Sangitta Ch. 03

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Sangitta spent a sleepless but horny night. Every time she closed her eyes her head would be filled with the image of the naked Indian woman. Every time she saw her Sangitta thought that she looked sexier and sexier and then gradually the Indian woman began to move. She started at the bottom of Sangitta’s bed and then she slowly moved round it. Sangitta kept on waking up and trying to shake away the image but when her eyes were closed once more the Indian woman would move further round her bed until eventually she was stood at the top of Sangitta’s bed looking down at her. Sangitta woke up with a start and got out of bed and paced her room for a bit. She looked at the clock and it was only two o’clock in the morning.

She went to her chair and picked up the book that she had been reading. She tried to concentrate on what she was reading but the words just blurred into an image of the Indian woman and how sexy she looked naked. Sangitta was fighting her demons. She did not know where they had come from. She had always been brought up to believe that she would one day be given to a man that her parents had chosen and she would become a wife and mother but this ideal was furthest from her mind at this moment. Eventually her eyes began to droop and she fell asleep in the chair and did not wake up until seven thirty in the morning. When she did she found that her fingers were imbedded in her pussy. She wondered what that was about.

She was groggy from the lack of sleep and she struggled to get herself motivated for the day ahead. Thankfully for her it was a quiet and easy day at college with subjects that she was good at so she would not have to concentrate too much. She got herself washed and dressed and went downstairs for her breakfast which as usual her mother had made for her. She was a complete mess in her head. So much so that when she left the house for the journey to college she walked right past her bush and went to college with her Indian clothes on.

When she got to college she found her group of friends and tried to chat to them but found that they were looking at her strangely. Finally one of them spoke up.

“What’s with the get-up Sangitta?”

Sangitta looked at the girl and wondered what she was on about then she looked down at herself and saw that she still had her Indian clothes on. She managed to think on her feet and come up with the excuse that it was a religious festival today for her family and out of respect for her family she had decided to keep her Indian clothes on. Her friends just nodded and then they went back to their conversations.

Sangitta was very confused. What was happening to her? Even if it was a Sikh festival she would still have changed into her western clothes to go to college. She was not embarrassed about being a Sikh girl she just wanted to fit in with the rest of her friends. She walked away. She had a lot to think about. Her friends did not notice. She went outside and lit up a cigarette and just stood there deep in thought. After her cigarette was finished she went to her first class of the day. It passed in a blur as did the next couple. It was in her final class of the morning that her mind began to clear and last night came back into her head. What she saw shocked her. She now knew why her fingers were imbedded in her pussy when she had awoken that morning.

She had been reading her book when she had fallen asleep and immediately the Indian woman came back into her head. Sangitta had been that tired that she had just gone with the dream this time. The Indian woman was looking down at her and then she pulled back the duvet and climbed into bed with Sangitta. She had reached across and at first just cuddled Sangitta. Sangitta felt herself flinch but she did not move. She actually found it quite comforting having this woman holding her. It was like a cuddle from her mother. The woman cuddled her for a good few minutes then she had spoken.

“How old are you Sangitta?”

“I am nineteen” Sangitta replied.

“Lovely age.” The woman replied.

“My name is Yasmin and I am 37 and I am a lesbian. I show young ladies from our culture their true sexuality and make sure that they know it is okay.”

Sangitta listened to the woman as she spoke. She did not fully understand what the woman was saying but the tone of her voice was very sultry and Sangitta began to get wet again. The woman suddenly took hold of Sangitta and turned her round so that she facing her. She then bent down and began to kiss Sangitta. She kissed her forehead first then her cheeks and finally she got to her lips and kissed them slowly and sensuously. Sangitta had begun to get aroused and she found that she had begun to return the kiss with the older woman.

As they kissed the older woman moved her hand and touched the nightie that Sangitta was wearing.

“Take your nightie off please.” The woman said.

Sangitta watched herself as she took the hem of the nightie and pulled it up her body and over her head and Ankara escort threw it on to the floor. The woman pulled back the duvet and looked at the nakedness of Sangitta.

“Beautiful.” She said.

They went back to kissing one another. It was so tender and Sangitta thought this was how that it should be. It was what she always imagined a man would be doing to her and she wondered why it was not a man in her bed with her now instead of this woman. Her thoughts were quickly dismissed when the woman began to touch Sangitta’s breasts. Sangitta let out a sigh as the woman gently caressed the flesh of her breasts and then nipped her nipples. Her pussy was now very wet. What was happening? Sangitta was asking herself.

The woman the stopped playing with Sangitta’s breasts and broke the kiss that they had been sharing. She then kissed her way down Sangitta’s body and went for her pussy. She had begun to kiss it and make love to it when Sangitta heard a buzzing sound. She woke with a start and realised that it was her alarm clock telling her it was time to get up. The woman disappeared and Sangitta was left alone with her fingers in her pussy.

So it was the dream that had caused her to wake up with her fingers in her pussy but what did it mean? She had used a word Sangitta had never heard before. It was the word lesbian. She would have to research the word to find out what it meant. Her class ended and she left the room and went to the dining room to have some lunch. She found a seat alone because she was still thinking about last night and she was in no mood to talk to her friends. She had shifted into her own little world of thought when she was startled back to reality by a tap on her shoulder. She looked round and saw that it was Julie.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Julie said.

“No please do.” Sangitta said.

Julie placed her tray on the table and then sat down next to Sangitta. They had a general chit-chat for a bit and then Julie said.

“So what was last night about?”

“Not here.” Said Sangitta.

She thought for a moment and then she remembered that her father and mother were both working today and that she would have the house to herself after college.

“What are you up to after classes?” Sangitta asked.

“Was going to hang out with the girl’s in the park. You know have a few drinks and smoke the odd cigarette but if you want to talk to me I can spend the time with you.”

“I have something to talk to you about and I am only prepared to do it in private. Can you come round to my house after college?”

“Of course I can.” Said Julie.

“Great.” Said Sangitta.

They finished their lunch and then they went their separate ways. They did separate classes so would not see each other until later on that day. The afternoon seemed to drag for Sangitta that day and she could not wait to get home. Finally the day came to an end. Sangitta left college and rushed home. She tidied up a bit and sat and waited for Julie to arrive.

Julie had left college with something on her mind. First of all she was wondering what it was that Sangitta wanted to talk to her about. She was just glad that she was going to see Sangitta because she had developed a crush on her after the episode the week ago. Julie had known that she was a lesbian for a few years now since she discovered her sexuality. She had developed quite early on in life and had found the Internet and the pleasures that it could give. Her parents had given her a laptop for her birthday and forgotten to put parental controls on it.

One night she had finished her course work and she had decided to trawl the Internet to see what was going on with her friends. It was a quiet night that night and not too many friends were on and she soon got bored. She then had a wicked thought. She thought she would look and see what a man’s cock really looked like. She had been given the sex education classes but they did not show the real thing and she wanted to know what all the fuss was about. She had typed in Men’s Cocks and a load of adult sites came through. She flicked through them and found that she was totally unimpressed by them and they certainly did not do anything for her.

Out of curiosity she had decided to look at some pictures of naked women and compare her body to theirs. This time she typed in Pictures of Naked women and up came dozens of sites. She looked through the headlines and decided that she did not want to look at pictures of naked porn stars. She wanted to see naked women who were real and had all the bits that she did. She saw a headline that advertised pictures of naked Amateur Women.

She decided to click on that. Immediately it opened up she got tingles down her spine that she had expected to see when she was looking at the cocks. She was engrossed with what she was seeing. There were ladies of all shapes and sizes. Some had big tits others had small tits. Some of them had hairy pussies and other had no hair at all. She was that Ankara escort bayan intrigued that she nearly did not hear her mother come into her room to check on her. She managed to minimize the page just before her mother opened the door to her room.

From then on she would look at these sites as often as she could and she would learn more and more about the female body. She was fascinated by them and could not get enough of them. As she developed physically and mentally she went out with a few boys just to check things out but as soon as she got home she would open up her computer and look at the images of the women. Then one day she was looking at the computer when she discovered a word that she had not heard of before. It was the word Lesbian. She decided to research the meaning of the word. When she read the definition of the word she realised that everything it said applied to her. So now she knew. She went through her teenage years knowing that she would lose her virginity to a woman and not a man.

When she reached eighteen she started going into the pubs and clubs around her. She would sit there with her girlfriends and be chatting away when a boy would come up and try to chat her up. She would push them away and go back to chatting to her girlfriends.

One night she was stood at the bar waiting to be served by the barman when she felt a hand on her butt. She tried to ignore it thinking that it would be some young man having a cheeky grope. She was surprised when a voice whispered in her ear.

“That is one sexy butt you have got.” The voice said.

Julie felt that tingle down her spine. That was no man touching her that was a woman and it awoke all those feelings that had welled up inside of her as she grew up. She had never managed to go with a woman as yet. She dare not tell her friends for fear of being ostracised. She turned to look at the woman and saw that she was a lot older than she was.

“Thank- you.” Julie said.

“My name is Maria.” The older woman said.

“Hey I am Julie.”

As they stood and chatted Julie realised that she was getting aroused and that she wanted to see what it would be like to kiss this woman and have her touch her body. She became lost in her thoughts so much so that when the barman came to take her order she became all tongue tied and could not get it out properly. The older woman just took her by the hand and said into her ear.

“Calm down gorgeous I am going nowhere.”

Julie managed to compose herself and placed the order and took it back to her girlfriends. She placed the drinks on the table and then told the girls that she was going to speak to a friend of her mother’s that she had just met at the bar. Her girlfriend’s did not seem to mind they had all got their drinks and were just looking forward to getting to the club where they could dance and hopefully pick up a man at the end of the night and get a good shagging. Julie left the group and went in search of the older woman.

She walked around the crowded bar looking for the older woman. All that she knew was that she was called Maria and she looked sexy. She moved around the bar for about ten minutes and was just about to go back to her girlfriends when she caught her out of the corner of her eye. She was sat with a bunch of older women and they were laughing and joking and drinking white wine. Julie moved into a position where Maria would see her and catch her eye if she looked up. Julie stood there and drank her pint of lager when suddenly Maria looked up and saw her. She gave Julie a wink and went back to talking to her friends. Julie knew she was going to stay around and see if Maria came and talked to her.

The night seemed to drag and Julie was about to give up when Maria stood up and announced to the girls.

“Just off to the bathroom to powder my nose.” With that she left the table but not before beckoning Julie to follow her.

Maria walked to the bathroom and Julie followed. Maria went in and the door closed behind her. Julie pushed opened open the door and was immediately grabbed by Maria. She took Julie into one of the cubicles and said to her.

“So do you want to kiss this old bird or what?”

Julie just stepped forward and pushed Maria back against the cubicle wall and began to kiss her. There was no love about this it was just pure passion. They clashed lips and kissed as if the world was coming to an end. They were both gasping and salivating over one another. Julie moved her hands up and began to caress the breasts of Maria through the material of her blouse. Maria was just pulling her onto her and she knew that she needed to have this young woman in her bed. She was also aware that she had to get back to her friends. She stopped kissing Julie and said.

“Much as I want to have sex in a toilet cubicle now is not the night to do it. We will meet up tomorrow if that is okay with you?”

Julie was pissed off. She had given up a night with her girlfriends in the thought that Escort Ankara she might actually get to bed this older woman. She had always had a volatile temper and she turned to Maria and said.

“Listen bitch I want to fuck you and I want to fuck you tonight. What are you doing after you finish with your girlfriends because I want to lick that pussy of yours.”

Julie watched as Maria just sank against the cubicle wall and ended up on the floor. She placed her hand under her skirt and began to push her hand into her knickers and masturbate and said.

“How did one as young as you become so dominant and suss out that I was a submissive?” She asked.

Julie looked down at her and said.

“Housewife yeah?”

“Yes.” Replied Maria.

“Husband away a lot with his job?”


“Then one day you were talking to one of your friends probably one of them out there and told them about your frustration and you ended up kissing and it was love and tenderness and before you knew it you ended up in bed together and became lovers.”


“Once you became lovers your friend thought that you should do more and more obscure things and you went along with it and the more obscure they got the more that you enjoyed it. You enjoyed being told what to do and you would lay there at night alone because your lover had gone back to her husband and you would wish that your husband would be like this with you. When he was home you would enjoy it when he told you what to do and how to keep that pretty little house of yours tidy. Is that correct?”

“Yes it is.” Said Maria.

“Just as I thought. You have let people tell you what to do for years and you have not realised that- you are a submissive Maria and I have learnt from a very early age that I am a dominant and although I may not have the experience of life I know how to treat a submissive. I have trained myself to be a dominatrix and I have just been looking for the right sub and that sub is you. Now listen to me. You are going to give me.

“(a) Your address and telephone number. (b) Your mobile number. (c) Your knickers and (d) Your soul. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” Maria said.

Julie stepped back and watched as Maria stood back up and took off her knickers and handed them to her. Julie felt them. They were soaked in pussy juice and Julie licked it up. She liked the taste of this woman.

“Now go back to your friends and I will be in touch.” Julie said.

Maria unlocked the cubicle door and left the toilet. Julie sat down on the toilet seat and pulled her own knickers down and masturbated herself to orgasm. She had just had her first Lesbian experience and displayed her true tendencies and life had just got better from there. Now she intended to make Sangitta one of her subs.

Julie arrived home. Thankfully her mum must have popped out. She stripped off her college clothes including her undergarments and put them in the washing machine and set it to wash. Naked she walked up the stairs and into her room. She was sweaty from the day but she did not cleanse herself she wanted to make Sangitta eat her dirty pussy and get used to being told what to do but she would take things gently with her.

She opened her underwear drawer and rifled through it. She found a Faux Leather Bra and knickers and slipped them on and the she slipped into a pair of tight black leather jeans and a black t-shirt. She picked up a few of her toys and placed them in a bag and left the house and made her way to Sangitta’s house. She got to Sangitta’s house and just walked in and locked the door behind her. She walked in and found Sangitta sat in the front room lost in her own thoughts. She was that gone she had not even heard Julie enter the house. Julie gave a cough and Sangitta almost jumped out of the chair.

“Uh hi Julie.” She said.

“Door was unlocked.” Julie said.

“Yeah that’s fine.” Sangitta said.

“Sit down and I will get you a drink.”

Julie watched as Sangitta got up and went to the kitchen. Even in her sari she looked sexy and Julie could not wait to bed her and educate her but first of all she would let Sangitta get off her chest what was bothering her. She suspected she knew what it was but she would let her do things in her own time. Sangitta came back with glasses of coke with a hit of vodka from her secret stash in them and handed one to Julie. She then sat down next to her and took a gulp of her drink. She needed the alcohol for Dutch courage. They sat in silence drinking for a moment and then Sangitta turned to Julie and said.

“What is a lesbian?”

Julie looked at Sangitta and said.”

“A lesbian is a woman who only loves other women. She does not fancy men at all.”

As the words were coming out Sangitta began to cry. Julie took her in her arms and cuddled her and let her talk. Sangitta told her all about the work she had been doing on the Internet and the recurring dream that she had been having. She did not yet want to tell Sangitta that she was indeed a Lesbian she wanted her to discover that for herself. Julie just let her talk and cry and get things off of her chest and then she said.

“Sangitta can I tell you something?”

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