T Learns To Cum

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Hi, my name is T (my husband’s label from his prior stories). I’m writing this story about events that transpired about 20 years ago. I’m writing it for the pleasure of remembering a unique time in my life and also to shut up my horny husband who keeps begging me to write a story about my college girlfriend.

I guess most men are like my husband and love to fantasize about their woman making love to another woman. Since finding out about my lesbian days, all I have to do to feel his cock swell inside me is to whisper in his ear something she did to me.

Of course my whispers also include things I did to her and it’s become a fun addition to our sex life. We were married almost 15 years before he found out about Tammy, my college lover. I just didn’t want him to know about that part of my life. Part of that was guilt about the whole lesbian thing and part was that I was afraid of harming our marriage.

The guilt part included feeling that I had enjoyed that year way too much. To the point, that prior to meeting my husband, I wondered if I were a full-fledged lesbian. The guys I dated before and after her, prior to my husband, just couldn’t make me cum. I think after 20 years, I’m comfortable realizing that my husband’s cock or another woman’s tongue can both get me off.

When he found out, during a sexy Q&A as we made love, I thought his cock was going to explode it got so hard. Needless to say, my concern about harming my marriage was baseless. He tells me all men are like him but I never really appreciated men’s fascination until he showed me a scene from a movie, American Pie II if I remember correctly.

In the movie, there’s a scene where a guy holding a walky-talky was a witness to two good-looking girls who might kiss. The mike of the walky-talky is keyed open and the girl’s conversation goes out over the airwaves.

Needless to say, there were men everywhere listening in rapture as they could hear what might happen. It was hilarious because the men listening couldn’t see what was going on. Just listening and the idea of what might happen with the girls had all these men, all in different situations and places, frozen as they listened.

My husband says I’m the horniest woman he’s ever met and that used to bother me but over time, I’ve learned to accept that he’s probably correct, I really do crave his cock. I crave the feeling of my pussy being filled and the feel of his cock throbbing as he cums. I can’t get enough of my tits being sucked and my nipples being pulled or twisted. I crave all the other physical feelings connected to fucking but also the mental connection I feel to him when we make love.

Since he found out about Tammy, he makes sure I have plenty of lesbian and threesome stories to read from Literotica. He also makes sure to download pictures and movies for me of girls with big tits doing hot things to each other. I get so horny reading these stories and looking at the pictures and movies that I just have to play with myself and he loves knowing that.

I have to say that this does bring back memories for me and I can’t help remembering the feeling of her mouth on my tits and the sweet taste of her pussy. Frankly, it really makes me crave to suck another woman’s tits and lick her pussy until she cums.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love my husband’s cum, especially in my mouth or deep in my ass (yes ladies and gents, I do swollow his cum and I beg for him to fuck my ass) . As long as his cum is in me or on me, I’m a happy lady!

But…..a part of will always crave some sweet pussy juice as you can read about in his most recent story, T Shares At Margaritaville. This story explains why!!

I met Tammy while breaking up with a guy I thought I was going to marry. We had become engaged early in college and I learned through friends that he was cheating on me. I was devastated and Tammy was there with a shoulder to cry on.

The guy continued to want to date me but only, as I realized later, to fuck me. Although modestly, I must have been a pretty good fuck for him to continue to pursue me, he could never make me cum and I eventually figured out that the only thing he wanted was my pussy.

Tammy was a great friend as I dealt with this mess. I’d met her in class and we wound up having several classes together. She was always fun to be with and tried her best to get my mind off my guy problems.

My husband, looking at pictures I’ve kept from those days, says that during this period I became sizzling hot (his words). I’m a brunette and I’d let my hair grow longer. My tits had always attracted attention but now in college, they were firm enough not to wear a bra and they stood well out from my chest. I’d always received favorable comments about my ass and what guys wanted to do to it. I’d also lost some weight from the breakup trauma and had started wearing sexier clothes.

My ex-finance and the other guys I had slept with to that point couldn’t make me cum and my mind was starting to drift in other directions. I enjoyed sex but I knew something haramidere escort was missing. On at least one occasion, Tammy and I had talked about sex and I had told her that I didn’t think I’d ever had a complete orgasm. Guilt would probably have kept me from exploring females on my own but fortunately, I had Tammy.

Tammy was taller than me and had a beautifully proportioned body. She was a blond with curly hair and had a great smile. She had even bigger tits than I did and never wore bras. Sometimes I couldn’t help watching them as they swung freely under her tops as she walked. She was proud of them and wore things that allowed anyone to see her nipples poking out.

I knew she liked guys but I also knew she had a wild side. As I mentioned earlier, she had been a great friend, helping me deal with the breakup. She was always encouraging me to stay away from my loser former fiancé, to get on with my life and to go out and have fun. She said I would never have that orgasm if I weren’t out there trying.

We were in a group that sometimes went camping on weekends at the local state parks. Our state has some beautiful state parks and I was at the age that camping and hiking really appealed to me. The group was mostly girls but a couple of the girls brought their boyfriends and there was at least one gay guy that usually tagged along. It was just friends and ideal for taking my mind off my recent relationship.

One fall weekend, about 10 of us planned to make a trip to a park about 100 miles from school. I was going to drive my small pickup and Tammy was going to ride with me. As we drove we talked about lots of things but of course being college age girls, sex came up almost immediately.

Tammy and I had discussed sex and guys in general before but not in this detail. We both shared stories and experiences and as we talked, I remembered how long it had been since I’d been fucked. As I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t had an orgasm to this point but I still loved to fuck and I could feel a wave of horniness coming over me.

Tammy spent much of the trip turned toward me, watching my reactions to our conversation. I noticed as I occasionally glanced at her, that she seemed to be squirming in the seat and I smiled to myself thinking, “she’s getting horny too”.

We finally got to the park and made camp late in the evening. Tammy and I were in a tent together but everyone was pretty tired from the drive and in wasn’t long before everyone hit the sack. The plan was to get early showers, eat breakfast and hit the trail hiking the next morning.

As my husband will attest, I’ve never been a morning person so Tammy had to drag me out of my sleeping bag the next morning. All the other girls had already taken their showers by the time we headed for the state park shower. If you’ve never been to a state park and had the pleasure of taking a shower, imagine cinder blocks, exposed plumbing and wooden stalls with plastic sheets as a shower door.

There was no one in the girl’s shower and I quickly undressed and got into the third stall. Tammy was puttering around at one of the sinks as I stepped into the stall. I adjusted the water to get it as hot as possible since state park showers aren’t exactly a threat to burn skin. I heard water start running in the other showers as I started to soak under the water.

As the warm water sprayed my skin, my body immediately started to remind me of my continued horniness and I could feel my nipples harden. My hands wondered over my body as I prepared for some self-pleasure. What I didn’t know was that Tammy was also feeling very horny and had decided to do something about it.

I suddenly felt a cool draft on my back and looked over my shoulder and saw Tammy stepping into the shower with me. I didn’t know what to say as she asked if she could shower with me since the other showers had been taken. Of course that wasn’t true but it wasn’t until later that I realized that she’d planned the whole thing.

I felt so self-conscience and must have blushed as I reached to cover my tits. Tammy apparently had an idea of how horny I was and had decided to see if I would be open to her help. She smiled and gently pulled my hands away from my tits, saying there was no reason for me to be ashamed. She moaned as she stared at my wet naked tits. She whispered how beautiful my tits were as she leaned down and gently licked the water from one of my rock hard nipples.

I was stunned but something had started that I was powerless to stop. It seemed my mind and body had separated as she leaned down toward my tits. The feeling of her tongue on my nipple felt like a surge of electricity that traveled straight to my pussy. I could immediately feel my pussy moisten as my labia started to swell.

Still holding my hands, she leaned against me and kissed me. My mouth opened for her tongue as we kissed the most erotic kiss I’d had in my life to that point. My mind was a swirl of emotions, Oh God, I was kissing another girl but damn, içerenköy escort it felt so good!

She told me how beautiful I was and how bad she’d wanted me for months. She said she enjoyed fucking guys but there were some things she could only get from another girl. When we had talked about guys and how I had never been able to cum, she said she had wanted to scream at me that she knew she could make me cum.

She paused to reach for the soap and for the first time, I looked at her body. I couldn’t help just staring at her bare tits. Her tits were huge and her aureoles were dark and as big as silver dollars. Her nipples seemed to stick out a ½ inch from her tits. I’d never thought about sucking another woman’s tits but suddenly I couldn’t think of anything else.

As my eyes traveled down the rest of her body, I heard myself moan as my eyes first saw her pussy. Tight little blond curls surrounded it and her lips protruded proudly from the blond hair. The shower water was running down over her tits and dripping off her the bottom of her pussy. It was an overwhelming sight and for the first time in my life, I badly wanted to sexually touch another woman.

She soaped her hands up and slowly started running them over my body. As she started to soap my tits, she whispered that it had been so hard not to touch them before. My nipples were like little bullets and my tits were so sensitive that her hands seemed to burn into my flesh. She squeezed my soapy tits outward toward my nipples and they got even harder as the aureoles turned dark red.

My body was on fire as her soap-covered hands explored my body. It seemed like a dream as she turned me sideways to her and gently ran one soapy hand down over my pussy and the other hand down the crack of my ass. My body shivered as her fingers met between my legs and started soaping back up those two valleys.

She gently turned me back to face her and pressed me back against the shower wall. The warm shower water flowed over us as I opened my mouth wanting to feel her tongue. As she kissed me, one soapy hand continued to gently squeeze my left tit and the other soapy hand gently caressed my pussy.

My mind and body were now both in sync and my mind was processing this wonderful new feeling beginning to build from my pussy. My embarrassment was gone, replaced by an almost overwhelming desire to melt my body into hers.

Her fingers began to move in and out of my pussy, up and down my labia and gently over my clit. At the same time she was squeezing my tit harder, rolling and pulling my nipple with her fingers. Our tongues seemed to be wrapped around each other but she would periodically break the kiss to lick and nibble my neck and sensually lick around my lips.

My mind went into sensory overload as I looked down on her wet blond hair and felt her suck as much of my tit into her mouth as she could manage. Men had obviously sucked those tits before but none had generated the feeling coursing from my nipples down to my pussy. I wrapped both of my hands behind her head, afraid that she would stop. She started to alternate between my tits, squeezing, sucking and gently biting my nipples as she did.

My body started to quiver as this new unknown feeling started to build from my pussy. Tammy could feel my body tense and knew from experience what was about to happen to me. I remember her saying, “cum for me baby” and as she said that she pushed three fingers into my pussy and started rubbing my clit with her thumb.

My moaning became a silent scream, as wave after wave of delicious mind numbing sensations seemed to flow from my pussy into every inch of my body. My mind was overwhelmed and couldn’t process what this beautiful blond had done to me.

Tears started running down my cheeks as I realized what had happened. I was so conflicted between the guilt of forbidden sex, the enormity of my first orgasm and the feeling that I wanted another one immediately. Seeing my tears, Tammy thought I was upset and asked if I were ok?

Was I ok? OH Yes I was. Forbidden or not I wanted more. Pandora’s box (no pun intended) had been opened and what I later learned over time would be a lifelong need to cum, had been exposed.

I was also overcome with a hunger to give to Tammy what she had given to me. I wanted to make her scream and beg; I wanted to feel the same power that she so obviously enjoyed as she made me cum.

Tammy tenderly held me as we continued to kiss and touch each other. What had seemed like hours had actually only been about 30 minutes but we both realized that we had to get back to camp. As we dressed, I smiled as I realized that the other showers were running but had no occupants, Tammy had planned the whole thing.

As we started back to camp, my emotions were a swirl. I was riding an incredible euphoric high but also starting to feel embarrassed again about what had happened. I desperately wanted to cum again and again while I also wanted so badly to make Tammy cum but was innovia escort afraid of not pleasing her. Tammy also seemed to have her thoughts elsewhere and I later learned her thoughts were between my legs.

As we neared camp, everyone started yelling at us to hurry, that the day was wasting and they were tired of waiting for us. Before I could reply, Tammy said I was feeling bad and that’s why we had been at the showers so long. She said that I was going to stay in camp for the day and that she was going to stay with me to keep me company.

I smiled inwardly as I confirmed how bad I felt and apologized for messing up their morning up. I purposefully told Tammy to go with them but of course she wouldn’t hear of it. The group’s earlier aggravation immediately turned into sympathy for my illness and everyone hoped I would feel better as they gathered their hiking equipment.

As they had prepared to leave, I realized what was probably going to happen between Tammy and I. The hunger that I had felt earlier came rushing back. My mind was suddenly crystal clear and I was mentally focused, I wanted some pussy! For today at least, my body belonged to Tammy and hopefully, hers belonged to me.

As they departed camp, Cheri said how sorry she was that we were going to miss seeing the beautiful parts of the park. As they hiked out of sight, Tammy grinned and said she planned on seeing more of my beautiful parts.

We passionately kissed as we fumbled with each other’s shirts and jeans. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, wanting to rip open my present. My mouth literally watered as her huge tits swayed in front of me. She turned to lead me into our tent and my eyes couldn’t leave her naked ass as she walked in front of me.

We spread our sleeping bags out and lay down in a side-by-side embrace. Tammy whispered, “So does my baby want some juice”? My puzzled expression was met with a chuckle and I moaned as she took her hand and gently pushed her finger back into my pussy. I spread my legs wide as she fingered my wetness. She slowly brought her now wet finger up to her mouth and sensuously licked and sucked her finger clean.

She swiftly leaned over to kiss me and I could taste myself on her lips. She paused as she said, “that’s juice baby”. I moaned my understanding as I pulled her toward me. She said, “Don’t hurry baby, I want my tongue in your pussy”.

Catching on to Tammy’s game, I smiled back at her and said, “Is my juice good lover”? She quickly buried 2 fingers back into my pussy and I gasped as my ass lifted off the sleeping bag to meet her thrusts. After soaking her fingers with my juice, she sensuously licked them again as she said, “Oh God yes baby but I need it direct from the source”.

I lay on my back as she hovered over me. Her beautiful tits were hanging over my face. God they were so big! No guy’s cock had ever inspired the hunger I felt for her tits. I wanted so badly to give her pleasure and tentatively started licking her nipples. She moaned deeply as I gently bit down on one of her nipples

I looked up into her eyes as I started to suck as much of her tit as I could into my mouth. It was soft and pliable and so different from any cock I’d had in my mouth. I had my hands on both, milking and squeezing them and slowly rubbing my tongue over the nipples.

This was so much more relaxed than the shower. We had most of the day to share our bodies and we could take our sweet time. Tammy told me not to worry, that she loved teaching how to eat pussy. Based on her continuing moans, I think I already had a handle on the tit sucking part.

Tammy moved down to kiss me and gently pulled her tit from my mouth. I struggled to keep it in my mouth and I suddenly knew how a newborn must feel when it’s mother stops nursing it. As we kissed, she paused to tell me she just had to taste my pussy. She was straddling me and I could feel her pussy hair rubbing my belly as she moved down.

She started slowly licking my body down toward my tits. I moaned and squeezed them together in offering to her. She whispered, “God baby I love your tits” as she bit down on one of my nipples. As the surge of white-hot sensations traveled from my nipple to my pussy, I remember thinking that her approval meant more than any guy I had ever known saying the same thing.

I begged her to suck them hard and she didn’t need any encouragement. She alternated between biting my nipples and trying to suck and lick my tits as if they were nourishment for her body. No guy had ever spent so much time and effort on my tits and as my pussy flooded, I began to wonder if she could make me cum by just sucking my tits.

That day she started some things that continue to this day. As my husband will attest, I love to have my pussy eaten, I love to have my pussy fingered but most of all, I love my to have my tits sucked and my nipples bitten. Thankfully, he can do everything Tammy taught me and he also has that big cock of his for me to ride as he sucks my tits and bites my nipples.

Tammy could feel my body react to her mouth and hands on my tits. Just before I was ready to cum she said, “not yet sweetheart, I want to feel you cum with my tongue” She continued to squeeze my tits with her hands as her mouth licked toward my pussy but suddenly not having her mouth on my tits felt like a blanket being yanked off me on a cold Winter morning.

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