Robin , Lisa Ch. 09

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To my readers and small and loyal group of fans, thank you for your patience. The next installment is already in process, so the wait will not be as long this time around. Again, thank you for you continued following.


Lisa pushed aside the glass door of the building lobby stepping into the brick laid plaza. She sighed with a downcast look with a mixture of disappointment and exhaustion.

“Another one down.” she thought looking down at a business card.

She curled a fluttering bang over and around her ear while pocketing the card and thought what to do next.

“Home.” she thought.

There’s no place like it, but her laptop was there beckoning for her to cast her line out once again hoping for a nibble or two. The thought was enough to make her return an unwanted choice which lead to the question again of what to do.

Lisa’s mind wandered over to Robyn and remembered she had the key to her apartment.

“It was a place to go, but what then?” she thought.

It was still mid-day and she’d be alone with nothing to do for at least till the evening. She around and saw people coming and going in the plaza and saw the moderately busy intersection. Reading the street signs, Lisa got her bearings and realized how close she was from the gym.

“Would she mind?” Lisa thought.

Robyn was in her office updating her calendar when Mindy stopped by, “Hey. Have you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“Tash and Emilio. They broke up.”

“Oh.” Robyn said already knowing then realized she wasn’t supposed to, “Really?”

“Um-hmm. So what do you think? Me and Emilio? You think Tash would be cool with it?”

“You and Emilio? Aren’t you going to give them time to maybe, work things out?”

“Well, they’ve been separated for about a week now. How long you think I should wait?”

“I don’t know. A month or so? Did you talk to Tash about it?”

“No. I’m scared she might get upset over it.”

Robyn reached for her cell phone.

“What are you doing?” Mindy said.

“What does it look like? I’m calling Tash.”

“No. Don’t do that. She might think I’m trying to steal her boyfriend.”

“You said they broke up, so he should be fair game, right?”

Mindy closed the door and sat down nervously awaiting the response.

“Hey you.” Tash said on the phone, “About time you called me back.”

“Hey Tash. I’m here with Mindy and she wants to know if you’d be cool if she hooked up with Emilio.”

“Emilio? My Emilio?”

“Well he isn’t your Emilio anymore, but that’s the one we’re calling about.” Robyn said looking at Mindy with a smile. Mindy glanced back concerned.

“Sure.” Tash said after a brief pause, “It’s okay with me.”

“Great. Why don’t you tell Mindy yourself.” Robyn said and handed the phone to her.

“Hi Tash. If there’s something still between you two, I understand. I won’t get in the way.” Mindy said.

“No. I think we’re good. You go ahead. You have my blessing.”

“Really? You’re sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“Thanks, Tash. But if you change your mind later-“

“Don’t worry Min. You go right ahead. Now can I talk to Robyn again?”

“Sure.” Mindy handed Robyn back the phone, jubilant at the news. “She wants to talk to you again.”

“What’s up?” Robyn said.

“You know what’s up. What’s the deal? Why are you playing so hard to get?”

“What are you talking about?” Robyn said mindful of Mindy’s presence.

“Don’t play stupid. You know what I’m talking about.”

“We’ll talk about that later.”

“When? You haven’t called me back. You haven’t been out lately with the gang. Is your friend ‘Yellow’ taking up all your free time? And nights?”

Robyn smiled and shook her head. Mindy stood up and mouthed some words to politely excused herself and Robyn nodded waiting for her to close the door behind her.

“Okay Tash. I’m sorry for not calling you back and all, but you know how I feel about her.”

“So that’s it then?”

Robyn sighed, “You know how I feel about you. You know how fucking sexy I think you are-“

“Not enough to get you in bed again apparently.”

“Tash, you know I loved it. And I’d love to again, really, but I don’t think I should, you know?”

“So, not because you don’t want to, but because you shouldn’t because you feel your ‘Yellow’ would disapprove of you sleeping around behind her back?”

“Well, I don’t know if she would mind, but I wouldn’t feel right about it either way.”

“I never thought this day would come. Robyn in love with somebody.”

“Why’s that so surprising?”

“Hel-loo! Who of us never had a straight boyfriend? Only you. Even Mindy was hooked up for a good time once, but not you.”

“What do you mean? I was hooked up for a while.”

“A while? You mean like a month or two with…whatever his name was? Sure, you might’ve been seeing him regularly, but don’t tell me you stopped looking. You were still getting some on the side.”

“No. That was different.”

“Different because he had a cock?”

“That’s not the reason. Ankara escort It was…okay. I wasn’t into him as I thought I was at first. It’s just that I broke up with him in my head before I told him, okay? Anyway, that’s in the past now.”

Tash sighed, “You know, I’m really happy for you. You found someone that you really like, but I found out that I really like you too and I don’t get to express those feelings.”

“Oh Tash, why are you making this so hard for me?”

“And you think feeling the way I do is any easier, Robyn? It sucks for me too.”

“We’re friends and I know how you feel about me because we’re friends. But I think you’re feelings are more about the sex than about the relationship.” Robyn said.

“Oh, is that it?” Tash said, “Well then you shouldn’t feel any guilt about cheating on your honey, because you’re just fucking me out of friendship, right?”

“Oh come on, Tash.”

“Look.” Tash said after a brief pause, “I know you have feelings for this girl or otherwise you’d be taking turns banging both us like the uninhibited slut that you are.” Tash said.


“Wait. Close your legs for a second or two and hear me out. As your friend, I’m very happy for you that you found somebody.”

“I love her.”

“I know you do. And as your friend, that wants to be fucked by you, that makes me kinda sad. It makes me even sadder thinking how this might not end up to your liking either.”

Robyn said nothing leaving a long pause of dead air between them until Tash said, “You know, I’m not going to be waiting around for you waiting to see if this turns up roses for you or not.”

“I’m not asking you to.”

“I know. I’m just saying that I have feelings for you. Sexually as well as casually. And I know you feel the same about me. I would really enjoy it if we could hook up more often and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb by saying that I think you’d like it too.”

“Of all the fucking times I wanted to be with you, Tash. Of all the times!” Robyn said holding her phone with a tight grip.

“I know the timing sucks and I’m sorry, but this is what’s happening now.”

“You teased me so much back then and now you’re teasing me all over again, you know?”

“I wasn’t doing it on purpose back then and I’m not now. I’m letting you know I’m here. For you, sweets.”

“I know…I know. Give me some time to work things out.”

“Of course. Take some time, but don’t take forever.”

“And if things don’t go well with my girl, you’re still okay with being with me knowing you’re my second choice?”

“The way I see it, I am your first choice. You wanted to hook up with me way back then. You only chose your girl, because I wasn’t available.”

“And you are now?”


“And I’m still choosing her over you. You sure you don’t have a problem with that?” Robyn said.

“I know I’m late to the party, but I think we’d be great together. We have so much in common and we’d have so much fun. But I’m your friend too. And the friend part wants you to be happy and if there’s anyone that deserves to be happy, it’s you. And if your girl makes you happier than being with me, then I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks Tash.”

“You’re welcome. Now come over to my place and fuck the shit out of me damnit! I know you want to.”

Robyn laughed, “I’ll talk to you later.”

“And dirty too, okay?”

“Stupid.” Robyn said amused, “Bye, sexy.”

“You too.”

Robyn placed her phone on the desk and mulled over her relationships. There was Lisa of course, then now Tash and even Katie. She sighed and couldn’t believe she was juggling all these relationships at the same time. She gave each one a thought and quickly came to the conclusion that Tash’s relationship was the safest. Sink or swim, she felt assured their friendship would come through no worse for wear.

When it came to Katie, her intentions were just like the ones at the clubs. A simple one night stand, but an enjoyable session nonetheless. Robyn didn’t anticipate her to come on to her so strong. She smiled at the thought of Katie. She was sweet and cute, but fragile, perhaps. Robyn knew she had to do something not to get her hopes up to high as she had no intentions in beginning a relationship other than a friendly one. Yet, she still owed her a torrid night of sex as well with a promise of four orgasms no less.

The thought led her to Lisa. “Oh Yellow. If I only knew you wanted to be with me.” she thought turning her head toward the blank wall of her office.

Her mind felt light as the memories and images of Lisa fluttered in her thoughts. Robyn closed her eyes and a smile crept on her face specifically recalling the feel of Lisa’s fingers playing with her nipples. The excitement stirred in her body remembering the intimate time they had in the bath and when she stroked her clitoris to another amazing orgasm.

Robyn felt her body flush with heat and opened her eyes to try to focus on work. She brought her attention back on her computer, when the P.A. chimed in calling for her to come Ankara escort bayan to the front desk.

“Perfect timing.” She muttered and proceeded to the front.

Robyn approached the front desk and asked the receptionist, “You rang?”

“Oh, yes. This lady said you informed her of a special offer with us?” the receptionist said hold her hand out toward a woman perusing the bulletin board.

She turned to face them and Robyn’s eyes immediately grew wide. “Yellow!”

Lisa had come directly from her interview meeting still wearing the business dress and her hair clipped tight on her head with the back tied in a side ponytail down her right shoulder. She brushed her dangling bang off her brow when she turned to see Robyn and smiled at her shocked expression.

Robyn quickly regained her composure and smiled.

“Oh, yes. I remember…Lisa, right?” Robyn said which sounded strange for both of them, “We can discuss this in my office.” she said holding her hand out to lead the way.

Lisa proceeded to Robyn’s office giving her a sheepish grin as she approached. Robyn opened her office door and let Lisa in watching her gracefully sit down on the guest chair. She closed the door behind her and sat down behind the desk and looked at Lisa beaming with joy.

Robyn never saw her face done up before other than her graduation day, but this was the first time she saw her up and close. Her lips were red, but not too bold or wet. Her cheeks were smooth with a touch of pink rouge and Lisa’s eyes were alluringly smoky.

There was no question that Robyn was highly aroused at what she saw. Her eyes drifted down to Lisa’s neck seeing the unbuttoned top button on her white blouse and felt the urge to feel the soft warmth on her lips. She looked out through the glass wall and door of her office into the main floor of the gym seeing if anybody was looking then looked back at Lisa. She blushed and cast her eyes down with a laugh catching her thoughts taking Lisa and doing her right here in her office for all to see.

“What? What’s so funny?” Lisa said.

“Nothing. It’s nothing. Just happy to see you.” she said regaining her composure. “So this is a surprise. I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. So what’s up?”

“Nothing. I was just at a job interview nearby. I didn’t feel like going home and thought I’d drop by.” she said with a shrug.

“Oh. So how did you do?”

“Okay. I think. I’m saying practically the same thing every time.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ve made an impression. I mean, professional.” Robyn said with a smile.

“I hope you’re right.” Lisa said smiling.

“I know it’s tough and exhausting and I’m here if you need…you know…a break?”

Lisa smiled, “I know you are and I’m grateful, really.”

Robyn looked at Lisa for a moment and smiled feeling the sincerity sink in.

“So what now? You want to workout?”

“I didn’t bring any gym clothes. I came here straight from my interview.”

“Well we have a store in the front lobby. I get a 25% discount too. Why don’t you pick up something to wear?”

“No. That’s okay. I’ve got clothes at home. I’ll come back another time.”

“So what? Did you come here just to say, ‘hi’?”

“Well, yeah. I thought you’d like that.”

“But what are you going to do now? Go home?”

“I guess.”

“But you’re here. Why not make the most of it? Come on. I’ll buy you something to wear.” Robyn said standing.

“No. No. That’s nice of you but…”

“Come on Yellow, I don’t have all day. I’ve got a class to instruct soon.” Robyn said standing by the door and beckoned at her impatiently.

Lisa sighed and slumped her shoulders as she rose to her feet reluctantly.

“Oh don’t be all mopey. Afterwards, you’ll be glad you went through with it.” Robyn said.

“I’ll bet that’s what you say to every person here.”

“Well, at least it’s true.” Robyn said with a smile, “And yes, I do like it when you drop by just to say ‘hi’.”

Lisa followed Robyn into the gym store and began browsing the clothes racks. Robyn quickly pulled a top and bottom from the clothes rack while Lisa was still looking.

“These will do.” Robyn said handing her the clothes.

“These?” Lisa said looking at them.

The top was a tight black and pink sports bra keeping lots of her body exposed for cooling and the bottom was a matching pair of tight shorts.

“I can’t wear those.” Lisa said then whispered, “You think I have your body?”

“Don’t be a prude.” Robyn said quietly, “you’re super fucking hot as is.”

“Thanks, but I’d like to pick out my own clothes if you don’t mind.”

Robyn sighed and placed the clothes back on the rack. She browsed the store while Lisa seemingly went through each piece one by one. Robyn looked at the clock and then back at Lisa, who seemed to be oblivious to Robyn’s time constraint.

“Hey. I’ve got to get back to work. Can you please pick something out soon?” Robyn said in a low but stern voice.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll just take these.” Escort Ankara Lisa said and handed the clothes to Robyn.

It was a pair of black stretch capris pants with a pink sports tee. Robyn glanced at them, and then looked at Lisa disappointed using all of her inner strength to hold her tongue.

“What?” Lisa said annoyed.

“Nothing.” Robyn said holding a dismissive hand and took the clothes to the front counter. “What size shoe do you wear?”

“Seven and a half, I think.”

Robyn pointed to pair of white and gray sneakers and said, “Those. Seven and a half. And a pair of no show dry socks.”

“Hey. I don’t want…” Lisa began, but Robyn shot back a stern glare holding a pointed finger between them.

Lisa breathed out calmly and didn’t protest. “Thank you Robyn.”

Robyn felt all of the frustration deflate like a balloon inside her and smiled, “You’re welcome.”

She quickly paid for everything and handed the bagged items back to Lisa.

“Here you go. Now go ahead and change in the locker room. My class is starting in a few minutes.”

“Should I meet you in the studio?”

“You’re welcome to come, but it’s more on the intermediate level.”

“Oh.” Lisa said.

“Just come. If it gets too intense, just stop. You don’t have to stay for the whole circuit.”


“I’ll see you there.” Robyn said with a smile and left.

Robyn entered the mirrored studio with a thumping beat already playing through the sound system. About ten other members consisting of mostly middle aged women were already waiting and doing some light stretching. Robyn took her position in the front and faced the crowd.

“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. My name is Robyn if you don’t know me already and I’ll be your instructor today.” she said.

Robyn gave the guidelines to the class and started with some warm-up stretches. Lisa entered clothed in her gym attire and Robyn felt a twinge of pleasure at the sight. Although they weren’t the clothes she chose, Lisa still looked extremely attractive and was by far the best looking of the bunch.

Robyn soon started the workout routine giving instructions at each change and vocalizing each step. She gave out cheery words of encouragement and positive reinforcement. Lisa was amused and enjoyed seeing and hearing Robyn’s instructions. They were energetic, pleasant and fun, which was a perfect description of Robyn’s personality minus the sex. Robyn looked happy and she was simply good at what she did which translated well to her class participants.

It was around the ten minute mark when Lisa felt her body hitting the wall. She did her best to push through, but she was winded after pumping her arms up in the air and stepping side to side. Robyn looked over and saw Lisa falling behind.

“You guys are doing great. I remember taking my first cardio class. I was breathing so hard, I almost fainted. But remember, the first day is always the hardest and it isn’t all downhill after that, but it is the steepest mountain to climb, right?”

Robyn heard some acknowledging grunts and saw some smiles.

“Yeah. I see you know what I’m talking about.” she said smiling.

Lisa smiled too, knowing the words were directed at her. The words were definitely encouraging and she felt just a little bit more energy and pushed herself. It only lasted a minute or so longer, when she hunched over her knees trying to catch her breath. She walked to the back of the studio huffing and puffing with a tingling of light-headedness.

She watched on seeing Robyn direct the class without a drop in step or any sign of fatigue in her expression. Other than a glowing sheen of perspiration and some heavy breaths at times, she had the energy of a horse.

Robyn pushed the class hard and the participants began to waver and fall behind a step or two, but Robyn goaded them on.

“We’re coming to the home stretch. That finish line is in sight. Do those runners jog to the end? No. They give it all they got. So come and sprint with me to the finish line. How ’bout it? One last set?”

A few nods and some mumbled agreements sparsely came from the group, but it was enough for Robyn to flash them all a cheerful and energetic smile that made Lisa tingle with pride.

“That’s what I want to hear. Determination. Let’s go.”

Lisa paced back and forth letting her heart rate come down as she watched the Robyn instruct the last set. Their eyes met every time Robyn gave a gander at Lisa giving her a tiny rush of excitement. After the set was done, Lisa re-joined the group to participate in the cool down exercises, then gave each member some parting words of encouragement.

“I know this was your first class…Lisa.” she said with an irked smile, “But you did great. Remember, this wasn’t a beginner’s class.”

“I know. Thanks.”

“It’ll get easier after each passing class.” Robyn said with a smile and a pat on the back, and moved on to the next class member.

Lisa left the studio and bent over the drinking fountain. She heard the quick pattering of footsteps approaching and stood up to see Robyn next to her.

“Come in my office. I’ve got water there.” Robyn said and Lisa followed along.

They sat down across from each other and Robyn tossed a water bottle over to Lisa.

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