A Cruise to Remember

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Night 1 – Meet n Greet

For my darling husband’s birthday, we decided join our friends Cheyenne and Blair on their annual getaway cruise to Mexico. Cheyenne is my beautiful bombshell of a girlfriend. She’s a petite, blue eyed blonde with voluptuous breasts a phenomenal ass, and curves in all the right places. Cheyenne and I have gotten quite close over the years. We always enjoy our times spent together alone and with our husbands. Blair is your classic tall dark and handsome man with a goatee, a great smile, and an awesomely twisted sense of humor. He is one of my favorite playmates and I always look forward to spending time with him. My husband Alan though, is my kryptonite. A Viking; bald and bearded with dimples. Paired with his thick stalky build and piercing hazel eyes; just a look from him is enough to get me hot and bothered most days. Cheyenne and Blair had also invited long time friends of theirs, John and Ginger. Although we had talked a little prior to the cruise; we would be meeting John and Ginger for the first time.

It was a given that sexual shenanigans would be on the table this weekend; but how it would play out, we didn’t know. Alan and I talked before and agreed that as long as we checked in with each other first, it would be an anything goes weekend.

We had all planned to arrive the night before our cruise and booked rooms on the Queen Mary, a historical cruise ship that had been restored and converted to a hotel.

John and Ginger were flying in from out of state and would be arriving before the rest of us. We arrived in the early evening and had some time to get to know them before Blair and Cheyenne arrived. We dropped our bags off and met them downtown.

Ginger was a beautifully petite thick woman, with curly strawberry blonde locks and an ass that wouldn’t quit. Her personality was the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy. I couldn’t wait to get to know her better this weekend. John had some similar traits to Alan, and I felt an instant connection with him on a primal sexual level. He was a taller more slender man with muscular arms; but also bald with a goatee, light eyes, and a great smile that revealed his sexy dimples. I wasn’t sure just yet if the feeling was mutual, but the slightest touch or look from him made my sex tingle and ache with hunger. Like a moth to flame, I was sucked in. I knew right away, I wanted to bed him on this trip. My husband picked up on it too.

We strolled downtown, talking and flirting for a few hours, stopping to ride a ferris wheel. It started to get chilly, so we all headed back to the hotel, to get a drink at the bar to continue to wait for Blair and Cheyenne. They arrived close to 11pm and we all had one more drink before turning in for the evening. Exhausted from the day of travel, we collapsed into our beds and swiftly drifted off to sleep.

Day 1 – All Aboard

The six of us boarded our cruise ship in the early afternoon and our rooms weren’t ready yet, so we had lunch, then spent a few hours in the hot tubs at the back of the ship; hanging out, flirting, and feeling each other out. Hands were creeping all over under the water. I let my freak flag fly high and proud, as I enjoyed flirting and teasing both the ladies and the men. I kept getting drawn back towards John by an unseen magnetic force. I could not keep my hands off him or his manhood. His responding touch and low moans sent a thousand bolts of electricity through my body, landing on my sex and making me hungry for more. It took everything in my power to not straddle him right there, in front of everyone.

While we were all chatting and flirting, it was brought up that I don’t normally wear panties but I brought 3 pairs… all crotchless, just for fun. John liked the sound of that, so Alan instructed me to wear a pair that night.

John and Ginger reconnected with Blair and Cheyenne in the afternoon while Alan and I had our own fun. Afterward, we roamed the ship and checked everything out like all first time cruisers do. We had hoped to reconnect with Blair and Cheyenne later that evening.

Night 2 – Centered

At dinner that evening, we played a bit of musical chairs. I was situated between John and Blair while Alan sat between Ginger and Cheyenne. I was in sexual overload, flirting and running my hands along both their thighs on and off throughout dinner, while they reciprocated. The sexual tension was palpable, and my ladylike behavior had gone out the window. I was looking forward to reconnecting with Blair, and my need to connect with John became more and more intense. After dinner we went to get ready for a comedy show, and like the good little slut I am, I obeyed Alan’s orders and slipped on the red crotchless panties he picked out, under my little black dress with knee high black boots. I was looking and feeling hot and ready to play.

I again sat between John and Blair at the show, and we started to flirt and fondle each other. John slid his hand under my dress only to discover I was indeed wearing my crotchless panties, he responded with casino siteleri a low, sensual growl as he teasingly slid his fingers between by aching wet lips, gently teasing my clit. At the same time, Blair had his hand on my thigh, gently and slowly caressing my quivering legs. I sighed, unable to contain my pleasure. Fantasies of a gang bang danced around my head. As I shared my fantasy of being filled in every hole, I could see them both getting extremely turned on. After an evening full of flirting and some not so discrete caressing with these two sexy men, I was beyond ready for some release.

My sweet and sexy girlfriend, Cheyenne wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early. I went in to say goodnight to her while Alan went to shower and freshen up. She informed me that she told Blair to make sure I was taken care of. Our plan for a MFFM had turned into a MFM so she could take time to recover from her sea sickness. I kissed her goodnight, and went back to our room to update Alan. He was standing there in the steamy cabin, glistening from his shower. His manhood, hard and ready. I couldn’t contain myself, I stripped off my dress and dropped to my knees taking him into my mouth. I worshiped his cock, licking, sucking, and caressing. I could feel wetness between my thighs and an ache building in my sex as he moaned. I looked up and into his eyes and as he whispered, “Such a good girl.” I lost all control. I begged him to fill me up. Alan laid down on the bed and I mounted him, instantly orgasming and gushing over and over, riding on his cock until he exploded; filling me with his hot juices.

We collapsed onto the bed, wrapped up in each other for what seemed like the longest time; both sweaty and drenched in our intermingled juices. Alan looked down at me with his sultry and dominant voice and said, “Go find Blair, baby girl.” I hopped in the shower to freshen up, tossed on a short sundress, and went up to look for him.

I found Blair at the casino, watching John and Ginger play slots. I checked in with them all for a few minutes, then told him I was ready to play. When we got back to the room, Alan was fresh from another shower, laying out on the bed waiting for our arrival. I didn’t waste any time undressing myself and Blair. I dropped to my knees taking him in my mouth. Alan quickly joined us, letting me take turns sucking and stroking their thick, hard cocks. I looked up to see the pleasure on their faces and instantly felt wetness between my thighs. I whispered to them, “I won’t stop until one of you makes me.” They enjoyed taking turns in my mouth, until Alan had enough and pulled me up to the bed. We quickly fell into my favorite scenario and the men took turns filling my holes with their manhoods. Waves of orgasms passed over me as their cocks, muffled my loud moans. After going back and forth for awhile, Alan slid next to me and watched as Blair took me all to himself thrusting and filling my sex with his manhood. I looked over to see Alan watching with a hungry look in his eyes as waves of orgasms flowed through me. Once Blair had his fill of me, he slide off to watch the show as Alan deposited his hot load inside me. We all laid there, spent for a few minutes before I kissed Blair goodbye and he retired to his cabin.

Alan took me back to the bed and slid down between my legs, his tongue hungrily caressing my sex until I exploded with pleasure. He then flipped me onto my stomach, entering me from behind. I could feel the full weight of his body, his chest to my back, as he held my hands down and forced his manhood inside; reclaiming his little vixen. We made love for another hour, before we both collapsed, completely spent and let the ships rocking lull us into slumber. That night, I again dreamt of bodies melding together in a hot and sensual orgy.

Day 2 – There’s something about elevators

Alan and I woke up early. Still hot from the night before, he rolled over and had his way with me before we headed up to breakfast. Alan escorted me to spa, where I booked him a salon appointment before heading back to the gym for a quick workout. I later met everyone at the hot tubs, while Alan was enjoying his birthday pampering.

John heard about the appointment and decided to book one for himself right after Alan’s. We all hung out in the spa chatting and flirting until it was time for John’s appointment and I offered to walk with him, so I could meet up with my husband.

John and I stepped into the elevator as a woman stepped out, leaving us alone. We locked eyes and instantly came together into a white hot passionate kiss that sent left my body wanting more. Our kiss was cut way too short by the ding of the elevator, breaking us apart. Another woman stepped into the elevator for a floor. We stood towards the back and he locked his eyes with mine flashing those oh so sexy dimples until she exited onto her floor. The doors closed again and we continued making out until we arrived at our destination. Composing ourselves, we exited out into the spa lobby.

Alan and I spent the rest of the afternoon slot oyna lounging in the hot tubs with Cheyenne, Blair, and Ginger relaxing. John scheduled the ladies some spa time. So after a nice lunch with John and Alan, Ginger and I tracked down Cheyenne and headed up to the Salon. Afterward, Cheyenne and Blair spent some time getting pampered.

Night 3 – It’s a group thing

After Cheyenne and Blair’s appointments, we all convened back at the cabins for some pre-dinner play time. Blair decided to sit back and watch the show that was about to go on between the adjoining rooms. He situated himself at the head of the bed so that he had a perfect view of the other room. Alan went into the other room, to spend some time with Ginger, while Cheyenne and I spent some much needed catch up time with each other. John joined Cheyenne and I in a three way kiss, before we both dropped to our knees, taking turns teasing his cock with our mouths and tongues. After a bit; I undressed Blair’s beautiful wife and laid her down next to him. I slid between Cheyenne’s legs, tongue tracing her sex, eager to taste her sweet juices like I have so many times before. I felt John’s hand gently graze my sex, and I pressed my tongue harder against her clit; her moans getting louder and louder as she neared climax. Once Cheyenne had her fill, she motioned to switch. We shared a passionate kiss, then I replaced her, laying down next her sexy husband. Cheyenne’s tongue traced along my clitoris; slowly and sensually building me up to orgasm. I felt her moan vibrate through me as John entered her wet and ready sex from behind. As he thrust deep inside, she pushed her tongue and hands into me, deeper and harder taking me over the edge.

The three of us joined Alan and Ginger in the other room. Alan had just finished playing with Ginger and was taking a small break. I slid down between her legs, teasing her pierced clit with my tongue and licking up the sweet juices from her time with my husband. Cheyenne went over to get Alan going again, taking him in her mouth while John entered her again. I could hear Alan’s moans as Cheyenne was pleasuring him; and her muffled moans as John brought her to orgasm again. John then came over and offered me his cock, which I happily accepted, licking Cheyenne essence off him before he entered me. John slid his thick manhood inside and I orgasmed almost instantly, feeling my walls stretch around his tick hard cock. My moans echoed off the walls as I was unable to contain my pleasure. He thrust inside deeper and deeper; bringing waves of orgasms before sliding off and relaxing with the rest of our spent cabin mates.

Shortly after, Alan and I retired back to our cabin to get ready for dinner, but he wasn’t done with me yet. As soon as we got back to our room, he stripped off my clothes and pushed me down onto the bed; working his way down, his tongue found my clit. He buried his head, ravenously licking and pressing hard with his tongue until I drenched his beard in my sweet juices. Unable to wait any longer, I tugged at his arms and he slid on top of me; gliding his hard cock into my wet and aching sex. We made love for another hour, before collapsing into the bed, both completely spent.

Day 3 – Hotwife

That morning, our ship arrived in Ensenada. Alan woke me up by climbing on top and slid his hard cock into my sex. He held my arms down, claiming what’s his and fucking me hard until he climaxed. Then we showered and headed up to get breakfast before meeting our friends for a fun day on shore. I had a message from John asking to spend some alone time with me. Alan said he would think about it and let me know. He’s only allowed me to play solo with a man once before.

We met up with everyone and made our way on shore. We all spent the day together, wandering the local shops and taking in all the sites, stopping for a late lunch, before we returned to the ship. Alan had spent the day thinking about John’s request and have me the OK to invite him back to our room. I messaged John, and we made our plans.

30 minutes later; I had finished my shower and kissed Alan goodbye. Seconds later, there was a knock at my door. I knew it would be John. I answered the door still naked and wet from my shower. I didn’t want to waste time with unnecessary clothes. I saw his eyes wander along my body as he entered the room, closing the door behind him. With a smile he pulled me into another white hot, passionate kiss. I couldn’t contain myself. Days of built up sexual tension between us, and that preview of what he had to offer wasn’t enough. I wanted him. I needed to finish what we started.

I wasted no time unbuttoning his shirt letting it slip off and fall to the ground, I ran my hand along his chest and whispered in his ear, “I need you to do one thing for me”. “What’s that?” He asked. I replied, “I need you to cum. I don’t care how long it takes.” Then, I dropped to my knees, releasing his hard cock and hungrily taking it into my mouth. As he groaned with pleasure, I became more turned on; licking along his shaft canlı casino siteleri and taking him as deep as I was able. I felt myself getting wet as his cock hardened and swelled against my lips and throat. I looked up, just in time to see him throw his head back in pleasure, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed his cock inside of my aching wet sex.

I stood up, pulled him down on the bed, and started to work my way along his body. My first stop was his cock. I traced my tongue along his shaft, kissing the head of his cock before taking him in my mouth one more time. Then I worked my way up along his stomach and chest. Our lips met and as we started to make out; I reached down and guided his cock inside me. Wet and ready, I slowly slid up and down feeling him stretch me wider and wider as I pushed his cock deeper. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled down, making me take all of him in. I gasped as the first of many orgasms rushed over me. We locked eyes and I started to feverishly ride him as wave after wave of orgasms pulsed through my body, sending chills throughout and covering my body in goosebumps. I continued to ride him until I collapsed on top of him, body shaking and out of breath.

John then pushed me off of him and onto my back. He began to kiss me and tease my sex with the head of his cock, before sliding inside of me, fucking me hard. My body accepted him readily gushing pleasure with every thrust. I wrapped my legs around his back, pulling him deeper into me. I bit my lip as another intense orgasm washed over me, making my juices flow down my thighs. He then flipped me on to my knees taking me from behind. My moans could be heard from outside our room as he fucked me hard, stretching my walls to their limits. After a few minutes, he pushed me onto my stomach, legs closed as he forced himself inside. He gripped my wrists and held me down, the full weight of his body on top of me. I could feel his chest pressed against my back and hot breath on my neck, kissing and biting my shoulder as his cock slid in and out of my sex, sending me over the edge. His body tensed as he climaxed, filling me with his juices, before rolling onto his back, taking a much needed break. We lay there for a moment catching our breath, then I rolled over and took his cock in my mouth cleaning our intermingled juices off him before I mounted him again. I rode him hard, leaving a puddle in my wake. Then he pushed me off placing me back on my knees facedown, he entered me. He then grabbed my arms and pulled them behind fucking me hard until we both climaxed again.

We laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow then decided to join Alan up at the hot tubs. But, he had other ideas. Shortly after I kissed John goodbye and sent him back to his room, Alan returned.

He removed his clothes and instructed me to take him in my mouth and I happily obeyed. Once he was hard and ready, he pushed me onto the bed and entered me, holding my hands down; he kissed me passionately as he forcibly reclaimed what was his. Exhausted and sore from my time with John, waves of pain and pleasure pulsates through me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in deeper. He started to thrust harder and I could feel my walls tense around his cock as I climaxed, leaving him drenched and my legs trembling. He then rolled me onto my stomach and with my legs closed, he entered from behind. He placed his hands on my shoulders, pressing my body into the bed and restraining me, as he thrust hard and fast bringing me to orgasm again. He started to slow down, allowing me to recover slightly. Then he laid on top of me and wrapping his arms around the front of my chest. “You’re mine.” He growled into my ear as he wrapped his hand around my neck, thrusting deeper. My body trembled as another orgasm rushed over me. He then rolled onto his back and instructed me to climb on top. I rode him feverishly and I felt his hot juices fill me up as he climaxed. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of him, catching my breath as I felt him throbbing inside me.

Alan decided to take a short nap before dinner, so I grabbed my robe and wandered up to the sun deck for a little fresh air, before getting ready for our last night on the ship. I found John in relaxing in a lounge chair and decided to join him, soaking up the warm breeze from the back of the ship. Shortly after, Ginger joined us, looking relaxed and pamper from her afternoon spa treatment. We all chatted for a few, before heading back down to the cabins to get ready for dinner.

We spent one last evening enjoying dinner and a show with our friends before retiring for the evening. Reminiscing about the activities from the weekend, I became filled with love and admiration for Alan. Him allowing me to have the experiences I did, turned me on so much that I couldn’t resist. I wanted him even more! We got back to our room he and waste no time undressing and taking his wife again and again. We made love that night into the wee hours of the morning, only stopping to get fresh fresh air and water. As I drifted off to sleep wrapped in his arms; I couldn’t imagine a better ending to an amazing weekend. In the morning, we said goodbye to our friends, old and new, and made our way home, both exhausted and satiated; until next time.

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