A “Bad” Day: Cast , Crew

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I want to thank you all for the support that you have given my first story. Chapter 2 is in the works but due to some unexpected real world, I can’t devote full time to it until the middle of April. I am still devoting as much time as I can to it so I hope to have it soon.

So I decided to give you something to wet your appetite.

This “chapter” is going to give you the major cast of the story, complete with a description for each. There is no sex of any kind in this.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Setting: The story takes place in Seattle Washington and the fictional H.G. Wells High school.

The Peytons:

Wendy Peyton: Our nineteen-year-old “heroine.” Wendy is five foot, six inches tall with shoulder length auburn hair. Her desire to be a physical education teacher has led her to stay in good shape. Before her transition, she wasn’t that interested in sex or relationships. Once she started living as a woman her desires for a relationship and even sex seemed to blossom. Her sex drive really kicked into high gear the day she saw the Captain of the boy’s soccer team, Rubén Eustaquio, naked in the locker room.

Micheal “Mike” Peyton: Wendy’s eighteen-year-old brother. Mike is six foot tall with short auburn hair. He plays on the school’s baseball team. He felt uncomfortable canlı bahis şirketleri when Wendy first started her transition but that faded as he admitted to himself that he was sexually attracted to her. Wendy’s teasing only made things worse for Mike. He hid this desire till the day he got caught.

Kennith “Ken” Peyton: The patriarch of the Peytons, Ken is forty-five years old with thinning black hair. Ken stands six feet tall and is slightly stocky. Ken works as an architect for the Masters and Thorne Architecture Firm, a job that takes him out of town frequently.

Rhonda “Roni” Peyton: The matriarch of the Peytons. Roni is forty years old with short Auburn hair. She stands five foot five inches and visits the Gym three days a week. She prides herself on what she calls her “good looks for a woman her age.” Roni works part-time at “Flowers are Happiness” a Flower shop. When Wendy first came to her about her desire to transition, Roni was more than accepting. Now she spends as much time bonding with her daughter as she can.

Students and Staff of H.G. Wells H.S.


Kerrie Evanson: Principle of H.G. Wells, Kerrie is a thirty-nine year old African-American woman. She is five foot, eight inches. Kerrie is chubby with ample breasts. Kerrie is well liked by the staff and student body. canlı kaçak iddaa

Rich Bulle: Rich is the boys P.E. Teacher. Rich is thirty-five years old, six foot, two inches, and in very good shape. He has dirty blonde hair that he keeps in a buzz cut. Rich is also the coach of the boy’s soccer team. When he was told that he was going to have Wendy in his class, he protested. Not because she was transsexual but because he knew the trouble that having a girl in the locker room could cause. So to make sure there weren’t any issues he lets Wendy change in his office changing room.

Vanessa MacFarlane: Vanessa teaches American literature. She is twenty-nine years old with long red hair that she keeps in a tight five strand back braid. She petite and only stands five foot, four inches. She is known by the student body as “the hottest piece of ass in the school”, something that has not escaped her ears.

The Student body:

Rubén Eustaquio: Rubén is the eighteen-year-old captain of the boy’s soccer team. He is a five foot, eleven inch Latino, with short wavy black hair and a runner’s build.

Josh Pierce: Josh is the eighteen, almost nineteen years old, “love” interest of Wendy. Wendy doesn’t know Josh’s sexual preferences but she is sure that her love for him will make it all not matter.

Extras: canlı kaçak bahis

Abigayle “Abby” Beverly: Abby is Wendy’s best friend and “Birthday buddy”. Abby is a slightly over-weight goth with dark black dyed hair that is always kept in pigtails. Instead of going off to college like the rest of their classmates Abby stayed behind to be there for Wendy during her transition. She is fiercely protective of Wendy and is known to carry a butterfly knife and say ” I’ll cut a bitch”.

She works at an underground music record store that is known to be “sketchy” sometimes.

Dr. Sundar Singh: Dr. Singh is Wendy’s doctor. Dr. Singh is a thirty-nine-year-old, five foot, six inches tall, thin, Indian male with a thick mustache and short wavy hair.

Dr. Leo Braune: Dr. Braune is Wendy’s psychiatrist, He is a fifty-year-old, six-foot-tall man from Berlin Germany. His short, neatly kept hair is black and gray at the temples and he has a salt and pepper goatee.

Hilda Masters: Hilda is one of the owners of the architectural firm that employs Wendy’s father, Ken. Hilda is thirty-five-years old and is five foot, eight inches tall with a slightly muscular build. She keeps her raven black hair in a braid that ends just below her shoulders. It is said that her green eyes can see into your soul.

Thomas Thorne: Thomas is the other owner of the firm that employs Wendy’s father. Thomas is forty-years old with short platinum blonde hair. He keeps himself in top shape. His eyes are a very light shade of blue. He hates being called Tom.

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