The Adventures of Becky Ch. 3

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For four days after the erotic visit by Annie and Sandy, I had to make excuses to my husband to avoid fucking. My pussy was so sore that it hurt to move. I was sure that I could not stand any foreplay, much less any fucking. Luckily, by the fifth day, I was nearly back to normal, and enjoyed our usual 69 and then fast fucking to a single orgasm.

I then began to plot how I could get more of Annie’s friends into bed with me, Sandy, and Annie. I fantasized a little about the possibility that my husband should return home early someday and catch us in action. Actually that thought turned me on a little. I wondered what his reaction might be. He was quite liberal in sexual matters, and we had once traded partners with another couple during our dating period. That didn’t start off very well, primarily because she was so timid about oral sex.

I ended up sucking both cocks while she watched. She got quite aroused, and I felt a very strong desire to make love to her. I started playing with her tits, then sucking them, then eventually started fingering her cunt. She was so hot that she was crying for more, and was sucking my tits and fingering my cunt as well. I finally went down on her and got my first taste of another woman’s pussy. She returned the favor, and we then gave each other our first lesbian orgasms. The girl, whose name was Debbie, and I met three times over the following year for our own private sessions.

My thoughts of Debbie got me increasingly horny and I began to massage my breasts through my blouse and bra. I hastened to the bathroom and removed my clothes, then got the shower going and set to the right temperature. I stepped into the shower, got myself thoroughly wet and stepped out of the direct spray. I next squirted thick liquid soap all over myself and began to give myself a good sudsing. I ran my hands under my breasts, lifting and sliding upward until my nipples were under my hands. As I repeated the action, my nipples became very hard and sensitive. I moved my fingertips lightly around the nipples, avoiding the nipples themselves. The teasing really heightened their sensitivity.

The desire to have them pinched and pulled began to overpower me and I was soon enticed to run my fingers over the nipples, moving slowly and lightly at first, then gradually pressing harder and working faster. The sensations were so good that I shivered and winced, bent my head back and worked my hands rapidly up and down, back and forth and around and around over my breasts and nipples. I began pinching actions on each tit, with my soapy nipples sliding between my thumbs and forefingers. I was so hot that I almost came; I was increasingly aware that I needed some attention down between my legs.

I ran my left hand downward over my slippery belly, working back and forth and teasing myself as my hand approached my eager cunt. I squatted somewhat so that I could run my hand down the inside of each thigh and back up to my pussy, avoiding direct contact as long as I could. When I could no longer resist, I reached between my legs, palm up, and let my middle finger trace slowly forward along my crotch, starting at my asshole and moving very lightly over the lips of my very touchy pussy. The lips were swollen and parted somewhat to greet my finger. The urge to shove my finger (or fingers, really) deep into my vagina was resisted, and I gradually moved up to my clit.

My clit was very hard and so sensitive that I moaned a little as I first touched it. While my right hand still massaged my tits, I began to circle my clit very lightly with my left forefinger, again teasing myself to ever increasing sexual desire. Slowly, I applied more pressure as I circled and rubbed over my clit. I was now so aroused that I could hardly stand.

I turned the shower off, sat down on the shower floor, spread my legs wide and leaned back against the shower wall. With my left fingers, I parted my cunt lips as wide as I could, then began to massage my clit in earnest with my right fingers. I was now moaning in pleasure and began humping as I concentrated on the approaching orgasm. My right index finger went into my hole, and my left fingers took over my clit. The action became furious as I increased the number of fingers in my hole until all four were pumping in and out. When I began to come, my ass slipped forward until I was lying on my back, my legs doubled up and my feet against the far wall. I lifted my ass off the floor as I humped and ground into my hands. I groaned, squirmed and shook as I reached climax. Afterward, I just lay there, feelings of physical satisfaction and relief engulfing me. I finally got up, finished my shower, then got dressed and went to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine cooler.

As I sat there in the kitchen, I began to think about Sandy and the way she acted after our love making with Annie. I was fairly sure that Sandy had made up her mind that we would be more than casual sexual partners, but would become devoted lovers. ataşehir escort While I was thinking about the situation, I received a phone call from Annie, and she said that Sandy had seemed less interested in being with her. I wondered if Sandy had decided to break off with Annie as a prelude to being with me. I said nothing to Annie about my perceptions. Annie had talked to Liz, and arranged for the two of them to visit me the following afternoon if I wished. I told her that I would be very delighted to meet and share Liz with her.

Since we had not talked much about Liz, I was in doubt about any preparations, and concluded that I would just “play it by ear”. I was sure, however, that I would not need more than a robe to wear to the door, and decided that I would take my shower before they arrived. I wondered if a 42 year old lady’s pussy could be as pretty or as tasty as my Sandy’s. Then I wondered why Sandy’s pussy came to mind instead Annie’s. I realized that I, too, was somehow thinking of Sandy as my lesbian lover, not just a casual sex partner.

The next afternoon, while I was taking my shower, I decided that I would give myself an enema, just in case I or Annie decided that I should engage in anal activity. I didn’t know whether it was Liz, but I was sure that one of Annie’s friends shared her love of ass fucking. I think that I really did want to find out what it was all about. I got out my kit and give myself a very good internal flushing, first with soapy, then clear, then with slightly flavored water. I completed my shower, then lubricated myself with some KY jelly and put on a light robe to await my guests. After all the preparation, I was already very horny, and a glass of wine cooler heightened that state considerably!

Annie and Liz finally arrived, and I was very impressed with Liz’s good looks and figure. She was indeed a very beautiful woman, and it was hard to envision her lack of sexual activity until she met Annie. She was wearing a loose fitting blouse under a very light jacket, and she had quite large breasts. Her ass was well rounded but not too large; in fact it was very inviting, and my first impulse was to place my hands on her ass cheeks and massage them. I knew that I would have to wait a bit, but that I would get to feel her rear end to my hearts content.

After a wonderful french kiss from Annie and an introduction to Liz, I kissed Liz on the mouth and traced her lips with my tongue before pressing it between her lips. She didn’t seem to mind greatly, but did not reciprocate. As I broke off the kiss, I noted that she was not wearing a bra and that her tits were very firm; I was also very pleased to note that her nipples were large and hardening very noticeably. I knew that we were going to get along just fine.

I asked them to make themselves comfortable while I brought them their choice of wine coolers. When I returned, both had removed their blouses and were kissing very passionately. I joked that I might be in the way, and would just go into the bedroom and let them alone. Annie had evidently said something concerning me to Liz while I was gone, because Liz immediately approached me and took me in her arms for a very wet and exciting kiss. I didn’t resist the urge to run my hands over her beautiful ass, and she very enthusiastically took one of my ass cheeks in each hand and erotically massaged and lifted while pulling us together. I was a little surprised, but her actions certainly met my approval. I was getting anxious to get to the bedroom, and broke away from Liz to lead her there, followed closely by Annie.

I removed my robe and they started removing clothing as we went. Liz was wearing a very skimpy pair of panties that made it very obvious that her cunt was shaved clean. They indicated that they wanted to take a shower, and I suggested that Liz go first. She took a small bag from her purse, and I handed her a towel as I led her to the shower, turned it on for her and showed her how to adjust the temperature.

I returned to a now naked Annie and kissed her with a very wet and probing kiss. Her beautiful tits hardened as I began to massage them. She moved around behind me and reached around me to get a tit in each hand. That felt so good that I moaned a little and then pushed one of her hands down toward my pussy while her other hand squeezed and kneaded a tit. I squirmed as her hand touched my clit, and I then decided that we should wait for Liz, and broke off the action. Annie, however, went down on her knees facing me and pulled me toward her. She then spread my knees apart so that she could get her mouth and tongue to my cunt. She got one good lick up along my cunt lips to my very eager and hard clit, which sent hard-to-resist messages through me, before I pulled away from her and suggested that we cool it until Liz returned.

I asked, “What activities does Liz like most?”

Annie replied: “She likes just about everything, avcılar escort but she has an exceptionally sensitive and receptive ass hole,” which confirmed my earlier suspicions.

“Annie,” I said, “I have given myself a good enema just in case I decided to try out your toys.”

“We both brought enema kits with us and Liz is no doubt using hers now. We’ll be delighted to initiate you, and to have you fuck our asses. I brought an assortment of toys that should satisfy all of us,”

She then got out the one we used before in her ass hole, then one that was similar to it, but quite a bit larger. It must have been nearly two inches in diameter at the largest part. It was smaller at the front end, gradually getting larger until about 3 inches from the end, then getting smaller again back to the base. It had a very strong vibrator, which could be made to go faster or slower. She said that she didn’t think anybody could take that one but Liz. Annie then showed me other dildos that were more like large cocks. They also had vibrators. The interesting thing was that any two dildos could be firmly attached together at the base, so that the users could go ass-to-ass, cunt-to-ass, or cunt-to-cunt. I rapidly concluded that this was going to be an afternoon full of new experiences for me!

Liz came out of the bathroom with nothing on, and was a wondrous sight. Her large tits were firm and her ass cheeks smooth and well rounded. The shaved pubic area was indeed inviting as she sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs slightly. I was thinking of getting on my knees in front of her when Annie asked her if she would like to help her with an enema. With that, they both went into the bath and I was left alone with the dildos.

I went to the kitchen, got a bottle of champagne, some glasses, and returned to the bedroom. After pouring three glasses, I sat down on the bed. I picked up a cock-shaped dildo and found it to be soft plastic that had a pleasant, almost real feel to it. I turned it on and inserted it into my mouth to enjoy its feel and vibrations. After wetting it good, I used it to agitate my tits and nipples, which became very hard. Soon, my pussy started to get wet. I spread my legs, and started to run the dildo length- wise along my widening slit.

At that moment, Liz returned to the room. She grinned as she wiggled her finger at me, then came directly over to the bed and lay face down on top of me. I managed to get my hands and dildo out from between us as she gave me a very wet, tongue probing kiss. She then moved to one side a little and scooted down so that she could get to my left tit and nipple. With one hand she pinched my right nipple as her other squeezed my left tit to make the nipple stand out for her sucking and licking. I was already quite hot, and the tit licking was almost too much. I wanted to slow down a bit, and I wanted to get to this beautiful lady’s vital parts to return her favors. I rolled away, and invited her up onto the bed and onto her back.

When she had settled down, I straddled her legs, on my knees, and leaned forward enough to get a hand on each of her large tits. She squirmed enough that I knew that she was very appreciative and was beginning to get quite sensitive in that area. I scooted down a little and lay down on top of her so that I could get my mouth on her right nipple. I began running my tongue very lightly around the areola and gradually approached the nipple. As I did so, it began to swell and stiffen. Annie returned to the room and joined me. She took over on Liz’s left nipple. I began flicking the nipple with my tongue, back and forth, back and forth, as I am sure Annie was doing with the other. Gently at first, then gradually more aggressively, I began sucking on the now very hard nipple, while kneading and squeezing the tit with both hands. We soon had a very excited and squirming Liz, and she began crying for attention to her pussy.

Over and over she cried, “Oh, god, fuck me, fuck me.” “Eat my pussy.” “Lick my clit.” “Please fuck me now.”

I asked Annie, “Do you mind if I give her a good tongue fucking, She seems to want it quite badly!”

Annie said, “Help yourself. I’m going to get something that she’ll soon want.”

As I moved down, Annie went to the dildo collection and picked out the two anal dildos and fitted them together.

I began attention to Liz’s pussy by gently running my middle finger from near her ass hole upward to her clit. I did not press hard, but I could feel the reactions of her cunt lips as the finger passed over them.

She moaned, “Oh, please rub my pussy, put your fingers in me, suck my clit.”

She was still lying stretched out with her legs nearly together, and I could not get to her pussy very well. I moved down between her legs and lifted and spread her legs to give me access to her big, beautiful cunt. Her gash looked like it was six inches long, with large thick lips avrupa yakası escort and a very pronounced clit. I spread the lips with my fingers, then flicked her clit with my tongue.

Her whole body responded in a big spasm and she groaned loudly, “Oh-h-h, lick it, suck it, eat me, eat my pussy.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could over her cunt and sucked.

“Oh yeah! Oh! Oh! That’s it! Suck it! Put your tongue in! Lick my clit! Yeah! Oh God, that’s good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeah! Yeah!” she cried.

I worked my lips and tongue over, into and around her very eager pussy and hard clit. I could not get my mouth over her vagina and clit both, so I placed two fingers in her and worked them in, out and around.

“Ye-a-ah! Yea-a-ah!” she repeated each time she thrust upward.

She was humping and twisting so much that it was impossible to lick and suck her pussy and I gave up. I rubbed her clit with one hand while placing more fingers of the other in her cunt and working them in and out. She was so wet and loose by now that I wondered if I couldn’t get my whole hand in her.

“Fuck me with your whole hand,” she cried, as if reading my mind.

“Please, give it to me, stretch my pussy, fill me up.”

I placed 3 fingers of my left hand in her cunt, getting them very wet with her juices, then used the wet fingers to wet the upper parts of my right hand. I then inserted all four right hand fingers in her slot and wiggled and bent them as she continued to give cries of appreciation and exhortations to give her more. I gradually inserted fingers from my left hand, also, until I could insert all eight fingers, back of my hands together, into her wet and gaping hole. Finally, I figured it was time, withdrew my left fingers, and placed the thumb in the palm of my right hand and began fucking her in earnest. She went completely out of control, bucking and humping upward, trying to force herself onto my hand. Finally it went in.

“Oh baby,” She cried, “that’s so good, fuck me, fuck me hard, in and out, in and out. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

After just a few strokes into that lovely soft interior, I couldn’t resist just feeling around inside, and opened my hand some to enable my fingers to do some exploration. That made her shiver and quake and she stopped humping so much.

“Oh-h-h, oh-h-h,” She gasped, “that’s go-o-o-o-od, oh, god that’s good, keep doing it to me, Oh God.”

She wiggled her abdomen, and I could feel muscles contract and relax as I felt inside her. I again managed to get my face near her cunt, and while my hand was still in her I sucked on her clit and ran my tongue around and over it. Her response was another orgasm, with crying, laughing and moaning all in one and such gyrations that I had to back away again to keep from getting my face smashed.

“More, more, stretch my cunt, make a big fist, fuck me with your fist,” she cried.

I made a fist inside her, and, after a few stretching tries, found that I could retract it, stretching her hole to tightness that I would have thought very painful. However, Liz was still urging me on, humping forcefully to get the fist back in and out. She had still another orgasm, and her cries became incoherent.

She began to settle down a little as the orgasmic spasms decreased. I then retracted my hand. She reached down and pulled me up to where we could kiss and we began a long kiss while pulling and squeezing each others tits.

A moan from across the room made us aware of Annie, who was sitting in a large overstuffed chair with her legs spread widely and was massaging her pussy furiously while watching us. We sat up, then got up from the bed and went over to her. We each took a tit to play with while placing a hand on her wet cunt. Liz put a couple of fingers in her vagina while I played with her clit. She was soon moaning loudly and wiggling around in the chair while slipping down and out of it.

“Liz,” I said, “let’s get this hot lady into bed where we can fuck her good.”

“OK,” Liz said, “Let’s do it, let’s stretch her cunt and ass hole ’til she goes wild.”

We each took one of her arms and literally threw her onto the bed where we landed on each side of her. We could each use one hand on a tit and get the other hand between her legs. I squeezed her tit as I licked, sucked and nibbled at her nipple. My other hand was playing with her already wet and hard clit. Meanwhile, Liz was working on a tit with one hand, but her other was really getting into Annie’s honey hole, about 4 fingers worth, I think. Annie was loving it, and responded with many “oh-h-hs” and “ah-h- hs.”

After a bit, Liz moved herself downward, spread Annie’s legs, and got between them. She buried her face in Annie’s cunt, licking and lapping furiously. Annie began bucking as I continued licking, sucking and biting one hard nipple after the other. Annie’s arms flailed, she shook, twisted and humped as she had a powerful orgasm, but then as she settled down a little, she continued to plead for more.

“Oh, Liz, baby, you know what I like, do it to me. Lick my ass hole, fuck it with your tongue. Please do it now.” Annie cried.

Liz then started to lick around Annie’s ass hole, and said, “Do you like that baby? Do you like the feel of my tongue on your hole?”

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