A Deal with Daddy

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(All characters are 18 or older)


I sat on the bed of my son’s room, my cock hardening as I listened to my son fucking my wife in the master bedroom.

Do you think I’m some kind of tiny-dicked cuckold, who gets off on listening to his wife getting fucked by his son? Do you think my son’s some well-endowed embodiment of manliness who stole his beautiful mother from his father? Well you’re wrong. If you’re into that kind of Oedipal fantasy, you’d better look elsewhere.

First of all, my cock’s bigger than my son’s. I know from experience.

Secondly, my son’s height is only at my chin. He’s slender, pale, and has virtually no body hair. He’s been mistaken for a girl a couple of times.

Third, he didn’t “steal” his mother from me at all. In fact, he came to me, begging to fuck her since he couldn’t get a girl of his own. At first I refused, but his mother, always feeling sorry for him, begged me to allow it. So I agreed, on one condition. Every time my son fucked his mother, I’d get to fuck him.

He’d have to do whatever I wanted, wear whatever I wanted, and act however I wanted. And if I’m going to be stuck with a girly son, I’m going to make the most of it. He now has a full wardrobe of girl’s clothes and wigs.

“Mommy! Oh Mommy…AUGH!” I heard my son climax in the other room, releasing a squirt of seed into his mother’s cunt. Always trying to protect the boy’s self-esteem, my wife cried out in an obviously fake orgasm of her own. The boy never lasted more than a minute.

My own cock twitched in excitement as I heard the two finish fucking. I knew now that my wife was dressing our son in one illegal bahis of the sexy girl’s outfits we’d bought for him, putting him in a long blonde wig, and putting makeup on his face. My already-girly son was in the process of becoming even girlier.

As I waited for him to get ready, I wondered what I would do to him tonight. Maybe I’d cum on his face, messing his perfect makeup. Or maybe I’d make him blow me and shoot my cum down his throat, making him gag on my cock.

No, I decided. Tonight’s going to be an ass night. My balls stirred as I thought about those round, pale buns bouncing in front of me. My testicles were going into overdrive, producing as much sperm as possible.

My heart pounded in excitement as I heard the master bedroom door open and my son making his way down the hall to his own room, where I waited. He opened the door to find me waiting for him on his bed, my erection straight up in the air.

He entered the room, his eyes on the ground in humiliation. He wore a flimsy, transparent nightdress that was just a tiny bit too short, allowing the lacy pink panties he wore to peek out from underneath the hem. I could just barely see the bulge of his tiny package in the panties.

As he approached the bed, he said in a soft, nervous voice, “Please Daddy, could you close the blinds? Someone might see.”

“No way,” I answered. “I love the way your ass looks in the moonlight.”

Realizing that tonight I was in the mood for anal, he started to turn around, still not meeting my gaze. I grabbed his chin and pulled his face towards me, forcing him to look into the face of the man who was about to fuck him. I illegal bahis siteleri planted a long, lustful kiss on his lipstick-covered mouth. I felt a tear roll down his cheek. I broke the kiss.

“Get on the bed, bitch” I growled. My son climbed onto the bed on his hands and knees, his ass in the air. His short nightdress rode up, revealing the pink panties underneath. I knelt behind him and reached between his thighs, cupping the tiny bulge in his panties and feeling it harden beneath my touch.

I pulled his panties down. The moonlight shining through the window turned his beautiful, round ass pure white. I spread the boy’s asscheeks knowing that his well-used asshole would be able to take my cock without lube, though not without pain. I guided the head of my cock to his sphincter. The boy’s pathetic sobs grew louder and quicker as he prepared for what was coming next.

I pushed.

My son cried out in pain and humiliation as my cock began its slow journey up his anus. Pleasure pulsed in my shaft and balls as I looked down and watched my thick cock stretching his little asshole. I groaned in pleasure, feeling victorious, as my full shaft made it all the way inside my son’s anus, my head right at his rectum. I was tempted to cum right then and there!

No. I wouldn’t be like my son, losing control after only a minute of pleasure. I would prove to him that I was superior. I would prolong his suffering and humiliation as long as I could. I wanted him to feel the huge difference between him and a real man.

My precum and his anal secretions made a natural lubricant that let me start thrusting in and out. I thrust faster canlı bahis siteleri and harder, his cries of pain fueling my lust. I let out animal grunts of pleasure as I pounded my son’s ass. Caught up in the moment, intoxicated by my cruelty and dominance, I raised my right and loudly smacked my son’s cheek, eliciting his loudest cry of the night. His right ass cheek jiggled beautifully and a pink mark stained its white purity. Losing control, I raised my hand and spanked him five more times. My son was now crying openly. Even I couldn’t hold back my climax after seeing all this. I made one final push deep into my son’s bowels and let loose a flood of cum.

“I’m cumming, you little bitch! I’m CUMMING!!!” My cum flooded my son’s rectum, invading his body. His cries grew loudest at this moment of ultimate humiliation. He was a bitch. He had been penetrated and filled with a man’s seed, something that would never happen to a real man.

Eventually, the pressure of my own cum became too great for me and I pulled my cock out his anus. A flood of white cum dripped from his asshole and onto his bed. He collapsed onto the mattress and continued to cry.

Without a word, I climbed out of his bed and headed for the door. Right before I left, I saw his hand curling around his tiny but hard cock.

I returned to the master bedroom and climbed into bed with my wife.

“Did you have to be so rough with him?” she asked.

“He’ll learn to like it,” I answered. “You did, after all.”

My wife looked at me with a smile. “True.”

“So did our son actually manage to make you cum? Or did he just leave you unsatisfied again?”

“He actually made me cum.”


My wife laughed. “With that tiny dick of his? Of course not.” She reached for my cum-soaked shaft. “Think you can manage one more hard-on for your dear old wife?”

“Hell yeah.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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