Sunday Morning

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It was early in the morning- I don’t remember exactly when but I think maybe 4am.. or 5am, when she entered my house and slipped into bed. Past Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

She’s had a key to my house from long ago but never used it except to feed my cat when I was out of town, and not even that recently. I had practically forgotten she had it. But she used it Sunday morning.

When I woke at about 6:00am she was sleeping in bed with me, naked. My bed is big, an eastern king size which is wider than normal and I hadn’t felt her climb in. Waking to feel a naked person in bed with me was a bit of a surprise. My mind immediately started through a set of thoughts it goes through whenever I wake with someone I don’t remember going to bed with.

Am I at home or some other place? What was I doing last night? Was I drinking? How much (headache?)? Is this male or female? (If male I immediately try to think of whether appropriate birth control was used). Check my body for signs of activity. Seepage, wetness, dried stuff, soreness or raw flesh that might trigger memories of what I did. Do I know this person? Look at him/her and try to place them and understand how I ended up in this situation. Form a plan. Need to exit fast? If someone I know, do I need a cover story? If not someone I know, do I have their name/phone number (always need that just in case…)? And so on…

In this case I didn’t get far down the list, because I recognized the red hair and smell. I still ran through a few of the items to try and see whether I had been partying and was drunk or what, but I quickly determined that she must have simply slipped in there while I was sleeping.

You can not imagine the amazing feeling that gave me. She has never done that, and it was like we had opened a door and stepped through something. My heart swelled and I felt just plain old grateful that she was there.

So I lay down next to her and spooned her, smelling her hair as it pressed against my nose, feeling her warmth and smoothness against my body. She’s smaller than me and a good size for me to spoon. I kept my hands and legs so they touched her but wasn’t intrusive about it- I wanted her to continue sleeping.

I dozed off like that for a while, as well. It was happy.

She is a bit of an active sleeper. She doesn’t stay in one place, so sleeping in a spooned position doesn’t work for long. We shifted positions, kept dozing, but arms and legs got tangled a bit in the process. She woke me later, around 8:00. I was asleep, facing her, my leg between hers, my hands… akimbo someplace, not touching her.

But she touched me, her fingers on my cheek. I think she brushed some hair back. I woke up and smiled at her. I remember her first words were “Hey, you.”

In response I kissed her on the lips, a gentle kiss of welcoming. I think I said something like, “I am so glad you are here.”

She smiled, which always lights my heart.

We lay together, faces really close, and didn’t say much. My hand went to her and stroked her skin on her upper arm, then her side, down to her hip, then up again. My right hand was scrunched underneath me so couldn’t really do anything. She touched me as well, and we just lay together, touching one another and sometimes kissing a bit.

(She finally had to get up and go to the bathroom, which meant I had to as well, but… we came back to bed and seemed to just move right smack into the same positions we had been in before. Just a bit more awake.)

I asked her when she arrived. She said it was early morning. She had been having trouble sleeping and while she was due over later in the day, since she wasn’t sleeping well she thought she would come over early and maybe nap a bit with me.

This made my heart sing, and to cover tears that were threatening to pop out I kissed her deeply and pulled her body closer to me. With a little squeezing I was able to get my right arm under her and around her waist to hold her close.

We kissed a long time. This is one of the best things about being with another woman, is you get to kiss a lot. For a long time. The main focus is on our lips, the feeling of tongues exploring and playing, biting her lip and having her bite me back, tasting her inside, getting one hand into the softness of her hair and pushing her closer, coming up for air, then diving in again.

But hey. Two girls naked and kissing can’t completely ignore the sensations of pressing their bodies together. Legs move around and slide, intertwine and press. In the process of moving legs and intertwining, other parts come into contact. My thigh slid bahçeşehir escort up and pressed on her soft sex. I know exactly what that feels like and knew what I was doing. As we kissed her hips moved on my thigh, slowly, very gently.

The other thing that happens when my thigh goes between her legs is feeling she is wet. Yes, she was wet. I mean.. I was wet, why wouldn’t she be?

My right arm was under her and around her waist, not able to really move around much. Mostly what it did was hold her stomach close against mine, something I love with a passion. My left hand caressed her, from her hair down her sides, and gripped her ass.

She has an amazing ass. Not like mine, which is too large and more than a handful.

It strikes me now that she intended all of this, because she came to bed with me not wearing panties. She’s like me, she tends to go to bed wearing just panties. She didn’t have any on this time, unlike me.

The kissing had moved away from mouths and tongues and was expanding its scope. Necks, ears, nuzzles and tongues and wet points behind ears. It was giving me shivers.

My right hand, which was trapped under her struggled down until I could get it on her ass. So I had both hands on her ass. Nice. She was riding my thigh, rubbing actively. My breasts were pressed against hers- I love the feeling of mutual softness. I feel especially naked when her nipple slides against mine.

My breathing was getting harder, as was hers.

Finally she pushed, rolling me over. I didn’t let go of her ass, and she pushed my shoulders down, kissing me from on top, her breasts sliding against mine just delicately (it gave me chills to feel her and I am sure she did it on purpose). But then she shifted completely.

My leg was between hers and stayed there, but in the process of rolling me over to my back she shifted her hips so her pussy was pushing on mine, rather than my thigh. Yeah. It wasn’t a perfect angle, but she had us scissoring.

This had just transitioned from romantic kissing and intimacy to all out sex.

Her hands left my shoulders and slid down my breasts, my stomach, my sides (a super erogenous zone for me), then to my breasts again, and she moved her body up, shifting more. I shifted as well, getting one leg spread out and the knee up so my pussy would be more available for her. I wanted to cum now.

She began grinding. At first, it was gently. Slow and silky. Teasing almost. I looked up at her, seeing her gorgeous face and felt her perfect breasts. God that felt good. Having her there, on top, sliding against me, our wetness mixing and our soft flesh sliding. I tried to move my hips up, press against her harder but she shook her head with a quirky smile (god, I love her smiles, she is always smiling), and moved her hips away, refusing to push hard.

So we slid together for a while, our pussies sliding gently, sometimes just barely touching. I could tell at one point she moved to get the angle just right to get our clits to press lightly against one another. Mine must have been swollen and extended beyond the hood because I could feel it.

I moaned and begged her. “Please…”

She grinned and pushed hard, beginning the real grinding. I was so ready. So was she. My hand reached down and tried to stim my clit a bit, but there wasn’t room and frankly I wanted her body to stimulate it.

I had shifted a bit to the side to get the angle a bit better, but she was still mostly straight on with me, pushing, making it look almost like straight sex missionary- except with her on top. One of my legs hooked hers and I pushed hard, grinding hard.

She was ready. I mean, I could see her erect nipples and she was flushing, her eyes closed and head thrown back a bit. We kept grinding and she shuddered, and gasped the way she does sometimes when she cums. It went on for a bit, and I pushed and ground against her, trying to cum myself.

Well, she finally finished and sort of collapsed on top of me. She isn’t big, and not heavy for me. It felt good to have her laying on top, her length entirely on me.

I wrapped my arms around her, spread my legs and hooked them around her too, just holding her close. This was a hot and sweaty position, we had been working out a bit leading up to that and the warmth and sweat of our bodies were very noticeable. I didn’t mind though. I liked feeling hot and sweaty with her.

She rolled off after a bit and kissed me gently, thanking me. “You didn’t cum though,” she said.

“Almost, but you know it isn’t easy for me tribbing.”

“I’m bakırköy escort sorry,” she said, her finger sliding along my lips.

“Silly, you know how much I love to trib. You can scissor with me anytime.”

We lay together, staring at the ceiling and holding hands, maybe touching a bit here and there.

“I’m hot and sweaty. I blame you. I want a shower. Wanna come?” I said.

She was up and into the shower before I was, had the shampoo out and was washing her hair. I stepped in and helped a bit.

Her body, her skin, looks so incredible wet, especially soaped and wet. She’s lean, but still with nice boob that will redirect the water, and long hair that catches it and released it in rivulets.

There was no sex in the shower, not really. We soaped and washed and touched and helped each other soap and that involved a lot of touching. She washed my ass, and between my ass cheeks, something I have taught her to do. It might seem weird or icky to others, but having my lover, especially her, getting me clean there is a wonderful feeling. It’s like letting her take possession of me, my most inner and private parts. Parts more private than my pussy.

And it has the advantage that she gets to make sure I am clean there, because when we make love, fingers and tongues sometimes end up in the oddest places.

We dried off, and even tried out my new expensive hair dryer. It’s a Dyson, and cost like… $300? Some ridiculous price. So she wanted to try it out and feel what a $300 hair drier felt like.

I brushed her hair, and she brushed mine while we dried. Hair brushing relaxes me so easily. Having someone else brush me, gently; maybe I am a cat and I love to be petted.

We were naked all through this time and when we were dry and teeth were brushed and we had played enough in the bathroom, she took me and made sure I could see her face and said, “I am going to make you cum.”

I smirked and said, “OK”.

She pulled me into the bed again, staring out by kissing my lips, rubbing my pussy a bit with her thigh, then sliding down very slowly. Her tongue explored very erotic hot spot I have. Behind my ears; under them, my neck, my clavicle, my breasts and especially my nipples (oh god I love when she suckles me).

My sides, next to my breasts, that will get me wet every time. Down across my stomach to inner thighs, skirting my pussy, a standard technique but one assured to get me crazy. And finally she sucked on my pussy lips.

Suction. Pulling them into her mouth, then spreading them with her tongue and diving inside just a bit. Then out again, sucking and teasing my clit, then sucking and inside.

Her hands were on my breasts at first, but then slide down and held my ass cheeks, cupped, to help control my hip movement. Because my hips were moving, showing their desire for her, willing her to force the orgasm out of me.

She knows exactly how to handle my ass while eating me. A firm grip, lifting me a bit, her shoulders forcing my thighs apart if they begin to come in too much. The grip on my buttocks spreading them, just like my legs are forced apart.

It didn’t take long. I felt it begin to come, the warmth and comfort building and when she sensed it (she always can, maybe the way I sound, not sure), she shifted her hands- tongue on my clit, two fingers curled inside, and one finger of the other hand pressing on my anus.

That did it. She hadn’t worked me in that position for more than 15 second when I cried out, pushed up and did whatever it is I do when I come. Grimace. Grip the sheets. Arch my back or push my hips up. Make small moaning noises.

Yeah, it was a delightful orgasm. It lasted a bit too, but eventually I was laying with her fingers in my mouth, tasting myself.

“Oh god, you are good. I am so…”

I was going to say something here but stopped myself, changing it. “So… glad you came over.”

We cuddled again. Held each other loosely, fingers touching whatever they wanted, feet playing with each other. We have this strange little game we play when cuddling sometimes. One of my feet slide under hers and she pushes down on it and I push back. Then she relaxes and I switch with her, sliding my foot on top and pushing down on hers.

Our fingers have certain patterns, too. Steepling, and then coming together, holding with the fingers intertwined, and the sometimes turning upside down so the fingers all stick up. It’s hard to describe, but it is just something we do without ever actually saying anything about it.

These başakşehir escort are small little things lovers do when they are incredibly familiar with their partner, and it never fails to make me contented and happy.

She asked when my friend was coming over (late that afternoon, we had a long time). We talked a bit about her insomnia. She really had had trouble sleeping, which was why she had come over. We talked of other mundane matters with out legs over one another’s and hands playing with each other, and an occasional kiss or nuzzle between the laughs.

She laughs a lot, did you know that? So do I, I am a bit of a clown, but she laughs in such a genuine, happy way. She uplifts me and makes my heart swell.

And eventually, we were just kissing- no more talk, no more playing, but kissing seriously and letting our hands and fingers find each other again. It was a kind of mutual, unspoken agreement that we would make love yet again.

Our fingers found each other’s pussies and we lay together, arms crossed, legs spread and crossed over each other’s, giving the other access. We were laying on our backs, but heads turned to look at each other as we masturbated each other.

(I don’t remember when the covers and sheet had been kicked off but it had been a long time before.)

She looked like she was beginning to really get into it, and I said, “Oh no, properly this time…”

And rolled over on top of her. I slid my arms under her legs, lifting her knees up and spreading her legs wide, forcing her knees way up so her hips were rotated toward me. The classic position that guys love- shove her legs all the way up.

I spread my own legs and slid my pussy on top of hers and began to grind on her. It took a little hip motion to get a nice sliding up and down, but it is possible.

“Don’t you ever tell me I don’t love doing this,” I said to her softly.

I really was doing it to her missionary style.

Sometimes I wonder how hard it is for guys to really fuck a girl hard- I mean, I have been pounded hard before so I’ve been bruised, and the motion has got to be a lot of effort for the guy. I remember thinking about this as I fucked her, pushing and sliding my pussy lips against hers, sharing the feeling of mutual contact and stimulation. Unlike with a guy, I understood exactly the sensations she was experiencing.

She might have come that way, but I wanted to taste her so I slid down on her, quickly, not the way she had done with me, and found her flesh ready for me.

Oh god, she put her fingers into my hair. I would eat her all day if she were to do that. Just… grab my hair and pull it while I am eating her. My fingers went inside her like I know she likes, and I could feel the slight but consistent rocking of her hips that means she is approaching orgasm. Not there yet, but encouraging it, bringing it along.

The orgasm itself was pretty damn obvious because her hands grabbed my hair hard, hard enough to hurt a bit. But not enough to slow me down. I made sure she had the best orgasm I could give her with tongue and fingers.

When it was over I slid up and kissed her, knowing she could taste herself on my lips, and then offered her my fingers, which she dutifully sucked clean. And laughed. She always laughs after cumming, it’s a joy. I sometimes cry after cumming which is a bit awkward, but she laughs. It made me laugh too.

We rolled over onto our backs and laughed for a bit, holding hands. I remember thinking I needed to get a mirror for the ceiling, because I wanted desperately to see what the two of us looked like just then. The redhead and the brunette laying together naked after having made love.

We spooned after that, relaxing and the warmth of being together. She wanted to be the big spoon which doesn’t work because I am a lot taller than she. But we did it, and it was nice. Being the little spoon always reminds me of being in bed with a guy, because I am usually big spoon when with a girl. But it felt good to feel her naked body all along my back and hips.

She fingered me after a while, reaching around and then sliding around and coming in from the back. I lifted my leg up and back over her legs to give her access. It was a lovely feeling to just have her play with me.

Eventually she stopped.

And eventually I realized she had gone to sleep.

I chuckled to myself. It would have been nice if she had continued fingering, I could have had more orgasms, for sure. But it was clear, she was tired and hadn’t had enough sleep.

Slowly, I wormed my way out of bed without disturbing her (too much), covered her with the sheet, and went off to do some things around the house like, well, answering emails. I sat in my big thinking chair, which is next to the bedroom window with the tiniest bit of a view of the hills, and watched her while she slept.

It had been a dream morning. A time that had filled me with happiness and love.

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