Sydney with a Y

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I am one fine piece of work. Or so Eve thinks. On a drive to Atlanta, I picked up a beautiful young hitchhiker. She just happened to be a prostitute specializing in a female clientele. Of course, she charmed me right out of my expensive pants. The lady was a professional who adored her work. On the first night of the day that I picked her up, she fucked me intermittently all night. It was the best experience of my life. She didn’t charge me a cent, but I slipped some money in her bag anyway. She had given me a whole new sexual perspective.

Eve said that a woman really wanted to be fucked by another woman. It didn’t matter if she had a man or not. She did things to me that I would never have imagined that gave me such intense pleasure. As she fucked me, she told me what her clients — the politician, a young mother–asked of her. Things they could not reveal to their husbands. It turned me on to hear that a local politician had Eve wear her mother’s pearls and perfume when she rode her. Or the fact that a young mother wanted it only in the ass with a fat red dildo as she watched in the mirror. This was a whole new realm of fantasy.

At home, I began to observe women. I saw grace and beauty and colors. Women laughed and embraced and enjoyed each other. I saw girls with creamy breasts in push up bras, wet t-shirts and strings up tight asses on the Gulf of Mexico; slashes of skin and navel under tiny pieces of clothing. Some tongue-kissed each other on Bourbon Street or in the movie theaters. My good friend hoped that her daughter was just going through some weird phase when she observed her on their security camera ‘doing nasty, naked things’ with a girl. I didn’t tell her otherwise. Her daughter will always be doing another girl.

I drove to the university campus supposedly to observe some potential background scenery for an ad campaign. I was really girl watching. I stared as a group of touring, college-bound girls moved toward me. They were decked out in their little catholic school uniforms. Most of the skirts were too short. Sisters had long ago lost all control in this area. I would bet at least one of them was daring enough to be without panties. Did some of them fuck each other in the dorms? A brunette from the group locked eyes with me as she approached. Could she read my motives? Was my body language giving me away? Was she the one without panties? I got hot just imagining my hand feeling under that little skirt. She smiled as she dropped her pen, bent over in front of me, and gave me a quick flash of naked ass.

I had to get some. Soon. Even though I am 35, I would prefer a girl-woman of 19 or 20–somebody young and sweet that I could teach what Eve taught me. She’ll need to be strong and flexible like myself. Someone open to learning and experimentation.

My husband, an older man chained to a golf course, bought me a partnership in a business when I expressed my boredom with our marriage. I dusted off my master’s degree in business and went to work in my small advertising firm. My salvation soon came in the form of a 20-year old university student interning for the summer at my business.

“Sydney with a Y,” she said as she introduced herself in her Boston accent.

Beautiful, voluptuous Sydney. She was a blond, green walking wet dream for a man or a woman. She wore form fitting skirts and heels. Her voice was proper and refined. The sassy way she paraded around the office smiling and flipping her long hair, kept every eye trained on her. The girl came from old money judging by the names of her parents. My,my. Privileged, cultured pussy. What perfect lagniappe.

I had to time everything just right for my first move on her. She needed to be put in a position of helplessness. One Monday just before quitting time, I called her into my office. “Sydney, there have been complaints that you spend too much time on the telephone. I’ve gebze escort also noticed that you’ve come in late in the mornings and after lunch. We cannot tolerate such blatant disregard for the rules. If it continues, we will have to terminate your internship.”

Sydney bolted from her chair and began to pace and apologize. She worked herself up and the tears began in earnest. I moved in. “There, there Sydney,” I said patting her shoulder, “there’s no need to cry. Just promise to do better.”

“I can’t help crying. I love working here. I’m learning so much.”

Everyone else had gone for the day. I pulled her into my arms to comfort her. My hands smoothed her blond hair, and landed lower, stroking her back. Slowly, my hands moved to lightly touch her firm ass. My pussy throbbed as I touched those globes. She stiffened a little but said nothing. I rubbed her a little harder as I surreptitiously pulled her into me.

“Mrs. Smith, I never…this is not.” The words stopped when I pushed my tongue in her mouth. She joined my passion as I took her mouth in endless wet kisses. Her erect nipples signaled her arousal and strained toward my own. She pulled back. “I want to be cooperative in the office, but…you want something else…to fuck me.. don’t you? You’re a married woman, for heaven’s sake? I’ve never done it with a woman.”

“Calm down, Sydney. Mr. Smith will never find out. And we’re all alone here, remember? You do know that women have sex with each other, don’t you?” I began caressing her back again and kissing her cheek.

“Intellectually, I do. I just never thought it would be me.” She sniffed.

“I’m here to help you Sydney,” I said between kisses and touches. “I want you to get ahead. I promise I’ll teach you everything you need to know about the business. The sex is just something extra. It makes everything flow so much better. You don’t have to do anything right now. Just let me touch your pussy. Now, please take off your panties.”

Sniffling, she said, “I’m not wearing any. They’re in some guy’s pocket. I met him at lunch. He had me take them off so that he could feel me up in the taxi. Guys always want to fuck me.” She began crying again.

I know the feeling. That image came into my head. I could hardly wait to feel her in my mouth. “Stop crying. Take your skirt, off, Sydney, and put one leg on the arm of the sofa. There, just like that, honey. Keep on the heels and stockings. They’re very sexy.” I heard her mention to one of the other girls that she only wore thigh high hosiery.

Sydney sniffed, flipped her hair and held her position. Her lovely pussy came into full view. Sparse blond curls topped big, luscious lips. A lovely clit stood at attention as Sydney began to juice. I was proud to have aroused her so quickly. “Yes, that’s perfect. You’re very beautiful, Sydney.”

“I know. Thank you Mrs. Smith”

I took extra moments to stare at her before I assumed my position. This was only the second pussy that would meet my tongue. I intended to take full advantage of it. She moaned again as I filled my hand with her pussy and rubbed hard. I told her that a young woman much like herself was my first. I shared with her Eve’s conviction and dropped to my knees to take her. I licked her lips repeatedly–where her boyfriend’s fingers had been. On a deep moan, with her own two hands, she parted them for my tongue to gain access to her opening. I slowly eased my tongue into her hot, wet cavern and fucked her. She pulled my head even closer as I took the pussy. Nothing tastes so good as a pussy in heat. I pulled back, found her clit with my finger and thrust my tongue deep into her. Sydney cried as she came in my mouth. I came as I listened to her ecstasy.

After our experience, I caught her watching me in the office, probably wondering if and when I would pounce again. göztepe escort I pretended as if nothing had happened. My partner and I handled clients; my husband came to take me to lunch; I joked with her and the rest of the staff. I wanted the sexual tension to build to unbearable. I was out of my mind with wanting to touch her pussy, her breasts. I hadn’t seen those breasts yet. I was wet with need.

I followed Sydney to the storeroom late one afternoon. Most of the staff was in the field, leaving just my partner in his office and the receptionist at the front desk. I locked the door as she turned to see who was in the room with her. Smiling, I walked to her and began nibbling on her naturally red lips. True to her habits, she emitted a sexy little cry. Her firm ass filled my hands as my tongue ran over her teeth. My hands lifted her skirt and I could feel she was wearing silk bikini panties. I hungrily went inside them, rubbing and pulling her large lips. They were hot to my touch, waiting for me. I ran my fingers through them and into her pussy. Holding my shoulders, she screwed herself on two of my fingers as I thrust them into her and came. I looked at her as I licked my fingers clean of her juice. She shuddered again. I left the room without a word, leaving her with her swollen lips, in her wet panties and hopefully in anticipation of our next encounter.

A month later, three weeks before her summer internship ended, Sydney accompanied me to San Francisco for a conference/working vacation. This would be a learning experience for her, but she was to be my girl Friday as well. Our suites had an adjoining door that I kept closed but not locked. We attended seminars during the day, did some shopping and sightseeing and ate in fabulous places. I would catch Sydney looking at me expectantly. She was waiting for me to touch her. I’ll wager she needed it as much as I did. Other than a pat on the back, I didn’t touch her. Eve would be proud of me.

One morning around 2am, I went into her room. I was naked. It was time to fuck her again. The sexual tension had become unbearable and needed an outlet. She had left the lamp on and I could see her sleeping form under the sheet. Gently, I pulled it back, revealing her nudity. She was sleeping soundly on her stomach. I bent to lightly lick the ass I was soon to fuck. Then I straddled her back, put my pussy on her ass, reached under and filled my hands with breasts I still had not seen. Then I began to screw and squeeze. Screw and squeeze. Fucking her ass. She felt incredible–soft and warm.

She stirred more when I bit her shoulders, looked sideways and smiled. ” Oh, Mrs. Smith! It’s about time you touched me. I thought you didn’t want me. I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I needed…I mean…you know.”

“Shh. I’m here now, darling. Here to give us what we need. You did nothing wrong except tempt the hell out of me. I always want you, pet, always. Now…I’m about …to cum on…your… sweet… ass. Push it up to me. Oh yes, yes, baby. I’m almost there.”

She moaned in pleasure as I squeezed her nipples hard while I orgasmed. “Whew, that was good. Now turn over and let me see them. Your breasts.” They were as beautiful as I expected, as beautiful as she was. My mouth gravitated toward the large, perky globes. I sucked hard on one while squeezing the other as she moaned and screwed her ass into the mattress. She welcomed me as I climbed aboard the front of her. I threaded my hands through her hair as I slipped her my tongue and kissed her.

“I want to feel you down there,” I said between kisses.

“But you have, Ms. Smith. Your tongue and your fingers have been inside me. Oh man, just thinking about it gets me off.”

“I know, sweetie. But I haven’t touched your pussy. Not with my own.” I put my mound on hers and slowly began the ride into heaven. halkalı escort “Like this. See how good it feels? Pussy to pussy is perfect fucking. Take it slow. Now let it build.”

“Oh! Wow, yes, Mrs. Smith. I see what you mean. I feel you. I had no idea it could be so good.” Sydney pushed up her pelvis to give me greater access.

Her large pussy accommodated my equally large one quite naturally. Our lips rubbed, our clits battled valiantly toward orgasmic victory. The more I screwed her mound, the more I wanted to, needed to. I pushed into her, straining hard to get even closer, if that was possible. We were already fused, but it wasn’t close enough. She pushed up more and let me grind myself into her willing pussy–to take my pleasure. Sydney reached up and pulled my head to hers and kissed me deeply as I fucked and fucked until we came.

Needing even more, I scissored our legs and brought our pussies into closer contact. I touched her where I could and talked dirty to her. This fueled her for our second round. I fucked on her until she came. I held back as long as I could, relishing that intimate contact, listening to her new whimpers of pleasure, building up my own orgasm. When it came, it was so good, I thought I would stop breathing. But I didn’t. I would survive if but only to fuck my girl again. I kissed and rubbed her over and over and over.

I couldn’t be without her after that night. We had ten days left in the city. She made her pussy available to me throughout the rest of out trip. I felt her up on a cable car ride as a little old lady looked on and plunged fingers in her pussy in the limousine that took us to our business seminars. Once, we arrived an hour early for a 10am seminar. She locked the door behind us. I watched as she slowly cleared away the legal pads, pencils and water glasses. She wanted to be taken right there on the conference table. She removed her panties, raised and held up her skirt and leaned back on one elbow. I slipped two fingers in her pussy and sucked on her clit. She was totally overcome. I wished I could finish her with a little quick pussy-to-pussy on top of the table, but we couldn’t get undressed. In the conference, fueled with my personal knowledge of the business and the recent sweet taste and feel of my girl Friday, I was unstoppable.

We always managed to get stuck between floors when we were alone in an elevator. If she happened to be wearing panties, they always ended up in my purse. Sydney went shopping alone one afternoon. She said she would have a surprise for me later. That night she put on a strip show. She was hot as a firecracker, dressed first in a slinky little black dress that she took off slowly while gyrating to music. Underneath the dress was black, sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie. It was just like the set worn by the model in the provocative new commercial that turns me on. Just looking at her dressed in that manner could thaw a frigid woman in two minutes. I reached for her.

We could hardly clean our sweaty bodies for grabbing and sucking and kissing in the shower or hot tub. We would wake up in the night and have 69 so sweet it would make me cry.

On a day trip to Napa Valley, we became slightly tipsy after our wine tasting. Sydney used daddy’s name to secure us a quick luxury booking in an exclusive inn. There, giddy with wine, the day and with other, I ate Ghiradelli chocolate shavings from her blond pussy. Sydney arched upward, moaned my name and a few expletives as I circled the lip of a wine bottle in the opening of her pussy. I poured remaining wine on her and in her. Putting her legs on my shoulders, still giggling, I sucked her, attempting to retrieve it.

Sydney considered it her special treat when I would let her sit on my face with my tongue buried in her pussy as she humped and screamed. Mine was to rub my pussy all over those big, perky breasts of hers, touching my clit to her nipples. I felt the need to treat her often.

I’ll most certainly write a glowing letter to Sydney’s university. She did above and beyond all that I required of her.

Read about Mrs. K. Smith with Eve in “Calling All Girls”.

Eve resurfaces briefly in “Bethel’s Epiphany”.

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