Playing Around

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I wasn’t in a very good mood. Quite frankly I was in a mood for mischief but I was getting past the age where some things could be dismissed as light-hearted boyish pranks. Try some of my sillier juvenile pranks now and I’d find myself explaining to an unsympathetic judge that it was just a bit of harmless fun and it’s not as though anyone was hurt. I suspect judges don’t care for a boyish point of view.

Wiser councils prevailing, I looked for some other way to work off my nervous energy. I drove up to the hills and went hiking. Good healthy exercise, just the thing to tire me out.

I wound up high in the hills, perched on a rock, looking down at this valley and watching the burbling brook flowing through it. I was communing with nature and letting my restlessness fade away.

Into this idyllic scene strolled a young couple. I’d guess her to be about eighteen or nineteen and him not much older. For some reason I got the idea that they hadn’t been hiking together, just happening to meet up in the valley by chance, but it was obvious that they knew each other.

By an odd quirk of acoustics I could hear them talking, not that they were saying much of interest. They were mildly flirting and teasing each other, more in a brother/sister fashion than girlfriend/boyfriend.

There was a little bit of pushing and shoving as they walked along, mainly instigated by the young lady; he just pushing back in self-defence. A mild problem cropped up when it appeared he either underestimated how hard he was pushing her or her foot slipped on a loose rock. Whatever the cause, she finished up falling. Not onto the grass next to the brook, but after a staggered step it was a case of splash, and she landed flat on her back in the water.

She seemed incensed and he was horrified. I refer to her feelings as ‘seemed’ as I didn’t think she was as angry as she was making out to be. He, on the other hand, was genuinely repentant, having had no intention of dunking her.

She was all “Look what you’ve done,” and “Just look at me,” and “My father will kill me if I walk in like this.”

Where the look at her command was concerned, he was being a gentleman and not looking. I was being an oaf and looking and wishing I had binoculars so I could get a better look. It was plain to see that her dress was transparent when wet, and I suspected the same probably applied to both panties and bra.

He apologised profusely. You know the sort of thing. “So sorry, I never meant to, never dreamed that you’d go in, etcetera, etcetera.”

“I can’t go home like this,” she wailed. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Well, you could take off your dress and wring out the worst of the water and drape it over a bush. It’s quite hot and the sun should dry it pretty quickly.”

“Oh, yes, you’d love that, wouldn’t you?” she snarled. “Perving on me in my wet undies. I don’t think so.”

“Offer her your shirt, you idiot,” I mentally beamed down to him but he proved obstinately unreceptive. Damn it, man, that’s what she wants you to do. That way you’re both half naked. Take your chances while you can.

He dithered about while she waited patiently for him to have a good idea. In my opinion, she’d be waiting a long time. He did finally start looking at her and even from where I was I could see him blushing. She wasn’t, even though she was the one on display, just him.

He finally got up the nerve to do something constructive. He was apologising again while his hand came up and reached for her breasts. I don’t know exactly what he intended because he took too long. She made an angry little sound and took a step backwards, telling him to keep his hands to himself.

There was a bit more give and take, giving on her part, taking on his. The clown apologised again and again. Was he Canadian, I wondered? He finally came up with what he apparently considered to be a good idea. Namely, he was out of there. This would permit her to take off her dress and let it dry with some privacy. With that he turned and departed, standing not on the order of his going.

She watched his rapidly retreating figure and said a word that I’m quite sure her mother never taught her. She did not look too happy and I figured that young man would be in her bad books for a while. She then started strolling along the valley in the opposite direction to her young man.

Watching her walk, indeed enjoying the way she walked, I noticed that the path she was on doubled back, heading casino siteleri higher. Tracing that trail with my eye I came to the conclusion that she would pass the rock I was sitting on, so I sat and waited.

It was only a few minutes and she came scrambling up the trail. I called down to her from my little perch.

“Rather wet, aren’t you?”

She gave a little start and stopped, looking around to see who was there. Also where was I, because I wasn’t on the trail? I moved over to the edge of the rock and hopped down, walking onto the trail and looking her over.

“That’s right. Take a good look?” she said in a rather snarky manner.

“I am, I assure you,” I told her. “You’re definitely worth looking at, even if you do resemble a half-drowned kitten. A matter of curiosity, why don’t you take off that wet dress and let it dry in the sun. It should dry quickly, more so than while you’re wearing it.”

“Why does a man’s first solution to anything involve taking off my clothes?”

“Well, in this case, firstly because it would work and secondly because it would give me an even better view. If you want to go with the first reason and skip the second I’m quite happy to lend you my shirt to wear while your dress dries. I don’t mind sitting and chatting to a pretty girl.”

“And what would we have to talk about?”

“How about that idiot who gave you the swimming lesson? Is he your boyfriend?”

“Yes, and he’s not an idiot.”

“You could have fooled me. Here you are, dressed in see-through-when-wet clothes and there he is, gone. Really, the lad should have talked you out of those wet things and then entertained you while they dried.”

“Really? Brian wouldn’t dream of doing anything like that.”

“I noticed. After all the trouble you went to, to get dunked, you then threw him his cues and he belted them out of the park. No, that’s wrong. They just zipped past him without him spotting a single one of them.”

“What do you mean, the trouble I went to? And I wasn’t giving any sort of cues.”

I laughed at her.

“Seriously,” I said. “I was seated up there and could see the whole thing. He didn’t trip you into the water. You jumped, picking your spot very carefully. As for the cues. You did everything but tell him to take off your damn dress. Mr Wimpy wimped out.”

“Brian acted like a gentleman,” she said, turning up her nose and speaking with great dignity. “Not something that I would expect you to understand.”

“Quite right. Uncouth and unrefined, that’s me. May I suggest that you really do need to take that dress off while it dries or you’re going to catch a cold? You can drape it on the rock there. The rock is quite warm and will help dry it.”

“You don’t really think I’m going to take my dress of in front of you, do you?”

“Ah, yes. You need to do that because I can’t remove your underwear until you’ve done so. They need to be dried as well, you know.”

“Oh, great,” she said, clapping her hands. “Just like that you’ve planned out my future. A future that involves me getting naked. Typical male.”

“Well, why not. That was the idea of you falling in the water. First to be talked out of your clothes and second to succumb to the blandishments of your boyfriend. I’m just taking his part because he proved to be such a dud.”

“Well, I never,” she said, sounding genuinely indignant. “Are you saying this was all a ploy so I could get Brian to seduce me? That’s abominable. I’m a virgin. I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“You may be a virgin but it’s not for want of trying not to be,” I observed. “Fortunately I’m here to come to your rescue. This is actually a nice place to be seduced. Look at the marvellous scenery.”

“I repeat myself, but you are no gentleman. Thank you, but no thank you.”

“I hate talking to strangers. What’s your name? I’m David, by the way.”

“Molly. I’d say it’s been nice to meet you but it hasn’t, now if you’ll excuse me?”


“What do you mean, no?”

“I mean I won’t excuse you. You came out today with the intention of being seduced. I feel I’d be remiss if I let you miss out. So how about you stop stuffing around and take off your dress?”

“Might I remind you I said no?”

“Might I inform you I don’t care about what you said?”

“What? Do you think you’re going to seduce me even though I don’t want you to?”

“Weelll,” I said slowly. “There might be some debate over the use slot oyna of the word seduce but the way I’m using it you’re going to be naked and saying hullo to an erect cock very shortly and I’m not really giving you much of a choice. Now take off the dress or I’ll take off the dress and you don’t want me doing that because I might accidentally tear it. Much better if you took it off and spread it out to dry.”

She looked around, noting the absence of any other living souls. She was also estimating her chances of running for it and I could see her decide that that wouldn’t work. Slowly, giving me nasty looks, she took off her dress and flicked it wide over the rock to maximise its exposure to the sun. Then she turned and glared at me.

“Happy now?” she asked.

I looked at her standing there, proudly defiant, clad in bra and panties. A very small set of bra and panties. Very lacy and see-through. I don’t think they needed the water to make them transparent. Did I mention that they were a matched set?

“Do you seriously have the gall to stand there, wearing matched rape-me lingerie, and tell me you didn’t expect your boyfriend to make a move? Why the hell didn’t you take off your dress when he suggested it?”

She was blushing quite hard, knowing as well as I did what those matched undies meant.

“I couldn’t take it off the first time he suggested it?” she snapped.

“No, I suppose not,” I agreed. “Not the sort of thing a blushing young virgin would do. He should have insisted, pointing out health issues from wearing wet clothes.”

“It’s probably a bit pushy of me to say this but I think you’d better take those things off yourself. I’m afraid that I might damage something as delicate as those appear to be.”

“You expect me to strip naked in front of you?” she demanded, trying to sound scandalised but not quite bringing it off. She sounded more excited than anything.

“Yes, I do,” I promptly replied. “And when you’ve done so I’m going to use your body the way it was intended to be used and I will enjoy every moment of it. By the way, I know you said you were a virgin and I’ve been assuming that you are but that’s probably rather rude of me to go making assumptions about someone I haven’t met before. So tell me truthfully, are you? Feel free to strip off your undies while you tell me.”

She was blushing now and I wasn’t certain why. Was it the virginity question or the request to strip, which she was doing? It turned out that it was the virginity question.

“No, I’m not. Well, actually, yes, I am. Sort of.”

“Well, that clears that up. Yes, you definitely are, maybe, you think, or maybe not, you’re not sure. Would you care to elucidate?”

“My, ah, hymen is not intact,” she mumbled, “but I didn’t lose it to a cock. I’m not sure if that means I’m still a virgin or not.”

“Well that’s easy answered. No cock means you’re a virgin. Your hymen could be broken by any number of ways. Riding a horse is good for that sort of thing. In a little while you won’t need to wonder. You won’t be.”

She had taken her time taking off her bra and panties. She had also taken great care that I got a decently teasing view while she did it. Now, however, she was standing there, naked and nervous.

I didn’t immediately jump her, tempting though she was. I took my time, undressing myself. Fair’s fair, after all. If she was naked, so should I be. Besides, it was fun watching the various expressions on her face as I stripped. The major one appeared to be disbelief. She couldn’t quite credit that this was happening to her.

Naked and erect I started moving towards her. She backed up but didn’t have much room. That nice boulder I’d been relaxing on was right behind her and she found herself pressing back against its nice smooth surface. With nowhere else to go she had to just stand there while my hands captured her breasts and started stoking them.

Breasts in my hands I moved a little closer until my erection was pressing firmly against her. It took her a moment to catch on to what was leaning against her tummy and I saw her blush when she did. Her hand darted down, sliding between my erection and her delicate body. I promptly reached down and turned her hand around so that my cock was now resting against the palm of her hand. I closed her hand around it and returned to stroking her breasts.

I was gratified to find that she didn’t snatch her hand away from that nasty thing. Instead she held canlı casino siteleri it for a moment and then began getting a proper feel for it, her hand running up and down it, checking to see just what she’d caught.

Her breath was coming a little harder now and I finally slipped a hand down, sliding across her mons, and between her legs, stroking and teasing. I wasn’t too surprised to find that she was hot and wet. Come to that, I’d have been surprised to find that she wasn’t. She’d been leading on her boyfriend and that would have started her excitement, even if he didn’t come up to expectations. Followed up by having to strip in front of me and then watch me strip – I suspect that I was lucky she didn’t just jump me.

I dragged my erection free from her grasp and bent down and took hold of her leg behind the knee. Pulling it up I hooked it around my waist while I positioned myself so my cock was now pressing against her pussy.

“Oh, wait a minute,” she protested. “You’re not really going to, ah, actually do it are you? I thought you were just leading me on.”

You liar, I thought, but didn’t say. She knew exactly what I had in mind. To give her a gentle reminder I gave a little push. My cock slipped between her lips and started for home. A slightly harder push and I was driving firmly into her.

It was a case of, oh-my-god-you’re-really-doing-it, followed by, how-can-you-do-this-to-me? The answer was, remarkably easily, especially when I encounter zero resistance from the ‘victim’. I pushed smoothly home, feeling her passage stretching and yielding and stretching some more, assisted by the fact that the leg around my waist tightened convulsively, helping to pull me in.

There’s no rest for the wicked and I was feeling remarkably wicked with her pressed against that boulder with my cock firmly inside her. I pulled it back and returned it with gusto, finding her pushing eagerly to meet me. A virgin she might have been, but definitely not a shy, timid, little virgin, scared of what was happening. She had obviously been anticipating this for a while and now that it was happening she was all for it.

I pounded happily away with her responding with great delight. I’d push in and she’d push to meet me, the leg curled around my waist clutching me tight. We had a nice thing going and we were playing it for all we were worth.

There was one little problem. Not so much a problem as something a trifle disconcerting. She was very vocal in her appreciation of what we were doing. Shrieks of delight, cries of yes, groans of appreciation, eager encouragement for me to do more, more, more. I couldn’t help but remember the excellent acoustics from the valley up to where I’d been standing and wondering if the acoustics applied in the other direction. If they did, everyone within a mile or so would know what was going on.

Notwithstanding her being a one woman cheering squad I still gave her my best, better than my best, as that encouragement added a certain fillip to my endeavours. I took her higher and higher, her voice reflecting her pleasure.

When her voice finally failed I took that as a sign. Not of a failure on my part but more of a success. She was now ready for me to finish her off. God knows I was ready to finish myself off. I banged in even harder, pushing her that last little bit, feeling her coming apart against me, frantically clutching me as she shivered and yodelled her way through her climax. Oh, yes, I also managed to climax, but I’m quite certain it was nowhere as intense as hers.

We separated and I joined her in leaning back against that boulder. I had certainly worked off my rough mood. Reaching up I felt her dress. It seemed reasonably dry to me so I pulled it down and handed it to her.

“There you go,” I told her. “I said some time in the sun would help it dry. Now you can put it on with no worries about catching a cold.”

She took it off me, but didn’t seem too thrilled with my thoughtfulness.

“How on earth am I to explain to anyone what happened?” she demanded.

“Why should you?” I asked. “It’s no-one’s business but yours.”

“Well, gee, you don’t think my boyfriend might think it’s his business?”

“If you mean the wimp from the valley, drop him and find a willing boyfriend. What happened before you met your next boyfriend is none of his business. Try to find one with some balls,” I added thoughtfully. “The current one seems to be lacking them. Now I really have be going.”

I dressed quickly while she stood there watching me. Properly attired, I gave her a friendly slap on the bottom and continued on my way. I’d done my good deed for the day, helping a maiden in distress. Life was good.

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