Size Contest, She Decides

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Who’s bigger?

You come to our place and after a brief chat, the two guys get naked. Wife will stroke both cocks and decide which is bigger. Whoever has the bigger dick will be rewarded by getting sucked by the other guy while she watches.


Pretty clear what the deal is with this ad. I’d been going a bit crazy during the lockdown and was looking for a way to celebrate getting back in the saddle. I replied and kicked off a long conversation. We grew tired of emails and traded text numbers. This was escalating quickly.

I’m competitive and clearly so is he. The taunting back and forth was delicious. We settled on a few more rules. The loser would not be allowed to cum. The winner decides where to deposit his load. He had nice home gym in half of his garage. Somehow that would be involved but we stopped short of scripting it.

I was a bit cautious about her alone deciding the winner. Size is subjective. My big nuts better help the cause. He joked about having a big head for me to explore. I also knew that my capacity as a grower was my advantage. I look average, at least to start with anyhow. I love the surprised looks when I about double.

I finally got an address and did the street view. This is the part of town where my fairly new Toyota would conspicuously be the cheap car. Good for him. His Audi won’t help him win this race.

An hour ahead I took a blue pill. I was going to be at my best.

I texted a trusted buddy the address istanbul travesti and shared my location with him. He’s into all sorts of bi stuff but I knew damn well not to take such a bet with him. Genetics did me a favor but he won the damn dick lottery. He very much enjoyed being the big man in our crew.

I felt the high nasal congestion that I get from boner pills. No matter. I wasn’t going to be breathing through my nose with a mouthful of junk anytime soon. His hints in the continuing messages led me to think he’d lost more than once before. I’ll take the easy win.

I picked out a combination of underwear and my best shorts that present me very well. Psychological advantage.

The time came to leave. Confidence matters in sports and other games, and I was ready.

The drive over was a snap. I passed Koch Drive and got a snicker from it. My inner teenager was present and ready to unload. I parked down the street several houses, telling myself it was for the shade.

The door opened on the first knock. Shit. He’s 6’4.” But there are as many undersized tall men in the showers as big shorties. Doesn’t mean anything.

He directed me inside and had me strand in front of his wife. I’m no expert on bra sizes but damn! I got a weird vibe like she wasn’t fully into this scene but I peeled off my shirt and gave her something nice to look at. He took off his. Not starting strong there buddy. She glanced between me and the television. This was all his istanbul travestileri idea, clearly.

I kept looking for a sign of interest from her and started to wonder how many times she’d been up through this game. The shorts were coming down. Surely she’d like that. He for his off in a single swipe, not having any ass to hold them up. I eased mine down and stepped out, realizing I was standing there in underwear while he was fully showing the goods and pumping away.

By the time my undies were off he was fully hard. Not to worry. I got this. He’s average length and girth. Cocky of him to try anyway but it’s not going to work.

He stopped stroking and stepped over beside me. He said something about being quick to start up, which is when I first noticed his head. It had flared out and turned a deeper shade, with a noticeable step down to the diameter of his shaft. He was still growing.

In contrast I was just hanging, comparable in length even so but still mostly soft. I began to doubt my ability to rise to the occasion. His teasing heaped on the pressure but it wasn’t happening for me.

He pressed her for a decision. “Looks like he’s a no show,” she said. That stung.

He turned to face me with a big grin on his face. Half ahead taller than me anyhow, he put a hand on my shoulder and pressed down.

“I concede”. I announced it as I dropped to my knees. Now she was interested and hit the mute on the television. He brought his big travesti istanbul penis to my lips and told me to do the head. She pulled in close to get a good view.

The heat from his manhood got me going. I felt my own meat rise as he pushed past my lips. He kept up the drive until he was pressing against my throat. She was mesmerized watching her man fuck a male mouth.

They chatted some and she cheered him on. He said he was close and asked her where to unload.

“Feed him.” She’s passed him something and I looked up just in time to make eye contact with his camera phone. Before I could object he burst into my mouth. It just kept coming in a steady flood. No dramatic spurts but rather a gusher that swamped my mouth with jizz.

He pulled out and scored another pic. He had me stick out my tongue so she could see his load, then directed me to gulp it down while I was still on my knees.

I looked at his balls as he towered above me, feeling their ooze slide down my throat. By then I was full rocket. She noticed my full size and said he still gets the win. I could have argued it but there was no point now.

He encouraged me to dress and get out. I think she was ready to be round two and didn’t want company. I settled into my car and felt my phone buzz. I just drove.

It wasn’t until I parked at home that I dared look. There were several good clear shots of him probing my lips and mouth. The best was of him him hanging clear of my mouth, still mostly hard and glistening with my spit.

Those pics are his prize, as well as having gotten me to eat his sperm and whatever fun she gave him after I left.

I took the loss like a man and headed inside. There will be another game to win another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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