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Some people have asked I try other stories than my personal experience ones. This story is one I worked on a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you like it.

These stories are meant for people who are Adults. If you are not at least 18 years old, or are offended by erotic or sexual material, please do not read.

I post the entire story each time so that people do not ask me to send them the earlier parts each time. The story is a work in progress that sometimes changes in addition to being added to. If you like the story please let me know. Thanks, Lynne

* * * * *

As a woman who travels a lot on business I have managed to find places I can go without dealing with the usual hassles of being a woman dining alone. One of my favorites is a sushi bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have found that by sitting at the sushi bar I don’t get the unwanted advances I often get in other establishments. I also almost always meet some fun people for good conversation and a good time.

It was a hot summer night and I had worked until almost 8:00 p.m. I had run back to my hotel room to get out of my business suit and into a comfortable pair of shorts, a light cotton blouse and a pair of sandals before heading out to eat. I had already decided on sushi and was looking forward to some of the best in the Western U.S. as well as good warm sake to relax my overtaxed mind.

As usual I was able to get a seat at the sushi bar as soon as I arrived. That is one of the benefits of being a single in a sushi/teriyaki restaurant; there is almost always an empty seat at the sushi bar. I quickly order an ama ibi and an awabi from my favorite itamae, Kappi. In the years I had been coming here he and I had developed a friendly and sometimes flirtatious relationship. I also ordered a sake from the bar for myself and one for Kappi so that we would be able to do our traditional kampais.

I had brought my latest issue of Working Woman with me and started to browse through it as I waited for Kappi to finish preparing my sushi. The sake arrived just as he put my uni and tuna roll on my tray and I poured both of us a cup and we had our first kampai of the evening. I was already winding down and enjoying being in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. I bowed to Kappi and said itadakimasu as I prepared to eat his wonderful creations.

My sushi bar companions tonight seemed on the typical, although boring, side. To my left sat a couple, very yuppie and very Scottsdale. Neither knew anything about sushi and were only there because this was fast becoming the ‘in’ place to eat. On my right were two older women, I think they were regulars because they seemed to know Kappi well and looked familiar. They were finishing up and only stayed a few minutes. Before they left one of them dropped a $20.00 bill in the tip jar for Kappi. He bowed deeply in appreciation.

“Good tippers Kappi,” I said as I poured the two of us another sake.

“They should be,” he said as he raised his cup. “Her husband owns one of the biggest resorts in town and I often do private parties for them. Kampai!” He tossed back the sake and headed in back to get the deep-fried shrimp head of my ama ibi.

It was hard not to notice them. They both looked like they were in their early twenties but other than that they couldn’t have looked more different. Donna looked like a slightly plump vampire. Jet black hair, a black mini dress, black hose, black lipstick, dark eye shadow and very pale, but smooth and rich, skin. Julie was her direct opposite. She looked like the typical ASU coed, blond hair, blue eyes, fit, light yellow sundress and tanned. The difference between the two was striking.

They took the empty chairs to my right. They quickly ordered two Kirins and two sakes and rather standard sushi neophyte fare, California roll and tuna roll.

Donna and Julie’s beers and sake arrived just after Kappi and I finished off our sake with another set of kampais. Kappi snagged the $20 out of his tip jar and quickly bought us another round.

“Kappi, you wouldn’t be trying to get me drunk now would you,” I laughed as he worked away on Julie and Donna’s order. “Remember, I’m a happily married woman.”

“Happily married, Hay.” Kappi said as he put the California roll on their tray. “But you have never been with a nihonjin so how do you know you could not be happier.”

I laughed and poured us both another sake. “Now, now, you met my husband a few months ago and remember what he told you he would do with your ‘amazing ginzu’ if you didn’t leave me alone.”

Kappi crossed his legs and eyes at the same time in a display of mock pain. It got our whole section of the sushi bar laughing, and me blushing because I hadn’t realized that some many others had been paying attention to our little flirtatious charade.

After the laughter had died down Donna turned to me and asked what kampai meant. I explained that it was a traditional Japanese toast and that it was common to share sake with the nihonjin in many sushi bars. In fact bostancı escort I explained it was not unusual to see some very drunk itamae at the end of a very busy night.

We started chatting and introduced ourselves. They were indeed coeds at ASU in Tempe and had only had sushi at some of the fast food sushi places around town. Donna was originally from everywhere, having grown up as an army brat and having traveled much of the world. Julie was from Flagstaff and they were out celebrating the end of the first summer term.

Since they were new to sushi I asked them if they would like a little help ordering. Donna said that she was always open to new and exciting experiences and loved to taste new treats. She seemed to cast a knowing glance towards Julie as if they were sharing some private joke.

“Ita-san,” I called out to Kappi. “A spicy hotatagai and a tako for the these to gaijins.”

We spent the rest of dinner trying some of the more exotic forms of sushi and continuing the kampais. Donna was by far the more adventurous of the two and was more than willing to try the various types of sushi. Julie on the other hand often had to be coaxed and sometimes even ordered by Donna, something I found rather interesting, to try things like eel and octopus.

I had a slight buzz from a little more sake than I was used to when we decided to try one more type of sushi and then call it a night. “Ita-san, three uni.”

“Are you sure you want uni?” Kappi laughed. “After all, husband-san is not with you on this trip is he?”

“No, he’s back home,” I laughed. “And I don’t believe that old nihonjin myth anyway.”

“Ah, but it is true. But if you want to spend a night of frustration, who am I to prevent it. Of course my services are always available,” Kappi raised his eyebrows to add emphasis to the last part of his statement.

“And remember what my husband said regarding your ginzu,” I laughed as I held up two fingers like a pair of scissors and did a mock snip.

Kappi winced and laughed at the same time.

“So what is uni anyway,” Julie asked tentatively.

“It’s sea urchin,” I replied.

Julie’s face turned a little pale as she thought about what I just said.

“I don’t care what it is,” Donna said, giving Julie a stern glance. “What I want to know is what the myth is all about.”

“Oh, that, well it seems that in Japan uni is considered to be an aphrodisiac,” I said as Kappi nodded furiously.

“And you want us to eat that,” Donna said raising just one eyebrow.

“It really isn’t,” I said. “Or at least it has never had that effect on me. Anyway, it is very good and Kappi prepares it better than any ita-san I know.”

“Well, I’m not sure who to believe, you or the sushi chef.” Donna looked at both of us and then at Julie. “I guess we will just have to try it and see how it effects us. Who knows, maybe we’ll really enjoy it.”

Julie still didn’t look all that enthusiastic about the uni, especially when she was Kappi start to prepare it. Still it seemed like the myth had gotten her attention.

As Kappi put the uni on our trays we had our last kampai with him. Julie just sat and stared at the uni. Donna on the other hand had no such reservations and quickly ate the first of her three pieces.

“It really is very good,” Donna said as she picked up the second piece. “Come on Julie, try it. It’s tastes wonderful. See, I really like it.”

I don’t know if it was the uni or what happened next that made me wet, but watching Donna certainly could have done it. Instead of just eating the next piece she seemed to be seducing it. She slowly swirled her tongue around the top of the piece of sushi. As she did this she was looking deep in Julie’s eyes and Julie seemed hypnotized by her actions. After running her tongue around it not once, but twice, she then took the tip of her tongue and seemed to tickle the top of the uni itself. She managed to dip it in just enough to get a small taste on her tongue and then slowly withdrew her tongue into her mouth.

“Yum,” she said, still looking at Julie. “You really will like this.” She then turned to me and said, “Are you sure that myth isn’t true.” She then repeated the performance while looking into my eyes. The only difference was this time instead of stopping with just a small taste of the uni on her tongue she nearly scooped out all the uni with it, holding it there on her curled tongue for just a second before withdrawing it into her mouth.

I just sat there in stunned silence for a moment, staring at Donna’s mouth as she ran her tongue over her black lips. I could feel myself turning red as both my face, and other parts, seemed to be under a hot wind. I was both aroused and amazed that this girl would be so openly seductive. After a moment Donna turned back to Julie.

“Eat it,” Donna said pointing to Julie’s tray. Without a word Julie picked it up and with a look of two year old getting ready to eat spinach put the entire piece into her mouth. büyükçekmece escort After a moment, when she finally realized it didn’t taste as bad as it looked, her face relaxed and she seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

I was still staring into space, trying to figure out if it was all just my active imagination, as well as a little to much sake, or if what I thought had taken place really had. While I had sensed something sexual between Donna and Julie I thought that I was just letting my personal fantasies cloud my perception of what was taking place. Could Donna have been just having a little fun after our discussion of uni being an aphrodisiac? Or was it something more.

I was lost in thought when Donna said, “Hey, we ate ours. I thought you liked uni?”

I glanced over at their trays and noticed that they were empty while mine still held the last two pieces of uni. I took a long drink of water followed by a deep breath, and quickly finished the uni.

“Thanks for all your help,” Donna said as we were paying our checks. Julie paid for theirs in cash while I had to wait to get my credit card run through. “We were going to go to a little club down in Tempe if you are interested. It really is a fun place. Want to join us?”

Now I was really in a dilemma. I was aroused by Donna’s display with the uni and the thought of her being attracted to me really turned me on. However, I was at least 10, and maybe even 15 years older than her, was in a strange town, and had never, even though I had often fantasized about it, been with a woman. Now a woman I didn’t even know was possibly seducing me.

“Where in Tempe?” I asked, more to buy time than anything else.

“Oh right in ASU. On Mill Street.”

I knew Tempe and knew Mill Street from having gone shopping there many times. It was really the main street of the college town, with lots of restaurants, clubs and shops. It was well lit, had plenty of well lit parking and a lot of people around, on any night of the week. In other words it was about as safe as any place could be. I thought about it for a moment. What could happen? Even if they were trying to seduce me on Mill Street I could easily walk away if I felt uncomfortable. And besides that, the idea of Donna using her tongue on me like she did on that uni really had me aroused.

“Oh what the hell. I don’t have to be in tomorrow until 10:30. All I was planning on doing was going back to my hotel and watch some TV. Let’s go.”

We all dropped a nice tip in Kappi’s bowl and I said I would follow them to Tempe.

We parked in a lot just off the Mill Street and we chatted as we walked through the outdoor mall. The club was off the back corner of the mall, up on the second floor. I had never noticed it before when I had been in Tempe and Donna said it was really just a student hang out.

When we got inside I felt very out of place. Most of the crowd was young, dressed to impress or to excess and the music was loud and most of the songs were ‘hits’ that I had never heard. The air was filled with the smell of clove cigarettes and the faint smell of dope occasionally drifted through the room. We found a table towards the back, away from the dance floor and where the music was reduced to a low roar.

“Well, what do you think?” Donna yelled across the table to me.

“10 years ago I would have loved it. Now I kind of feel out of place.” I was beginning to notice that the club seemed to cater more to a punk crowd, with many of them dressed much like Donna. Black was the color of choice in clothing, hair and makeup. Most of the crowd sported tattoos and a variety of pierced body parts. Some of the clothing left little to the imagination, on either the men or the women.

“You aren’t that old. Just let yourself be young and free again. The people here have very open minds,” Donna called the waiter over to our table and ordered us all some drink I had never heard of. “This band is loud but the next one will probably be a little more to your liking. It’s an all women’s band that plays mostly blues and folk tunes.”

“Well, I can’t say that I won’t be happy with a little softer music,” I yelled back across the table, suddenly feeling very old and very out of step.

We just sat back for a few minutes as I let my ears and eyes grow accustomed to my new surroundings. Our drinks arrived and Julie paid for them after Donna told me to put my money away. Donna excused herself and Julie and said they would be back in just a few minutes.

One sip told me to be very careful with these drinks. They tasted a lot like lemonade but I could tell with one taste that they packed a wallop. I sat back in my seat and tried to make out what the band was playing. As I sat there alone I began to notice some other things about the club that until this time had missed. First and foremost, the crowd didn’t seem just punk but also alternative. While not strictly a gay or lesbian crowd there certainly was a mix of male/female, male/male and çekmeköy escort female/female couples. At first I just thought it was the regular college mix until the band announced they were taking a break and I saw the couples leaving the dance floor. While they were dancing it was often hard to figure out who was paired up with whom but as they left the dance floor it was easy to see that all three types of couples had been out there. Many of the gay couples openly kissed or held hands as they left the floor.

I had been in gay clubs before but never one where all three-gender pairings intermingled as much as they did here. It was refreshing to see, but also led me to believe that my thoughts about Donna and Julie were probably correct. I was thinking about what I was going to do when they returned from the bathroom. Julie was wearing wide leather collar that had not been there when they left.

“Well, how do you like the club, now that it is a little quieter?” Donna asked as Julie pulled out her chair and she sat down. Julie just stood beside her as she started sipping her drink.

“It’s definitely different,” I said. I was alternately staring at Julie and Donna, not sure what to say next.

“We like it. It’s not like this all the time though, just one night a week. It’s called alt night and pretty much anything goes. Even when it’s not alt night this is one of the few clubs around where just about anyone can come and feel welcome.”

“I feel out of place even if I am welcome. I am almost old enough to be mom for half the kids in here, or close to it, and my clothing doesn’t exactly blend in.” I looked around trying to keep myself from staring at Julie. “And, well, it’s been a long time since I have been in a gay club.”

“Not everyone here is gay in case you didn’t notice. There are a lot of bi and straight couples here.” The question hung out there in the air for a moment as we just stared at each other. Donna answered it before I could ask. “Julie and I are bi. Julie has a fiancée who goes to school at USC. I really lean more towards women but enjoy an occasional guy or threesome. I am also a dominatrix so sometimes it’s fun to have a guy who likes being a slave cater to my needs.”

“Julie is submissive I guess?” I felt both stupid and foolish for asking the question. It was so obvious.

“Yes she is, but only to me. Her fiancée doesn’t know about her submissive side, or her bi side for that matter.” Donna turned to Julie and smiled. “I tell her that if she doesn’t obey me, one of the things I am going to do is tell him about both. He wouldn’t take it well.”

Julie just stared straight ahead. I couldn’t tell if it was all part of the game, or if the blackmail was a real threat.

“So Erica,” Donna turned to me and leaned forward. “What are you doing here tonight?”

I had been asking myself the same question. I had to have known that it would eventually come down to this but I had also been avoiding answering it, even to myself. “I don’t know,” I said truthfully.

“Do you find me attractive?” Donna leaned forward. I hadn’t noticed until then how far down she had unzipped her dress. Her white breasts were encased in a black leather bra and she squeezed her arms together to make her cleavage deepen. “Or is it Julie you find attractive. Julie, go stand behind Erica.”

Julie walked over and stood behind me. Donna’s eyes were locked on mine. She reached across the table and forcefully grabbed my wrist. I didn’t know what to do next. I broke off the eye contact. Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe she was just playing with me. Playing the domme. Enjoying watching me squirm. She tightened her grip on my arm to the point that it began to hurt. She was in control and I realized that I was letting her be. I was finding it exciting. I was scared at the same time getting more excited the more Donna squeezed my arm.

“You’re hurting me,” I blurted out.

“Answer the question. What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know.”

“I think you do,” Donna started to slowly twist my arm.

“I don’t know.”

“Tell me.”

I finally came to grips with the answer myself. I really had wanted them to come on to me, and when they did I found it very exciting. I wanted to know what it was like to be found sexually attractive by another woman. I wanted to know if my fantasy was something I could act on. I finally blurted out, “I wanted to know what it was like with another woman.”

Donna eased the grip on my arm. She took her other hand and gently caressed my hand. I relaxed the grip on my glass and she raised my hand to her lips. She kissed the red mark on my arm. “I’m sorry I had to do that. I don’t want to hurt you, but if you don’t obey…” Donna’s voice trailed off as her lips moved up my arm and began to kiss my hand.

I wanted to pull my hand away. Run out of the nightclub and down the street. But the feeling of Donna’s soft lips against my skin made me flush with embarrassment and desire. Her eyes were closed as she gently caressed the skin of my hand with her full lips.

I was getting excited but at the same time I was terrified at the same time. Donna was beginning to use her tongue as well as her lips to explore my hand and fingers. My hand was trembling so much. Donna opened her eyes just as she sucked my index finger deep into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

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