round as melons, better proportioned than mine. Rusty got wealth with perfect tits. Her nipples were small dark circles sticking out like sewing bobbins. I thought my nipples were more sensual, more pleasurable. She was wearing white lace stockings and a garter.

That was all. Her blonde pussy hair was neatly trimmed for a bikini but her tan body showed no lines. I was stunned by her reaction looking at Rusty for some explanation. He just stood their grinning and undoing his fly.

I realized, and shouldn’t have been surprised, that Rusty would love this kind of women. She was exactly what he needed in a bride. I still loved Rusty, but he was not to be mine.

She walked over and offered her hand to me. I took it and stood up. We kissed as our bodies came together. Our arms wrapped around each other as if we were long time lovers. Our touching bodies felt natural and fitted perfectly. I felt her body warmth against me, and her warm breasts against mine aroused me. Cum that covered me spread to her tits as her warm body slid against my wet breasts.

She moved me over and laid me on the couch, not relaxing our embrace. She continued to explore my mouth with her tongue. Her tongue was dancing inside my mouth. We exchanged our tongues in warm passion. Rusty took off his clothes and moved up behind Christy. Without hesitation he started feeding his cock into her vagina.

She moaned into my mouth. Excitement of this moment sent chills through my body and I started to shake. She released my mouth and licked the sticky come from chin and neck as she moved down to take in one of my nipples in her mouth. Her tongue circled my nipple then caressed it, till it was on top of my nipple, then her mouth closed and she teased my nipple.

I could clearly see Rusty’s face now as sweat began to bead-up on his face and chest. He was stroking his cock into Christy at a smooth, even pace in rhythm with Christy as she sucked my breasts. Christy must have been in heaven from fucking but didn’t miss a drop while she licked me clean. I slid up on couch.

Without hesitation she plunged her beautiful wedding face into my soaking wet pussy. Her tongue parted my vaginal lips. Quickly I went over the edge, convulsing, with my body spasming. My orgasm shook me from my feet to my head. I wanted to scream but was afraid the wedding guest would come running to investigate.

My orgasm caused another domino effect like chain reaction of the grooms men earlier. Christy suddenly quivered and took one last lick of my cunt. This sent Rusty over the top as he filled his new bride with his cum.

After we let moment subside Christy and Rusty started getting dressed in clothes they had prepared for their honeymoon trip. I just sat there and watched them.

“What are you doing?” Christy asked me.

“Get dressed. Our plane leaves in an hour.”

“Rusty has laid clothes out for you in my bedroom, they are on the bed. Hurry now”

“So why do I need to get dressed?” I wondered.

“Didn’t Rusty tell you? He gave me ‘you’ as a wedding gift.

“You’re ‘A Gift’ I am taking you with us, I am not leaving behind.”

I jumped up and went to bedroom got dressed, not a bit mad, but wondered what this experience was going to be like, my honeymoon?

When I came back downstairs, I looked at Rusty and wondered why he gave me away as if he owned me. When we were all dressed, we headed out front of house where everyone was waiting, along with a very large white limo.

Limo was decorated with pink ribbons, and pink finger paint ‘Just Married’.

Rusty tossed keys of his sports car to best man he called; “It’s a gift to you Christy is going to buy me a new car for a wedding gift.”

Look on the face of best man was priceless as he realized that he had trashed his own car and would have to clean it up himself.

“Sorry it’s a mess!” Rusty laughed,

“Got to watch were you park it.”

We all three climbed into the limo and it sped off to the airport. I was happy to be the wedding gift to Christy.

Then it hit me.

“I don’t have any clothes for this trip!” I shouted.

“You will not need them,” Rusty and Christy responded in unison.

I sat back to enjoying the limo ride. I would call work from airport to tell them to postpone any appointments. I was taking a spur of moment vacation, which was something I could do, since I owned my own small advertising agency. I did not have any presentations pending for week.

That old saying came to me, as I watched limo pull away from the house, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

I wasn’t a bride or a bridesmaid. I wasn’t the groom’s woman, I was the bride’s woman and I was going on a honeymoon. Our Honeymoon should be very interesting, shouldn’t it?

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