Riki and Cassandra Ch. 02

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By the time that Cass had finished her work on Riki’s new tattoo, it was almost midnight. They were both tired, but they were also very excited at the prospect of what lay ahead in their new and quickly developing relationship.

As Riki’s arm was being cleaned, she couldn’t wait to get up and go to the mirror to get a close up look at all that Cass had done. She had made a conscious decision not to watch while Cass was inking the color into the design in order to be totally surprised at the outcome. So when Cass was finally finished, she told Riki to go look and tell her what she thought. Riki got up from the chair and went to the mirror where she looked in amazement at what Cass had done. Now, as she looked in the mirror, expecting to see just the flower and hummingbird of her original design, her mouth was agape in awe as she saw the beauty and color that Cass had added. Not only was the hibiscus there with its peach color intricately shaded, but there were green leaves and patches of blue sky and clouds behind it where the colorful hummingbird sat on the back of her shoulder drinking nectar from the flower. The intricate, artistic details added by Cass went far beyond her imagination, and she started jumping up and down and excitedly ran to Cass and wrapped her arms around her and started kissing her, all the while telling her how beautiful it was.

For her part, Cass simply wrapped her arms around Riki and quietly absorbed the excited embrace of the beautiful blond. As the still topless Riki continued her oral assault on the tall artist, Cass slowly began caressing her back and returning the passionate kisses with their lips crushing together and tongues intertwined. Her hands slowly and gently moved from Riki’s back down to squeeze her taut buttocks and then began the climb back up her lithe frame, first to her waist, and then to lovingly cup those small, but perfectly formed breasts. As this tactile journey of her body continued, the young blond began to slowly melt into the embrace of the taller woman even as she ran her hands through Cass’s short hair.

The more they kissed, the more they embraced, the more Riki felt comfortable with this new journey of sensual exploration. And after long moments of passionate kisses, the two beautiful women finally came up for a frantic breath of air. As they looked deeply into each other’s eyes, Cass said to Riki, “Let’s go upstairs and have that bottle of wine I promised you. We need to slow this down a little and talk about what each of us is feeling right now before we go any further.” Having said that, Cass got Riki’s blouse and gave it to her. The young blonde buttoned it partially up, and then allowed Cass to take her hand and lead her to the staircase that went to the upstairs apartment. Cass led the way, and as they ascended the stairs, Riki was once again unable to keep her eyes from the long legs and tight ass that preceded her up the steps.

As they entered Cass’s apartment, Riki was as mesmerized by the beauty of this room, its furnishings and accessories as she had been by the room downstairs. It was as if the room had been designed by a professional interior decorator. But the design wasn’t sterile as so many professionally designed rooms are. This room was warm and inviting and comfortable and lived in and conducive to total relaxation.

Cass told Riki to make herself at home while she went to get the wine. While she was in the kitchen, Riki wandered around looking at the incredible artwork hanging on all the walls. And then she began to look at the extensive collection of CD’s and books on the shelves, marveling at the breadth of diversity in each collection.

It wasn’t long before Cass was back in the room with two glasses of pinot noir and a platter filled with fresh fruits, cheeses, and crackers. She placed all of these on the unusual coffee table made from a large, irregularly shaped cross-cut section of hardwood supported by sculptured wrought iron legs. Then she went over to the stereo and turned on some soft jazz. As she walked up behind Riki who was still absorbed by the wall filled with books, Cass wrapped her arms around her, and whispered into her ear an invitation to join her on the couch.

As the two women sat on the couch, they each took a glass of wine and as they looked into each other’s eyes, Cass offered a toast: “To us, and to our new friendship.”

While they sat on the couch sipping their wine and nibbling on the fruits and cheeses, Cass steered the conversation back to what each was feeling that evening. She confessed that while she found herself very attracted physically to Riki, as well as finding her both beautiful and intellectually stimulating, she was in no rush to jump into a relationship or even into bed with her. She admitted her nervousness because Riki had never been with another woman before, and she didn’t want to be responsible for taking Riki somewhere that she might later regret.

Riki confessed that her own emotions were in a state of turmoil since she kağıthane escort had never experienced feelings for anyone, and especially another woman, like she was feeling at that moment for Cass. It was well after 2:00 am when the two girls decided that they were too tired to continue. They had learned so much about one another during the evening, and while their attraction for each other was intense, they mutually agreed to hold off on anything romantic until later. Cass offered to sleep on the couch, but Riki would have none of that. She told Cass that this is your apartment, and I’m not going to kick you out of your own bed. So Cass invited Riki to join her, since the king sized bed was more than large enough for the two of them. She went and got Riki an oversized sleep shirt and told her there was an extra toothbrush in the bathroom.

Riki went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, immediately recapping the day’s events in her mind and wondering what would come next. She did her business, brushed her teeth, and stripped off all her clothes before putting on what was an oversized t-shirt that came two-thirds of the way up her thighs. She looked in the mirror, said to herself that she was indeed desirable, and went back into the bedroom where Cass had dimmed the lights and put on soft music. Cass then went into the bathroom to get ready for bed, leaving Riki to nervously get under the covers and await Cass’s return.

When the bathroom door opened and Cass stood silhouetted in the light, Riki thought she was seeing an angel from heaven. Cass, too, had put on a sleep shirt, but hers was much more form fitting and even shorter than the one Riki had on. Her legs looked incredible as she walked to the bed and slowly turned the covers down and climbed in beside the nervous Riki. The two girls turned to face one another and talked a little bit more, before Cass said it was time for her to get some rest. They had each had a very intense day, and tomorrow would be a new day. Cass turned out the lights, and then leaned over and gave Riki a very soft good night kiss on the lips. Soon afterwards, Riki could hear the deep breathing of the sleeping Cass, but she was having trouble going to sleep as she reveled in the soft sweetness of the good night kiss and the excitement of everything that had transpired that day. Where was her life going? All these new emotions had her so confused. Was this merely an infatuation, or was she really bi or even a lesbian? All she knew was that she was so very attracted to Cass — physically, intellectually, and in every other way. And as her tiredness gave way to sleep, her dreams were of the tall, tattooed woman sleeping so peacefully next to her.

Cass was the first to awake in the morning, and she immediately sensed the sleeping Riki who was spooning her. Her arms were wrapped around her and one hand was cupping her right breast. The warm breath of the newly tattooed Riki was on her neck and in her ear, and the cumulative effect of all this stimulation was causing her nipples to harden and her pussy to moisten. While she was so attracted to this beautiful young blond, and she truly wanted to explore a real relationship with her, she knew that this had to go slow, she had to take her time. So it was with a great sense of regret that Cass slowly untangled herself from Riki’s embrace and left the sleeping beauty in bed while she went to make coffee and start cooking breakfast.

It wasn’t long before the empty bed and the smells from the kitchen awakened Riki and she padded out toward the delicious aromas that beckoned her. When she came in from the hallway, she stopped in her tracks as she saw the cute ass of the tall tattoo artist who was hovering over the stove top. Riki slowly crept up behind Cass and slowly ran her hands up her side until she was cupping her firm breasts and slowly tweaking her nipples to hardness. In slow motion, Cass turned around and kissed the sleepy blond good morning. And what a kiss it was, one that quickly raised the temperature in the already warm kitchen. Lips firmly mashing lips, one tongue dueling with another, hands tracing patterns on warm flesh – and the result was a breakfast that was soon forgotten as it cooked on the stove. They were interrupted only when they began to smell the eggs burning in the pan. But it didn’t take them long to place the burning eggs in the sink and get back to their passionate explorations.

And once again it was Cass who broke things off as she told Riki that as much as she wanted her at that moment, she still wanted to take her time. She explained that she had appointments with several clients that day, but she wanted to take Riki out that evening. Riki asked her if this was going to be a real date, and Cass told her she could call it whatever she wanted, but the gist of it was that she was asking her out on a date. This good news brought a huge smile to Riki’s face, and she said would love to go out with Cass. Cass got her to write down all her contact information – address and phone numbers – and told her to be ready at 7:30 that night.

Riki left soon afterwards, and once she got home that morning she set about her usual Saturday routine – laundry, grocery shopping, and house cleaning. She was so glad to be busy. Anything to take her mind off the previous evening’s activities. But no matter what she did, she couldn’t get Cass off her mind. All she could think about was the beautiful artist and how much she had enjoyed their time together. And every time she passed a mirror, she couldn’t help but stop and look at her fresh new tattoo, admiring its beauty, and dreaming of expanding it much further.

For her part, even though she was busy inking two of her clients that afternoon, Cass also had difficulty focusing on the work in front of her as her mind kept drifting back to Riki, the previous day, and their upcoming date that night. Her first client that afternoon was in for the first time, and Cass didn’t want to mess up even though her tattoo was neither complicated nor large. Her second client was later in the afternoon. Shannon was Cass’s hairdresser and she had been working on her for several years. Today she was adding a series of colorful stars on the inside of her left forearm that were ultimately going to be a part of a full sleeve; the largest of the stars, just below the elbow was rainbow hued while the others were in different colors and sizes. Shannon and Cass had been on again, off again lovers during the entire time they had known one another, and they usually ended their tattoo sessions in bed together. But today was going to be different since Cass was hurrying to finish so she could get ready for her date with Riki. She was so distracted that she almost made several critical mistakes, something she never did. But, all she could think of was the tall, athletic, blond haired woman who had mesmerized her twenty four hours earlier. Shannon could see that something was on Cass’s mind, but she couldn’t get her to admit what it was that was distracting her.

Meanwhile, as Riki was getting ready for her date with Cass, her thoughts kept returning to the previous day. Every thing she had done in the last twenty-four hours was so out of character for her. After all, she was a corporate executive with a Fortune 500 company. People in her position didn’t just go out and get tattooed. And yet, that is exactly what she had done. And the tattoo she had gotten wasn’t just an inconspicuous little tattoo that could be easily hidden. No, she had gotten a large colorful floral piece on her shoulder and upper arm, and she loved it so much she already wanted to make it much larger. And, on top of that, after a lifetime of dating only men, she was getting ready to go out on a date with another woman – a woman that she absolutely, positively wanted to have sex with. How could her life have changed so much in just twenty-four hours? Why was her usually cautious, thoughtful self so anxious to make such radical changes to both her body and her lifestyle? What was this excitement that had her nipples as hard as they had ever been and the juices from her pussy running down her thighs? Was she so dramatically different, or was this finally the true Riki coming out of her shell?

These were the questions facing Riki as she went through her closet looking for just the right clothes to wear. Never in her years of dating men had she ever obsessed so much on what she would wear on a date. Yet now, as she laid outfit after outfit on her bed, she just couldn’t seem to come up with the right one. Finally, in exasperation, she gave up and went and drew herself a hot bubble bath, one of the few ways she knew would relax her. As she lay soaking in the tub, she shaved all the essentials before she decided to touch up her closely trimmed bush. As she looked down at her short blond pubic hair, she suddenly decided that it all had to go, too; so she lathered up and carefully removed every bit of the hair. After she dried off, she rubbed moisturizer over all her body including her now bare pussy. As she did so, her juices began flowing once again, and she slowly scooped them on her fingers and tasted her own succulence. It was all she could do to keep from totally pleasuring herself, but she knew she wanted to wait and see what the night and her date with Cass would bring.

So it was back to her bedroom to once again sift through her wardrobe choices and decide what she would wear that evening. First, she ruled out the little black dress since that was just far too obvious. Then she decided against the khakis and polo shirt as being too casual and too conservative. Finally it came down to a choice between navy blue linen slacks with a powder blue silk blouse or a short pink spaghetti strap dress that she could pair with a light lilac sweater. Since she had worn linen slacks and a silk shirt the previous day, the cute pink dress won out. She made sure her makeup was just right before she began dressing. First came a pink thong, but no bra with the spaghetti straps and her new tattoo, no hose, and a pair of pink sling back open toed pumps with medium heels that showcased her French pedicure. Some dangly gold earrings and an amethyst pendant on a gold chain completed the look. As she looked in the mirror, Riki saw her beauty as she had never seen it before. She was positively glowing, with her hair and nails perfect, and her new tattoo showcased by the revealing dress. And, for the very first time in her life, Riki Carlisle thought of herself as beautiful. And she was.

As she waited impatiently for Cass to come pick her up, Riki couldn’t help but begin to get the jitters. She was waiting for her date – another woman – to pick her up. And she was experiencing a smorgasbord of emotions ranging from nervousness to excitement to apprehension to so many others she couldn’t even begin to identify.

And just at that moment, the doorbell rang. Riki waited for just a moment before she rushed to the door and breathlessly opened it. Standing there was Cass, handsomely attired in a casual man cut suit with an open necked dress shirt and a loosely knotted tie. Her pixie hair cut was slightly spiked, and the only makeup she had on was just a touch of neutral lip gloss. Standing a few inches taller than Riki’s own 5’8″, she exuded a power and strength that literally took Riki’s breath away. She was absolutely gorgeous. Riki opened the door further and invited Cass in. As she came in, Cass slowly took Riki into her arms and kissed her deeply, the kiss gradually intensifying as their tongues intertwined and their hands began to roam over each other’s body. Finally, they broke the kiss and simultaneously said, “Wow!” Both of them began to chatter at the same time about how hot the other looked, and then they both stopped their praise of each other and just looked each other in the eyes. Then they slowly came together again in a slow, languorous kiss as they melted into one another.

Finally, Cass broke the magical spell and told Riki that their car was waiting. Riki got her purse and sweater, and Cass held the door open for her. As they walked outside, Riki was stunned to see a long limousine with a uniformed driver holding the door open for them. After they got in and were settled, the driver drove off with no instructions from Cass. She obviously knew where to go. After about a fifteen minute drive, the car pulled into the circular drive at the front of what looked to be a two story colonial style home. The driver came around and opened the door, and Riki and Cass emerged from the spacious rear compartment. As Cass led Riki up the steps, the door opened and a beautiful, fortyish woman dressed in an obviously expensive silk dress opened the front door and said, “Welcome to Chez Nicole. And good evening to you Cass. Who is this lovely young woman you have brought to dine with us this evening?”

“Hi, Nicole, this is Riki, a new friend.”

“Well, Riki, it is very nice to meet you. You have one of our favorite people with you tonight. I hope that you will enjoy yourself and your meal. If you need anything, please feel free to ask for me personally. Now, Monique will take you to your table.” And with that, Nicole disappeared and a very young, waifish girl appeared and guided them through the hallways of the old house to a small room that reeked of romance. There were candles and rose petals on the tablecloth covered table, and more candles in sconces on the walls of the room. A fire was blazing in the fireplace which added to the romantic feel. Monique seated them at the table, and said that their server, Veronica, would be with them shortly. In the meantime, could she get them a drink. Cass said they would have a bottle of the Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Chardonnay and Monique left to get the wine for them. She returned shortly with the bottle and opened it, giving the cork to Cass and pouring a small amount into her glass. Cass loved the crisp, dry wine and nodded to the cute young hostess who poured each of them a glass. Then she left the two women in privacy to relax and enjoy their wine and their dinner. Soon Veronica appeared, greeted them, and told them the evening’s specials. Riki couldn’t help but notice how the petite brunette waitress was flirting shamelessly with Cass the entire time she was with them, and she questioned Cass about it as soon as the waitress left them alone to decide on their dinner. Cass explained that she and the young waitress had dated for a while the previous year while she was getting some tattoo work done. But Cass assured Riki that it was long over between them although she knew that the younger girl still wanted to fuck her.

Cass ordered a shrimp cocktail appetizer for them to share, and she decided on the grilled sea bass for an entree while Riki chose the broiled scallops. They decided to share some grilled asparagus as an accompaniment. And while they waited for their food to arrive, they reveled in the romantic luxury of the private candlelit dining room. They made small talk, but mostly they just stared into each other’s eyes as their knees and feet played a game of exploration under the table.

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