Roshni’s New Job

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Hey everyone, I’m open to more ideas and suggestions to continue my stories, this is my last story as of now.

Thank you for the input on my previous stories. I realize my errors, and have made efforts to improve!

Hope you enjoy, and please leave some suggestions, comments, or reviews if you wish to! I appreciate valid criticism.

I still don’t have a perfect category for this, but bear with me until I change the storyline or something in that fashion.

All characters are over 18 years of age.

Roshni was the typical Indian housewife, a mother to a beautiful 10 year old son.

However, she was an exception to conventional society. She was divorced, and had full custody of her baby boy, separated from her husband a few months ago. Their marriage was on the rocks for a long time, and they finally made the decision, having an amicable split despite the custody battle.

With her liberation came a change in her mindset. She was never a sexual person, having grown up in a conservative family all her life, letting her husband take the lead in bed, all of those 2 mins. She never browsed porn on the net, and didn’t even know that she was experiencing pathetically sub standard sex. Her husband had never taken the care to even lick her out, nor take the effort to please her, ever. Always rolling over a minute into their ‘love making’, never once giving her an orgasm their entire marriage, and she didn’t even know what one felt like.

Finally free of her somber relationship, whenever her child was tucked in bed, she decided to make a change, now eagerly passing the time by looking at an assortment of porn videos, and she found herself in awe at the content available on the internet. It truly opened her eyes, in every sense of the word. Over time, she especially loved watching interracial and cheating wives’ movies, with these topics exciting her like never before.

She was still too conservative to go out actively looking for some dick, even though her recent endeavors had awakened her desires, and contented herself by jerking off on the internet for now.

Now, coming to Roshni. She was an absolute knockout, and she couldn’t even hide her voluptuous plump MILF figure under her conservative clothing. Her beautiful tits were humongous, a supple 34DD, and though pretty saggy owing to her years, were still big enough to wrap any enthusiastic mouth or dick around them for hours. Her huge brown nipples were highly sensitive as well, and unknown to her, they could even be used to bring her to orgasm if manipulated at the hands of an experienced man.

Her ass was plump and tight, and her rigorous yoga and gym routine ensured that, her hip thrusts getting better with time. It was hugged deliciously by her leggings, and was a delectable sight when she was out on her morning runs, drawing the eyes of every jogger she breezed past by. They were in the shape of a heart, and even caused her delicious cunt lips to pop out from behind, encouraging most joggers to keep pace behind her. She had long brown hair, with caramel highlights, a common case when it came to most westernized brown women, and she wore it long, like most Indian women. They touched her mid back, and her strands were naturally wavy and silky. She wore it free most of the time, wanting people to know she was unmarried, and it framed her face beautifully, fanning out behind her, coming down in waves. While she was working out, she always clipped it up, drawing her silky tresses into a high ponytail, and then the only thing differentiating from a westerner was the color of her skin, her boobs jiggling up and down all through her run, her ass swaying erotically all the time.

She had an ethereal facial structure, blessed with good genes, her cheekbones narrow, but not too hollow. Her forehead was not too huge, and she used subtle makeup regularly to accentuate her features. Her eyes were a radiant brown, reflecting her recent happiness. She had huge pouty lips, and only increased their allure by often coating their soft flesh with heavy red lipstick, the only ‘slutty’ element to her overall attire.

Despite her looks and abundant goods, she never bore them to the public, always dressing modestly, in saris and sets of salwar kameez, making sure to buy dupattas and pallus that would cover her heaving breasts, which still showed enough of her goods, despite her best efforts.

And lastly, her pussy. The dream of many of her school friends, once upon a time, and still the dream of many of her workmates. Immediately after her ventures into porn and the ending of her marriage, she made the courageous decision to shave her pussy hair, which literally resembled a jungle. A taboo in her society, she had never dared to experiment with her pubes, and always presented herself as such to her husband, a dutiful wife. However, she was enraptured with her idea of a woman unleashed, and decided this would be the almanbahis first radical to step to achieving that. Her pussy flesh and lips were now devoid of even 1 strand of hair, and it was clean like a baby, allowing for unobstructed access to her inner folds. A situation that her nimble fingers made amazing use of. Her clit was like a big button, and her g sport remained untouched, hence, she didn’t even know of the pleasure she could receive.

In other words, she wanted the whole world to know she was out to hunt, and ready to mingle.

She had been working at a construction firm for 4 years now, based as a financial analyst, drawing a comfortable salary, more than enough to save and support her son at the same time. He had one weekly visit with his father, and she had no problem with that, as long as she didn’t meet him.

However, even though she was at a good position in her life, she wanted something more. She was financially sorted, and wanted to take some risks, and truly live the life of a single woman.

These were just thoughts, and she had done nothing till now to materialize them.

Until today. Browsing her LinkedIn, she came across an open position, and felt like her jaw dropped to the floor. Literally. It advertised for a script writer, but that was not the terrifying part.

‘Want to be a script writer for India’s first ever premier Porn studio? Submit your application here!’ and just like that, Everly Studios, the company popped up.

The features and amenities provided were exorbitant, and the pay sounded too good to be true. She knew that porn stars got paid heavily, guiltily remembering how she knew the information, having watched so many casting couch videos, secretly acknowledging it was a fantasy of hers to undergo such a screening.

And that fact fed into her, pulling her to open the job application, skimming over its perks. It looked like a great job, leave aside the perverse nature of it and the taboo mentality associated with such a company and position, but she was now a changed woman, and her mind was already made up. She was going to submit herself as a candidate, it wouldn’t hurt to just apply anyway, she thought.

Right before attaching her resume, she flinched. There was a description at the bottom, which looked suspicious. ‘In addition to a script writer, you will be made to perform many more tasks, which you will be informed of in our interview. We look forward to viewing your application!’

Thinking no more of it, she forced herself to go back to work, drawn into her tasks of the day, managing the accounts of the company. She was so busy that she forgot to check her personal mail, and swiped up her phone to check notifications only 2 hours later.

And there it was. The email from Everly studios. Hurrying to open it, she first made sure no one was walking to her office, and shockingly, even to herself, she pushed the remote, closing the blinds, and locking the door.

Opening the mail, she read its contents.

‘Dear Roshni, thank you for your application. Though you are older than our typical applicant, We are pleased to extend an interview offer to you, and if you decide to accept, please be here tomorrow morning at 10 pm. You will be thoroughly informed of what our demands are, but only after we vet your character and commitment.’

‘We do have 1 command, however. It must be clear to you we are a porn enterprise, a pioneer in the field. Hence, we ask you to dress accordingly, and we expect minimal clothing on your beautiful body. Your pictures definitely enticed us, and we want to see you presenting yourself to our liking, hence, when you show up tomorrow, we want you in a summer dress that reaches below your knees, and no type of lingerie will be seen on you, under that dress, we want you in your birthday suit. You are free to accessorize yourself as you wish. Until then, Team Everly.’

Leaving no room for discussion, the newly divorced wife was shocked to her core. She had never been ordered around like this in her life, not even by her husband.

And yet, her body spoke for her. If anyone looked through the blinds, they would see a beautiful dusky South Indian woman furiously rubbing herself through her skirt for all she was worth, staring at her laptop.

She didn’t even realize that her fingers were stroking her clit, they had automatically pushed her silk panties aside and inserted themselves into her folds, shocking her more than the contents of the mail.

‘Hmm, maybe I am a bit excited by this.’ She thought.

Eager to get back from work and plan her decision, she worked in a haze, and the next hours passed agonizingly slow, as if they knew she wanted to escape her plush office.

6 hours later, she got out her car and walked into her home, greeting and indulging her son, helping him finish his homework, feeding him his dinner and tucked him into bed. As soon as he was snuggled into the bedsheets, this time, she locked the door, almanbahis giriş not wanting his innocent mind to get a whiff of what she was doing. His naughty mother. His slutty MILF mom, sinking to these depths. Divorced from his father, and engaging in these perverse acts.

It took all of 2 minutes to make up her mind, and the next 10 to pick out the sluttiest dress she could find in her wardrobe, perfectly matching their expectations. It had a short hem, and a beautiful flowery pattern, which cleverly concealed her private regions, she could atleast take some solace in that. She then informed her office she would be late the next morning, which was no problem, everyone understood the rigors of a single mother, especially the struggles faced by a one in India.

Laying it out for the next morning, she dozed off into a fitful sleep, excited at the prospects of what would transpire.

The next day

Awake at 7:30, she even woke up before her alarm. She was so excited she could feel her shivers through her bones, running through her body.

She woke up Dhruv, and patched him off to school in the next 20 minutes. Good. Now she had no more stress to get ready.

Stepping in to the bathroom, she slowly started unraveling her naughty mind, getting into the bathtub with a pair of razors and a new can of her favourite shaving cream.

Lying in her nude form, her thoughts were fleetingly jarred back to her husband, EX-husband, she reminded herself. She was preparing herself for someone else, worse, someone that she didn’t even know or had met yet, quite readily at that.

Turning on the water, it became a bubbly mass in seconds. Drowning in her feeling of bliss, she settled in to the warm feeling, at ease with the temperature. Her mind already wading in the waters, she let her hands go down to her fat, fleshy pussy lips, and started thrusting her well manicured fingers into her folds, furiously jerking herself off, hoping that she would truly experience a casting couch situation today. Oh, what a wanton slut she was!

30 seconds and 1 orgasm later, her mind was back to the task at her hand. Taking the shaving cream can, she squeezed a generous amount on her hands, and lathered her crotch. Even though she had shaved just a week ago, she wanted to be fresh down low, desperately hoping that they would ask her to disrobe, as was the norm at such auditions she had seen on the net.

After her pussy was basicaly white with cream, she used the razor to start shaving what remaining hairs resided, but, as usual, needed some sort of hold on her skin. Eagerly diving her fingers in, she held her skin taut and in place, relishing the sensations, and began shaving.

5 minutes and another orgasm later, and she was done. She quickly shaved her legs too, and was about to hop out the tub when a thought struck her. Before her pussy, they would definitely ask to see her MILF tits. What if there was a couple of hairs peeking out? That couldn’t stand.

Happily she repeated the same procedure. It meant one more orgasm for her, after all.

Her big brown areolas now clear of any hair, satisfied that not a single hair currently resided under her neck, she hopped into the shower pad, and fingered herself to another orgasm after cleansing herself of the residual lather that remained.

Towelling herself off, she strode into her bedroom, eyeing her attire with eagerness. She couldn’t wait to feel it on her skin. She only now realized the depths she had already sunk to, so excited she had cum thrice already, not even needing her usual visual stimulation.

Draping her dress on, she was extremely pleased with how she looked. She was sure they would approve, who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Already having a gold chain and bangles on, she only had her makeup and hair left to do.

Applying her blush smoothly, it gabe her a beautiful brown layer, and she lined her eyes with more kajal than usual, giving her pupils a more smoky and sensual look. After finishing applying the rest, she pulled her caramel brown hair out of the knotted bun she had fashioned while in the shower, and drew her beautiful mane out, thinking about how to wear her wavy locks. She thought of pulling her strands into a high ponytail, it never ceased to amaze her, but deep down, she wanted those producers to know something. She may have been a loving wife, but she was free. Liberated. Taking her comb out, she smoothed and fluffed her mane down, and got out her hair curler. Taking a long piece of her, she rolled it around the curler, and brought it down in circular motions, curling her tresses beautifully.

5 long minutes later, and she was done. Her hair beautifully cascading down to her back silkily, she walked to her front door, purse in hand, slipped on a 5 inch pair of heels, her sluttiest one, and hailed a taxi to the location, aware of the driver shamelessly staring at her long legs through the mirror, trying to figure out whether almanbahis yeni giriş they led to her panties, or straight to those creamy pussy lips.

Paying him off, she got down in front of the location, a posh building in a gated community. It was a townhouse, and looked like the type which would have a pool and garden behind it.

There was a sign on the lawn, Everly Studios. That was it. No explanation given.

Steeling herself, she walked up to the entrance, and rang the bell.

After being buzzed in, she ushered herself into a luxurious waiting room, with a recpetion at the back, where an attractive man was seated, his piercing eyes already on her.

Mustering up her confidence, she strode to him, and announced breezily;

‘Hi, I’m Roshni, and I was told to be here for the script writer interview at 10pm’

‘Hi Roshni, yes, we have you scheduled. I must say, we sure are glad you followed our instructions, you look absolutely gorgeous, and that will undoubtedly help you toward securing your position.’

‘Now, for a quick introduction. As you may know, there are no indian centric porn studios in this country, not even one. We want to emulate those of the west, especially america’s, and have already booked various models and have received serious funding. Of course, most of the time our models will be engaged in performing their job, but there is also a need of an initial script, and that’s where you come in.’

‘You will also be asked to perform some other tasks, after all, you will not be paid just to write 2 to 3 minute scripts.’

‘Please, your interview will start now.’ He said, getting up and opening the door behind him, motioning for her to walk through.

Ushering herself in, she immeditely felt herself getting wet. The setup was exactly like a casting room, with the typical mahogany desk and computer, and the beat up black leather couch, arousing her deepest fantasies.

Clenching her knees together, she took a seat on the couch, waiting for someone to walk in and start her interview.

Making her wait for a good 10 mins, which might as well have felt like an hour for her, Nahid and Adil walked in.

Clearly gym hunks, they both were of a massive build, and looked intimidating, serving their purpose well. They were also extremely attractive, which only made Roshni even more jittery than she already was.

Sporting long beards and figure hugging attire, they already seemed like pornstars instead of employees to Roshni.

‘A good morning to you Roshni! How are you doing today?’ Nahid said jovially. Unexpected.

‘Nervous, but excited to have this opportunity Sir’ She blushed.

‘No worries, be yourself and at ease!’ Be winked.

‘My name is Nahid, and this is my colleague Adil. We are the company’s recruiters, and are tasked with interviews for all positions. I understand you have applied for a script writer, is that right?’ He inquired, followed by a genial smile from Adil.

‘Yes, that’s right sir.’ She affirmed.

‘Perfect, then we can start. Tell me Roshni, why have you applied? First of all, you are the oldest applicant we have, and by quite a long shot. It’s quite incomprehensible that a woman at your age will have ease grappling with even the name of our company for example. The rest are all youngsters who grew up in the New India, and we need to know what your motivation is. Not that we don’t want to have you. It’s always a pleasure to have a more experienced mind and body on deck.’ He elaborated, winking, and giving her goosebumps.

‘Well, first if all, I’m a recently divorced wife. I’m not your typical Indian woman, or atleast, not anymore. I wanted to get out my comfort zone and make a radical change, and of course, the salary appeals to me as well haha. I’m still not really sure what’s expected of me, and I would like to know what tasks were mentioned on your advert.’

‘But of course! Might I first tell you, that we are not paying you a very generous salray only for you to write 20 lines of script for the porno movie introductions.’

‘We will have many other uses for you. We at Everly studios have a different kind of work ethic, and believe it can make our employess happy. Since we are a porn studio, during many shoots, we will be working with the latest sex toys, some of which are fresh off the design boards, given free to us so that we can test them. Think of any toy; vibrators, dildos,sybians,anal beads, you name it, and we’ll have it. Since our models will be busy- uhh- let’s say it as busy with their own toys, we need people willing to test them. Hence, this is where you come in, Roshni. You will act as our in house beta tester, along with your colleagues. A majority of your peers are women, and I guess it isn’t so hard as to guess why.’

‘During your work hours, for example, you may be seated at your work desk with a butt plug or a vibrator inside that MILF pussy, buzzing away and delivering innumerable pleasure, while at the end of each week, you will be asked about their performance. The toys we receive cater to various categories, but we will get you started on the most familiar ones, such as those plugs, vibrators or dildos. This is our first requirement. Did you hear us right?’

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