A College Education Pt. 05

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Josh felt the cool of the granite shower wall against his back, and did his best to balance the array of sights, sounds and feelings around him. On her knees in front of him, Lexi pumped his length vigorously as her tongue swirled over his tip, occasionally wrapping her lips around him to suck on him deeply, releasing him again with a pop and a grin up at him. Each time, more of his thick length disappeared into the warm confines of her throat, inching beyond halfway on his shaft, her hands continuously working the remaining inches.

On the TV in front of him, a slim blonde was enjoying the company of three extremely large black guys. Josh guessed football or basketball players, from the banter and ease between them. He recognized the environment they were in, from the wall decor and couch, guessing that this was the room-mate Lexi had mentioned. The action was fast and rough, and occasionally between moans and grunts Josh could hear Lexi behind the camera issuing directions to the group. “Just what goes on in this apartment?” he thought, with his cock surging at the idea. He recognized the couch in the front room, which the girl was bent over, pounded from behind by one of the group, while the remaining pair were attended to orally. The camera panned across the length of her body, before reaching her fantastic ass. As the camera zoomed in on the action, the sound of thighs slapping together rapidly filled the shower, mixing with the sounds of Lexi’s eager lips on his shaft.

Josh turned his eyes down to Lexi, who continued to bob on his cock, opening her mouth as wide as possible to accommodate his shaft and bulbous tip. Her eyes caught his and she pulled away, inch after inch coming free from her widely stretched mouth, released finally with a pop. Lexi smiled up at him, grasping his length in both hands against her right cheek, noting her current best length taken as the water continued to pour around them. “Not bad at all” she muttered to herself, as Josh leant back against the wall, water cascading over his toned chest. “And some view too”.

Lexi stood, reaching for a bottle of body wash from the shelf behind Josh, purposefully pressing against his chest for a moment. His arms instantly wrapped around her, pulling her body against his, pressing his thick throbbing length against her soft skin. Lexi could feel the power in his arms, almost lifting her off the ground as he cupped her ass. She held the pose for just long enough, feeling his heart race and his length swell even more in pure desire for every inch of her body, before pushing away, leaving Josh moaning, teased, dying to unload for her.

The assortment of lotions, washes, shampoo and conditioners had been chosen not only for their scent and effect, but shape too. Get the right one, and it was a free sex toy, an ex of hers had said. Lexi was certain canlı bahis şirketleri that they used over half of the buildings water, for the number of extra long showers taken in any given week. The orange and ginger lotion in her hand was her personal favorite, both for the perfect scent and unique, bulbous shape, similar to a Pom bottle. Her behind twitched with the memory of the previous week, and an especially long shared shower with her roommate, accompanied by a fleeting blush of shame and pride at the size.

In the center of the shower, with the water jetting across her body from all directions, Lexi squirted the body wash across her chest, her eyes locked on Josh as his focus danced between her and the TV behind, where the action continued to escalate. The cooling mix of orange and ginger sent tingling sensations of pleasure through her body as her nipples stiffened, her hands working the lotion into a lather across her perky breasts. She could feel Josh’s eyes on her now, in spite of the action on screen. She worked the wash across her body, coating her chest before lathering her ass, bending over in display for Josh once more, shivering at the sensation of the water cascading over and between her upturned cheeks.

Josh couldn’t handle any more, his balls were churning, desperate to release for her again. Her whole body was a vision of perfection, coated in scented suds, displaying herself for him again, as her roommate was coated with multiple loads on screen. Josh grasped his shaft lightly, acutely aware of his impending load, and teased the tip toward Lexi’s behind.

His sudden move appeared to catch Lexi by surprise, but she quickly gave a mischievous grin of acknowledgement, and braced herself against the opposite wall. Josh gently eased the tip between her perfect peachy cheeks, and breathing deeply, pushed forward with increasing pressure. With little lube besides his abundant pre-cum, her ass resisted, yet accepted his swollen tip with a scream of triumph from Lexi. Within seconds in the tight, warm confines of her asshole, Josh felt his legs shake, as his entire body energy ran through his crotch, emptying his seed into Lexi. He fell back against the shower wall once-more, popping free from Lexi, his eyes closed, the power of his orgasm unlike anything he had ever felt before. Instantly her lips were wrapped around his tip again, tasting herself, swallowing as much as she could as the thick ropes of cum kept coming, more than any man she had ever known.

Hours seemed to pass, until Josh sat on the shower floor, his arm around Lexi who nuzzled into his chest, the water continuing to pour around them. Kissing her ear, he whispered “I don’t want this moment to end, but shall we get out?”. Lexi stroked his semi-soft member slowly, loving the weight of his shaft. Silently, she stood canlı kaçak iddaa up in front of him, feeling the continued drip of his seed from her ass. “Come on then big boy” she said, “now the real fun begins!”


Lexi toweled off slowly, rubbing the soft, luxurious cotton across her body as her hair hung wet down her back. She could feel her entire body rushing with warmth as her ass throbbed with pleasure. She always felt so powerful after taking a man like Josh, like she could accomplish anything. She turned to him as he dried off, his eyes glued on her body, his monstrous cock back to full size again after a very brief rest.

“You look so beautiful with wet hair” he said, running his hand through her brown locks, curled and tangled from the shower. He pulled her into him, kissing her deeply, still able to taste his seed on her tongue and lips. She grinned after their lips parted, playfully slapping his length “And you look so handsome with your enormous horse cock!” she said laughing. She felt herself blush slightly at her choice of words, as her thoughts danced to her toy selection in her bedroom, hiding one of her most impressive toys, modeled on a stallion, complete with cum-injection mechanism. Perhaps Josh would be game for seeing that in action, she considered. First, she wanted more of the toy in front of her.

She lead him naked back to the lounge, the river of cum from her ass slowing to a soft trickle. She knew she would have to call Shelly at the full-cleaning company again in the morning – she and her team were discrete, and never commented on the nature of the mess around the apartment. One of the girls had suffered an unfortunate slip in a puddle of fluids in the kitchen previously, Lexi made a mental note to pre-warn them this time, given Josh’s propensity to cum like a fire hose.

Lexi lead Josh into the kitchen again, still fresh with the scent of their sex and combined cum. Side-stepping the huge puddle from Josh on the stone floor, she bent over at the fridge, reaching for a bottle of light Riesling from the bottom shelf. She could feel the cool breeze entering her used ass and pussy, and she took comfort in knowing she was displaying herself for Josh, who’s quickened breathing signaled that he was indeed lost in the view. After holding the pose for a second or three, Lexi pulled him into the lounge, wine in one hand, his massive length in her other.

At the couch, Lexi pushed Josh down onto the soft microfiber, where he relaxed, arms stretched out over the backs of the cushions, his eyes still fixed on her. Lexi skipped to the TV, reaching to the back of the lowest shelf, knowing exactly what they would be watching. Her gut feeling was that he would be into it, since he had seen some in the shower, but you could never be 100% sure with this sort of thing. canlı kaçak bahis The DVD clicked into place as she walked back slowly to the couch, biting her lip at the sight of him, thick shaft reaching up to his abs and beyond, ready for more action. She knelt before him, her hands running up his thighs slowly as the opening scenes rolled on screen.

The movie was a compilation of nights of debauchery, mostly taking place within the apartment. Many individual movies existed, but this was her favorite, showcasing the highlights of some of her best experiences, put together by her roommate for her as a Christmas gift. She had always been kinky, but in the last year the thrill of pushing her boundaries and experimenting to find the ultimate orgasm had become a passion of hers, an obsession. Moving into the apartment, she knew that her roommate would have to be included in her adventures. Luckily, she had found the perfect partner in crime within days – Emma was gorgeous, relatively innocent, highly corruptible and very obedient. She had barely batted an eye as Lexi, after brief small talk finding out about Emma’s interests, family and things, handed over a thick, black 12″ dildo and requested she use it, while Lexi filmed.

“Um, wow…. Ok…….It’s a lot bigger than my boyfriend, but I’ll try” the blonde said, with a smile to the camera.

Josh watched, fixated on the screen as the blonde he recognized from the shower video undressed slowly, and without a second of hesitation, spread her legs on the very same couch where Josh sat now. She was trimmed in a neat style, her pussy visibly dripping with arousal. His cock surged at the sight, with Lexi’s hands slowly teasing him. The blonde was determined to impress, and after several minutes of warm up, she screamed triumphantly as the thick dildo was engulfed by her hot tight sex. Lexi applauded from off camera, walking up to her new roommate butt-naked, taking the monstrous Bam dildo from her hands and slowly withdrawing it from Emma’s hot pussy. The tip glistened with her wetness, which Lexi gleefully licked clean, before sliding back into Emma with forceful push. Her screams of pleasure continued as Lexi fucked her brutally, pounding the huge toy into her new plaything, stretching her with every thrust. Josh could feel his balls churning, as Emma’s body shook on screen in a mind-blowing orgasm. Lexi extracted the dildo quickly with an audible wet pop, giving a thumbs-up to the camera and walking away, leaving Emma panting, used and exhausted on the couch.

Lexi smiled, that night seemed like so long ago now, given all they had accomplished since. As the scene changed, Lexi took a deep swig from the open wine bottle. Josh’s length was at full strength again, and his girth compared much closer to that of the wine bottle than any man she had ever known. Her body craved the sense of fullness only an enormous girth could provide, that she had become accustomed to. Emma’s first threesome got underway on screen, and Lexi climbed into Josh’s lap, raising her hips and welcoming him back inside her wet, insatiable pussy.

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