A Chance Encounter To Cherish Ch. 02

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(After having an overwhelming response to “A CHANCE ENCOUNTER TO CHERISH”, as promised I am giving you the details of the subsequent shots I had with Navita. I request you to first please read the first part to have a background as well as to maintain continuity. Some readers have said that part-I is too detailed. It is so as it is a true account and I have not concealed anything.)


The dinner arrived after about half an hour. After having supper, we decided to rest for a while before beginning the second shot. It was approx. 9.30 PM and we decided to wait for about half an hour more. Meanwhile we discussed about our respective sex lives and the un-fulfilled fantasies.

“Do you have any un-fulfilled fantasy dear?” I posed a direct query.

“Well! (She thought for a moment) one was to have a long and slow seduction shot which you have just fulfilled. Second is to have multiple shots in a night and to be a dominant partner. Lastly, it is ‘Golden Showers’. What about yours Sunny?” she spoke her mind.

“Similar here dear! One was to ejaculate in mouth which you have just fulfilled, second is an ass hole fuck and the third one is indeed the ‘Golden Showers’ which we can do tomorrow morning during our bath together” I gave a clear picture of what was in my mind.

“Ok! We will fulfill each others fantasies” she sounded excited.

“Even though we have had one session, let us behave in subsequent shots as if it is our first shot” I proposed.

“Sure!” she became hornier.

We decided to change and she will present herself in a different way. We discussed that we will have one more shot during the night and one tomorrow morning before I leave along with a bath together. She went to her room and asked me to change my clothes.

In about 15 minutes she opened the door and there she was in a light blue see through nighty and her navy blue lingerie was visible through it. It was a feast for my eyes and I intended to simply pounce upon her, rip open her nighty and start off immediately but this was not the thing that I was intended to be doing else I would not have been here. I complimented her and she offered me a striptease dance.

I accepted and she put on an erotic song on her music system. She dimmed the lights for the effect and started to move her body in a very erotic way. She was dancing as if she was a professional stripper. After a few minutes she came near me and handed over the lose end of the nighty ribbon to me. As soon as I held it, she moved back and the knot with the ribbon was open and the nighty was down on the floor. She kicked it away and started dancing with her lingerie on. Even though I had just fucked her, her body movements were so sexy that I felt as if her body has not been explored by me.

A few minutes later, she freed her boobs from the clutches of her brassiere and flung the brassiere towards me. I kissed the inner side of the cups and placed it around my tool. She now made movements of her chest area and her boobs were dancing and enjoying. She changed sides; showing her boobs and back in turns.

When she saw that I was becoming a bit impatient, she removed her panty and again flung it towards me. It was partially wet with her love juice and licked it. I placed her panty on my chest and the sight was very erotic was her. She now became very horny and started to dance even more sexily. She fingered her pussy, pinched her nipples, fondled her boobs that made my tool struggle for space in the undie.

It was after about 20 minutes of this dance that I got up from my chair and moved towards her. I lifted her and made her lie on the bed. She thought that I was about to lick her hole and she spread her legs accordingly but I asked her to wait.

I picked up my bag and fished out a bottle of soap solution and a bubble blower from it. She seemed confused and asked me about it, “What is this Sunny? I think this is for the kids!”

“Wait dear! You will see for yourself” I comforted her.

I started to blow the bubbles in the upward direction and she sounded confused. When after a few moments the bubbles started coming down and burst on her naked body. She seemed confused but when the flow of bubbles increased that she started enjoying. The soft touch of the bubble on the body was very erotic and the feeling was that of ecstasy.

“Wow! This is something very new to me” she sounded excited.

I continued the bubble blowing and she adjusted her body to let a particular big bubble land on her nipple or navel. She enjoyed every moment of the “bubble massage” and I could smell the ‘aroma’ of her love juice between the legs.

“Ok now! You take the control of the shot and make me your sex slave” illegal bahis I kept my promise of making her fantasy come true.

Her body language suggested that she felt happy. She immediately by her action ordered me to lie down and removed my undie. She cleaned my tool of the pre-cum ooze with a wet tissue and started licking the glans with her hand playing with the shaft. She licked the glans and then sucked it moving her tongue on the back side which gave a nice sensation. She continued my cock sucking for the next 15 to 20 minutes by licking the shaft and sucking it, taking the whole tool in the mouth and then varying the pace of her sucking. Meanwhile she adjusted her position and asked me to fondle her boobs and play with her nipples.

After a long cock sucking session, she sat on the chair in the room and spread her legs. “Eat my pussy” her tone sounded erotic and commanding. I complied and sat on the floor with my head between her legs. I cleaned the pussy of the ‘love juice’ and she clasped my head by tightening the grip of her legs and her hand on the back of my head. Now my face was dedicated only for licking her pussy; her legs restricted the side ways movement and her hand stopped the back movement. She was constantly pulling my face towards her pussy for a more vigorous pussy licking session. I made her horny by ‘eating’ her pussy in a way that she liked and she was responding my moans as well as running her fingers in my hair in a passionate way.

After a few minutes when she was sure that the pace of pussy lick will continue as she wanted she freed her hands and fondled her boobs/pinched her nipples with them. Meanwhile I helped her to 3-4 orgasms and she was now dying to have the pole in her hole. She asked me to lie down and she gave a good body kiss to me; kissing the whole body from forehead to toes and then the upwards from toes to forehead. She was just about to ride over me and suddenly decided to exercise some restraint — she performed a full body massage with her 36D assets. She brought the boobs to my forehead and massaged it and then towards my face. When I wanted to suck the nipples she intelligently took them away from my lips’ grasp and teased my chest with them. She continued the boob massage and massaged my stomach and then the cock with them. She took the cock between the boobs and performed the ‘tit fuck’ for a few minutes. Slowly she went up to my toes and caressed the whole body with her boobs.

At this time both the hole and pole were dying to meet. She cleaned her pussy and my tool (as I had done in the first shot), rode over me and took the whole tool inside her in the woman-on-top position. She tightened the grip on my tool and it was as if I was inside a virgin pussy. We again experienced similar pain as if it was our first time and it took a few push ups before the lubrication returned and the pumping became smooth.

Her moans increased and she had the satisfaction of being in control. “Yes……. Yes……… Sunny…….. Play with my nipples…………. Pinch them hard………..” her moans increased. I obliged and fondled her boobs and played wit her erect nipples. This drove her wild and her movements increased both in intensity and frequency. As my hands were free, I added to her pleasure by stimulating her clit. I could only insert one finger but the feeling was one that she had never experienced before. Within minutes she had a couple of more orgasms as her love juice was now flowing on my thighs.

Every now and then she used to lower herself and to kiss and force me to suck her erect nipples and I would suck teasingly in a slow fashion which would drive her wilder. She would lower herself in such a way that my mouth was full of her boob and I had no escape. Then she would withdraw her self and play with my nipples in a wild manner but I loved every moment of the shot.

The shot lasted for about half an hour and at the end of it, she had no energy left in her body and she lay over me with the pole still in the hole. We kissed softly and her fair cheeks were pink with satisfaction. She could not move for the next about 10 minutes and we were enjoying each moment of the after play too.

When we were laying in each others arms, I complimented her on her beauty and the figure. She told me that she was a model in her prime and was even a finalist (top 25) in the “Miss India” contest and even though she could not make it to the last 3, she had won the prize for the “Best Skin”. She had to dump her career because of some family circumstances but she tried her best to maintain her body. Her figure was 36-25-37 (very close to what I had estimated as mentioned in part-I) and she was very particular about her diet illegal bahis siteleri and exercise to maintain the same.

It was about midnight and we decided to sleep off. We both cleaned our genitals, changed into night clothes and we planned our morning session. We would get up at 6 and after ‘freshening up’ will have a shot, then the ‘Golden Showers’, bathe together, breakfast and then finally I will leave in time to catch my flight. We kissed each other “Good Night” and slept in embrace. We were both nude while sleeping.

Since we were both tired after two long shots and travelling, we felt asleep fast. However at around 3 AM, my sleep was interrupted due to some noise on the road and I switched on the bed side lamp. At that moment I enjoyed the sight of a sleeping beauty in nude and could not stop myself from planting a soft kiss on her cheeks thinking that she will not wake up. I was right and then I wanted to kiss her boobs. While I was kissing the boob, she also woke up and was wild instantaneously.

She took my tool in her hand and made it come to life once again. “Come on Sunny! Fuck your Navita in doggy style” and before I could say anything she was on her fours.

“But we are dry honey! No foreplay……” I expressed my reservations.

“We have had enough of that. We clean the wet pussy and the tool. Now let us have a dry fuck” her argument had logic.

I inserted my hard erect tool into her dry pussy and for the third time in the last 8 hours did we both remember our first times. The pain and the pleasure were both out of this world and when the natural lubrication was there did I increase my pace. I would fondle her boobs and play with her nipples at times and manually stimulate her clit. After a few minutes of the shot she said, “Ok! Now fulfill your fantasy of back hole fuck” she tried to keep her promise.

I took my tool out and with some struggle entered her back hole. It was difficult for the glans to enter even though it is shaped for entry and it was because of some natural lubrication, my effort and her co-operation that I entered her rear hole. The feeling was simply ecstatic and I slowly increased my penetration and the speed. She was in real pain but she was moaning and enjoying every moment of it. Since the shot was without any foreplay, it lasted short say about 15 mins only I ejaculated in the ass hole.

We again resumed our embrace and she too liked the ass hole entry. At that moment she confessed that I was the lucky guy to have her ‘anal cherry’. I planted a kiss on her lips and said “Thank You” as she had fulfilled my long pending fantasy.

“No formalities honey!” she replied before dozing off after a painful and pleasurable “Bonus Shot” (as we had NOT planned for it).

The alarm rang at 6 and we both woke up together. She got up and started walking towards the wash room with my cum flowing on her legs. She freshened up and came back in around 15 minutes. Meanwhile I used the other bathroom to answer calls of nature. When I came out, she was ready with the morning tea and the newspaper.

Over the cup of tea we discussed about the shots we had previous night and both were more than satisfied with each other and described it as the “Best Night with memories being etched forever.” I still had a couple of hours at my disposal to enjoy before the driver would come to drop me to the airport and take the vehicle to the guest house.

At that moment we were both excited about enjoying the golden showers and a bath together. Both of us drank about 4 glasses of water each to produce enough urine to enjoy the golden showers. It was tough but at the same time it was necessary else it would spoil the fun of it. Meanwhile we cracked some non-vegetarian jokes and had hearty laughs. Her husband called and she was too romantic with him and telling him that she missed him a lot during the previous night. As soon as she had finished my wife called in and I had to act in a similar way.

We knew that it will take about an hour or so before we can commence the Golden Showers and we utilized the time to prepare for the breakfast. I helped her in making some arrangements and she was surprised at my culinary skills. “Your wife must be very happy with you” she complimented.

“Yes! Both in bed and the kitchen” my tone was naughty and she smiled.

It was after about an hour that we both felt an urge to urinate. We went to the bathroom and undressed each other. She spread her legs and I sat between them and had a clear view of her piss hole. Within seconds a warm stream of her piss was over my face and then down to my body and the feeling that the piss flow gave me was simply out of the world. She moved a bit and canlı bahis siteleri then the stream shifted on to my back and that too was (s)exciting. After finishing off, she stood in normal position. I got up with her piss still dripping from my body and pointed my tool towards her.

The angle of my tool was such that the first stream was directly on her cute face and she drank a bit of it and started licking her lips. I slowly adjusted the flow towards her boobs, down to her stomach, pubic area and finally her thighs. I still had some piss in my bladder and asked her to move around. The final shot of piss was on her sexy back and that completed her spa treatment of a “piss bath”.

It was a first experience for her and she really enjoyed it. She wanted a repeat but it would require an hour or so more. She regretted not having a similar session the previous night so that she could have a repeat in the morning. She wanted to have a taste of her own piss and licked my body wherever she could find a drop or two.

Now it was time for a bath. She opened the shower tap and we cleaned ourselves of the piss. She took a perfumed shower gel and a sponge to make the lather. She then applied the lather on my body and rubbed it nicely. I reciprocated the same to her and even played with her boobs while rubbing them. She cleaned my tool carefully and fingered her pussy while cleaning it. Since I was getting late we did not spend much of time under the shower. It was a quick bath — say 7-10 minutes with just a few more kisses.

We dried each other and came out wrapped in towels. Almost simultaneously both of us saw the wall clock and made some calculations in the mind. Our eyes conveyed each other that there were still 15 spare minutes and decided to have another quickie. She immediately hugged me and we had a passionate but quick kiss. We dropped our towels and started off for probably the last fuck (amongst us) of our lives. She immediately lay on the bed and I proposed a short 69 session. She agreed and now it was the reverse 69, I was on top and Navita was down. She took the whole cock in her mouth and I was busy tickling her clit.

A couple of minutes later we were ready for the fuck. The tissues again played their part and we had another “first fuck” pain and pleasure. I rode over her and started pumping in the missionary style. She was also enjoying the fullest and moaning ….. yes! … yes!……… fuck me hard Sunny………… fuck me hard……….. suck my boobs……….. yes! Pinch my nipples……… insert your full tool……… be fast ……………… fuck harder………… fuck as is this is your first and last fuck of life…………

I had shown enough of restraint in my previous shots and now it was time to be wild. I sensed that she was also longing for a wild fuck and I showed no mercy to the already fatigued tool and the pussy and started fucking fast — really fast. I told her, “OK Dear! Tighten the grip and be wild”. She responded by tightening the pussy muscles and pinching my nipples. The experience was so erotic that I ejaculated in just under 10 minutes. By the time we finished we were both drenched in sweat and the bodies from head to toe were thanking for the satisfaction we gave each other. The orgasm tightened her pussy and I had a bit of hard tome withdrawing my tool. I think her pussy was not ready to let it go so easily.

We quickly went back to the bathroom to have another quick shower and within minutes we were out and dressed up. She prepared breakfast for me and I finished up with the packing. Just as we had finished, the door bell rang and it was the driver. I handed him the luggage and the keys of the car so that he can start off with cleaning the car.

Navita’s mood was mixed — she had the satisfaction of having best night of her life with her pending fantasies coming true and that like other good things, this encounter too was coming to an end. I went near her with the bag (I talked about earlier). She thought that I had come to throw the empty bag into the dustbin, but I took out a small box from it handed over to her. “What is this Sunny?” she sounded curious.

“Just for you honey! A token of remembrance” I replied back with a smile.

“Wow! This is wonderful. But…………” she responded on seeing the diamond pendant.

“No ifs and buts dear!” I tried to comfort her.

“Thank you” she responded and we again locked our lips for (probably) the last time. This was a purely romantic kiss only without any lust as there was no boob fondling, bottom pinching etc.

I came out and boarded the car. She just said “Goodbye” and waved me till the car was out of sight.

(Now we are good net friends and exchange calls and messages. However, we have promised each other that the encounter will be used for positive purposes in the marriage and we will not let it adversely affect the relations with our respective spouses in any way — whatsoever)

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