Red Lipstick Paradise

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Image is everything.


It was a roller coaster ride. By her teen years, Tiffany had been featured on several singing shows for her voice and wholesome appeal. When she was 19, she got her first record deal. Things only got brighter from there.

Tiffany became America’s good girl. Perfect in every way. Attractive, smart, talented, and she can even be funny too.

But when she reached her late 20’s, her popularity had begun to fade. New pop stars were abundant. Younger girls, prettier, and worse– they were cooler.

It wasn’t that Tiffany had become any less talented, or less charming. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The market gets what it wants. Sex sells. And Tiffany’s wholesome appeal just got boring for much of her fanbase.

She had a plan though. Not to diminish her wholesome appeal or betray her values. Not to strip off her clothes and dance obscenely. Nor was it to sing about sex and random hook-ups.

She intended to show that good girls weren’t out of the running just yet.


In a private downtown studio, Tiffany played the last set of tracks for her new album, Paradise, to the head of the record label.

“I like it,” Richard said confidently after the final song ended. “It’s a little different than your last stuff. But it’s still you. It has all your trademarks.”

Tiffany nodded, unsurprised. “Thank you. It turned out well.”

“It did. It could also use a little more polish and another round of sound mixing. Overall, it’s good stuff. There’s a lot we can do with this, marketing-wise.”

“That’s the plan,” she agreed. “I’m hoping to mature my image without being overly sexy. Something edgy, without being classless.”

“We have to be careful with that.”


“The female pop scene is over-saturated right now,” Richard explained. “If you go halfway in this direction, you’ll be drowned by sex symbols and all the new talent that’s out there.”

“I don’t want to compromise on the direction of my career.”

He gave a slow nod. “I respect that. Like I said, it could be a tough road. Your new music is good. But there’s plenty of similar music that’s laced with sex appeal. Your music is basically sex without any sex.”

“It’s called normal music,” she quipped.

“Fair enough. Any ideas on a lead single?”

“A few,” she replied. “I’ll have to discuss it with my management.”

“Go with Masquerade. That’ll be your lead. The music video could feature a number of tantalizing costumes and designs. It’ll have a modern, hip vibe to it without compromising your wholesome image. Sassy without the trash.”

There was pure confidence exuded from Richard’s voice. This was a man who knew what he was talking about. The idea clicked something in Tiffany’s brain and she gave him an approving look.

“You’re the best,” she smiled.

Richard remained in business mode. “I know. Your re-invention idea is good. The new music is solid. Your image needs to be managed very carefully though. We’ll have to spend a few bucks on the music video so it’ll get people talking. I want it to be a massive hit on youtube.”

“The last director I worked with should be up for this.”

“We’ll need more than a good director,” he said, thinking out loud. “This is about costumes, costumes, and costumes. I want something with flash and style. Something that’ll get substantial views.”

“Anyone in mind?”

Richard thought long and hard. “There was a woman who used to work for me. Talented. Really talented at this sort of thing. I may not have spoken to her in a few years, but I’m sure she’ll do me this favor.”

“Any personal animosity there?” Tiffany inquired.

“None. She just got sick of the music industry and left. When it comes to the actual work, she’s Wonder Woman.”

Tiffany liked the sound of that. “If she’s good enough for you, she’s good enough for me. Give her a call. Let’s make a great video.”

“Another thing,” he said, almost as a word of caution.


“If she agrees to do this, I have to say, her methods can be a little unconventional.”

Tiffany brushed it off. “I’ve dealt with some of the most abrasive, demanding people that you can ever imagine. It doesn’t scare me. I’m a hard worker. You know that.”

“She’s not abrasive. She’s not demanding either. This woman is a complete sweetheart.”

“Then what’s the issue? Is she the artsy type?”

“In a way, yes,” Richard replied. “Do you have an open mind?”

“Of course.”

“Then there shouldn’t be any problems. I’ll make the call and try to get a hold of her.”


In many ways, Tiffany was a classic exhibitionist. She craved attention and the feeling of being adored. If she wasn’t the center of attention, something didn’t feel right. It had to be her.

Dancing and singing on stage gave her a powerful, titillating thrill. The kind of feeling that couldn’t be replicated with any drug or serum. It was this desire, along with her talent and work ethic, that drove her to stardom.

Her eryaman escort biggest sexual fantasy was real exhibitionism. Allowing people to see the real her, exposed, underneath the clothes and covers. Of course, she’d never allow that to happen. Her ‘good girl’ image was more important to her than some cheap moment of gratification.

But even good girls are allowed to have naughty fantasies, right?


It was nearly two weeks until the meeting was finalized. Now, she was going to meet MJ, the woman she had heard so much about.

The meeting took place at a small dance studio used for rehearsals. It was going to be empty except for them. That was MJ’s idea.

Tiffany showed up to the dance studio wearing casual leggings, a loose top, and a scarf for style. MJ was waiting there, and Tiffany had to do a double take. This person was totally different than what she had expected. Tiffany expected another record label personnel. A bureaucrat of sorts. Hard nosed and strict.

Instead, there stood MJ texting on her phone. What a natural beauty too. Long, dark red hair. Fair skin. Red lipstick. A sleek body. A dancer’s body. And heels which left her toes exposed. There would certainly be no dancing today; not in those heels, at least.

This exotic redhead woman must have been in her mid 30’s, Tiffany estimated.

They made eye contact with each other and MJ put her phone away. It was nothing but smiles at that point as they greeted each other warmly. Small talk was made and a few normal pleasantries were exchanged.

“What does MJ stand for, anyway?” Tiffany later asked.

“Look at my hair and take a guess.”

Tiffany drew a blank. “I have absolutely no clue, sorry.”

“MaryJane. As in Spider-Man’s girlfriend.”

“Ah, I used to be addicted to that cartoon when I was young.”

MJ smiled, “Same here. Other kids used to accuse me of dying my hair so fiery red because of my first name, so I shortened my name to MJ so people would stop making Spider-Man references. Plus, it’s more unique.”

“It’s a super cute name.”

There was a short moment of awkward silence between them, and it must have been a few seconds where they just smiled at each other.

“I heard a few snippets of your music,” MJ said. “Well done. Brilliant work by the producers and yourself. I’m sure Paradise is going to be an amazing hit.”

Tiffany felt pride over this. “Thanks so much. I work really hard to create quality music.”

“Good, because we’re going to work really hard this week on your new image, and your upcoming video.”

“What exactly did you used to do for Richard?” the pop singer asked politely. “I never got a straight answer about that.”

“I did a little of this. A little of that. I started as an intern for the label right after college. From there I had various jobs, ranging from dance choreography, design, imaging, and things like that.”

“A talented renaissance woman. I like that.”

MJ winked. “Art is art. I do my best.”

“My philosophy exactly. We’re going to get along just fine.”

“I know. I’ve been following your career these past few years and I feel that we have a similar style. I think you’re going to be pleased with some of the ideas I’ve conjuring up for you.”

“I look forward to it,” Tiffany beamed, then using her hands to gesture to MJ’s stellar appearance. “You certainly look knowledgeable about style. Are you still in the entertainment industry?”

“High Heels, Red Lipstick.”


“That’s the business I work for now,” MJ explained. “Part of my new job is looking and feeling amazing. Then extending that same feeling to other women, so they can be at their very best.”

“Oh, I’ve never heard of it. What industry is that for?”

“For all industries. A few weeks ago, I worked with a renowned painter, helping her find inspiration. Before that, I worked with a female CEO. She was stressed for various reasons, and I helped relieve her, giving her a clear mind to focus properly.”

Tiffany nodded. “Interesting. And how did you do that?”

“Our company has special techniques for each situation. And I can assure you, each situation calls for different solutions.”

There was a playful innuendo in MJ’s voice, accompanied with a sparkle in her eyes and a pursing of her lips. It was something which made Tiffany believe the innuendo was sexual, which it most likely was.

“I’m sure it’ll be a fun process,” Tiffany said with a slight tenseness, as her good girl image had felt challenged in some way.

“Let’s go have lunch and get to know each other a little more. That’ll help me get a better feel for your personality.”

The cafe they chose was small, refined and private. Not at all the type of place you’d expect to go when discussing business. They ordered light entrees and coffee. There, they clicked and really got to know each other on a more personal level. Picking each other’s brains and learning each other’s thoughts. The tension in the atmosphere seemed to eryaman escort bayan grow with every passing moment.

Ideas began flowing, and they ordered more coffee to keep their minds stimulated. The Masquerade choreography was beginning to emerge, the next idea being more amazing than the last. It was supposed to be for business, but like all personal relationships, things just happen and a closeness emerged.


It was all the information MJ had needed. Her mind began racing, planning a solid game plan to revamp TIffany’s waning career.

MJ’s life wasn’t all work though. She spent time with all her hipster, city friends. She also spent time with her conservative, elderly parents. It was all part of living a balanced life. A woman with an open mind.

It was that mindset and raw passion for life that allowed her to create. Once she’d found her stride, she burst with creative thoughts, turning her downtown studio laboratory into an art room. Blank canvases stood on racks. Sketch boards were sprawled across the floor. A variety of fabrics and materials were arranged on the couch.

It was all part of the creative process as she drew on the canvases, sketched designs on the boards, and used the fabrics to create prototypes outfits that were destined to catch the viewer’s eye.

MJ was pleased with her work after a few days. It had been a while since she worked with anyone in the music industry, and she relished the opportunity. This was her passion. The fact that she really liked Tiffany’s music and personality was a massive bonus.

MJ celebrated her small accomplishment by accepting an invitation from a friend to go out. They had a late night meal of Indian food and they caught up with each other’s lives.

“Life is crazy,” MJ opined, devouring another bite of naan and curry. “Last weekend sucked. Now, I couldn’t be happier.”

“Screw bad luck. And screw our diets, at least for tonight,” her friend said, holding up a beverage.

“I’ll toast to that.”

They made a toast with their mango yogurt drinks and then gulped it all down. A perfect way to spend the night.


MJ didn’t bother to tidy up her studio apartment. Not even when a famous pop star was about to visit her place. After all, she was an artist. Artists are allowed to be messy, right?

She didn’t put a lot of effort into her appearance either, since after all, this was her living space. She remained barefoot and kept her face makeup-free. No red lipstick today, but that’s fine, a girl can’t be expected to look glamorous all the time.

As usual, Tiffany showed up fashionably late to the apartment, dressed in casual clothes and big sunglasses to hide from the paparazzi. The pop singer profusely apologized for the tardiness, then turned her attention towards the sassy apartment.

“I’m so jealous,” Tiffany expressed, pulling the sunglasses off and removing her shoes to enter. “This place is awesome.”

MJ arched an eyebrow. “You think this is awesome? Let me show you the living room.”

They went over to the living room where all the concepts and designs were spread around. It was like a mini art gallery. Costume designs, models of masquerade masks, and potential fabric colors were all on display.

MJ briefly explained each concept in a way that anyone could understand. Not only did she have a gift for art, but she also had a gift for speaking. Each idea was carefully conveyed and thoughtfully shown.

“There you have it,” MJ said, like it was a slam dunk. “My concepts for Paradise, and the layout for the music video, Masquerade.”

Tiffany looked in awe at the pictures, layouts, and presentation. It was like she hadn’t been expecting anything remotely close to this.

“I’m blown away.”

MJ gave a knowing smile. “Wonderful.”

“Seriously, wow! This is exactly what I wanted. It’s hip, stylish, and cool. Most importantly, it’s not raunchy in any way. It’s totally tasteful and classy. I love it! I really love what you’ve done.”

“Thank you,” MJ replied. “My style has always been to accentuate the female form, which is the most beautiful thing on the planet.”

“Can we still retain your services for the future?” Tiffany inquired. “I want you on set for the music video and promotional shoots.”

“I wish I could, but I’m booked after this. I have a few clients, some are from other cities.”

“We’ll pay you more,” Tiffany asserted. “A lot more. You can always reschedule your other appointments.”

MJ gave an amused look. “Have you not learned anything about me?”

“What do you mean?”

“It means, the money is nice, but not my sole motivation. I left the music industry for a reason. It’s filled with shallow people. I find my current work to be far more fulfilling.”

Tiffany fought her disappointment. “I’ll have to commend you for that.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast making these for you. But my time is better suited in the real world, instead of a music video set.”

Tiffany wanted to say, ‘Fuck escort eryaman the real world. I’ll pay you triple what they’re offering,’ but resisted the urge.

“We have a few more days together, right?” Tiffany asked.


“Then I intend to take full advantage of that. I want to pick your brain even further. You’ll be paid extra, I promise.”

MJ smiled, “Like I said, money isn’t my sole motivator, but it’s nice of you. And yes, I’d love to continue lending my services to you.”

“How about right now?”

“I’m already helping you now,” MJ pointed out. “The designs are yours.”

“I don’t mean your artwork. Teach me your tricks. Show me all your techniques.”

A sly expression grew on MJ’s face. “Be careful what you wish for.”

“And why is that?”

“Remember, I work for Red Lipstick now, and we have an array of techniques for situations like these.”

Tiffany’s eyes grew hungry. “Show me. I’m curious.”

Their eyes locked, with sexual tension pulsing between them with a playful teasing edge.

“My techniques are based on experience and years of training. It’s not for everyone, but my methods are tried, tested, and true.”

Tiffany pursed her lips. “I’m a durable girl.”

“You’ve been warned,” MJ winked. “Let’s get started. You want to grab people’s attention while remaining classy about it? In my humble opinion, you’ll need the confidence of a goddess. Do you catch my drift?”

Tiffany nodded. “Absolutely.”

“No offense, but I can tell you haven’t had a strong orgasm in a while,” MJ casually stated. “And you don’t masturbate nearly enough.”

Tiffany blushed. “What can I say? I’m busy.”

“That’s no excuse. All humans are sexual beings. And what’s a greater form of confidence than being completely secure in your own skin?”

Tiffany crinkled her nose. “What are you suggesting?”

“It’s unorthodox, if you’re seeking the Red Lipstick route. Here, take my hand. Let me show you something.”

Eager to dive right into this little game, the pop singer held MJ’s hand and was led over to the balcony, where they enjoyed the open air, cool breeze, and a gorgeous view of the downtown area.

“The world is filled with people too afraid of chasing dreams,” MJ reflected. “There’s nothing wrong with that. Life can be scary, and it’s perfectly okay to seek normalcy and certainty. Not you though. You like challenges.”

Tiffany agreed, “I’ve always been a risk taker.”

“Then tell me your most taboo sexual fantasy.”

The question had caught Tiffany completely off-guard. A seemingly innocent conversation had taken a strange turn.


“Yes,” MJ said with a soft sternness. “And don’t bullshit me either. I want the good stuff.”

“Is this really part of the process?”

There was a look of subtle surprise on Tiffany’s face, which was met with a look of confidence by MJ. The pop singer definitely wasn’t ready for anything like this, but seemed up for the task.

“You asked for this method,” MJ said, almost as a taunt. “If you’d like, we can go back inside to study the sketches again.”

That wasn’t an option. Not for a strong-willed woman like Tiffany who was looking to push herself for the sake of a successful career.

Tiffany took a deep breath, then dove into her explanation. “My most taboo sexual fantasy would have to be exhibitionism. Not just flashing here or there. I mean, real exhibitionism.”

“Then why don’t you join your fellow pop divas and get naked for magazine covers?” MJ asked tauntingly.

“Because I’m far too modest with showing skin. Plus, I have strong family values. This is just a fantasy from my sexual side.”

MJ nodded attentively. “What do you wish could happen in your fantasy?”

There was a long pause. Tiffany looked outward to the view of the city and collected her thoughts for the answer.

“If I’m honest here, I really get-off on the idea of being naked on a stage. Sometimes, I’ll fantasize that I’m a stripper or something. I’ll wear a pink wig so no one will notice me. Then I’ll get up there, dance to club music, do the pole thing. Then, piece by piece, my clothes start coming off. Before I know it, I’m naked, for only that audience to see.”

MJ gave an inquisitive look. “There’s got to be more. What else are you hiding from me?”

“Ever watch that movie Birdman?”


“I sometimes fantasize that I’m part of a stage play. The role requires sex in front of the audience. Me being the method actress that I am, I actually do it underneath the covers. Then the covers get pulled, and there I am, naked, having sex for the audience to see. I briefly cover my breasts, but then I don’t. I’m enjoying myself getting fucked or whatever, while the classy audience just watches, and sometimes applauds.”

“Sounds salacious,” MJ noted.

“It is. I like the idea of my naked body being admired and lusted after.”

“You have a beautiful body.”

Tiffany lightly blushed. “Thanks.”

“Tell me, in your exhibitionist fantasies, can you ever see the audience?”

“Sure, mostly just random faces I conjure up.”

“Are they men or women?”

Tiffany pursed her lips briefly. “Depends. Usually mixed.”

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

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