Society Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Daughters

So it’s Monday morning and I’ve spent two nights and a Sunday with the most amazing woman. Donna is simply wonderful. We talked about the party and how I felt. After much questioning by her and much soul searching by me I admitted I had never been so turned on and I loved every minute of it, again the sexual pleasure being proportional to the humiliation I received and the submission I had to express. Donna complimented me on my honesty and I felt so relieved to have admitted it to myself and someone else as well.

She made love to me so sweetly, very gently and slowly. Totally the opposite of what happened at the party. When I asked about this she simply replied there was a time for everything.

If I had stayed any longer I would have fallen in love with her, I do that so easily. Who knows what may happen in the future but she drove me back to Beatrice’ house and kissed me goodbye with such love I cried in the car. She promised we would be seeing each other again soon and with that I rushed inside before I could make a bigger fool of myself.

Tina opened the door and I gave her a big hug and immediately began to babble uncontrollably about my time with Donna and how marvellous she was and…

…I stopped dead in the lounge as I saw Beatrice and the two young women they had been talking to on Saturday evening. Beatrice smiled and introduced them: ‘Hi Wendy, so glad you are back. This is my daughter Chloe’ as she motioned to a busty redhead ‘and Tina’s daughter Emma’ motioning to a busty brunette.

I blushed and immediately became defensive, a reaction which was totally ignored by both Chloe and Emma. They were of youthfull exuberance personified: ‘Oh Wendy, it’s wonderful to meet you at last. Beatrice told us all about you’ (all about me?) ‘and we saw you at the party last night. You were awesome.’

Normally I would have relished the compliment of being referred to as awesome but the thought of the two girls knowing what had happened over the past few weeks and seeing me last night, coupled to the fact they were Beatrice’ and Tina’s daughters. Other mature women seeing me exposed and vulnerable was one thing but these two young women were half my age and that they were my Mistresses daughters as well seemed to make it all the more embarassing.

I should have protested or complained, objected or something. Instead I meekly said: ‘Hi girls, nice to meet you and thank you for the compliment.’ This seemed to be accepted as sufficient introductions and we sat down for coffee and chat. I shouldn’t have worried, the daughters were lovely girls, so full of life and energy. Everyone got on well and we all walked down to the nearest bistro for lunch. The afternoon walk, which seemed to be almost a tradition now, was a continuation of the days’s friendship and laughter.

Cooking dinner was a riot. Everyone was involved and squeezing five women into a kitchen is not usually a good idea but this time it turned into a riot and great fun was had by all. Evening was spent listening to the girl’s stories of the term just finished, they were both home from college.

Then came the time to turn the spotlight on me. Tina opened the questioning: ‘So come on Wendy, how did you get on with Donna?’ I shrugged and said it was okay. ‘Don’t talk nonsense girl’ she teased. You spent the weekend with her and came home smilng like the cat who got the cream.’

Blushing again, I seem to be doing that a lot at the moment, I couldn’t help smiling and the rest of the women teased me but were obviously happy for me as well. So I described, with great censorship, the rest of the weekend after the party had finished. Beatrice, who I think knows me best of all looked at me quizzically: ‘Are you falling in love with Donna?’ another blush respnse which totally gave the game away. ‘You are! Oh Wendy, I’m so happy for you.’ There were general congratulations all around which I had to temper with the proviso: ‘Well yes, I really like her. But I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, I feel rather out of my depth all the time at the moment.’

Everyone sympathised and nodded understandably so I decided to make my way to bed as I was very tired to say the least. Beatrice came to see me shortly after: ‘It’s wonderful you have met someone you really like Wendy. And please understand you can stay here as long as you like. In fact, I would be disappointed if you left because you really have made things special, particularly for Tina and I. Not to mention the way you turn me on when I see you getting dommed.’ We both laughed and kissed goodnight.

Tuesday morning dawned bright and beautiful. Laughter and playful teasing, giggling and five women generally being very girly and silly. Tina and Emma had gone home last night but returned mid morning and we planned the day together. This was such great girly fun. Beatrice started with a suggestion: ‘ Chloe and Emma enjoyed the party so much on Saturday, they would like to put the plug in you and for you to spend all the time we are in the flat wearing that and nothing Bahçeşehir Escort else.’

I was horrified. It was bad enough the girls had seen me at the party being submissive and treated like a pet. But for them to do it here? They were half my age, although that seemed to bother them a lot less than it did me. Before I could respond Beatrice had fetched the plug in its velvet case from the bedroom and was starting to undress me: ‘No Beatrice’ I begged. ‘Please no, don’t make me do this.’ But my protestations fell on deaf ears and my blouse and skirt were already off.

Chloe was as sensitive and caring as her mother. she held my face in her hands and kissed me softly: ‘I know how difficult it is for you to be submissive in front of Emma and I Wendy. We are half your age and it is very humiliating for you. But you were so sexy at the party, we would so much like you to do the same for us as well. Besides which, I know you enjoy the humiliation and how much it turns you on, so if you agree to be our pet we’ll make this week as exciting and sexy as we can for you. How does that sound?’

Standing naked in front of Tina and Beatrice was something I had been rapidly getting used to. But I couldn’t imagine spending a week naked in front of their daughters. However Tina and Beatrice had obviously primed their girls well and Chloe had been gently stroking my nipples and my resistance, not good at the best of times, could not withstand such persuasion for long. At last, the mewling, then the capitulation, then all that was left was the submission.

Chloe sensed my defeat and she was also right about my enjoyment of the situation: ‘Emma could you put the plug in Wendy please? Oh and use plenty of lube.’

Her smile, that’s what did it for me. So much like her mother, so sweet and loving. She held my face in her hands and gave me little kisses while applied the lubricant. All I was aware of was Chloe and her smile and her gentle touch and sweet lips…the plug touched my bottom…’Dear sweet Wendy, be brave for me’…plug pushes in…’we so want you to be our pet’…halfway now…’almost there dear’…and it’s in with a ‘plop’ and an ‘eeeek’ from me. I receive a long sweet kiss from Chloe.

Thought I was used to the plug after last week but the daughters presence increases my nervousness again so the shaking starts. The girls hold me till I stabilise then lead me over to the sofa where they sit and place a large cushion on the floor. Oh no, not the kneeling on the cushion thing again. I kneel down as they want and assess my situation once more. On the floor like a pet in front of two young women while their mothers watch with delight as I submit to their daughters. Naked and feeling vulnerable I feel the humiliation again although am fully aware I am unable to resist when faced with someone who is dominant and that I automatically respond sexually when I am in this kind of situation.

Beatrice brings me a coffee which revives me somewhat and I listen to the others talk. ‘What should we make our pet do? She looks so cute down there, kneeling submissively with everything on show.’ I groan inwardly. ‘Does she like toes I wonder?’ I’m thinking ‘Toes?’ as Chloe takes my hand and pulls the cushion round to sit in front of her. She strokes my nipples to make sure I’m still aroused then lifts one foot to my face. ‘There’s five lovely toes Wendy, kiss them for me dear, pretend they’re a clit and make love to them with your mouth.’ Another inward groan, all I could do now.

Never really been into toes but I knew I had to do this so I leant forward, took Chloe’s foot and kissed each toe individually. Am I really doing this, kissing the feet of a girl who is half my age with a room full of people watching? This was completely real and there was no fantasy escape for me at all. So I bit the bullet to save me from biting the toe and took Chloe’s big toe into my mouth. Being grateful she had obviously washed her feet thoroughly before coming here (she smelled of rosewater which is nice) I slowly massaged it with my lips and tongue. Didn’t really know what else to do as I had never done this before but Chloe seemed to be enjoying it tremendously.

The ‘pleasuring others’ side of the submissive Wendy came into play here and I did the same for her other toes then her other foot. Her murmurs of delight encouraged me and I looked into her eyes during every toe. We made some kind of connection as I rolled each toe round in my mouth and teased it with my tongue her eyes moistened and eventually rolled back as her head lolled to one side. I finished and gently placed her foot back in its shoe.

Chloe took my face in her hands once more and this time her kiss lasted for over a minute. She said nothing, she didn’t need too. By this time my legs were cramping up and I needed a pee. Getting up I received the first rebuke: ‘Remember what Donna had you do at the party? Always hold your arms behind your back whenever you don’t need them for anything’ instructed Tina. Yet another layer of subservience demanded and submission required. But I was beginning Beylikdüzü Escort to understand how this worked and so I folded my arms in the required position and walked to the loo knowing all their eyes would be on me.

Returning I saw the cushion in front of Emma and she was as naked as I but the cushion right up to the sofa: ‘Kneel down sweetie’ said Tina ‘Emma has something special she would like you to do for her.’ I began to take her foot out of her shoe but Emma took my hands: ‘Not my toes Wendy, my special place, just like your nipples are your special place.’ With that she turned round to present me with her extremely gorgeous bottom. ‘You want me to kiss your bottom?’ I asked in surprise. ‘Not my bottom Wendy, my asshole.’

‘No!’ This time my groan was audible and Tina responded by reminding me of my ‘committment’ to both their daughters. ‘But that’s too much’ I complained. I felt Tina behind me and her arms wrapped themselves round me. Her fingers went to work and within seconds my groans turned to moans and I was literally pressed into service as she leant forward and pushed my face toward Emma’s bottom. She opened her cheeks with her hands and Tina pressed my face in between. My lips opened automatically and my tongue seemed to extend itself and I found myself licking her asshole quite against my will, accompanied of course by my usual mewling and whimpering.

It didn’t at all taste like I expected it oo, Emma had done the same as Chloe and cleaned it throughly. Smelt and tasted of fragranced body wash, not at all unpleasant. She had shaved as well and it was rather like eating a stoned peach which, again to my surprise, I took to with relish (no pun intended). I remember reading about ‘rimming’ so I started at the outside and slowly worked my way in, round and round till she was squirming with delight. My tongue went inside and this seemed to send her wild. After a few minutes Her hand moved round behind her then in between her legs. I realised she was trying to reach her pussy so I pushed hers away and used my own hand instead. She was soaking wet and it only took a few strokes of her clit to make her come loudly and with much writhing.

On the other hand, I was not so comfortable. My knees were sore, my legs were aching and my back was getting very stiff. I eased myself back and was immediately helped onto the couch by Tina who saw my discomfort. I looked at Emma who was lost in post orgasmic floaty state. ‘Thank you Wendy, for what you just did for my daughter’ and she kissed me without any consideration for where my mouth had just been. ‘I won’t forget this darling.’

As I lay on the couch waiting for my back to stop aching I realised I wasn’t cold. Nor had I been at the parties. My unclothed state should have left me shivering and uncomfortable but I realised that the heating had been turned up accordingly. I might be a pet and used for whatever they desired but I was a well cared for pet. Confused I managed to sit upright then was sandwiched between two young women who hugged and kissed me simultaneously. ‘We’re going to treat you to a delicious lunch Wendy, I booked a table at Haco’s.’ Sounded yummy.

The pet treatment continued, but in a very nice way. Emma and Chloe had a wonderful time dressing me, trying clothes on me, different styles and ways of arranging my hair. There was an interlude as I washed my face thoroughly before they could starting applying makeup, but basically it was like a salon visit at home. Eventually I looked in the mirror and saw…fuck me…I was drop dead gorgeous, these two really knew what they were doing so hugs all round. Figure hugging deep red dress with black belt and shoes to match. They had put some waves in my hair and it hung loose over my face. Makeup like I was at the Oscars and a black choker round my neck. I just wanted one of them to fuck me where I stood but the taxi had just arrived. I was also informed I didn’t have to assume the submissive position while outdoors nor did I have to wear the plug, what a relief.

Lunch was indulgence itself, they really treated me to a wonderful meal and we walked back to clear our heads with tummies filled with gourmet food and heads filled with laughter and nonsense. I even didn’t mind when my clothes were removed as soon as we returned home and my plug reinserted and reminded about my required position. The afternoon passed with plenty of chatter and gossip about everyone else in this ‘society’ with which I seemed to be getting involved. Each of them in turn lifted my coffee cup down to me and I drank obediently like the good little pet I was apparently becoming.

Toward the end of the afternoon, when all the natter was done and dinner well and truly digested, Chloe and Emma disappeared to the bathroom and returned a whiles later: ‘Time to swap Wendy.’ I asked Emma what she meant: ‘My toes and Chloe’s ass are in need of your loving touch.’ They had obviously been to clean their respective areas in preparation for me. This time there was no struggle within me, another layer of resistance dissolved, and I repeated my peformance with Emma’s toes and Chloe’s bottom. More love and hugs afterward as I again rested on the couch to recover while Beatrice and Tina prepared dinner.

And so the week continued, Emma and Chloe having obviously been thoroughly briefed by their mothers and after watching me at last weekend’s party decided they liked having a submissive pet to play with and I was to be that pet. Really though, it was very enjoyable from everyone’s point of view.

Wednesday they wanted to spank me and the girls took turns with the cane and the paddle. They were actually very gentle, think they were worried about hurting me but it left my bottom warm and tingly, lovely. Thursday saw me walking round with the hook inside me (Someone must have got it off Donna) and a repeat of the strawberry dessert. The girls both brought me off in the same way they had seen and made me lick their fingers clean afterward.

A maid’s outfit was produced, well the apron part of it anyway. It didn’t serve a purpose really but it accentuated my figure and stopped ingredients getting on my pussy when I was cooking in the kitchen.

Friday was slightly more relaxed and I gave them both massages although that made Tina envious as she hadn’t had one and that wasn’t fair so I promised to give her one at the next opportunity…there, there Tina don’t be upset, I didn’t mean to leave you out…soothe…soothe…hug…hug…

…and the week passed with the girls trying everything they could think of to bring out the submissive subservient pet in me, and they succeeded. I served them, waited on them, yielded to their demands and kissed and licked just about every part of them. Tina and Beatrice watched and enjoyed and, oh yes, Tina got her massage too. I spent alternative nights with each of the girls, I thought their mothers might object but they seemed to encourage it and I certainly didn’t complain.

There was no mention of another weekend party so Saturday arrived and I broached the subject to Beatrice: ‘Not this weekend Wendy, we though we’d just have a quiet little evening here, call it a party if you like. You can be our pet and we’ll have some more fun. How’s that sound?’ It sounded perfect to me so Saturday afternoon spent helping each other with hair and makeup and generally preparing for an evening as girls do.

Beatrice and Tina took me into the bedroom for the finishing touches to their clothes and my hair, nails and makeup (I was to start off completely naked). The sound of Cyndi Lauper singing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ came from the lounge so I knew the evening was about to begin.

‘Ready Wendy? Let’s go girl’ encouraged Beatrice and I opened the door and walked into the lounge to present myself to Chloe and Emma and…

…five of their college friends who were sitting speechless with open mouths as they stared at me, stark naked and made up in a way which would make a hooker look chaste.

‘No’ I cried and turned to run back into the bedroom. Tina was standing in front of the door and stopped me. ‘Please Tina, please Beatrice, don’t make me do this. It’s too embarassing. Emma and Chloe are family but I don’t even know these girls.’ Chloe and Emma came up to me: ‘We understand dear Wendy and that’s why we arranged this. These girls are our friends and we told them about you and submissiveness which is why they want to meet you and help you enjoy the evening.’ I whimpered because what she said made sense and I could see the way it was going. It was just the thought of being naked in front of them and knowing the kind of things they were going to make me do…

Tina and Beatrice walked me to the couch and sat me down in front of the college girls. I felt myself shaking and was aware my boobs were jiggling as a result. I looked up and saw the girl’s expressions hadn’t changed, if anything even more amazed and excited. Chloe introduced her friends but I was in such a state I couldn’t register anything she said let alone catch names. Emma came up behind me and…oh no, I knew I was going to submit to them because I knew what she was going to do…slowly stroked my nipples. ‘My friends would like to play with you this evening and they have each been allowed to use you in one way…’ the first little mewl from me. ‘Sandra, would you like to start?’

Well endowed blonde girl stood up and asked: ‘I would love to put the hook in Wendy.’ Second little mewl from me. ‘Of course you can Sandra. Wendy, you know where the hook is, fetch it please.’ I even had to fetch the implement of my humiliation. Facing the inevitable I fetched the hook from Beatrice’ bedroom and handed it to Sandra. I watched still shaking as she lubed it then walked round behind me. Emma steadied me: ‘Put your arms round my neck Wendy.’

I was in position and felt the wet hook pressed aganst my bottom with Chloe giving instructions: ‘Gently Sandra, a little at a time.’ Bit by bit the hook was pressed into me and finally it was in. This time I gasped. ‘Place your arms in the submissive position Wendy’ instructed Emma. She’s all yours Sandra.’ I felt the hook lift slightly and squealed, which generated gasps from her friends. Sandra walked me round the room and I had no option to stagger, boobs pushed outward, in front of her.

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