A Boy and His dungeon VIII

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‘Once more into the breech’

Over the next week I settled in, getting the house in order, learning my way around the campus, and became familiar with the Land Rover. Jill all but moved in, sleeping with me most nights. Conner came up with digital copies of out text books as well as digital transcripts of the associated lectures. All of us started challenging required courses and freeing up time. I continued to challenge all my courses except for my computer courses because I wanted to keep access to the school’s computers. Conner and I moved the computers to one of the shed rooms and set up the equipment so we could continue the research.

Talking with Jennifer, I found that her last class on Friday let out at noon and her first class on Monday started late in the morning. We made plans for me to pick her up and spend the weekend together.

Early Friday morning I was on my way to pick up Jennifer. Since it was an all girls school, I had to check in at office and wait for her there while they sent someone to find her. I didn’t have long to wait. She didn’t run into the office, but was moving quickly. She wore a pullover shirt or jersey, and a pleated, plaid skirt. She flashed me a smile and went to the counter to sign out for the weekend. By pre-arrangement, we had used our home addresses, so she could say a neighbor was taking her home. She was soon free and I carried her bag out to the car. She admired the Land Rover briefly as I tossed her bag into the back and held the door for her. As I started the engine I looked up and saw a curtain in the office pulled to one side.

“They watch you girls here pretty closely, don’t they?” I asked, pointing at the window.

“They want to make sure our first stop isn’t the back seat.” she replied with a laugh.

“Want to stop for lunch?” I asked as we pulled out of the parking lot.

“No, I usually eat lunch later,” she replied, “and I want to see this house of yours.”

She moved over, practically sitting on the center console, while cuddled up to me.

“I’ve missed you.” she said

“I’ve missed you too.” I replied.

“Even though you’ve been beavering away at every girl on campus?” she said trying to suppress a giggle.

“No time.” I told her, “Things have been busy.”

“Jill told me how . . . busy you’ve been.”

I put my arm around her and gently fondled her tits, while she placed her hand on my crotch. She gave along sigh, apparently enjoying what I was doing. She started to rub my cock, through my pants. I was having some difficulty driving straight on the road.

“Uh,” I stammered, “as much as I’m enjoying that,” I said glancing down, “If we expect to get to the house, alive, you’ve got to . . . stop.”

“Okay, she said, “I’ll behave . . . until we get to the house.”

I went back to toying with her tits. A few moments later she pulled up her shirt and pulled her bra up to expose her tits.

“Jenn!” I yelped, “someone will see!”

“Only if I get to my knees on the seat.” she responded.

“Or they’re in a tall lorry.” I shot back as a tall lorry passed us.

She pulled her shirt down until it just covered her tits

“But, I still want to feel your hands on me.” she said, as she placed my hand on her soft, smooth flesh under the shirt.

I squeezed gently and rubbed the nipple in small circles. She hummed with pleasure and and leaned into me. For several miles I continued to caress her tits. She pulled her skirt up and wriggling, removed her panties. She grabbed my hand and moved to her pussy, spreading her legs to make it easy for me. I slid my finger up and down along her pussy lips. She soon became wet and I slid my finger into her pussy. She began to make small movements with her hips, in a counterpoint to my gently questing finger, Over the next several miles, I continued to finger her as her breath quickened and, with a soft moan of pleasure she slid one hand under her shirt to massage her tits. After a few more miles, she was gasping and humping harder against my finger, I moved my finger to her clit, rubbing is very small circles. She moaned and humped harder against my finger. She had both hands on her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples, one foot up on the center console and the other on the door armrest, oblivious to her surroundings and past caring if she were to be seen. I increased the pressure against her clit. She had pushed the shirt up out of her way and now, was squeezing and twisting at her nipples. I slipped another finger into her pussy, stroking her to get my fingers wet, then moved them to take her swollen clit between them as I slid my fingers just inside the lips of her pussy.

She let out a groaning scream through clenched teeth as she came while she pressed her hips against my hand that she had clamped between her legs. She held herself there as her orgasm subsided, then dropped her hips to the car seat, jerking her clit through my fingers, triggering another orgasm. She collapsed onto the car seat, gasping for breath, tits illegal bahis out and her skirt up around her waist, leaving her pussy exposed. I hugged her tightly then extracted my arm and got two hands on the wheel for the first time since leaving her school.

“Oh, how I missed you!” she sighed.

“I could tell,” I responded. “There’s a box of tissues in the glove box.”

She got out the tissues out and started to wipe herself. She handed me a couple of tissues so I could wipe my fingers and steering wheel clean of her juices. She leaned forward to wiggle out of her bra, then rearranged her clothes into some semblance of normalcy.

“How much further?” she asked, “I want you in me so bad.”

I glanced at the odometer, surprised, I had absolutely no memory of the past seventy five or eighty miles.

“Another thirty or forty five minutes,” I told her, “if you don’t do something that makes me wreck us.

She leaned against me with a sigh as we continued down the road.

I had told her about Conner and Lisa and she was eager to meet them. Since we had been talking every night, there wasn’t much to catch up on so we spent the rest of the drive in silence for the most part.

I pulled into the drive, more or less on time, parked, and killed the engine. Conner’s Volvo was parked at the curb, and as we climbed out, Jill came bounding down the steps. She swept both of us into a hug and kissed us both. Jill told us Conner and Lisa were in the shed playing with the computers and that we should join them when we caught our breath. She gleefully slammed the door as we stepped in and ran off, laughing.

Jennifer looked a little dazed. I Figured that Jill was allowing us a little time to ourselves. I guided Jennifer through the house, pointing out the living room and kitchen, then down the hall to the bedroom. The bed was freshly made, for the first time that week, and towels were laid out. Someone had been busy.

Jennifer looked at the bed then at me, then was clawing at my clothes. I helped her get be naked, then she shed her skirt and shirt. She fell to her knees and quickly sucked my cock to full ridgidity. She pulled me to the bed and threw herself back onto it.

“Just fuck me!” she said, “we’ll do the kinky stuff tonight, but now I want your cock in me!”

I lost no time in complying, I knelt on the bed, pulled her legs wide and plunged my cock into her dripping pussy. In less than a dozen strokes she locked her legs around me and grunted out a minor orgasm. I kept pumping my cock into her, setting a rapid pace, leaning down to roughly kiss her. She screeched as a second orgasm hit her. Her hips took up an almost impossible tempo that I did my best to match.

“Yes! Oh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she babbled as I slammed my cock into her as hard as I could.

In seconds she screamed out her third orgasm as I roared out mine, pumping madly until my cock softened and slipped out. We collapsed side by side on the bed, both of us gasping for breath. We rolled together and lay there gasping arm in arm.

“That was the best yet.” she got out between gasps

“You did miss me.” I said.

“Same to you.” she responded

We cuddled for few moments until I realized a desperately needed to use the loo. I took care of business and cleaned up quickly. I came out, she went in, and I dressed quickly. I yelled to her that I was going to get her bag and went out to the Land Rover. When I got back, she was just coming out of the loo patting her pussy gently with a towel.

“Are you okay?” I asked, dropping her bag on the bed.

“Yeah,” she replied, digging into the bag, but if the whole weekend is like that I’m going to be going back in a wheelchair.”

“To rough?”

“At the time, it was great,” she answered, “but I’m going to be a little sore for a few hours. You didn’t break anything and as best I recall, I liked it, a lot.”

Finally dressed, we stopped in the kitchen for a glass of water and went out to the shed. Conner and Lisa were wedged together in one of the larger chairs, rattling away on two keyboards looking at two screens and talking a mile a minute. Jill stood behind them, looking over their shoulders. Jennifer and I walked up softly to watch. Jill started as we stepped to either side of her. She looked at my face, then Jennifer’s and broke into a big smile. She put an arm around each of us and hugged us as hard as she could.

Conner and Lisa suddenly stopped typing and fell silent for a moment.

“Is that it?” Asked Conner

“I think so,” said Lisa, “and it seems to be stable.”

They put the keyboards down and stretched their arms, then turned to each other and kissed while Conner groped Lisa’s tits. He must have caught a glimpse of out of the corner of his eye. He kicked the chair around a hundred and eighty degrees with one foot.

Hi Jill, James,” he said, “And this must be Jennifer.”

Introductions were made as Conner and Lisa pried themselves out of the chair. Jennifer, Jill, illegal bahis siteleri and Lisa began making girl talk so I looked around the room, on a dilapidated rack were my four network computers as well as ten or a dozen more. There were four desks with dual screen workstations on each in addition to the station they had been using on the bench. The recliner and scanner panels were still here and a a circular cage like thing sat to one side. The counter now sported a coffee machine and a microwave oven. A fridge stood to one side. One more computer, my old main computer sat with its keyboard, mouse and monitor on the edge of one desk

“What is all . . . this?” I asked Conner, throwing an arm around the room.

“This is, began Conner. “Wallace and Billings, Game Development and Research. I’m the president, you’re Head of Research, Lisa is Head of Software, Jill is Secretary/Treasurer, and Jennifer is, uh, Product tester and, uh,


The girls joined us.

“Where did all this stuff come from?” I asked, trying to take it all in.

“I know a couple of guys in the university IT gang,” Conner explained, “I was talking to them about the games I wanted to make and mentioned that you had some ideas to add in tactile feedback, but we were a little under-wheeled, tech wise. All this equipment has been surplussed from the university and donated to a ‘deserving startup’.”

“The furniture was taking up space in storage as well, so . . .” he went on, “Those computers are about two generations ahead of what you had. In fact, your four are standby backups in case one of the ‘new’ ones craps out on us.

That thing there,” he pointed to the cage, “is a scanner stage. It uses low power lasers to create a three dimensional image of whatever, or whoever is on the stage.”

“I think I get it,” I said in a daze, “But, ‘Wallace and Billings’?”

“Had to call it something,” Conner said, “and ‘Universal Framistat’ was taken, it’s the fictitious company the School of Business at the university uses as an example of everything.”

We all moved to a pair of sofas and two easy chairs in a conversational group around a low table. Conner went on to talk about applying for a business license and the forms that would need to be filled out and filed. One of his gamer friends in the Business School who would be our sales and marketing guy. He was throwing the best of his completed games into the pot to get us started. And this would let me pursue anything I wanted to in terms of research and wow he was hungry and who wanted to go get a pizza.

We went in the Land Rover. As we climbed in, Jill darted in and plucked Jennifer’s discarded panties off the floor, observing that our drive home must have been interesting. Amid gales of laughter, and Jennifer’s furious blush we ate pizza and talked and laughed until the pizza shop closed and headed back to the house.

Once in, we settled in the living room, Jennifer on my lap in the easy chair and Lisa and Jill flanking Conner. Jennifer was a little nervous because she didn’t really know Conner and Lisa yet. I told her that nobody would force her into anything and if she wished she could simply remain a spectator. She relaxed a bit as we cuddled together and watched as Lisa and Jill started taking turns kissing Conner, then switched to kissing each other. Conner fondled their tits while they worked clumsily at his pants.

Jennifer watched raptly as I stroked her tits and she rubbed my cock through my pants. Lisa and Jill paused for a moment to pull off each other’s shirts, the each of them started playing with one of the others tits and kept working at Conner’s pants while Conner continued on the other two tits. I slid my hands under Jennifer’s shirt to fondle her tits and nipples. She raised her arms and I pealed off her shirt, returning my hands to her tits as she started trying to open my pants.

By chance we all stopped at the same time and stripped naked and resumed our positions. Jennifer carefully pressed my cock down as she sat so it lay along her pussy lips and I went back to fondling her tits and nipples. Lisa took Conner’s cock in her mouth, while Jill kissed him. He reached under them to begin fingering them both. Jennifer wiggled her self against my cock as I squeezed her nipples gently and nuzzling her neck. Lisa and Jill swapped rolls, pausing to kiss each other as there heads passed. The room filled with a medley of moans, gasps and heavy breathing.

Jennifer leaned head back, asking if I thought she could trade with Jill. I told her it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Jennifer got up and kissed me then walked over and whispered in Jill’s ear, Jill smiled and whispered something lengthy in Conner’s ear. He nodded and kissed Jill, who got up and swayed her way over to me. Jennifer worked herself into position and kissed Conner. Jill kissed me and turned to sit in my lap, slipping my cock into her pussy as she sat down. I reached on hand for her tits and the other for her clit. I nibbled her ears and nuzzled her neck canlı bahis siteleri as I watched the trio across from us. Conner seemed to be extra careful with Jennifer’s pussy. When Lisa moved from Conner’s cock to kiss him, she was momentarily surprised to find herself kissing Jennifer. As she kissed Conner she reached out to maul Jennifer’s tits. Conner whispered into ear and she became more gentle with Jennifer’s tits. Jill began to bounce a little on my lap, breathing quicker, I put a little more pressure on her clit, rubbing faster. Jill began to gasp and moan. Lisa and Conner were whispering back and forth While Jennifer sucked his cock as deep as she could.

I rubbed Jill’s clit hard and she jumped and gasped out her orgasm, settling limp in my lap. A few seconds later Conner came, flooding Jennifer’s mouth. As soon as Jennifer released him, smiling with dribbles of cum leaked from her the corners of her mouth. Lisa jumped up and ran down the hall. Conner called for a change while Jill took a moment to lick Jennifer’s face clean and kiss her. Lisa came back out with the tube of lubricant and a big smile.

Conner took charge, placing Lisa on all fours on the floor. He gently began to lube and stretch her ass. When she was ready, he carefully pressed his cock into her ass, working carefully until his balls lay against her pussy. Next he had Jennifer slide under Lisa to the point they could suck each others tits and had Jill stand on the sofa as he arched his back so she could straddle his face. Finally I crawled between Jennifer’s legs and eased my cock into her pussy.

Conner began sucking and licking at Jill’s pussy, Lisa slowly rocked back and forth on Conner’s cock while she licked and sucked Jennifer’s tits and I slowly thrust into Jennifer’s pussy. Jill mauled her own tits as Conner took a blob of lube and worked a finger into Jill’s ass. Jennifer reached up and started to finger Lisa and tease her clit. I kept slowly stroking into Jennifer’s pussy, leaning down to kiss Lisa every few strokes.

Jennifer came first screaming against Lisa’s tit, followed quickly by Jill who grabbed Conner’s hair holding her pussy against his mouth. When she released him she almost fell off the sofa before climbing carefully down. I continued to stroke slowly into Jennifer as she gasped her way to a second orgasm. Jill walked over and started to kiss me. Conner straightened up and began to fuck into Lisa’s ass a little more quickly. Jennifer screamed out her second orgasm and went limp as I blasted a load of cum into her pussy.

Jill helped Jennifer slide out from under Lisa and curled up to her so they could lick at each others pussies. I straightened up and saw Lisa motioning me move closer. She took my limp cock into her mouth and started sucking hard. I quickly became hard again as Lisa aggressively sucked my cock down her throat as Conner pulled back and releasing me as Conner thrust into her. Conner slammed into her two more time and grunted out his orgasm as Lisa screamed hers around my cock.

Lisa sucked me deep into her throat and held me there for long seconds while she worked her throat muscles. Her eyes were just beginning to role up as I shot another load of cum down her throat. She swallowed convulsively twice and collapsed, pulling off my cock as Conner slowly pulled out of her ass.

I let myself down to the floor as Conner lay beside Lisa. Jennifer and Jill had given up and lay side by side. I crawled between Jill and Jennifer and cuddled Jennifer while Jill twisted around to cuddle up to my back.

We lay there getting our breathing back to normal. Finally, Conner and Lisa stumbled off to clean up. Jennifer Jill and I didn’t move until they came back. Jennifer went next, and came back with a warm,wet washcloth to clean me while Jill took her turn.

When Jill came back she stopped to Whisper to Lisa, and then to Jennifer. She stood and announced that since Lisa was the only one who had only cum once, Conner and I were to watch the show. Jill got Lisa back onto the floor and dove between her legs to suck and lick her pussy, while Jennifer went after Lisa’s tits. I’d never quite understood why guys liked girl-on-girl sex, but this was strangely exciting. Lisa was beginning to writhe and moan under the girls tongues when Jill mumbled something and they switched places.

After a few more moments, Lisa screamed out her second orgasm, bucking Jennifer away from her pussy. When Lisa began to relax, the two girls cuddled her for several minutes. Conner and I looked at each other and nodded our mutual approval.

The girls all got up and went down the hall for a few minutes. They came back and took their seats, Jennifer on my lap Jill and Lisa flanking Conner

We talked lazily of inconsequentials for a while. They got dressed and Jennifer jumped up and ran to Jill. They had a brief whispered conversation and Jill shook her head in a firm ‘No’ then whispered to Jennifer again. Jennifer smiled and nodded as she came back to my lap.

Wishing us a good night. Conner left with Lisa and Jill.

Jennifer and I went inside and spent the night in each other’s arms. In the early hours we enjoyed some slow lazy sex and slept again, cuddled together.

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