A Forced Tryst.

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My cellphone buzzes in my pocket and I pulled it out to see my sister’s face staring up at me. Ok. I admit, right away, heh, the profile pic of my sister is WAY too sexy for my phone. I mostly do it because when she calls I don’t have to feel guilty looking, and guys always say “whoa! THAT’S your sister!?” When they see her dark wavy hair, sexy big blue eyes in a wink, and lush lips with her tongue sticking. She’s leaning in, throwing a peace sign in a red bikini and her tits are PERFECT C cups, perky and tan. Like I said, way too sexy, but it gives me an excuse to look at her tits without feeling weird, and she calls a LOT, so they get quite a bit of screen time.?

We’re both in college but her dorm-mates often give her shit for drinking and coming in late on school nights. She told me once she’s fucking two of her three teachers for her grades, and with how much class she misses it must be true. Tryst’s picture comes up now and as its 1 am on a Wednesday I’m sure she needs a ride and a couch to sleep on. I sigh, set my Xbox controller down and take a drag of my blunt. I got some friends over and they see me getting up to leave.?

“Yo, man where you headed?” Jackson asks. He’s pissed because he just lost his sniper in the game.?“Tryst” I say, mildly as I get my jacket on.

Maddox pops in from the kitchenette.

“Oh shit. Tryst is coming over?”?I nod and lace my boots, blunt still in my mouth. “mmmhm”?“Well I guess I’ll get the bath ready.”?“Shut up Dox,” I say, headed out the door. “Brb”?The door clicks but I can still hear them catcalling my sister before I’ve even picked her up.??

Tryst is in a skin-tight corseted mini and her arms are around herself as she shivers outside a party. ?

“Where’s your jacket?” I ask as she puts a stiletto pump into the car, long tan legs following a tight ass, thin waist, and perfect tits.

?Her face is pouty, eyes slightly smudged but not smeared. She looks like a sex doll.?

“Mattie totally ditched me. And Aaron was being a dick so I stormed off. Fuck that guy.”?

Her voice was as pouty as her lips, words slightly slurred.??

“You’ve been fucking that guy for a while.”?

“He’s a dick, I’m done.”?

“Sure you are.”?

She slaps my shoulder but then slumps in her seat, angling her head against the car window. I think she’s out when she mumbles, “Kev. stop and get wine.”?

“No. I’m playing COD with Dox and Jax. I gotta get back.”?

She turns to me with her alluring eyes and slightly parted lips and says much lower, sultry even, and taking the blunt from my lips repeats— “Kevin. Get me wine.”

Her voice sounds like she could be saying, “Kevin, fuck me now.” and I’m both embarrassed and pissed as I get hard in my seat. ?“What the fuck ever,” I say, sharply making a turn to a convenient store. ?Ten minutes later and twenty dollars short I have her favorite Red and we’re finally headed home.

Upon us entering Tryst is all party, and yells “eeeeyyyyy” loud and drunk as she walks in. She’s the life of this four-person party, and both Maddox and Jackson are drooling immediately. They laugh animatedly as the wine cork pops, and glasses chink while I start the game back up. Maddox and Jackson join me, but they are shit players with Tryst leaning in asking how to play and holding the controller wrong saying, “Like this?” as if she’s a small child holding some foreign object.

?My eyes roll and since she finished my blunt I leave the game to roll illegal bahis another one. The bottle on the counter is pretty much empty and Tryst’s words are barley passing as English. ?

“Doxie, Beuh guh boy. gimme anotherone.”??

Maddox gets up and saunters into the kitchenette and I stare at him hard. ?

“Bro. No more, she’s bad enough as it is.”??

Maddox is also pretty lit but just slaps me on the back and takes the bottle back into the living room. Jackson has Tryst on his lap with his arms around her “helping” her play COD and I decide I need a beer with my blunt. ?

By the time I’m done with my second beer the wine is empty, Jackson and Maddox are drunk trying to play COD and Tryst is passed out laying across Jackson’s lap. Giving up on the game Jackson smooths up and down Tryst’s leg. I almost stop him but I’m also getting hard watching him do it so I just continue to watch, feeling sluggish and drunk from the cross-faze. Jackson’s hand slides to her thigh and slightly up her dress. ?“eh man.” I say, finally stepping forward.??Jackson barely registers but Maddox turns around to see what Jackson is doing. ?

“Fuuuh dude. Your sister looks fine as fuck right now.”?My walk is a stumble but I’m somehow on the arm of the couch.

“…yeah.” I finally say.?

Jackson slips the top her dress down slightly and a tit comes free, it’s perfect and perky, and the idea of NOT squeezing it makes me physically ill. I stop Jackson though, the last of my brotherly instincts put to use. My hand is on his wrist and he freezes for a moment. Then, he reaches behind him and takes out his wallet. His voice is doped up from all the wine and weed but he says without looking away from her. ??

“I’ll give you everything in this wallet now to fuck your sister Kev.”?There’s almost two hundred dollars in there. My throat is dry, my cock hard, and my brain is fuzzy. I take my hand off his wrist and take the wallet. ?

Jackson begins to move. He slips Tryst’s other tit out and bends down to suck on one while squeezing the other. Tryst squirms slightly and moans, her eyes tightening at the touch. He switches and she arches and her toes curl on my end of the couch.?At some point, my pants are undone and I’m holding my dick and massaging it while I watch my friend fondle my sister, Maddox is doing the same thing.?The room is quiet but as Jackson slides up my sister’s dress to reveal a lacy black thong my ears feel muffled with a slight ring in my ear. ?

Those slide off too and her nice shaved pussy is right there, right in front of me. Her thong is slipped off to the floor and Jackson is repositioned on top of her. ?She moans and moves under his weight, arms limply pushing him away, but he’s over her, and he’s tossing her legs up onto his shoulders. They limply go to either side, perfectly manicured toes pointed towards to ceiling. Her dress only covers her stomach now, her breasts and pussy fully exposed. ?

?Jackson’s cock is aimed at her pussy, and before I know it he’s fucking her. Her eyes tighten and lips part in a gasp. She tries to lift herself but she’s buckled underneath him and Maddox is now on the other side of the couch grabbing her arms and pinning her to the couch. As if Jackson jackknife fucking her wasn’t enough.

“Nuuuuh” She moans as he fucks her. “Nuuuhuhuuuh” ?

?She’s awake but incoherent. Jackson continues to pump into her while Maddox and I watch. From my angle I can’t see her face clearly, just her illegal bahis siteleri jiggling tits, curled toes, and arms pinned to the arm of the couch, wrists crossed so Maddox can squeeze at her tit with his free hand. ?

I should feel pissed, sick, horrified, but all I feel is horny and a twinge of jealousy that that’s not me on top of her, fucking the daylights out of her. Jackson slows himself and groans as he pulls out and cums on her dress. She whines and gasped out “ow” as Maddox massages her tits roughly, pinching the nipples into hard peaks. ?

Maddox wipes sweat from his brow as if he just fucked her. He looks at his wallet, but I know he ain’t got shit. I just want them to leave so I can jack off. Maddox points at the newest Xbox ?on my coffee table, his Xbox. ?

?“Shit. Are you kidding me Dox?”

?“Kevin, I’ve never been so fucking serious in my life.”?


That’s enough of an answer for him, as Jackson pulls away Tryst’s legs drop to slide partially off the couch, they remain slightly spread and she’s trying to get off the couch, but she’s too drunk for any sort of successful motor skills. Instead, Maddox is there.

“Shh. come on Princess. Shh.” He coos as he lifts her and places her on her stomach, bent over the arm of the couch. Her ass is just about level with his waist, and as she tries to rise again he lifts her by her hips and begins to spit on her ass, rubbing the saliva into her tight hole. Jackson grabs his half drank beer and hands it to Maddox who takes it and pours and presses it into her asshole. I can’t tell if she’s crying or moaning softly but I feel so on edge I wonder if I need to leave the room before I explode.


Then Maddox’s cock, for sure larger than Jackson’s in length and girth begins to push his way into Tryst’s ass. Now she groans, her teeth clench and arms reaching and fingers splay before gripping the cushion with white knuckles. She knows what’s headed her way, and she’s in no way ready for it. He starts to press again, forcefully pulling on her hips while never drawing out what he’s made in. She begins to pant as he gains speed, pouring beer on his shaft to quicken his pace. He finally jams his full length up into her and she yells, head raising, beautiful blue eyes finally open and heavily smeared. She bites down on her lip and as she looks up her eyes meet mine and they grow wide with understanding. I’m letting this happen, I’m watching, I’m hard and I’m enjoying her being raped by my two friends. She still looks at me with pleading, her sexy lip trembles as she tries to form my name.?

It’s hard for her to speak through the fuck she’s receiving so it comes out in a rasp. ?“Keh-*gasp* Keh-eh-vin-n” She doesn’t realize what she’s doing to me. Her taut tan body, dripping with sweat and naked in my living room as she gets her brains fucked out, panting my name. It’s too much for me to handle. I look at Maddox, fucking her like an animal in heat. He reaches forward and grabs her wrists, forcing her body back and tits forward. I claim onto the couch and present my dick to her. She turns away, but I force her face back to it, pulling her raven black curls now sticky with sweat away from her face. ?

?“P-please” She moans.

But it doesn’t sound hopeful, just desperate. My answer is to press the head of my cock against her lips and then pop it in my squeezing her jaw. ?The moment my cock is between her smooth, plump lives, I have to hold back an orgasm. canlı bahis siteleri Her tongue naturally follows suit and her hot gasping breath as I slip in and out is intoxicating. I moan her name as I start to grind in her mouth. She chokes as Maddox and I ram into her at the same time causing who cocks to fill her at the same moment.

?Maddox eventually lets out a grunt and I know he’s pumping her full of cum, dripping down her thighs as he pulled out and away. She sighed and slumped with exhaustion, but I wasn’t ready yet for my time to be over. I pulled myself from her mouth and she gulped air like a fish gulps water.

I pet her head as she cries into the couch cushion, and slowly slid her onto my lap, her head dipping to my shoulder. For a moment all there was was the loud base from out music and her whimpers, then I slowly spread her legs to either side of my waist, my cock pressed against her. Bending my head down I cupped a tit in my hand, finally squeezing on them with all my want and might. She cried out and started to feebly pull away by my other hand held her by her neck and hair. I brought her sexy full breast up to my lips and began to nip and suckle them. Her body tense and shaking as I grind against her. The guys egged me on, telling me to fuck her, fuck her Kevin. ?

I grabbed at her ass, it was large and supple in my palm. I lifted her slightly and feeling her wet opening, I dropped her back on top of me. She didn’t fight my cock being in her, just took it as I lifted her by her ass up and down, filling her with my girth. Her breasts bounced against me and sucked and pulled and twisted them, her groans and cries right in my ear. Any time she struggled or lifted was just further momentum to thrust into her quaking body. I felt my climax reaching a point and made a choice, I was going to ride this bitch till the end, and with how slutty Tryst was she was bound to be on the pill.

?“No!” She moaned, feeling my cock tense up inside of her, I groaned and seized as she tried one last effort to pull away, I pulled her down hard onto a now spurting, twitching cock, and filled her with my hot and sticky seed. ?

?Shock immobilized her as I slid her to the side of the couch. I breathed deeply and fully satisfied looked up at my friends.

“Holy. Fuck.” I said. ?

The other two laughed and the tension broke. Tryst lay crumpled on the couch, and barley reacted to Jackson slapping her ass as we all laughed and relayed the moment. ?Dawn light filtered in through the window. We’d all been collectively fucking her for hours. We moved her into my bed to sleep and went back to our game, fully satiated and on a whole new type of high. By midday, Jackson and Maddox had passed out in the living room, and I went to collapse into my bed. ?

Tryst lay there, hands tied behind her back until we knew what to do with her. Irrationally fucking your sister with your two best friends does lead to some aftermath planning. It was decided that with all her texts and ways to blackmail her with her teachers, we had her silence pretty solidified. But just in case, to prevent any kits being useful if she decided to risk her entire future at her ivy league school, I sent an email from her phone letting her professors know her sexy tits and ass wouldn’t be making an appearance until next week. Her roommates wouldn’t say anything or care since she was out all the time, and if they did question it, the first one they would ask was me.

?Until then, Tryst was mine. I’d already gone this far. What did I have to lose? This is exactly what I whisper in her ear as I turned her over on her back and unzipped my pants, hungry for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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