Sweet Dreams

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All I could see were mirrors, yet the voice resounded in the room. I could hear a woman speaking to me. She’d tell me to walk in one direction, yet I wouldn’t be able to get past myself, my own image. Offering words of encouragement, she tolerated my inability to overcome my own obstacles. “Try, Kate. I’m just on the other side,” she’d say. With determination, I’d push against myself, seeing my own anger, frustration, longing. My arms pushed harder against the glass, and I could feel my body tense…

I sat up suddenly, looking around confused. My body ached, and I felt as though I’d been tensed up for hours. Looking at the clock on the nightstand, I saw it was only 1 am. I sat there for a moment, holding my head in my hands, trying to remember what it was that disturbed me so. Just then I felt Darcy’s hand on my back.

“Kate?” she asked sleepily. “Did you have a bad dream?” She moved closer, resting her arms around my waist, laying her head on the white sheets over my lap. Her skin felt warm against mine. Her touch comforted me.

“Yeah,” I responded. “It’s always the same….” I looked down at Darcy’s face in my lap. It took me a minute for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but I could see that her eyes were closed, and the silver moonlight coming through the window illuminated her beautiful body. In silence I ran my fingers through her hair, hearing her soft moans, the movement of her hands along my hips in response. Darcy is a beautiful woman, exceptionally so, but at that moment she assumed a new level of attraction.

“Tell me about it, honey,” she said, drifting off into sleep. I had told her before, but her asking again in such a groggy state was quite charming. Not wanting to talk, I moved my hands along her shoulders, lightly stroking down her back. She let out a soft moan, rolling onto her side in response to my fingers. I lay next to her, brushing her hair gently off her shoulders, letting my fingertips run along her spine, down to the small of her back. Her moaning became louder; I knew she loved that spot. My fingers lingered there, teasing and tickling her skin while I moved to kiss the back of her neck.

“Mmmm…Kate…” she whispered. My hand caressed over her hip as I kissed down her back, stopping at that sensitive spot. In the moon glow, I could see the tone of her back…her perfect physique illuminated before me. I flickered my tongue lightly in this spot, my hand moving toward her pussy. Darcy’s moans were becoming more aggressive, communicating a desire sleep wouldn’t allow her to put into words. She tried to move onto her back, but I held her firmly on her side.

My right hand moved along her pussy, stroking the moist hair, my fingers parting to massage her wet lips. etiler escort I could feel her swollen clit against my palm, and I touched it lightly as I continued kissing the small of her back. Darcy groaned louder, parting her legs and moving back against me, her hand joining mine in teasing her clit. I moved up, still behind her, my body even with her now. Moaning with anticipation, she moved against me, our hands moving together over her wet slit. I slipped a finger inside of her, moving her hand against her clit. Working into a lazy rhythm, my fingers probed her pussy in sync with her rubbing her clit. She was getting wetter and louder by the second, as I slipped in another finger, hearing the welcoming slish of it entering her cunt. Moving my fingers faster inside her, she followed suit with frenzied pressure on her clit.

I could feel her tensing up, her moaning and writhing indicating that she wanted to cum. So I stopped, twisting and reaching under the bed for the vibrator. “Why did you stop?” Darcy asked, now thoroughly awake and agitated. But sooner than she could sit up and do anything about it, I had the phallic vibrator on and against her pussy. I said nothing, my concentration focused on the movement of the 7″ toy over and against her slit. It hummed and buzzed as I moved it up and down, along her wet lips. Darcy widened her legs even more, urging me to fuck her with it. I moved the head against her clit for a brief moment before slipping it into her cunt. She bucked her hips up in response, wanting the length of it completely inside her. Moving my head closer to her ear, I held the vibrator steady, with only the head humming inside her.

“You like that, baby?” I whispered, the buzz of the vibrator louder than my voice. My tongue flicked lightly over her earlobe.

“Give me more, Kate,” she responded. “I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me.” Darcy’s voice was soft, yet solid and determined. I slid the toy deeper inside her, evoking a thrust upward of her hips.

“Not so fast,” I said, with a slight giggle. Gripping the vibrator steadily, I slid it about 3″ into her, then up an inch. Then I moved in 4″, then up again. I continued this until it was inside her completely, it’s muffled din inside her pussy barely audible. Darcy moaned, pulling me toward her.

“That’s it baby…that’s sooo good,” she moaned. My right hand fucked her steadily with the vibrator, as I leaned down to kiss her. Her eyes were closed, and my lips met hers warmly, lovingly. Moving down to her breasts, I kissed her hard nipples, teasing them with my tongue. With my thumb, I could feel her clit was swollen again. As I moved down further to her navel, I could hear the vibrator eve gelen escort inside her, its humming blending with the sound of her juices as I thrust it in and out of her. The smell of her pussy was sweet, inviting. Keeping the vibrator inside her, I turned it off, while gently screwing it into her hole. The buzzing stopped, but I could still hear the wetness of her pussy induced by the toy. Slowly I rolled my tongue around her clit, feeling it throb as I touched it.

Darcy was propped up now, staring at me, her legs spread wide. Her mouth open, she moaned and whimpered in response to my touches, my thrusts. I pumped the toy inside her steadily, my tongue swathing her clit as it moved around and over it repeatedly. Looking up, I could see creases in her forehead form as she strained in climax. Her hips moved up and around, adding to the stimulation in her pussy and on her clit. I moved the vibrator, still off, slower and deeper inside her, thrusting hard into her pussy. My tongue lashed her clit repeatedly, and she called my name over and over, exploding into orgasm.

I held both the vibrator and my tongue steady, feeling the orgasm pulse inside of her. Darcy moaned and sighed as ecstasy overcame her. Pulling me up, she kissed me firmly, both hands holding my face. Her tongue lingered in my mouth, mingling with mine as she caressed my neck, shoulders. As we continued kissing, she ran her hands along my back, onto my ass, squeezing my cheeks lightly. I giggled in response to a brief, teasing pinch she gave. My pussy directly over hers, I could feel the vibrator still inside her, the end sticking out against me. Darcy then flipped us over, her body now on top of mine. As she sat up, straddling me, her legs parted wider and I looked down at her pussy, the vibrator no longer there.

Sooner than I could look elsewhere, she had it to my lips. With the warm slick head, she traced my mouth. Maintaining eye contact with her all the while, I parted my lips, inviting her to slip it inside. “Not yet,” she said, closing my mouth with her index finger. Holding our lazy gaze, she continued to tease and rub the fake cock over my lips, cheeks, and chin. I closed my eyes, breathing in the scent of her sex, wanting to taste her again.

“Open,” she said quietly, parting my lips with the head of the vibrator. I opened my mouth, and she slipped it in. “I want to watch you suck it, this cock you fucked me with.” Her voice was still soft, sounding innocent, yet sultry. Our eyes still locked in understanding and desire, I enveloped my mouth tightly around the cock. Sucking gently, my tongue swirled and licked her cum from the tip. “Good girl,” she said, with a slight smile. “More,” fatih escort she demanded. Looking at her, I felt it slide deeper into my mouth, slowly as not to overwhelm me. I moaned as it filled my mouth, tasting Darcy’s juices along the length of it. “That’s it, baby. Just like that.” She moved it back and forth now, feeding it to me, fucking my mouth gently. I could see her nipples harden as she pumped it into my mouth. Her pussy now against mine, I was suddenly aware of how wet I was, how wet we were pressed together. As she probed my mouth with the toy, our clits meshed together, grinding slowly against one another. I let out a muffled moan, my mouth full of this fake cock, sucking as she urged me on. Darcy’s breath quickened, as our clits clashed together in climax. My own muffled moans indicated my desire to cum, and her movements told me we would soon. I was still sucking, bucking up against her as she fucked my mouth, urging me to cum with her. We held the climax as long as we could, moving and writhing together. As our hips ground together faster and harder, Darcy withdrew the vibe from my mouth, tossing it to the bottom of the bed. We closed our eyes and came together, crying out loudly. As our orgasms faded, we slid into one another’s arms, our bodies warm and moist with exhaustion.

The alarm went off at 6:15 am, and I turned quickly to shut it off. Darcy was still asleep, apparently undisturbed by the noise. I kissed her shoulder softly before I slipped out of bed. She moaned, murmuring something before curling up in silence.

As I stood in the shower, the hot water running over my face and body, I thought of my upcoming trip. With my travel schedule, I’ve had a series of short flings with women, yet I didn’t want to leave this time. Darcy was different. She excited me on so many levels. Given our conversations on and about various topics, it wasn’t just great sex with her. But we hadn’t been seeing each other that long; who’s to say what will come of this?

I dressed quickly, watching the clock, making sure I’d have enough time to get to the airport. Pinning my hair up, I stood in the doorway of the bedroom, gazing at Darcy sleeping. She looked so peaceful, so beautiful lying there. Moving to the hallway, I checked to make sure I had everything together—suitcase, carry-on, tickets. I set everything in the foyer before walking back to the bedroom. I didn’t want to make this goodbye a big deal. I’ll be coming back eventually.

Slipping beside her on the bed, I wrapped my arms around her waist. She sighed, moving back and against me. “I’m going now,” I said, squeezing her softly.

“No,” she groaned sleepily. “Not yet…” Kissing her lightly on the forehead, I got up from the bed slowly. “Call me when you get there, OK?” she said hoarsely, squeezing my hand, her eyes still closed.

“Of course,” I said. As I walked out the bedroom door, I glanced back at her. She lay so still, silent. With a sentimental smile, I walked out, whispering “Sweet dreams, Darcy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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