The Attendant Ch. 04

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In a world where gay men have been stripped away of their basic human rights through the “Attendant” status, Peter becomes a slave in his own household. Soon, his step-father and younger brother learn to take their roles of “Masters” very seriously.

This is a dark, authoritarian, dystopian fiction. It includes numerous elements of non-consensual BDSM, dom/sub practises and sex, including slavery, and rape, as well as incestuous relationships. The story does not, in any way, reflect the views or political opinions of the author.

If you know me through the “My First Year in College” story, this one will be very different both in tone and subject matter. You have been warned!

All characters are above 18 years old.


The Attendant

Chapter 04: The Dinner.

After an almost sleepless night, I woke up the next morning with the mindset of doing whatever needed to be done to better my situation, or at least, not making it worse for me or any member of my family.

I went over every option I had still left, considered every outcome, and I came to one conclusion: I needed to appear as the perfect Attendant if I wanted to have the slightest chance at a semi normal life. Probably, my step-father had made the same calculation and that surely explained his behaviour from the day before.

I went to the kitchen early and prepared breakfast for my step-father and brother. I ate a few toasts discreetly before they woke up but I did not serve myself any beacon or egg.

My step-father got down first, he was only wearing his robe; I could see his massive and hairy chest underneath it.

“Good morning, Owner, I have prepared breakfast as you like it.”

He seemed surprise. He could not say thank you to his Attendant – this is not strictly forbidden but this is just something you do not do – but he nodded to show his appreciation.

“Go wake your brother up, tell him breakfast is waiting for him downstairs.” My step-father marked a pause. “Attendant, make sure he understands you are fully at his service.” He was scratching his crotch under his robe while talking to me. I guess that since I was entirely naked, there was not much sense for him to be shy. “We all need to be fully committed to our roles today.”

“Of course, Owner.”

At last, my step-father seemed satisfied. I went upstairs and knocked slowly on my brother’s door. Contrary to me, he was allowed to have his personal space.

“Sir.” I said, entering his room. He was lying above his covers, wearing just a loose boxer. I had never noticed that he had become much fitter recently but this was to be expected, he was the star of his swimming team. An impressive morning wood was forming a tent in his underpants.

“Pete?” He mumbled, scratching his eyes, still semi-asleep.

“Sir. I think you should call me Attendant. I have prepared breakfast for you and for my Owner downstairs.”

“Oh…” He straightened up, noticing his morning wood, he readjusted his covers. His eyes fell irreducibly on my own exposed dick. “Thank you Attendant.”

“No need to thank me Sir. Would there be anything else I could do for you?”

He seemed unsure. I insisted. Martin needed to understand that he had to take over his part of my master if we were to survived the dinner to come.

“Sir. I am here only to serve you. You can ask me anything.” I said.

“Ok then. Make my bed and tidy up my room while I go eat Attendant.”

“Of course, Sir.”

He stood up; his dick seemed even harder than before in his underwear. But he did not seem so shy about it now. He took another good look at my naked body.

“Attendant, is it true that in some households, the Men of the house fuck their Attendants?”

What kind of fucked up question was that? I lied:

“Sir, this happens in some rare cases but I learnt during my formation this is frowned upon.”

His face got a little red.

“I was just wondering. I’ll go take my shower now.”

And he left the room. I was sure he was about to jerk off. Probably thinking about my cock.

I always suspected that my younger brother was gay, I had already caught his looks, especially when I would come back from training. Maybe the fact that I was now constantly naked was messing with his brain. The guy had never been allowed to act on his urges after all.

I am not proud to admit it but for a split second, I thought that it may have been better if my brother had admitted to his crime of watching gay porn and had taken his rightful place. I had done nothing wrong, and there I was, making his bed. But again, he had not done anything wrong either, the new world was just too messed-up.

In the afternoon, I was asked to train in the garage for a couple of hours to maintain my physical condition. My brother came to bring me some water but avoided to look at me. He did order me to do some squats though. Otherwise, I mostly did house chores (laundry, vacuuming) and when the cook arrived at 6pm, I helped him setting the table istanbul travesti up. He was a charming black man, in his fifties. He seemed uncomfortable with my nudity but did not say a thing.

By the end of the day, it almost seemed normal to call my younger brother “Sir” and my step-father “Owner”.

At 7pm, the both of them appeared in the living room dressed up in their fanciest suits.

“Is the Attendant helpful?” My step-dad asked to the cook.


Was that actual pride I was feeling? I had come so low…

The first guest to arrive was a man I did not know but I had already seen on TV, he was working very closely with the Governor of Ohio. He was important in the hierarchy as he had been a supporter of President Ganderson right from the start.

My dad opened the door as I was kneeling down in the entrance, naked. The man was in his sixties and walked with a cane, he had been injured very young during the war in Iraq.

“General Schneider, what an honour to have you in my humble home.”

“Good evening Clarck.” They shook hands. The General did not pay the slightest attention to me.

“Would you like my Attendant to take care of your coat?”

“Sure.” He grunted.

I expected the General to give me his coat but he did not move. My step-father gave me a little slap on the back of my head:

“Attendant, get up and undress General Schneider.”

“Of course, Owner.”

I stood up and helped the General getting out of his pricy coat. He was wearing a velvet suit underneath. I hurried up to hang the coat in the closet, and I went kneeling in the dining room where my step-father was introducing my little brother to his guest.

“This is Martin. He will graduate from high-school in only a few weeks. Top of his class. He has already requested to do an internship within our ranks this summer.”

“Sounds like a promising lad.”

“Thank You General.” My brother shook his hand.

“What would you care to drink General?” Enquired my father.

“Do you have a nice bottle of scotch?”

“Sure. Attendant, go get the drinks.”

Again, I hurried in the kitchen to prepare the drinks. My little brother never had whisky, at least, to the best of my knowledge. He was about to have his first taste.

I almost fell down with the tray when coming back in the dining room, but thankfully, I avoided that mistake and General Schneider, who had not taken a single look at me since he arrived, did not notice anything.

The second guest arrived. It was Captain Philips. The bastard had molested me, and did much worse to some of my companions, during my training at the Attendance Formation Centre of West Ohio. I hated him with all my guts but I politely knelt down before him and then took care of his coat. He slapped me on the ass as I was turning back to hang it. My father saw it but did not budge.

The third guest was Xavier Richard, the man who had come to take me away on the evening where my life had changed forever. He had fingered me in the ass later that same night. With my dad though, he was sweet and gentle. He was the first one to acknowledge me:

“I see that your Attendant has accommodated itself to its new role in society.”

“Yes, it has.” The awful use of the pronoun “it” probably best summed-up my new life. “It has received excellent training thanks notably to Captain Philips with us tonight. You were right Xavier; the training centres are a necessity.”

The finale guest was General Thompson, I had never met him but I knew he was a colleague of my father, maybe even a friend, and that he had his own son as an Attendant too. From the start, he made me very uncomfortable. He kept on staring at my body, specifically at my dick, and when greeting my younger brother, he patted my hair as if I were a dog. I almost bit him.

A few minutes later, the four guests, my brother and my father went sitting around the dining table. I was on my knees a foot from them, waiting for any instruction which would come. Some of the guests knew each other, some others did not. This was all very political and everyone was overly careful with the choice of their words and topics of conversation. At least at the beginning, when they were sober.

General Thompson kept on staring at me. Xavier Richard was looking too, but he was less obvious about it. I had not forgotten his nervous tic of always readjusting his tiny glasses on his nose. His lengthy fingers gave me chills.

During dinner, I was asked to serve the meals and filled in the glasses with wine but not much for than that.

“Wine, Attendant.” Barked Captain Philips. I obliged immediately.

“My glass is empty too…” Grumbled General Schneider, the guest of honour of the evening. This was my first mistake.

“Attendant! Come here.”

I went to my father. He slapped me across the face. I did not expect it but I took it without flinching.

“Do make sure that none of our glasses remains empty.”

My dad is only putting on a show, I istanbul travestileri thought, he is only playing his part.

“Of course, Owner, my apologies Sirs.”

From this point on, I was very stressed, making sure everyone had always something to drink. I knew making it through this dinner was crucial and I did my best to comply with the orders. It was not sufficient for Captain Philips though.

“See, this careless behaviour. This is why I’m pushing for the training to be more in adequacy with the type of subjects we are confronted to. Those fags need to be completely rebuilt, there are completely rotten from the inside. When you’re in the Centre, you quickly learn that there is no alternative than to break them entirely and then re-educate them.”

“Breaking them. Is not that a little cruel?” Asked Mr. Richard. “Stephan, you were among those who opposed to the harsher treatments during the most recent session of voting, right?”

My step-dad was visibly embarrassed:

“It’s always a fine line, is not it? Between the need to correct those deviant individuals, the opportunity to find a place for them in our society, and the principles of tolerance and love which we must always put first as commanded by God himself.”

“A fine line indeed” Commented Mr. Richard. “General Schneider, did they get any good results in Texas?”

“I heard that they are on the verge of eradicating any disobedience from their Attendants. It did come at a cost though, the training given by the State there is two months long and they had to put a whole surveillance system in place.”

“But the value of the Attendants did go up, right? It surely compensates for the expanses from the State.” General Thompson replied, pointing me to his drink so I could refill him.

The value of the Attendants went up in Texas. What did that mean? Despite of my so-called training, I realized that I was still very clueless about my own status.

“But, shall it all be only a question of money?” Asked my dad.

“Sadly, everything is a matter of money Clarck.” Settled General Schneider. My father stopped talking immediately. He was the highest rank in the room, he could not be contradicted.

“We sure need the money; our brave citizens are less and less prone to donate for the research. The Attendance system might allow us to finally have more fundings to cure those atrocious diseases. Talking of which, let me restate my sincerest condolences for your wife Stephan.”

“Thank you, Xavier. Her loss was a terrible tragedy for both Martin and I.”

And me! I wanted to scream! I was the one holding my mom’s hand when she took her last breath. I was also the one doing the research to fight that freaking disease until they took me away!

“Well, with a body like this one, I guess that Attendant must have cost you a lot!” Said General Thompson with a huge smile, eager to redirect the conversation onto a lighter subject. My body.

I was finally putting two and two together. My father had paid the Ohio State to have me. I guess this made sense, I was, after all, a merchandise. How much was I worth though?

“I was happy to give back to the State you know.” Responded my father, trying to sound casual. “It is indeed in good shape.”

“Flex for us Attendant.” Asked General Thompson. I was certain he had been waiting for that all evening. I tried not to think about what this man might be doing to his own son — now Attendant – in private.

I stood up and awkwardly flex my biceps.

“What did it do in its former life? To have a strong body like that?” Asked Mr Richard.

“Oh, he… I mean it, it was a biologist, but I always made sure my sons got a proper training, it is…”

“As a rule, I think we should avoid mentioning the past lives of the Attendants. Don’t you think?” Interrupted General Schneider, playing with his cane between his fingers.

Both Mr. Richard and my dad apologized hastily and the others strongly agreed that such a topic was inappropriate.

“I mean, the muscles are fine, but shall we address the elephant in the room? I have rarely seen such an impressive penis on a fag.” Commented General Thompson with a grin. “If it is more than 8 inches when it is hard, I heard that it almost doubles their value.”

I tried to remain calm. It had to go well. I could not erupt. Or I was dead. And probably so were my dad and brother.

“Unfortunately, we were not authorized to take those measurements back at the Centre. This is why Ohio is far behind the other states in the matter, and the prices of Sla… of Attendants is so low here.”

Captain Philips did measure my flaccid dick though, he also fingered my ass, but he did not mention that to the other guests.

Before giving his following request, General Thompson made sure to obtain the general assent of the room. He whispered something at General Schneider who nodded imperceptibly.

“Get hard, Attendant.” Thompson finally said.

“I…” This command made me break from my travesti istanbul character and I looked at my father, worried.

“What is wrong with it?” Asked General Schneider angrily. It was as if he was surprised to find out that a toy did not function correctly.

“My apologies General, my Attendant only arrived yesterday.”

“Are you implying that the training it received was insufficient?” barked Captain Phillips.

“Of course not Captain. Attendant, do what you have been asked!”

“But how…” I whispered. How were they expecting me to get hard, in front of all of them? I looked at my brother in despair, he had gone red. He seemed fairly drunk at this point.

“And that’s it!” Exclaimed Philips. “That’s exactly why we should be tougher with them! I can assure you that back in the southern states, first thing the fags learn is the primordial lesson that their bodies do not belong to them anymore! And I can tell you, they don’t react so stupidly when they are expected to perform such a simple task.”

“Maybe the Attendant has pleasured itself recently and is no longer able to get an erection?” Questioned Mr. Richard.

This would be a very serious offense. The fear of the chastity cage came back into my mind.

“I did not Sir. I… I will try.”

The discussion kept on going, everyone debating on my capacity to serve my household right if I could not obey the simplest command. The worst part is that I genuinely tried to comply with the twisted order but I had never been this far from getting an erection. I tried to focus my mind on a beautiful girl I was working with in the lab but I started to think that not getting hard would mean the end of me, and of course, that did not help.

“Don’t stay here like an idiot, Attendant!” Shouted my step-father as I was desperately caressing my soft cock. “Make yourself useful, go get us the special bottle of wine I ordered, it is in my nightstand.”

I practically ran away, too happy to get a chance to escape this nightmare. When I got to my dad’s bedroom, I looked nervously for the bottle in the nightstand. What a weird place to put it, I thought. But there was nothing at all. Only a bunch of old newspapers and magazines.

Then I saw it: playboy magazine, march 2002. There were some others too, all seemed in a perfect state of conservation despite being so old. It was like they had never been opened and stored there with the greatest of care.

I understood my step-father’s plan immediately. Going through the pages, I started to touch myself, I had not seen a naked woman in weeks, maybe months, and I had not cummed in days. I tried to forget about what was going down in the dining room and focused on the girl’s tits. I wanted to touch them, suck them, and afterwards, I dreamed of fucking her wet pussy. Finally, my dick was waking up. In the privacy of my father’s room, I managed to get a stiff erection.

Two minutes later, I was back in the living room, a bottle of wine in my left hand (the cook handed it to me while I passed by him) and my dick in full sight, hard as a rock. I was not sure I could maintain the erection so I kept on jerking it. The guests did not seem to mind.

“Here is your bottle Owner.” I bowed my head. “My apologizes for the delay in getting an erection, I had learnt to repress all of my urges.”

Most of the guests nodded lightly at my reasonable explanation. My brother’s eyes almost jumped out of their orbits when he saw me in that state. I was sure he was getting hard too.

General Thompson stood up almost immediately and grabbed my cock. Judging by the looks of Schneider and Richard, he realized he had shown a bit too much of enthusiasm. This was not “homosexual behaviour” as I was no longer a Man, but still, he had a large erect dick in his hand.

“The girth is fairly nice too.” He spoke, just like a salesman. “I’d say a near 9 inches in length. If not more! Yes, that is definitely worth something on the market.”

I moved myself in the middle of the room to make sure they could all have a good look. I jerked off my cock from time to time so it stayed hard. I felt some precum forming on the tip. I locked eyes with my step-father. “Look what you made me do”. I thought. But he did not seem bothered, worse, he even seemed to enjoy the view.

Finally, he stood up. My father was about to end this creep show! Or so I thought.

“Bend over Attendant.” He spoke.

Without questioning, without even understanding why, I bent over. My brain could no longer function anyway.

My dad slapped my bare ass in front of his guests. Three times. It hurt:

“Next time, you will learn to execute your command on cue.” Jesus, he was actually punishing me for not having an erection soon enough.

“May I?” Said Captain Philips behind us.

“Please, be my guest.”

I was expecting another slap but Philips had taken the ladle from the soup’s pot. He hit me with it several times, I screamed, it was still hot and part of it was in metal. It would leave marks.

“Now, I think it will understand its lesson. Don’t you have any punishment tool Stephan?”

My step-father was a bit disconcerted:

“I have plans to buy some during the week, I had been very busy.”

“Of course. But that’s a shame. See, General Schneider has always his cane with him.”

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