Steamy Hamburg

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Part of this story was inspired by another story on this site, which triggered memories of my own, similar experiences some years ago.

It is therefore, obviously, a fictional tale.

Traffic. The bane of modern life I thought, as the cab inched toward the junction leading to the city. Four hours sitting in an airport waiting for a delayed flight, one and a half hours to fly a thousand kilometres and four hours to crawl the final few miles. I had been awake for nearly thirty hours now, having come off a night shift that morning, before we set off to the airport.

This was turning into a disastrous weekend before it had even started and I was wishing we’d stayed at home.

My girlfriend Meryl and I were in Hamburg on a short city break, just relaxing in a big city for a few days, trying to escape the boredom of life in a small town in a northern winter. I know Hamburg fairly well, having visited for work on a number of occasions so, for me it was just a way of escaping life’s monotonous routine and to get to know my latest girlfriend.

I met Meryl a month or so before this trip. I was at a party with another girl and saw this pretty teenage girl with short dark hair, dressed in tight jeans and with a large bust struggling to break free from a tight top. Her boyfriend was too drunk to stand and my girlfriend was chatting to her friends so, when I saw her slip outside I joined her, to escape the fetid atmosphere inside.

We talked easily, Meryl starting the conversation by moaning about her boyfriend, making it clear to me that she was about to dump him. We chatted for about half an hour, with Meryl sipping daintily from a large cocktail and overtly flirting; licking her lips, fluttering her eyes and frequently touching my leg, holding my hand and running her hand around my neck. With her hand once again behind my neck she gently pulled me in for a kiss.

With her tongue halfway down my throat and a hand gripping my groin, I knew that this girl was something special and we went on to have sex in the begonias, to a soundtrack of loud music, accompanied by the sound of her boyfriend being ill coming from the window above our head.

Two weeks later, we were a steady couple and looking to move in together.

Two weeks after that and we were finally arriving at a typical international hotel in the centre of Hamburg, looking forward to experiencing life together for a few days.

I was exhausted and just wanted to have a few beers and go to bed, but Meryl, always wary of putting on weight and maintaining her figure, wanted to visit the gym or go for a swim.

Hotel reception gave us the run down on their facilities and Meryl’s eyes lit up when he mentioned their sauna and fitness suite.

In the room, bags thrown in the corner, Meryl dug out her swim suit for the sauna experience whilst I explored the mini bar, explaining to her that she didn’t need one.

German saunas are different to those in England I explained. Towels are mandatory and swim suits prohibited. Essentially you must be naked in the sauna, so should be prepared to sit next to other naked women, and men.

I knew, from previous work trips, that this hotel had a spa area run by a very stern middle aged woman, the Saunameister, who insisted that everybody behaved by her rules, which was the traditional way; be naked, sit on a towel, wear flip flops or slippers and don’t talk.

Thankfully, once you were in the sauna, nobody enforced the don’t talk rule, but nobody was ever allowed in unless they had a towel, footwear and were naked.

This was fine by me, having spent many a lonely hour watching naked airline cabin crew. It was a good way of getting to chat with the girl who had just served me drinks on the flight over, only this time she was stark naked and accompanied by three or four of her friends.

It was unusual to get lucky with any of these girls, they had seen it all before and were cynical of any men approaching them, but it was an hour or so of free titillation before I wandered over to the red light district in the Reeperbahn to join my work mates, who were paying for the same thrill in the strip clubs and with the same chance of success.

Meryl was now fussing around, seemingly nervous at the thought of sharing a space with naked men and beginning to have second thoughts, but I put her mind at rest by explaining that the hotel seemed half empty and it was late, so the spa was likely to be empty.

We stripped off and donned the white cotton robes and hotel slippers, Meryl keeping her briefs on underneath her robe. I smiled, knowing that the Saunameister would normally check that everybody behaved themselves and stuck to the rules. In truth, the Saunameister would have gone home hours ago, but the locals can be quite offended if the rules are broken.

“Take them off, they check!” I told her, laughing as she reluctantly slid off her panties.

“I’ll have to shave then, I’m not going commando with a weeks stubble.”

This was unexpected. almanbahis I anticipated her sitting in the sauna with a towel in her lap, but she clearly expected everybody to be scrutinising her snatch.

So, freshly shaved and clinging to my arm, she excitedly rushed out to dive in and swim naked in the deserted pool. I conveniently forgot to mention that you were expected to wear a swimsuit in the pool, hoping to compound her embarrassment when she realised she was the only one naked, but she swam alone, while I explored the saunalandschaft, as they grandly call the spa area. which was huge, taking up the entire basement footprint of the hotel, with a lot of new equipment replacing older areas. Thankfully, the gym was closed for refurbishment.

I helped myself to towels and beckoned Meryl to join me in the sauna.

It was very hot, dry, and dimly lit. A palace of raw pine, It was also empty, which Meryl seemed disappointed by.

We placed our towels on the lower benches and spread ourselves out, sweltering in the dry heat.

The heat and lack of sleep soon started making me feel drowsy and I drifted off for a few minutes, eventually waking as the door opened and a large plump man strode in, his large dick swinging from side to side.

He was middle aged, large and hairy, with a completely shaved head and an old fashioned moustache. I watched as his eyes darted to my girlfiend’s crotch, a smile on his face, presumably because he glimpsed her freshly shaved snatch on display as he opened the door.

Meryl automatically crossed her legs and placed her hand between her legs.

“Guten Tag” he grunted as he spread his towel on a bench directly opposite Meryl, turning his back and leaning over, laying out his towel, before changing his mind and moving it up a level, clambering up and leaning over again, giving my girlfriend an extended view of his hairy backside and large dangling balls before finally turning to sit.

He sat gazing vacantly over our heads, his cock hanging down like an elephants trunk, large testicles laying either side to complete the impression. The change in position was clearly no accident, as he now had a height advantage over Meryl, looking down at her, meaning that he could easily look at her without her seeing him, and with his cock now at her eye level.

Despite his large frame and walrus moustache he made an impressive figure, being muscular underneath the fat and, even I had to admit, that cock was impressive. No wonder he wasn’t shy about being naked and now made no attempts at hiding his manhood, letting it hang over the wooden bench, within arms length of Meryl’s face.

I sat back and half closed my eyes, secretly watching him occasionally glance down for a quick peek at Meryl’s crotch and tits, his moustache twitching with desire.

She seemed quite relaxed about the situation, but was now leaning back against the wall, eyes closed, soaking up the heat. I guessed that she had leaned back to prevent his cock from poking her eye out, but she seemed comfortable enough and was clearly not bothered by him watching her, her arms laying by her side now, legs relaxed and stretched out before her.

My eyes closed once more, and after a while the German started a conversation with Meryl. He switched to fluent English, but with a thick Bavarian accent and she was struggling to understand him. His hearty laugh echoed through the sauna as I slipped into deep sleep.

When I woke again, Meryl was standing, re-arranging her towel before sitting back and openly staring at his cock. When she noticed me awake, she closed her eyes again, waiting until she thought I was dozing before slowly opening her legs, giving the guy a first class view of her freshly shaved pussy.

I was shocked, but decided to see how far this would go, so closed my eyes and rolled my head away just as she glanced across to me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the German’s cock starting to stiffen. As it rose slowly he grunted, noticing me looking and covered it with a towel. This only made his arousal more obvious as the towel rose like an Indian army tent with the flaps open, making Meryl stare at the tent pole, open mouthed. The German apologised in German, but chuckled, with Meryl quietly giggling in return.

I started to make light snoring noises to add to their presumption that I was asleep. Through half closed eyes I could see her glancing between me and the guys cock, which he had now started to push down, in an attempt to minimise his embarrassment.

I heard him mumble another apology to her and to my astonishment she leant across and whispered something back, before tugging at the corner of his towel and opening her legs to give him another flash of her slit. They both laughed quietly.

Constantly fighting the urge to sleep, I took another look some time later. The guys towel was now on the floor and he sat proudly holding the biggest erection I had ever seen, with Meryl smiling at him, her legs wide almanbahis yeni giriş open, one hand covering her pussy, the other raising a finger to her mouth, telling him to be quiet and not wake me.

I was struggling to stay awake and despite my concerns, once again drifted off, half thinking that it was a dream.

Some time later, a noise made me wake and open my eyes again.

The door was slowly closing and the big guy was standing, sprinkling water on the coals, steam hissing and rising around him. He clambered back up to resume his buddha like pose, stroking his now flaccid cock, smiling to himself.

Meryl was nowhere to be seen, presumably back in the pool, I thought and dozed off again.

Some time later, Meryl shook me awake, saying that she was too hot and wanted to leave.

Looking blearily round the sauna, I realised that the guy had left and we were alone so, being horrendously hot, I thankfully left the sauna to jump into the icy plunge pool and then into the main pool for a swim.

Meryl seemed to have lost all inhibitions at this stage, wandering around the spa area naked, with her robe draped across her arm.

She called the lift and beckoned me to join her, rushing me out of the pool.

As soon as the lift door closed behind us, Meryl dropped her robe and pulled mine apart, pulling at my flaccid cock. Still dripping wet, all that was on my mind was sleep, but Meryl clearly had other ideas. We kissed passionately as I roughly fingered her pussy lips which felt swollen and massively wet. She groaned and came immediately, just as the lift doors opened.

The sauna session had clearly made her incredibly horny and she picked up her robe, holding it to her breasts before dashing for our room, fumbling in the robe pocket for the key card to open the door.

Once inside, fully awake now and with my cock rising fast, I pushed her roughly onto the bed before plunging into her puffy wet pussy.

I pounded frantically, all the while wondering why her vagina was so red, swollen and extremely wet.

Then I had a thought; maybe I fell asleep a bit longer than I imagined and Meryl and the guy had………. no, that couldn’t have happened, surely.

I cleared my mind of that thought and pounded away at her, Meryl gripping me tightly, nails digging into my backside, screaming out to fuck her harder, deeper. She was so horny she came again in minutes. I kept thrusting hard and fast, not holding back. A few minutes later she came yet again, her pussy clamping onto my cock as I ejaculated into her pulsating hole.

Finally satisfied, Meryl fell into a deep sleep, while I lay there wondering what had happened to my girlfriend. I was initially attracted to her because, as she would put it, “I can’t help it, I’m a horny little whore at times”. We also enjoyed each others company, both outside and inside the bedroom, but I had never known Meryl come more than once. For some reason, I had just made her come three times in quick succession and that set me wondering.

Tonight she really came true to form, she was extremely horny and I wondered why, and what had made her pussy so swollen?

Laying next to this little sex bomb I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind, smiled to myself and wondered what she was dreaming of, while making a mental note to make her visit the sauna more often. It clearly made her incredibly horny.

The next morning she told me that she wanted to sleep in. She couldn’t face walking round as she was so sore and tired. She also thought she might have

a urinary tract infection, which would explain the puffiness I thought and why she felt so tired.

So I ordered cranberry juice and natural yoghurt from room service to go with her continental breakfast and went down to the buffet alone for a full cooked breakfast.

Back in the room after breakfast, Meryl surprised me by suggesting that I go out alone to explore, so she could relax a while. We could then maybe go sightseeing together later that day.

I reluctantly agreed but once outside, realised that the weather was grey and wet and, knowing Hamburg well, did not want to wander the Elbe river in the rain, freezing my balls off. I briefly considered a quick trip to the Reeperbahn but it was too early, so returned to the hotel, taking the lift down to the leisure complex.

Checking into the leisure and spa area, a swim seemed to be a good idea, before taking a sauna, so detoured to the pool area.

Stripping off and picking up a robe I wandered to the pool edge, looking around aimlessly.

A pair of elderly ladies in flowery caps were the only swimmers, cruising up and down together. They swam in unison, laughing and chatting while doing slow lengths of breast stroke. I allowed them some room and dived in to swim a few fast lengths before resting.

I noticed one of the women looking at me as I climbed out of the pool and sat on the edge. She was short and plump with an impressive chest, almanbahis giriş her breasts bulging from her swimsuit as she turned for another length, smiling at me.

I briefly thought about following up on that smile, as I have always had a thing about large breasts on older women, but decided to leave them to their swim and head to the sauna.

Peering through the window, it seemed to be empty except for our friend from the night before, the well hung German guy. Not wanting to spend half an hour being envious of his manhood, I wandered off, heading toward a steam room tucked away in a corner, which I had seen but never used before, so decided to try it out.

Hanging my robe on the hooks, I opened the door and stepped inside.

Clearly an older part of the otherwise modern looking spa area, this was a tiny round room, completely tiled in white, with two small tiled benches. There were discarded towels all over the floor, which I kicked to one side of the door, swearing under my breath at the lazy shit that had left them there.

The steam room would hold four people at best and was so steamy that I couldn’t see the opposite wall, even though it was only eight feet away.

Sitting on the curving, tiled bench and relaxed, I allowed the heat and the steam to envelope me.

In minutes I was drenched in sweat and roasting hot.

The door suddenly opened and the short tubby swimmer entered. The steam cleared briefly to enable me to admire her body. She was now naked, those gorgeous breasts bobbing and swaying gently as she pushed the door closed. Without the swim cap, her short dark hair framed an attractive face and she looked completly different from the grandma I had imagined as she swam past earlier.

Admiring her naked body, I guessed she was around fifty, with a plump but sexy form. Smiling a welcome, I discretely watched as she fussed around in the mist, trying to keep a discrete distance from me in the tiny cramped room.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she sat down opposite me, closing her eyes and soaking up the steam. Although plump, she had a firm body with no sign of a sagging stomach or drooping breasts, which seems all too common in older German women. She clearly had not sunbathed regularly during her life and still had soft white skin.

I also noticed that she had a totally shaved pussy, which I thought rather daring for a woman her age, making me wonder at her life away from here. Did she shave for a husband, or for cleanliness, or maybe because she secretly hoped to show herself to strangers, Strangers like me perhaps?

Sat almost opposite me, her pussy lips came into view when her thighs briefly parted as she got up and moved toward me. Unsure what was about to happen, I froze and looked into her eyes as she said “Entschuldigen” and reached across me to pick up the water hose.

Heavy breasts swayed inches from my nose, even though I had leant back as far as I could. I had a sudden urge to cup them with my hands and give them a kiss as they momentarily hung before me but thought better of it, although my cock twitched at the thought.

She expertly turned the tap and stood back, spraying cold water at her bench before reaching across me again to return it to it’s holder, then sitting back gently on the now cool bench. I briefly imagined her pussy lips kissing the cool tiles, before composing myself by standing up and spraying my own bench with the hose, giving my balls a quick cooling down before closing the tap.

We sat there sweating and dripping together in the haze for around ten minutes, not saying a word but occasionally exchanging glances and polite smiles. My glances mostly concentrated on her tits and pussy, which she made no effort to cover.

Her head was back with eyes closed, towel around her neck, hands by her side and feet firmly planted on the floor, allowing her knees to sway apart as she relaxed, giving me tantalising glimpses of her pussy.

With a sigh, the woman stood up and reached over for the hose, once more spraying her bench, then her body, before reaching to turn the water off.

This time I held out my hand to take the hose from her, but she leant across and fumbled around trying to put it back herself.

Looking up I realised that her eyes were focused on my cock, not the hose and I couldn’t help but smile as our eyes met. She looked away guiltily, put the hose in my hand and thanked me before sitting back down.

The sight of those breasts and the thought that she was eyeing me up made my cock swell and I tried to surreptitiously move it between my legs, noticing her suppress a smile.

After another few minutes, she muttered “Ach, es ist heiss”, getting up again to reach for the hose to cool down.

This time she removed the towel from her neck, her breasts swaying as she did, before drenching herself, directing the water to her neck and across her shoulders, dreamily closing her eyes as the cool water ran down her body.

I watched, fascinated as she turned to face me before turning away, then back again, confined by the tiny space. She seemed to be oblivious to me and moved with the practised slow sexy movements of a night club stripper, stretching her arms above her, turning slowly with eyes half closed.

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