The Soccer Locker Room Pt. 14

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“Excellent work, Charlie,” Coach Alex shouted from the sidelines. “You’re keeping up perfectly!”

It was recruiting season, which meant a few weeks of practices in which a promising high school player would join and get to know the team. This usually meant going on a tour of the school and soccer facilities, getting dinner with the team, and spending the night in a dorm.

Jake usually hated these practices because he had to go through so much effort to make the recruit’s experience positive — and they generally weren’t even all that good! But today, he was pleasantly surprised. From all he could gather, Charlie was a truly stellar player. Even more, he had good grades and a super positive attitude to boot. Jake felt extremely motivated to get him to join the team for next year.

Towards the end of practice, Jake could tell that Charlie was having fun, feeling self-confident, and getting comfortable with the guys. He gracefully passed the ball around the field, calling plays, and taking in the other player’s helpful advice as best he could. As they all gathered into a post-scrimmage huddle, Jake got to admire up close Charlie’s boyish looks. He was quite small: At barely 18-years-old, he was only 5’6″ and had a skinny, but toned, physique. With dark buzzed hair, blue eyes, and a wide smile, he was both adorable and sexy. Jake certainly didn’t get homosexual vibes from Charlie, but if he was gay, he’d be an absolutely perfect twink.

“Good practice, guys. I think we’re in great shape for the game tomorrow,” Coach said encouragingly to the team. “We’d have an even better chance of winning if Charlie could play with us tomorrow, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until next year for that!”

The guys laughed, but all nodded in agreement. It was clear that Charlie would be a fantastic addition to the team, if he so chose. Charlie beamed.

As they guys broke from the huddle, Jake hustled over to give Charlie the lowdown on the rest of his visit.

“Nice work today, man! I’m completely serious when I say that we were all impressed. Coach clearly was too — he never says things like that to the recruits.”

“Thanks,” Charlie replied with an earnest smile. “I had a ton of fun. Seems like a great fit so far!”

“Glad to hear it. Well as you know, I’ll be showing you around campus for the rest of the evening so that you can get to know the college even better. First thing, we can shower off in the team locker room, then drop your luggage in the dorms before grabbing dinner with the guys. If you’re up for it, we can definitely check out a couple parties tonight and see where the night takes us. Sound good?”

“Sounds good,” said Charlie. He asked a few more questions to Jake as they walked the short distance from the practice fields to the soccer locker rooms, such as the timing of team tryouts, the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and how it was balancing soccer with academics. Jake was used to fielding these questions, so he responded with ease.

When they got to the locker stalls, he handed Charlie a towel and pointed towards the gang showers. For being only 18, Jake was impressed at just how comfortable Charlie was with his body. He stripped off his clothes without a care, then casually walked over to the showers without even feeling the need to cover up.

Jake got his first complete look at Charlie’s body as they started to rinse off in the hot water. He was nearly hairless, with absolutely no chest hair, short and thin leg hair, and completely shaved pubes. His skinny frame accentuated his impressive musculature considering his age, with very visible abs and toned pecs, arms, and legs. But his ass was perhaps his best quality. Although a little small, it was extremely firm, rounded, and hairless. As Charlie rubbed soap over his body, Jake sneaked the tiniest glimpse of his tiny, smooth hole. In an instant, Jake could feel a semi start to spring from his groin.

Within a few minutes, the whole team and Coach were chatting in the showers. The usual antics were in full swing on this particular Friday afternoon, with guys slapping each other on the ass, whipping towels, and making evening plans.

“For being such a little guy, you sure can move,” Noah, a junior on the team, said jokingly to Charlie. “Don’t worry though, in a few more years you’ll be just as jacked as the rest of us!” He flexed istanbul travesti his muscles, showing off to make the point.

Charlie smiled, clearly impressed at Noah’s 6’4″ and jacked body. Jake couldn’t help but notice the way Charlie’s eyes momentarily lingered on Noah’s absolutely enormous cock, at least 6″ when flaccid and 9″ hard, as it swung between his legs. But given the size, Jake didn’t want to read too much into the moment.

“Thanks, dude,” Charlie said after a second, catching himself staring. “I’d definitely like to build up a bit more mass.”

A bit later, Jake and Charlie toweled off and put on their street clothes. After grabbing Charlie’s suitcase and gym duffel, they left the athletic complex and began walking over to the brand-new campus dorm. The school always had recruits stay in the nicest dorms in order to impress them, even though students never got to live there until their senior year. Charlie seemed impressed by the space, a lightly furnished single-occupancy room with a big window that looked into a dense forest. He put down his suitcase on the desk and then sat down on the bed, leaning back against the wall.

“This has been such a great visit, Jake,” Charlie said, appearing exhausted but content.

“Really glad to hear it, Charlie. I’m curious: Anything in particular stand out so far?” Jake pulled up the desk chair so that it was facing the bed and sat down.

“Well part of it is that this is a great school, and you have a great track record as a team. But I’ve visited a lot of places like that, and you still stand out. I think it’s maybe just how comfortable and chill everyone is with each other. Like, it’s pretty cool and unique to see Coach showering with the guys after practice. Feels like you’re all one big unit.”

“Yeah, that is a really nice aspect of our team,” Jake said nodding in agreement. “It helps that Coach was a senior on the team my first year, so we’ve built up a good working relationship. But mostly we just work actively to make sure the team is cohesive each year. I think it’s paid off well so far.”

“For sure man,” Charlie replied.

“I hope the locker room situation didn’t make you uncomfortable though. I know it can be strange to be naked in front of a bunch of total strangers, plus potentially your future coach.”

“Oh, that wasn’t a concern at all,” said Charlie with a small laugh. “I was mostly just shocked at the size of Noah’s dick! How big is that thing?”

Jake bursted out laughing, not expecting Charlie’s candor on the subject. “Yeah dude, it’s huge. I think it’s about 9″ when hard.”

“Fuck. He must be very popular on campus.”

“You don’t even know the half of it,” Jake began, wondering whether or not he should mention the team’s sexual history at this point. In a split-second decision, he chose to tell Charlie. “If I’m being completely honest, a few weeks back, well….Noah and I had some fun in the locker rooms.”

“No way dude!” Charlie looked shocked and impressed, but not upset. “Like, are you saying he fucked you with that thing?”

“Yeah man,” Jake replied with a devilish grin. “It was honestly incredible, like the biggest dick I’ve ever taken. I have no idea what you’re into, but the team is very gay-friendly. Maybe we should be more modest, but it’s not uncommon for some shenanigans to go on in there after practice sometimes!” He decided he wouldn’t be any more specific than that for the time being.

Charlie grinned, imagining the sexual escapades that had taken place in there. He loosely rubbed the ever-growing tent in his jeans, before catching himself.

“Damn, you guys are so comfortable with each other. Wish my team back home was like that.”

“What do you mean? Like you wish your team just got along better, or actually fucked each other in the locker room sometimes?” Jake laughed at his ridiculous and mostly joking suggestion.

“It’s really just the gay-friendly thing. Can I tell you something?” Charlie suddenly looked nervous.

“Of course, man, anything.”

“Well, part of my problem with the other places I’ve visited is how closed-off the team can seem. I haven’t told too many people this, but I’m bisexual and wouldn’t want my future teammates to treat me differently because of that.”

“Wow Charlie, thanks for telling me that,” Jake responded with care. “I can definitely istanbul travestileri assure you that you wouldn’t have any issues on that front with our team. Literally every single guy here is extremely cool on that issue, so no worries at all.”

Charlie smiled, looking more and more confident he would being going here in the Fall. “Thanks, I really appreciate that. And for what’s it worth, you have a really nice looking dick too, Jake.” He winked.

Jake was taken aback but appreciated that compliment. “I didn’t want to say anything, but your ass is so hot, dude. I bet you’re popular with the guys back home.”

“What guys?!” Charlie joked. “I’ve had some girlfriends, but never been with a guy before actually. There just aren’t that many out dudes at my school.”

“A true shame,” said Jake. “I think you’ll have lots of fun once you start here though!”

Charlie smiled back at him. Impulsively, he said, “I mean, why wait for when I start?”

The two of them stared intensely at each other for a moment, before Jake leapt onto the bed. In seconds, they were passionately making out as Jake pushed Charlie flat down on the bed and got on top of him. Running his hands along Charlie’s head, neck, shoulders, and arms, he soon began pulling off his and Charlie’s shirts. Their firm chests pressed against one another, the weight of Jake’s pressing Charlie down.

“You’re so fucking hot, Charlie,” Jake grunted animalistically. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw you today.”

“I want to get fucked so bad,” Charlie moaned back.

Jake couldn’t wait. After pulling down his own pants, he got on his knees to unbuckle Charlie’s belt and remove his jeans. In one quick motion, he yanked off Charlie’s briefs to reveal his fully erect cock. Charlie was certainly smaller than Jake, but that didn’t prevent him from wanting to suck it.

“Ever had a guy suck your cock before, Charlie?”

“No, only girls,” he replied.

Jake wrapped his lips over the tip of Charlie’s manhood, holding the shaft firmly in his right hand. Instantaneously, Charlie began moaning loudly and uncontrollably. As Jake continued to stroke the shaft lightly, he worked his lips further and further down. Finally, he removed his hand completely and took the entire dick in his mouth, moving up and down quickly and enthusiastically. Charlie began to thrust gently into Jake’s mouth as he continued sucking him off.

“Oh my god,” Charlie whispered passionately, almost in shock. “You’re so good at this, Jake. This is so, so good.”

The two of them made eye contact as Charlie grabbed Jake’s head, now thrusting harder into his mouth. Jake massaged Charlie’s balls, quickly feeling them tense up.

“OH SHIT!” Charlie screamed as he suddenly began to pump cum into Jake’s mouth. Not expecting the eruption, Jake did his best to swallow up the load as Charlie held down his head. Hot and salty, it tasted absolutely incredible. Jake felt at least 5 or 6 bursts on his tongue before Charlie released him.

Jake smiled at Charlie when the orgasm subsided, then moved on top of him again for a kiss. He pushed his tongue deep inside Charlie’s mouth, sharing back his seed.

“Sorry about that,” Charlie said with a sheepish smile. “Didn’t mean to cum so quick, but you are so good at blowjobs. Way better than any girl I’ve been with.”

“Don’t apologize, man. I’m happy to help.” After making out for a bit more, Jake felt his own ever-stiff cock pulsing between their bodies. “Do you still want me to fuck you?”

Charlie didn’t even hesitate before nodding his head in agreement. “Please Jake, I want you inside me so bad,” he begged.

Jake smiled before flipping Charlie over onto his stomach. Back down on his knees, Jake spread Charlie’s ass cheeks open before running his tongue down Charlie’s hole. Bright pink, tight, and hairless, it was absolutely gorgeous to see.

Charlie started to moan loudly again, obviously experiencing a rim job for the first time.

“You like that?” Jake asked Charlie, already knowing the answer.

“So much, Jake,” he replied. “Now put your huge cock in me!”

Jake couldn’t believe how eager Charlie was to be fucked. Getting up, he spit on his hand a few times, lubing up Charlie’s hole and his own dick in turns. As he positioned himself over Charlie’s small, young, and twinky body, travesti istanbul he felt acutely just how much bigger he was than the recruit. Almost half a foot taller and carrying at least 30 more pounds of muscle, Jake felt huge.

After a few thrusts along Charlie’s now-wet crack, Jake propped the tip of his dick against Charlie’s tight hole. “Ready for your first dick?”

“Fuck yeah I am,” Charlie replied.

“Just try to relax, and don’t worry about it too much. You’ll get used to the feeling in a bit,” Jake encouraged as he pushed his dick slowly but forcefully into Charlie’s ass. Charlie tensed up briefly as he adjusted, eventually relaxing again. In a minute or two, Jake’s dick was completely inside Charlie.

“You feel absolutely incredible,” Jake whispered in Charlie’s ear. “This is the smallest, tightest hole I’ve ever fucked.”

Still leaning over Charlie’s back, Jake began to thrust his dick completely in and out as Charlie moaned with pleasure. Each time he bottomed out, he felt Charlie’s ass squeeze tight around his cock.

“How does this feel so fucking good?!” Charlie asked incredulously.

“It’s my dick hitting your prostate. Get used to it, buddy,” Jake replied, smirking.

Jake moved upright onto his knees, propping up Charlie’s ass and holding his hips while he fucked him faster from behind. He smacked Charlie’s right ass cheek with his hand, making Charlie jump in surprise.

Jake loved watching his cock slide in and out of Charlie. He stared intently as Charlie’s hole stretched each time his dick slid in, then tightened as his dick pulled out. Their bodies shined with sweat, precum, and lube.

A few minutes later, Jake decided it was time to reposition. Pulling out, he quickly picked up Charlie’s entire body with ease and threw him back down onto his back. To Jake’s surprise, Charlie was completely erect again.

“Looks like you’re ready for another round,” Jake mused.

“How could I not be?” Charlie asked rhetorically as he pulled his legs back over his shoulders, exposing his tight asshole once more.

Jake spit on Charlie’s erection, then began to stroke it gently as he reentered him. He loved watching Charlie’s expression as his dick slid fully in: His face went from discomfort and pain to sheer ecstasy in seconds as his body, once more, became accustomed to taking in another man.

“Shit, Jake,” Charlie moaned through short, belabored breaths. “You’re getting me so close.”

“Fucking cum for me, Charlie,” Jake told him. “Show me how much you love getting fucked.” Jake continued to stroke Charlie’s cock, feeling it pulse intensely as he moved closer to orgasm. At the same time, Jake felt Charlie’s ass squeeze tight around his cock.

“I’m cumming!” Charlie screamed once more as his dick sprayed massive ropes of jizz. They landed all over his hairless torso, coating the space between his pecs, his abs, and his belly button. He struggled to catch his breath as Jake continued to stroke his cock, coaxing every last drop of cum out.

“That was a huge load, bro, especially for a second time,” Jake said with a smile. He then scooped up Charlie’s cum with his right hand and fed it directly to Charlie, who lapped it up eagerly.

“I want to cum in you so bad,” Jake told him. “Tell me how much you want this load in you.”

Charlie was almost desperate for Jake. “Please Jake, breed my tight little hole. Give me my first load, please!”

Jake grinned as he held down Charlie’s chest with his hands, ramming his cock forcefully into Charlie’s ass. Each time, his balls clapped against Charlie’s taint.

“I’m so close,” Jake said through gritted teeth, preparing for a massive orgasm.

“Fill me up. Breed me, Jake,” Charlie begged one final time, just as Jake thrust in his dick and exploded.

“FUCK!” Jake shouted, not caring if the rooms next door could hear. His body collapsed on top of the recruit as he lost control, feeling an intense orgasm as wad after wad of cum flooded Charlie’s virgin ass. Their sweaty bodies pressed together, becoming one as Jake continued to breed his hole.

When he finally came down from the orgasm, he rolled off of Charlie and laid down next to him, wrapping his arm around Charlie’s neck and shoulders.

“Pretty fun, right?” Jake grinned knowingly at Charlie. With his spare hand, he reached down to feel Charlie’s bruised asshole, noticing his cum leaking out onto the sheets.

“Understatement of the century,” Charlie replied.

“So does that mean you’re going to join the team for sure next year?”

“Oh hell yeah,” he agreed. “I’d be an idiot not to after this!”

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