Sarah’s Catfight Adventures Pt. 12

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All girls involved in this chapter are 18 years old and seniors at their high school.


Months went by and Britney became quite accustomed to being Sarah’s bitch. She never fully accepted it publicly, but on the inside, she was more than happy to be dominated by her brunette rival. She even lashed back out a few times, just to be defeated and spanked in several catfights. Sarah was the stronger woman and Britney was forced to accept it.

Because of Sarah, Britney maintained a cordial relationship with Courtney. She felt strongly that she could dominate the smaller cheerleader if she really wanted to. But for now, she just found it easier to be nice to Courtney, just as Sarah wished.

As Britney’s attitude slowly changed, so did the season. It was no longer warm outside as the cold season arrived. And as volleyball season came to an end, soccer season also arrived. Luckily for Sarah, her two best friends, Elizabeth and Samantha, were also on the soccer team with her.

Although the cheerleaders usually did not attend soccer games, it was a requirement for them to be at the first home game of the season. Britney was not happy about it. She barely even enjoyed being at football games. She did not want to stand out in the cold just to watch Sarah and her friends play soccer.

“Why do we have to be out here!” Britney complained. “It’s too cold for this!” The girls were wearing cheer jackets and leggings instead of their traditional skirts.

“Yeah, you’re right!” said Mariah, always agreeing with Britney. “It’s way too cold for us to be out here!”

“Oh, come on,” Courtney chimed in. “I know it’s cold, but this is what we signed up for.”

“You’re right,” said Britney, reluctantly. “She didn’t want to argue with Courtney, so she just agreed with her.

Just as the cheerleaders were trying to have school spirit, the other team suddenly scored a goal.

“Oh, come on!” Britney yelled. “Don’t let them score!” She did not have much school spirit, but she still did not want to lose to another school.

The game continued and Samantha scored a goal, tying the game at one. Courtney cheered but Mariah and Britney did not. Mariah did not care for Samantha at all. Tension continued between them ever since Courtney’s pool party.

The celebration was short lived as the opposition quickly scored a second goal. While most of the girls were disappointed, Britney continued to actively be upset.

“Our defense sucks!” the blonde cheerleader yelled, in frustration.

Elizabeth took exception to that comment. She heard it pretty clearly and wasn’t too happy about it. Being tall and athletic, Elizabeth was a great defensive player. She was 5’10 and had long blonde hair. Her long legs helped her cover ground and get to the ball quickly. She felt that Britney had no right to talk about the defense when she was such a good player.

“Why don’t you just stick to cheering,” she yelled at Britney.

“Why don’t you actually stop them from scoring,” Britney shot back.

Elizabeth was angry at the bratty cheerleader. “You better shut up!” she yelled.

Mariah began to chime in. “You should concentrate on playing defense!”

Seeing Mariah jump in made Samantha angry. “Stick to cheering you sluts!”

“Why don’t you say that to my face!” yelled Mariah.

Before the girls could go any further, Sarah grabbed Elizabeth and Samantha by their jerseys and pulled them away. “What are you two doing?!” she frantically asked.

“That little bitch pissed me off!” exclaimed Elizabeth.

“Who?” asked Sarah.

“Who do you think?! Brit!” said Elizabeth, angrily.

Then Samantha chimed in. “Yeah, and that little Mariah is being a bitch too,” she said, pissed off.

“I know, I know!” responded Sarah. “But you’re making a scene. We need to focus on the game right now or we’re going to lose!”

“I’m going to get that little bitch someday,” said Samantha.

“That’s fine,” said Sarah. “Get her someday. But not right now. You are our best player. We need you to focus!”

Samantha and Mariah continued to glare at each other. Tensions brewed for months between the two. Elizabeth also had a hard time focusing on the game. She was too busy thinking about how angry she was at Britney.

The intensity of the game continued. Sarah and Samantha came so close to scoring several times throughout the game. They desperately needed a goal to tie the game. Unfortunately, the visiting team capitalized on a counterattack and scored another goal, going up three goals to one.

As Sarah watched the ball go into the goal, she realized they no longer had a shot of winning. “Yep, we lost,” she said to herself.

The goal was not entirely Elizabeth’s fault. However, she could not help but feel responsible every time the other team scored. As the team’s best defender, she took it really hard when things did not go her way. But as tough as she was on herself, Britney was even tougher.

“Nice job, loser!” yelled Brit. She Ankara escort was almost happy to see the other team score, just so she could ridicule Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was not having it. “I’m going to get that bitch soon,” she muttered to herself. “Just wait until I catch you alone.”

The game ended in a loss for the home team. The girls left the field, disappointed with the result. Elizabeth was furious though. She felt she really let the girls down in the game. She also felt that Britney had some responsibility for her bad performance.

Britney needed to grab her bag from the women’s locker room. Unfortunately for her, Elizabeth found her walking alone. The tall soccer player followed Britney back into the women’s locker room where she could confront her. As the blonde cheerleader opened her locker, Elizabeth stepped in and slammed it shut.

“What are you doing?!” Britney exclaimed.

“You made us lose the game,” Elizabeth said, with an attitude.

“I didn’t make you all lose the game,” Britney responded. “You made them lose the game.”

“No!” yelled Elizabeth. “You distracted me the whole game!”

“Don’t try to blame me for your loss,” said Britney. “How do you expect to improve without accepting responsibility?” she joked.

“You’re really pissing me off!” said Elizabeth, as she clutched her fist.

“What are you going to do?” asked Britney, in a teasing voice. “Are you going to tell Sarah on me? You tattle tail!”

“No,” Elizabeth said, with a smile. “I’ll take care of you myself.”

“Oh, please!” Britney said, with a laugh. “I’m not afraid of you!”

“Well you should be,” said Elizabeth.

Britney tried to blow her off. “You’re just lucky I promised Sarah that I would be nice to you.”

“Or what?” responded Elizabeth. “What would you do?”

“I’d kick your ass right now,” said Britney. “I’d put you in your place.”

Elizabeth began laughing hysterically. “Why don’t you just try me?” she said, daring Britney to fight her.

“Like I said, I promised Sarah I wouldn’t fight with you,” said Britney.

“We don’t have to tell Sarah,” responded Elizabeth. “This is just between you and me.”

Britney quickly looked around, making sure nobody else was in the locker room. “Fine, let’s do this bitch!”

Elizabeth put her soccer bag down to prepare herself for the fight. However, Britney had other plans. She immediately pushed Elizabeth, causing her to fall on the ground.

“Hey!” shouted the taller blonde.

“I don’t fight fair,” said Britney, with a grin. She then jumped on top of Elizabeth and started slapping her in the face.

Elizabeth screamed, as she tried to protect herself from being slapped. Britney straddled the taller blonde and moved her hands out of the way as she landed smacks on her face.

The soccer player used her strength to push the smaller blonde off her. Elizabeth then jumped on top, landing several slaps of her own. They wrestled each other down, pulling on each other’s hair as they tried to be the one on top.

As they pulled each other’s long blonde hair, Elizabeth used her strength and size advantage to force herself on top of the smaller woman. She forced Britney down on her back and then straddled her.

The scrappy little blonde was not going to go out without putting up a fight. She surprised Elizabeth by grabbing her jersey and pulling it over her head.

“What are you doing?!” screamed Elizabeth, as Britney began to strip her shirt off.

Britney then pulled the jersey, completely off the tall soccer player, exposing her black sports bra.

“Oh, you want to rip my shirt off?!” asked Elizabeth, in a threatening voice. She then grabbed Britney’s cheerleading top and began pulling it over her head.

“No!” screamed Britney, struggling beneath the stronger woman.

Her kicking and screaming did not help her as the taller blonde pulled her shirt off, revealing a baby blue bra.

Though Britney was embarrassed, she was able to slip under Elizabeth’s long legs and squirm out from the bottom. Before Elizabeth could turn to reach at her, Britney was able to shove the soccer star in the back, causing her to fall forward on her hands and knees.

The cheerleader grabbed Elizabeth’s white soccer shorts from behind. Fearing her shorts were going to be pulled down, Elizabeth tried to grab her waistband to prevent Britney from exposing her ass.

Britney was not having it. She slapped Elizabeth’s hand out of the way and ripped her little soccer shorts down. She was surprised to see how nice and round the tall soccer girl’s ass was. Elizabeth was wearing a royal blue pair of cotton panties, that were wedged up her crack.

The cheerleader took a second to admire Elizabeth’s big firm ass, rubbing it before landing a hard spank. Elizabeth screeched, as she felt the stinging smack on her bottom. She then panicked as she felt several more spanks, rocking her entire body with each blow.

Elizabeth forced herself up to her feet. As she tried to Ankara escort bayan turn, Britney landed another loud smack on her ass, causing her to bounce in pain. Britney tried to take full control by attempting to throw Elizabeth back on the floor. Elizabeth was able to hold her ground and throw Britney to the ground instead.

As Britney tried to get up, Elizabeth grabbed her by the leggings and pulled them straight down. Britney screamed and tried to cover herself. Her tight ass was exposed, in nothing but a little baby blue thong.

Elizabeth brought her hand back and landed a hard spank on Britney’s exposed ass. Britney raised her head up and screamed as the loud smack landed, causing her cheeks to jiggle. The blonde cheerleader struggled to get away, but Elizabeth ripped her tight leggings completely off her.

Both women stood there in their bra and panties, as they quickly tried to catch their breaths. The two blondes tackled each other down to the ground again, rolling around as they screamed and pulled each other’s hair.

Britney thought she was gaining the upper hand by getting on top of Elizabeth, but she soon found herself in a bad position. Elizabeth wrapped her long legs around Britney’s tight waist and began squeezing the life out of her.

“Let me go!” screamed the blonde cheerleader, as she tried to pry herself from Elizabeth’s strong thighs.

Elizabeth squeezed even harder, tightening her hold of the Britney’s waist. The cheerleader struggled to do anything. She fell to the side of Elizabeth as the taller blonde continued to squeeze her stomach.

Britney screamed, begging the soccer star to loosen her grip. She realized she could not escape from Elizabeth’s strong legs. “AHHHHH! LET ME GO! PLEASE!”

“Does that hurt bitch?” asked Elizabeth, teasing her struggling opponent. She then tightened her grip even more.

“PLEAAASE!” screamed Britney, as she gave up any hope of winning.

Elizabeth did not have any sympathy for the poor little bitch. She continued to squeeze her with her long legs as tightly as she could. Tears began to roll down Britney’s cheeks as she cried for mercy.


Elizabeth laughed at her as she kept her legs wrapped around the weaker blonde. “Aw, what’s the matter Brit?” she asked, with a cooing voice. “Does that hurt?”

“YES!” cried Britney. “PLEASE LET ME GO!”

“Aw poor wittle baby!” Elizabeth teased, using a baby voice.

Suddenly, they heard someone walking in. Britney looked up, hoping it was someone who would save her. As she looked up, she was shocked to see who it was.

“Sarah!” Britney screamed.

“What’s going on here?” asked Sarah, confused as she saw Britney being constricted in Elizabeth’s legs.

“Please help me Sarah!” Britney cried out.

Sarah looked over at Elizabeth. “Let her go,” she said.

Elizabeth released the blonde bitch from her strong grip. Britney rolled out, finally able to catch her breath, as she cried in pain.

“What happened?” asked Sarah.

“She was talking shit to me, so I just gave her a little squeeze,” said Elizabeth.

“Her legs are like anacondas!” Britney exclaimed, as she went back to panting heavily.

Sarah looked over at Elizabeth, still confused at how things transpired.

“I confronted her after the game,” said Elizabeth. “She said she could kick my ass, and I dared her to.”

“Then what happened?” asked Sarah.

“She said the only reason she wouldn’t kick my ass is because you made her promise not to,” said the tall blonde. “So, we agreed not to tell you.”

“No!” said Britney. “She attacked me! I didn’t want to fight!”

“We agreed to fight,” said Elizabeth. “And then she attacked me before I was even ready!”

“Don’t trust her!” begged Britney. “Please help me!”

“You know what?” Sarah announced to the girls. “I think I know who to believe.”

Both of the tired blondes stared at the brunette, awaiting her decision.

“I fought Britney several times in the past,” Sarah said to Elizabeth. “The way you described her attacking you before you were ready; that sounds exactly like her. She does that ALL THE TIME!”

The defeated blonde’s face became red as she realized Sarah had the situation figured out.

“I think we need to punish the little bitch,” said Sarah. “She should have known better.”

“I agree,” Elizabeth responded. “What do you have in mind?”

“I think we need to humiliate this little slut,” said Sarah.

“Yeah! We should punish this little slut. She’s even wearing a slutty thong,” added Elizabeth.

“No!” begged Britney. “Stop! I’m sorry!”

“It’s a little too late for that,” said Sarah.

They grabbed Britney by her arms and forced her to bend over one of the benches. The defeated blonde bent over, placing her hands on the seat of the bench as her ass poked out, ready to be spanked in her little thong.

Sarah rubbed Britney’s tush as she gave instructions to Escort Ankara her teammate. “You have to smack this ass hard. Don’t go easy on her. She’s a spoiled slut who needs really strong spankings.”

Britney squirmed and plead for mercy as she feared the intense spanking she was about to receive. Sarah and Elizabeth were on both sides of her, facing her ass. They each rubbed one of her hot little cheeks, teasing her before the spanking occurred.

The two soccer girls took turns smacking Britney’s exposed cheeks. As Britney cried out in pain, Sarah and Elizabeth showed no mercy on her naughty bottom. The two teammates even became competitive, trying to outdo the other girl for the loudest spank.

With each spank, Britney screamed for mercy and help, as she could do nothing but accept her punishment. Each landed spank rocked her entire body. Her cheeks jiggled as their hands smacked her bottom. Tears rolled down her face as she cried like a baby.

“Don’t let her fool you,” said Sarah. “She loves being spanked like a naughty little bitch.”

“Really?” asked Elizabeth, as she landed another smack.

“No, I don’t!” screamed the bratty cheerleader.

“SHUT UP!” ordered Sarah, as she spanked her again.

“OWWWWWWWWWW!” cried Britney.

“Feel how wet her little pussy is,” Sarah instructed Elizabeth.

Elizabeth took her hand off Britney’s red ass and placed it between her legs. She could feel how wet the blonde was through her soaking wet thong. “Oh my God! What a little slut!”

Britney moaned out, as she could feel herself being rubbed down by the stronger blonde. “No! Please! Stop!” she begged, through her moans.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” teased Elizabeth. “You like it when I rub your wet cunt don’t you?” Elizabeth rubbed Britney’s pussy through her thong even faster.

“Oh fuck!” moaned the blonde, as the sensation intensified. She did not want to admit it, but the pleasure was incredible. Britney wanted to resist Elizabeth, but she didn’t think she could. She moaned out even louder as the soccer player continued to rub her clit.

“I’ll shut her up,” said Sarah. She walked around the and stood in front of Britney’s face. She then grabbed the blonde by her pretty face and planted a kiss on her lips.

Britney moaned out as Elizabeth continued to rub down her wet pussy. She moaned into Sarah’s mouth, as the brunette forced her to make out with her. “Oh God!” Britney moaned, as she looked back at Elizabeth rubbing her crotch. Sarah then grabbed her by the face and forced her into another deep kiss.

As the moans got louder and faster, Sarah looked over to her soccer teammate. “I think our little slut is about to cum,” she suggested.

“Oh, is that right?” asked Elizabeth. “Are you going to cum?”

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum if you don’t stop!” Britney frantically said.

“You’re going to be our little slut today,” said Elizabeth, sliding her finger inside Britney’s thong and rubbing her juicy clit up and down.

Sarah put her hands up the cheerleader’s bra and fondled both of her breasts as she continued to make out with her. Britney couldn’t resist Sarah’s lips as their tongues met.

Britney panicked and moaned as a furious orgasm exploded through her body. She could barely continue to kiss Sarah as she moaned uncontrollably. Her red ass wiggled around while Elizabeth continued to rub her clit from behind.

Sarah and Elizabeth’s relentless actions forced Britney to cum continuously. The blonde slut eventually collapsed to her knees as the orgasm became too strong for her handle. She fell to her knees, moaning and panting from the intense orgasm.

The soccer teammates laughed and teased Britney. She looked so pathetic on her knees, as she looked up at the two stronger women. “Now I’m both of your bitches, aren’t I?” she said, with a sad voice.

Sarah and Elizabeth laughed and high fived each other. “Yes baby,” said Sarah. “You’ve always been my little bitch. Now you’re Elizabeth’s bitch too.”

Elizabeth folded her arms and looked down at her new property. “Don’t worry Brit,” she said. “I’m going to take good care of you.”

Britney gulped, realizing what she got herself into. It was one thing when she was submissive to Sarah. But now she had to suffer humiliation to Sarah AND Elizabeth. “How long will it be before all of her friends make their bitch?!” she thought to herself.

Sarah then instructed the blonde to get up to her feet. The defeated cheerleader stood up with her head down as she tried to face the two superior women.

“I think you need to give your two mommies a kiss,” said the brunette.

“Yes mommy,” said Britney. She placed a small kiss on Sarah’s lips, and then placed another kiss on Elizabeth’s lips.

“It’s time for you to leave,” said Elizabeth. “Go home and don’t ever give me attitude again!”

“Yes mommy,” Britney replied. As she turned to leave, the two ladies each landed one more smack on the cheerleader’s exposed ass. Britney cried out and ran off, exiting the locker room before she could put her clothes back on.

Elizabeth looked over at Sarah. “You’re a crazy girl,” she said, in a complimenting tone.

“Thank you,” said Sarah, as she chuckled. “But you have no idea.”

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