A Fantasy Fulfilled

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It is a beautiful summer’s evening; a few clouds combined with a light cool wind, which gives some relief from the sweltering daytime we have been enduring. I step lightly on the garden path towards Allan’s house, nervously checking my teeth, my hair, and straightening my blouse. Did I put on too much perfume? Not enough? I don’t know why I get so nervous each time I visit him, if only for the few moments it takes him to answer the door.

I reach his doorway, and ring the doorbell. I hear his footsteps on the stairs inside, a slight pause, and the door opens. He greets me with his usual warm smile and greeting.

“Hey, baby.” Allan says, motioning for me to come in. Once I am inside, he puts his arms around my waist and says, “Mmm, you look very good. Too bad you won’t be wearing that for much longer.”

I act surprised, but I am not. It’s the game we play. However, I didn’t know what was in store for me that evening.

He leads me down the stairs where the door is closed. When we reach the bottom landing, he turns to face me, with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Close your eyes, baby.”

I close my eyes and feel him come up to me, rubbing his hands along my ass, lifting my skirt and touching the bare skin underneath. He reaches around to my pussy, gently separating the lips and sliding his fingers against my clit as he kisses a trail from my neck to my ears and back again. He pauses, leans away for a moment, then I feel the coolness of fabric being tied around my eyes.

“This is to make sure you don’t peek.”

Blindfolded, I reach for him, and he kisses me deeply, tongues entwining. He slides my blouse off my shoulders, and unzips my skirt. It falls to the floor soon to be joined by my bra. He leans down and takes my breast in his mouth, while stroking and roughly playing with the other one. Moaning, I put my hand behind his head and pull him closer.

He takes me by the hand, and leads me into his suite. He takes me to the middle of the room, where he tells me to sit down. Beneath me, I feel the cushions of his futon. Allan gently leans me back so I am lying completely on my back. He leans over me, lifts my right arm and fastens it to the futon railing with a piece canlı bahis şirketleri of smooth, silky fabric. He does the same for my left arm, and then to each of my legs.

This has been my fantasy for as long as I can remember, and one that Allan and I talk about whenever we make love. Never did I think it would actually become a reality, just something erotic to fantasize about while we were feverishly fucking each other. Allan has a vivid imagination and a sex drive to match, so our sessions were never boring.

My legs are shaking from anticipation; my heart is pounding louder than the music playing on the stereo. I arch my back trying to feel his skin against mine, but he is too far away.

“Honey?” I call. I want to feel him.

“Be patient – or you won’t get your present.” I hear him say from across the room. I can’t quite gauge where he is. I hear running water, footsteps. Then, the only thing I can hear is the sound of my heart beating, my rapid breath and the music, still softly playing on the stereo.

Every minute seems to tick by so slowly, as my anticipation swells. I feel myself start to ache, craving his kiss, his touch, and his lips to devour my ache. Finally, when I can wait no longer, a moan escapes my lips.

I feel him sit on the bed beside me. He roughly grabs my right breast in his mouth, and sucks so exquisitely hard that it makes me squirm. His left hand is pulling and tugging on my left nipple, bringing me such intense pleasure-pain combination that I cannot help but moan and groan to each twist and bite. Suddenly, he pulls away. I feel his fingers and hands on my pussy, dripping wet with anticipation and desire.

He removed his fingers, much to my dismay, and I feel him shift his weight on the bed. I again feel his fingers reaching, and probing into my pussy, when I feel something else as well. The room is filled with the electric hum of a razor.

I squirm in my ties, wondering yet knowing what he is up to. My pussy is always shaved very close, but I think to myself that he must want it to be closer. And closer it is. I feel him gently bring the razor carefully back and forth on my pussy lips, gently pulling and moving to get all the hair out of canlı kaçak iddaa the way. The sensation of the electric razor and the erotic ness of him shaving me almost push me over the edge. I am careful not to move, but I need him, pounding his cock into me, now.

Satisfied with his shave job, Allan gently strokes my pussy with a cool, damp facecloth. I arch my pussy closer to him, desiring him to take me. He patiently finishes wiping my pussy free of any stray hairs, rubs it a few extra times to entice a moan from me, and gets up from the bed.

For a few more anguishing moments, I am left alone. All I can think about is how much I want him on top of me, driving his cock deep inside my pussy.

At last I feel his weight on the bed. He moves between my spread legs and his cock slides easily into my slippery pussy. The feeling is absolutely exquisite as he thrusts his hips deep into me, so I feel the full length of his cock. He starts slowly teasing me with the head of his cock, then driving himself so deeply in that we are one. I cannot handle much more, and sensing this, Allan lifts himself to his knees, continues to drive his cock into me, while rubbing his fingers on my clit. I climax powerfully, and immediately. “Oh Baby, I love feeling you come on my cock.” Allan says as he continues to rhythmically slide his cock in and out of my pussy. He leans down upon me, kissing and sucking my breasts. I am aching to free my legs from their bounded state so I can wrap them around him. He reaches down again to rub his fingers against my clit, bringing me to orgasm again within seconds.

With my pussy still vibrating from the orgasm, he drives his cock deep into me, keeping his thumb on my clit. The divine sensation of having his cock rocking in and out of me and the pressure of his thumb cause a sensory overload, and I squirm in sheer pleasure from his touch.

“Baby, I am going to count down from 10. You cannot come before I get to zero, or after, you must come when I say zero.” Allan says.

“Ten…nine…eight,” Each time he says a number, Allan drives his cock deeper into my pussy.

“Seven…six…five,” I don’t think I will be able to hold off until he gets to zero, my body is canlı kaçak bahis screaming in pleasure.

“Four…three…two,” Allan grunts the last one out, and I can tell his orgasm is as imminent as mine.


“Zero…” With the sound of the word, Allan and I moan as one, as our climaxes intertwine with each others.

He gently removed his thumb from my clit, which is twitching with sensation. His lips touch mine, and his tongue probes for my own. He kisses his way down my neck, stopping at my breasts, continuing slowly down to my dripping pussy. He gently flicks the swollenness of my mound, lightly blowing on it, sending tingles down my spine.

He moves so he is straddling my head. His still-hard cock teases my lips, searching for the warm embrace of my mouth. My tongue twirls around the head of it, drawing it into the depths of my mouth. His tongue still dances on and around my clit, sending shivers and pleasure jolts over my body as he slowly starts fucking my mouth.

I can taste myself on his cock as he drives it deeper and deeper into my mouth, as I am sure he can taste his come as he devours my pussy with his mouth. The thought of that drives me closer to another orgasm. I push my hips up and he grabs my clit in his mouth and sucks and flicks simultaneously bringing me to an instant orgasm that I can feel from head-to-toe.

“I am going to untie you, baby. But, you have to do exactly what I say – and the blindfold stays on.” Allen says. He stops his delicious stroking of my pussy to untie my legs and arms from their bound state. “I want you to roll over onto your stomach, with your beautiful ass in the air.”

I do as I am told, and within seconds, Allan grabs my hips and starts pounding his cock deep into my pussy. He drives me with such force, that the futon is creaking and moaning as loud as I am. Each drive into me is hotter and wetter than the last. His moans tell me that his climax is soon to come.

Allan grabs my ass and pulls me deep onto him and I can feel his come pulsating into my depths. He gently slides his cock in and out a few more times, and with a moan, pulls out of my dripping pussy.

He removes the blindfold and I fit my body into his, my back facing his front. He gently rubs his cock against my wet pussy, and in between my ass cheeks, while reaching a hand to my clit and pussy. We rock together in unison until once more we both come. Finally spent and satisfied, we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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