Snow Bunnies

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My best friend, Karen Styles, invited me to spend the weekend at her family’s cabin in the mountains near Payson, Arizona. It was mid February and we had a three-day weekend coming up—no school until Tuesday, so I readily agreed.

We left Horizon High School in Scottsdale, where we’re both Seniors, as soon as school was out on Friday afternoon. Karen put the top of her convertible down because it was a warm sunny day down in the desert, and we wanted to work on our tans while driving. Actually, what we really wanted was to be seen. We were both dressed for it with halter-tops showing lots of cleavage, and short tight mini-skirts that slid up our legs when we climbing into her car.

Karen was a tall, athletic blonde. She was the star spiker on our volleyball team, and I envied her so. Those long athletic legs looked so nice in her mini skirt. And she had a pretty face too, with a slightly up-turned nose. The way she had her hair cut so short, made her look almost pixyish.

I’m a couple of inches shorter than her, and a little rounder (some of the boys I’ve dated have said voluptuous, and stacked), and I have long brown hair. I’ve also gotten plenty of complimentary looks from the other girls in the showers after P.E. class.

As we climbed into her car from opposite sides, we pretended to drool at each other as we watched each other’s skirts slide up. We laughed and joked about it as Karen zoomed out of the high school parking lot.

Out on the highway, we played a little game to see who could dare to let her skirt ride up the highest. It wasn’t long before both our skirts were up around our hips, and our panties were seeing the light of day. With the convertible top down, the desert wind ruffling our hair, and the sun warming our bodies, we felt as free as birds. We joked about passing truck drivers looking down at us from their heights, and trying to count the cunt hairs through our panties.

We were having such a good time, we never noticed the storm clouds blowing in from the Northwest. We reached the town of Payson at about 5:00 in the afternoon, and stocked up on groceries before moving on to her parent’s cabin further on up in the mountains. Her parents were to join us on Saturday morning, so we were going to have all evening to ourselves in this isolated spot. It was kind of scary to think about it, but also kind of exciting.

We made a game out of putting up the groceries and unpacking our things. The game was to see how much ass you could show while bending over to get a bag from the trunk of the car, or to see how far we could look up under each other’s skirts while the other was reaching up to put groceries in a cupboard.

After horsing around like that for a while, we took turns showering, then got ready for dinner. We both wore T-shirts, and tight, gray gym shorts. With no panties underneath, we could see the outline of each other’s cunt lips in each other’s shorts. Karen’s shorts were so short I could even see a couple of cute little blonde hairs sticking out.

By the time we finished dinner, we noticed it had suddenly gotten cold, and had started to snow, so we built a fire in the living room fireplace. (Thank God her Dad had stocked the place with plenty of wood). The snow started looking real nasty, so Karen called her parents and found out that they would not be coming up at all because the snow was expected to keep all the roads to Payson blocked until the end of the weekend. Before hanging up Karen assured her parents that we had plenty of food and firewood to last the weekend, and that we would be fine.

After hanging up, she turned to me and said, “Well, babe, I guess it’s just you and me and a lonnnnggggg weekend.”

So we settled in to the couch by the fireplace and immediately started talking about boys and sex.

Somehow in the conversation Karen mentioned how much she admired my tits. I was flattered because I always though her body was so much better than mine. I was glad that there was at least something about my body that everybody though was sexy.

We talked some more about boys, sex, and cocks, and what we’d like to do with them. Then Karen said, “Say, Kris, have you ever seen a porno flick?”

“God, no, Karen! My folks would kill me if I did.” I said that with kind of a laugh, wondering where this conversation would lead to next.

“But haven’t you ever thought about watching one?”

“Well, yeah, I guess so. Who hasn’t?”

“Yeah, who hasn’t? So, why don’t we?”

“Why don’t we do what? Where would we get one? No one would rent porn to a couple of high school girls. Besides, we can’t even get out of the driveway with all that snow.”

“We don’t have Esenyurt Escort to go anywhere,” Karen said. My parents have some porn flicks here and I know where they keep them.”

“Y-y-y-your parents? They have porn movies here?”

“They don’t know that I know, but I do,” Karen said. “I’ve always wanted to see one, ever since I was a little kid, but I know they’d never let me. But nobody’s going to be here all weekend except us two. We can do anything we want for the next three days.”

“Okay,” I laughed. “Anything you say.” This conversation had certainly taken an interesting turn. As if I wasn’t hot enough already from all that talk about sex, the thought about doing something really naughty, like watching a sex flick, sent a rush of fire through my body. I followed Karen into her parent’s bedroom, admiring the way her ass moved under her skimpy shorts. Her firm round butt cheeks peeked out from under the hem of her shorts. I tried to imagine her being in a sex flick—and the thought made me hotter still.

Karen walked over to a cabinet and opened a sliding door to show me where her parents kept their porn flicks. Giggling, we picked out one called “corporate blonde.”

Feeling all jittery with excitement and suspense, we rushed back to the living room and turned in on as we settled back into the comfortable couch.

The movie was about a woman who owned a company and made all of her employees, both male and female, have sex with her. Then at the end, she had them all over to her mansion for an orgy where everybody did everybody else. The best part of the movie for me was when the sexretary took a new girl in to boss lady’s office for an interview. When boss lady and her sexretary started kissing the nervous new girl, it just sent shivers all over me. My nipples literally erupted poking out my T-shirt. I’d never seen anything so hot in all my life. I’ve never been so turned on in all my life. I was surprised, and a little shocked at myself. I’d never suspected that I might have any gay, or bi tendencies. I’ve always just thought about guys, and cock. I’ve even gone all the way with a few guys, and enjoyed it—but this was just so much more powerful I can’t describe it. To be sure, the guys in the movie were nice, totally tubular and all that. And, sure, I loved looking at their hard cocks and wishing I hand one here to play with—but it was the women doing each other that really fried my brain. It was the most incredible thing, like wow! Awesome! But no way could I let Karen know how much that turned me on. I didn’t want her to think I was queer or anything. I didn’t want myself to know either. I needed some time to sort this out. So, I thought I’d try to act like it was the guys in the movie that turned me on.

I looked her up and down, and noticed her nipples poking out through her T-shirt too. I wondered what part of the movie had turned her on the most.

“God, I’m horny,” I giggled.

“Don’t you wish we had a couple of hard cocks here with us tonight? Like those guys in the movie?” Karen said with a mischievous grin.

“Right now I’d settle for just one between the two of us.”

Karen laughed. “But we’d wear the poor guy out. I bet after you got through with him, there’d be nothing left for me. You know how guys are, as soon as they cum, they go flat and can’t fuck any more.”

“Okay,” I said, then we’ll just hump him any way. If his cock doesn’t work, we can just rub our pussies against his butt, his legs, or what ever else gets in the way—like his face.”

Karen shrieked with laughter. “Fuck his face! Oh krissy, you kill me!” She slapped her hand on my thigh sending fire through my body.

“We’ll make a sex sandwich out of him,” I said. “You on one side of him, and me on the other.”

“And both of us taking turns fucking his face!” Karen gave out a burst of laughter, slapping my thigh again.

“God, Karen,” I said, “the movie, and all this sex talk has got me so hot my pussy’s gonna start a brush fire.” I pretended to fan smoke away from my pussy.

“Bush fire! That’s great, Kris.” Giggling Karen playfully helped me fan my pussy. Leaning over towards me, she put her hand firmly on my thigh to support her weight while fanning my crotch with her other hand.

The touch, and pressure of her hand on my thigh made me tingle all over. A gush of wetness seeped out of my pussy to deepen the stain already darkening my shorts. I stole a glance at Karen’s crotch and saw that her shorts were sopping wet too. That made me feel a lot less self conscious about my own condition.

“Looks like you’ve got a bush fire too, Karen,” I said, putting my hand on her gorgeous bronzed thigh. I started fanning her crotch with my other Avcılar Escort hand, like she was doing me. “You’re shorts look as wet as mine do.”

“God, I know.” Karen turned away, blushing a little. She glanced at the snow pouring down out the window. “Want to do something really wild to put out our bush fires?”

“What’s that? I’m horny enough to do just about anything.” I was halfway hoping she’d make the big offer to do each other, but then I was halfway hoping she wouldn’t because I still wasn’t sure what my answer would be.

“Why don’t we take our clothes off and go play naked outside in the snow?”

I giggled. “Sounds like fun, but what if someone sees us?”

“Don’t worry, no one will be driving this way in the snow, and there’s no neighbors close enough to see us. Last one naked’s a prude!” She was already pulling her T-shirt off.

“You’re right,” I said, rolling my shorts down my legs. “These shorts are getting too sticky anyway.”

We both rushed outside butt naked, our tits and butts bouncing away. The snow was the soft fluffy kind that seems to make the world warmer when it falls. But we were both so hot, we probably wouldn’t have felt the cold if we were on the North Pole.

Giggling, Karen plastered a handful of snow on my ass, and I did the same to her. Then she rubbed snow into my tits, taking time to massage the snow in. “Oh, just look how big your tits are,” she purred. “It’ll take a whole mountain of snow to cover them. Two mountains.”

“Just like your fucking sexy hard butt!” I scooped up a couple of handfuls of snow to rub on her ass, enjoying the opportunity to fondle those gorgeous globes of flesh.

She giggled. “You ought to be in porn, with tits like these.” She kept rubbing her hands over my tits even after all the snow in her hands had fallen away.

As I tried to reach around her to scoop up more snow to rub on her butt, I lost my balance and fell over. I managed to land on my back in the snow, with my legs spread.

Karen seized the opportunity to plaster a wad of snow onto my pussy. “Your fucking pussy’s so hot it’s making the snow steam. Just watch!”

Karen stood over me, her feet planted on either side of my face. As she bent over to rub more snow into my crotch, I looked right up between her legs to her own beautiful blonde snatch. Her very wet slit glistened in the moon-reflected snow light, its sex-swollen lips pouting at me, inviting.

“You ought to be in porn too, you whore!” I said as I grabbed a handful of snow and shoved it up between her legs, rubbing it into her cunt.

Giggling Karen spun around to wrestle my hand away, but she slipped and fell on top of me.

The feel of her body on top of mine was electrifying, but rather than enjoying the feel, and having to admit it, I rolled her over so that I was on top. But I couldn’t hold her down. She was stronger than I was, so she rolled me right back over on my back. We began to wrestle like pups. We rolled around in the snow, giggling like a couple of five-year olds, our legs intertwined, our mounds rubbing against each other, and our tits rubbing and mashing together—and our very erect nipples stabbing at each other. I was so hot I’d forgotten about the snow.

“We’d better go back inside,” Karen said, “before we catch pneumonia or something.”

She held out her hand to help me up, then took off dashing towards the house. “Last one in’s a cunt licker!” She giggled.

Karen beat me by a good ten yards, of course, but instead of going in, she waited for me and held the door open for me.

After closing the door behind us, we both stood there in the foyer, naked and shivering from the cold as the melting snow dripped off our bodies.

“God, just look at your nipples, Kris. They look like little cocks sticking out. Did you get that from the cold, and snow, or are you still that hot from the movie?” She reached both her hands up slowly towards my tits. Trembling, she gently touched my nipples with her index fingers.

Though my mouth was suddenly as dry as the desert, and I couldn’t find any words to describe how I felt, I smiled at her, hoping to give her encouragement.

She began to softly rub my nipples back and forth with her fingers. And, I felt like someone had just poured hot honey all over my body. My pussy throbbed with new waves of heat. “I think I’m still very, very, hot.” I stammered.

She gained new courage from that admission and grabbed my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and tweaked them this way and that.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned, feeling my pussy start to slobber from its horniness. “But look who’s talking, Karen. Your nipples look bigger than mine.” I started playing with her nipples like she was doing with me.

“Kris, I’m so hot and horny I can’t stand it any longer!” She almost sobbed. Tentatively she put her arms around my shoulders and held me face to face with her. Sliding her arms around my back and waist in an embrace, she moved closer to me until our nipples touched each other.

Electric fire flooded all through me. I think my nipples must have grown another inch from the excitement. Our tits had rubbed together when we were playing in the snow, and that was fun, but we were just pretending then. This was for real. It was intentional, and it was hotter than hell. Somehow, my hands found their way around Karen’s body to rest on her butt cheeks.

Karen began moving her tits side to side causing our hard-on nipples to flick each other. My own body, moving of its own volition, helped her in that regard. I was so wet I could almost hear my pussy gurgling. I was afraid I was making a mess on the floor—and not from the melted snow. “God, Karen,” I finally admitted. “What you’re doing to me is making me so fucking hot. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so worked up before, even with a guy.”

“Rub-a-dub-dub,” Karen said, moving her nipples back and forth more briskly across mine. “This is something you can’t do with guys. Guys don’t have tits.”

“Yes, tits are wonderful.”

After a few more electrifying moments of rubbing our nipples together, Karen looked deeply into my eyes, smiling. She slipped her hands up my back to hold my face between her hands. She slowly began to pull our faces together.

I squeezed her ass, pulling her body tighter against mine. The searing heat of her cunt pressed in on me just above my own burning bush.

Nipples no longer rubbing together, our tits mashed into each other. Her rock hard nipples were knives of pleasure piercing the soft flesh of my tits. She buried them into me, hard. And I knew that my nipples were doing the same to her.

Karen drew our faces together, her breath felt musky hot on my skin. Her lips grazed my forehead, traced the curve of my nose, them came to rest, oh so softly on my own lips.

I trembled all over, like a newly hatched bird searching for a parent.

We kissed, lightly at first—as if testing each other. Then we began to explore. Our tongues began to flick across each other’s lips and noses. Then we exploded in a volcano of mutual hot lust, mashing our mouths together. Karen tried to cram her tongue down my throat sending waves of hot lava rushing all through my body. I sucked on her tongue as hot and nasty as I could, muffling the groans of pleasure and lust gurgling up from her throat.

As we tongued each other’s mouths out, I played with her butt as hard and nasty as I could. Suddenly I felt one of her hands slip down between our bodies to find my slit. She began to rub the palm of her hand back and forth on my cunt, massaging my own wetness back into its folds.

“Ummmmm!” I moaned into her mouth. Nothing had ever felt so good to me. I thought my knees would cave in.

I slipped my own and around to finger her hot wet slit. Sharp thrills of hot lava rushed through every cell of my body when I felt hot wetness sucking at my fingers. Her pussy was so wet it was making slurping sounds as I played with it.

We continued to diddle each other while French kissing. Then Karen broke off the kiss to whisper lovingly into my ear. “Let’s go in by the fire and make ourselves comfortable.”

“I’m already very comfortable with you Karen, and very much on fire, but the sofa does sound nice.”

We sat on the sofa and curled up into each other’s arms, making out, and finger fucking each other.

“To be honest Kris, I’ve wanted to do this with you for ages. You have no idea how much I’ve drooled over you in the P.E. locker room and showers.”

“And me, you.” I said, finally admitting it. “I’ve always wanted to run my hands up and down your tall, athletic body, and play with those firm, pert tits.”

“Speaking of tits,” Karen sighed into my ear. “I thought you’d never ask.” She bent down and took one of my nipples in her mouth.

And I though I’d go crazy.


We made love for most of the three days straight we were snowed in, licking each other up one side and down the other—pausing only to eat, sleep, and watch more of her parents’ porn flicks. When our lost weekend was over, we both agreed that what we had enjoyed together was much better than anything boys could do for us. We promised each other we’d stay committed to girl-girl fun for the rest of our lives, whether with each other, or with other girls. In fact, upon parting Monday evening, when Karen dropped me off at my parent’s house in Scottsdale, we made a pact to spend our lives trying to convert other women and girls to this greatest of all pleasures.

We sealed it with a final parting kiss.

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