A Chocolate Covered Cherry

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“Will you zip me up?” My girlfriend Sara asked me hurriedly. “Come on we can’t be late, this is really important.”

“It will be fine, we have plenty of time, I have already called the cab.” I said as I slid my hands inside her open dress. I reached around in front and caressed her breasts. She looked amazing. Her straight long brunette hair flowed down her back as the red satin dress clung to her curved form like red paint poured down her shoulders. She couldn’t wear a bra with low-cut dress so I reached in and felt her naked breasts and her heart-beat thump fast in her chest. Tonight was important for her.

“Stop it, don’t make me any hornier now than I already am, the last thing I need is to be seen as a even bigger sex object by my co-workers.”

My Girlfriend had just gotten a very prestigious position from international law firm in Washington D.C. I had been invited to her boss’ house for a valentines day dinner party. It was a very formal affair. Her red satin dress came down to about mid-thigh right to the top of her nude colored stockings. I love stockings. So I bent down and said, “Let me help you with your shoes.”

She saw right through my veiled attempt to touch her feet and legs. I really love feet as well. “You just want to rub my legs,” she said as she fixed her earrings. I didn’t argue I just bent down and picked up a shoe and her foot. I rubbed her leg feeling the warmth and silkiness of the stockings. I slid the red high-heeled shoe on and then the door-bell rang.

“That must be the cab,” I said, feeling interrupted.

“Good we need to go before you get too excited over my feet and have to change your pants.

The dinner party was being hosted by Sara’s boss, Claire. A woman of great power and wealth. She was the senior supervisor over my girlfriend. I had met her , a stunning middle-aged blond, that looked and acted far younger than she was, and her husband before, they were both very nice, and very wealthy. So we were both trying to get in their good graces When we arrived at the beautiful mansion. Well I say it was a mansion, because I have never seen a mansion, and frankly don’t know if this one was one or not.

It was a massive and fabulous house. The reception was far more exclusive than we had imagined it would be. There were only six of us in total, our host and her husband, and one other couple that neither of us had ever seen. We thought that perhaps that other guests would be arriving latter, but our host invited us to the dinning room to be served soon after we had arrived.

The dinner was splendid and everything was going great. It was super fancy, with the meal being brought out by servants on silver platters. Each course was interluded with rounds of wine. After the meal, and the digestif, the dessert was brought out. We all had little bits of stuff and shared some stuff. Except for a big chocolate cake right in the middle of the table. It looked delicious but I guess we were all to full or to intimidated by it to cut it. So it just sat their.

We had all drank a little too much wine and the topic of conversation was sex, and it was getting raunchy. Our host was güvenilir bahis describing the various ways in which she likes to dominate her husband, a much more shy and soft spoken man. She told us stories that obviously made him uncomfortable. She talked about how she would put him on a leash and walk him around the house naked, on his knees, in front of the servants. He began to blush, and she seemed to enjoy it. The other couple kept to themselves. They didn’t join into the greater conversation much, but whispered things to each other and kept giggling, and couldn’t seem to keep there hands off of each other. However Claire, our host didn’t seem to mind this at all she only focused on us.

Soon it became apparent that the girl from the other couple was rubbing her dates cock under the table. Finally they couldn’t take it any longer and asked if they could be excused.

Claire was cordial, so they got up from the table. She called after them, “Do whatever you want, where ever you want.” then she turned back to us and said, “Lord knows we have most likely done far worse.” With that she turned back to her husband who looked embarrassed.

After they departed our host turned to us and started asking us about our sex life. Sara perked up and replied that we too were a very sexual couple and had sex more than frequently. She asked us if we were very experimental in our sex lives and we both vehemently answered yes. We talked about what we liked and Sara chimes in

“Oh yea, he has a huge foot fetish!”

I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. I am pretty liberal with what I tell people about myself but this made even me a little embarrassed. I felt a foot appear in my crotch. It felt good. I was already hard from our conversation and the foot rubbing my hard cock was heaven, but it couldn’t be Sara’s she was sitting beside me.

“Yes, it is my foot rubbing you crotch. Don’t be embarrassed. Get down there and worship my foot.” Claire said with fierce authority. I looked at Sara stunned.

“Do you have a hearing problem, our host gave you an order.” Sara said, her voice like steel. I crawled out of my chair and got under the table on all fours and licked Claire’s feet.

“Take off my shoes and suck my toes.” Claire said with intensity. I looked up and she had her husbands cock out of his pants and was stroking it. I did as she said. I sucked all of her toes and I loved every minute of it.

“That will be fine.” Claire said as she withdrew her foot. “My apologies would you consider us terrible rude if we excused ourselves as well, I believe this wine has gotten the better of us.”

“No please. Do go on ahead.” Sara said very formally, but her face denied as sense of manners as she smiled devilishly.

“Please do entertain yourselves in our absence.”

“Don’t worry about us, I think we will manage.” she said as she turned her attention back towards me.

Our host left us with a hurry, Claire’s husband’s cock still out of his pants. She lead him by it like a leash.

My girlfriend slid her hand between her legs to my crotch and gave my throbbing cock a firm squeeze but didn’t let go. She held it there türkçe bahis until our host and her husband had left the room when she started rubbing it furiously and spun around taking my mouth into hers. She kissed me with such desire that it made my cock want to burst out of my pants. She just kept rubbing my crotch and said, I thought they would never leave.

My hands launched up to her breasts grabbing each one and squeezing as hard as I could as she screeched and gasped and then finished with a deep moan. She then jumped up and sat on the table, opening her legs wide. She pulled the shoulder straps of her dress off and the light satin dress feel down as she pushed it over her breasts. She grabbed the back of my head and thrust my face into her bosom. The feeling so wonderful, the skins so soft and warm pressed against my checks. I bit down on her nipple and she moaned and opened her legs more grinding her pussy against the table. Her hands sank into her own crotch as she let me lick and suck on her breast. All the talk of sex had drove her to the point of insanity.

Desserts was still half uneaten on the table all around her. So she dipped her finger into the chocolate frosting on a big cake beside her. She then toke the finger and drug it up the inside of her thigh. I immediately started licking off the frosting as she went, getting closer to the heaven that lay along that path. Then she toke her fingers and slide them down the other thigh and gently slipped them into my waiting mouth. She saw the look of pleasure on my face so she reached over and took a big scoop of the frosting with her fingers and rubbed in up her chest. Smearing it so that it covered both perked up nipple then she leaned forward. I licked the frosting off and bite down on the nipples after. She grabbed my head and held it at her chest as she rocked back and forth. This was making my head swim. I could only stand so much foreplay and this was becoming so intense I thought I might blow in my pants. So I stood up and pulled her off the table by the hair and forced her to her knees. She opened her mouth as I looked down at her rolling her tongue around as an invitation. She slipped the dress and panties down to her knees as I unbuttoned my pants. My hard cock flopped out of it prison, blood rushing into it, ready for action.

I dipped my hand into the chocolate cake and rubbed the moist confection on my dick. She licked at the cake covered dick then toke the whole length into her mouth. As she sucked my balls tightened up and I could feel the cum in my balls begin pressurize. I pulled her head off of my dick and tried to force the temptation to cum to subside. She couldn’t care less if I was fighting off the desire to cover her face with my hot load, she was completely crazed by this point and my dick was the only thing she could focus on, she pushed forward and sucked my balls and my dick swelled to its maximum size. I was about to cum and I knew it. So I grabbed her under her arms and pulled her up off her knees, up of the ground. Her panties and dress falling down to the floor, and now all she was wearing were stockings and high heels, my favorite.

I picked güvenilir bahis siteleri her up and wrapped my arms around her then I sat her down right into that big chocolate cake. The moist cake spread into her butt crack and pussy, covering her thighs and crotch. I pushed her back as she stared at me with shock and amazement. The feeling of the warm soft cake spreading into places unheard of mixed with the fear and excitement of doing all this in a persons house that we barely even knew, much less her boss. I didn’t give her much time to think about it. I pushed her to lay back and she brought her legs up. I began eating her cake covered pussy as ravenously as I could. I liked off the chocolate and ran my tongue up inside her pussy tasting her salty, warm pussy mixed with sweet cake. The feeling of the warm cake sliding underneath her and my wet tongue licking her engorged clit was enough to bring her to a quick uncontrollable orgasm. It came on with sure little warning that she was not prepared for it and screamed out at full volume. Her body was vibrating and shaking as powerful waves of pleasure so intense that it made her dizzy washed through her body.

Before she could even regain composure I stood up, grabbed her around the waist and slid her, cake and all towards my fully erect cock. I drove it inside her with full force, not waiting for her to acclimate to its size, I wanted it to hurt. I wanted to catch her while her pussy was still throbbing from the explosion of orgasm that just shot through it. Her legs laid apart easily she forced her pelvis against my pounding dick with every stroke. She wanted me inside her harder and harder. I had one hand squeezing one breast almost flat and using it to drive her unto my cock in rhythm, while my other hand was scooping up the cake that had mixed in with our sex juice and shoving it in her mouth. Then I pulled her close to me and rammed my tongue into her mouth tasting the cake and her spit. Then I leaned back and toke her high-heels off, and smeared the cake all over her stocking covered feet. I stuck her whole foot in my mouth and sucked her toes and licked chocolate. Completely obsessed.

I told her that I was about to cum, and she screamed at the top of her lungs,

“cum inside me, oh god please cum inside me!”

there was no hope of fighting it off this time I was going to cum, and I didn’t mind obliging her. My balls tightened again, my legs shivered and a thick river of cum rushed up through my cock and fill her chocolate covered pussy. She panted and shook. We were both covered with sweat and chocolate. I slid my cock out of her and it was still fairly hard. She stared at it and then slid off the table and started sucking all the chocolate mixed with her own juices mixed with my cum. She sucked so furiously she sucked more cum from my balls. I was convulsing every time her warm wet mouth slid down my shaft. I finally backed away from her and she stood up. I grabbed her in my arms and held her tight to my body.

It wasn’t until then that I noticed that we must have lasted longer than the other too couples and that they had each returned to find us fucking in the dessert. Our audience had quietly watched as we fucked each other to the point of explosion. No one seemed upset. In fact our host just said,

“I was afraid no one was going to eat that a I would just have to throw that out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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