Petit Rouge Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: A Mission of Mercy

Last night was the best sex I had ever had. One of the neighbor guys came over and helped me move that god-awful chest of drawers that my grandmother left me when she moved up to North Carolina. She had retired after twenty years on the force with a nice severance package from the LAPD. But she was tired of the big city and moved to some hole in the wall town for the quiet and so that her money would go farther. I didn’t realize how much I missed her I really should give her a call. Ow! Getting up is an adventure; he really drilled me with that foot long dick of his. Waddling to the bathroom to take a shower I never realized how far it was. Jesus my pussy has never hurt as much as now, cool!

Hot water cascading over my young body taking the edge off the aches and pains, I close my eyes and relive moments from the night before and the strangeness of it all. It was as if I was somebody else for a while. I was so into getting him to fuck me I went to whatever links were necessary. Washing my breasts I find that my nipples are hard and amazingly I am getting wet again. What a guy a little insecure but really nice. I should…

Strong arms come around my waist and pull me toward a powerful chest and an obvious erection pressing against my ass. Two powerful hands come up and cup my breasts rolling my nipples between thumb and forefinger. My eyes close and involuntarily lean against his dick as he teases me. I rub my ass against his cock as my nipples harden under his attention. One hand drifts down and begins to play with my clit and the other continues to tease my tit and nipple. I moan then, as the previous wetness becomes a flood. He bends me forward toward the showerhead and I feel the head of his cock pressing gently but relentlessly at my pussy lips spreading them wider and wider as he enters me.

His hands settle on my hips and he slowly works his dick deep inside of me. Oh god but he is huge…Bill must have woke up. With nice even strokes he is fucking me and bringing me close to another crashing climax like last night. He slowly shoves all twelve inches inside of me and pauses just feeling my pussy wrapped around him, he is incredible!

I push back and squeeze him and hear a small moan from him. Then he starts nice long steady strokes in and out of me my clit is on fire and a stifled scream slips out as that body shaking orgasm hits me between the eyes. He waits for me to subside and continues pumping for his own climax. I squeeze him on each in stroke and hear his labored breathing over the running water. And not long after his monster swells and starts spitting deep inside me my second climax comes seconds later. I think I am in lust.

“Well good morning Master.” I say seeing him smile and nearly blush. “No one has ever fucked me the way you have.” He says nothing and we finish the shower together and dry off. I fix him a nice big breakfast since he has earned it. There is a knock at the door and I answer it in my bathrobe, its Saturday morning after all. Standing at the door staring down at my tits is a cute guy from the electric company.

“It’s about time you got here.” I say and see him stammer.

“If I had only known.” Was all he could get out, how cute.

“Well?” He went to the basement and did whatever the hell they do and in no time I had power. He apologized and left with the most obvious erection, men. Bill had to go and asked about dinner at his place I said sure after all I was curious how my ‘Master’ lived. I went to the store and stocked up on everything now that the power was on. I decided that as I put away my food that I really should call grandma and see how she was doing. Three boxes later I finally found my phone book and called her. The phone rang five times before she picked it up.

“Hello?” Her voice sounded so frail and weak.

“Grandma? This is Kate. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine just a touch of pneumonia.” Pneumonia! Grandma always understated things.

“Pneumonia, is anyone there to look after you?”

“I have a nurse come in three times a week to check up on me, I’m fine.” Then a fit of coughing came over the phone. “Really, I am fine. How’s my favorite granddaughter?”

“I am coming to see you, I will be one the first plane there to take care of you myself. Jeez grandma you can die from that shit and you treat it like a common cold.”

“You know I don’t like that language, and I can take care of myself.” A second set of coughs cut her off as she wheezed and spat out the phlegm. I hung up and called the airlines to find the earliest flight to North Carolina. I called Bill and canceled dinner and explained to him what was going on. He asked for the flight number and told me he was going as well. Shocked I thanked him and gave him the number and hung up to pack a few things for the flight. As I zipped up my carry on case the black t-bar caught my eye. Well he was going too and grandma had to sleep sometime.

The flight landed and we rented a truck to get up to where grandma lived, Bill drove while I slept I was emotionally and physically exhausted. My head rested in his lap and I noticed he soft knew how escort kartal close my lips were to his cock. He must be really worried about grandma, he didn’t even know her but here he is spending his money to follow me up for moral support. I closed my eyes and dreamed. When I awoke it was dark and the interstate had turned into a little two-lane blacktop passing through deep woods. We were heading up into the mountains yet despite the time of year it was kinda cold. Bill looked down at me and smiled.

“Awake at last, we will be there in about fifteen minutes.”

“You’ve driven the whole way?! Jeez Bill you should’ve woke me up.”

“Why, it was obvious you were exhausted from last night and this morning and not to mention the effect your grandma’s condition has had on you.”

“Well I will have to repay your kindness.”

“We do have fifteen minutes and your head in my lap all that time did give me a thrill.” I silenced him with my hand and within moments had freed his monster from its cage. Taking him into my mouth is always an adventure; for Bill is not just long he is big around as well, a real pussy stretcher and jawbreaker. I licked the head of his cock and heard him moan, swirling my tongue around him and seeing his dick get harder still. I ease his cock into my mouth and start bobbing up and down to coax his cum out of him. Raking his dick with my teeth always helps, he likes that a lot. I can tell from the noises he makes, like a roadmap to an orgasm.

I use my free hand to jack him off as I suck the head and what I can get into my mouth. He is groaning now and I can feel him begin to swell, it won’t be long now until he blows. I prepare myself to swallow his cum he likes that as well, I like making him happy. With a grunt and a swerve of the truck he bucks his hips and cums down my eager throat, I swallow and swallow until he subsides and avoids running us into a ditch. I clean him up and put the beast back and zip him up. With a grin and a wink we enter the small town of Raven’s Hill. I read off the directions to my grandma’s place and it seems like we are stepping back through time. The houses look ancient and no one is on the streets after dark, how could grandma settle for a place like this after living in LA? On a county road and up into the mountains grandma’s home overlooks the town proper; a huge manor house set deep in the woods nearby.

We pull up and find an area clear of bushes and small trees; an old jeep rusting in a few spots is parked out front of the house. I grab my bag from the bed of the truck and Bill does the same and we walk up the two flights up to the front door. This place is creepy and quiet, too quiet. I suddenly realize that there is no sound of insects or animals at all, weird. I knock on the door and wait; we can hear someone coming down stairs and footsteps approaching the door. The door opens and I expect some vampire or other to be there but no only a young woman dressed in short sleeve button up shirt and jeans.

“Can I help you?” She asks.

“I am Kate, I am here to see my grandmother.” The woman breaks out in a gorgeous smile and steps aside.

“Come right in, she has been looking forward to seeing you.” Closing the door behind us she leads the way upstairs to my grandma’s bedroom. Bills eyes are glued to her ass, I just noticed how tight her jeans were and the way she moves her hips, nice. I leaned over and whisper in his ear.

“It’s okay if you want to.” He seemed honestly shocked but he was here for support and there was a part of me that wouldn’t mind watching him fuck the shit out of this pretty young thing. Down the hall and to the left was grandma’s bedroom. I wasn’t prepared for the state of her health, grandma was always strong and to see her bedridden was almost too much to bear. I rushed over to her side and looked down at her. The nurse and Bill hovered by the doorway letting me have time with the woman who had taught me what it was to be strong. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled weakly.

“You shouldn’t have come.” She whispered to me, fear and concern etched on her face.

“It was no bother, I love you.” She weakly waved her hand as if to say I misunderstood her meaning.

“No, I mean you shouldn’t have come at all you are in grave danger.” I touched her forehead and the fever was burning hot in her. She was delirious and wasn’t aware of what she was saying. I walked over to the nurse and saw Bill and her hitting it off well, good for him.

“How is she doing?”

“She is weak and very sick but the doctor expects a full recovery. I have been stopping by everyday sometimes staying the night just to make sure she’s okay. It will just have to run its course. I would suggest you let her rest she just had a dose of her medicine and she needs to sleep.” I looked back over and saw that she had indeed fallen back asleep. But the doctor seemed to think she would be okay and I needed something to take my mind off.

“So are you heading back to town right away?” I asked the nurse. She looked over at Bill and smiled.

“No not right away. Let me show you to your rooms. She led the way and both Bill and I were uğur mumcu escort openly staring at her ass at this point. Our rooms were right next to each other but down the hall from grandma.

“Are you hungry for anything?” The nurse asked as she stood by a window looking out over the forest. Bill licked his lips and walked over to her with lust in his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her, her arms went up and around his neck as they frenched with her on tiptoes. I moved behind her and in an almost fevered state of my own brazenly cupped her heavy breasts. She moaned into his mouth as I got her nipples hard. Without waiting I undid the buttons of her shirt and began playing with her bare breasts. I have never done this before but the excitement was intoxicating. They broke their kiss and Bill just smiled down at me, “just watch huh.”

The nurse just moaned and leaned against me as my fingers lightly moved over her breasts. Bill undid her jeans and peeled them off of her. White cotton panties covered her nicely trimmed bush as he pulled them to the side and kneeling began to kiss and lick her clit. Her moan became a groan and a grunt of satisfaction. I turned her towards me a little so I could suck on her titties. They were young and firm and larger than my own. Her aureole were dark and huge against her pale skin. I took one nipple into my mouth and teased the other with fingers and palm of hand. Her grunting took on a rhythmic quality as Bill’s tongue began to probe her pussy lips and beyond. Soon a single finger entered her pussy and she growled with delight. Bill was playing her pussy like a fine instrument and she was panting in my ear.

“I want to suck his cock…now!” Bill must have heard because he stood and began to undress. First his shirt hit the bed then pants and underwear. When his monster was exposed she grinned and pulled herself out of my arms and knelt to greedily suck his cock. She took the head easily into her mouth and swallowed eight inches without hesitation. His eyes got huge and a tinge of jealousy awoke and then died as I moved behind her and lying on the floor began to lick her pussy. She nearly gagged at the unexpected pleasure flooded her. Flicking her hood and clit she moaned with the monster down her throat. He began rocking his hips and fucking her mouth. Now it was Bill’s turn to grunt and groan. I wet a finger and eased it into her pussy and finger-fucked her for a little while then a second and third and fourth finger were sliding in and out of her. They were both making noise as the sexual energy built.

I slipped one of the pussy-lubed fingers in her ass; she nearly leapt off the floor from the pleasure. Three fingers slid in and out of her pussy as the one rode her ass. Then I eased a second finger in her tight butt and now two in each hole and her head bobbing increased and Bill was soon to come. As I felt her nearing her climax I picked up the speed of my fingers and the licking of her clit. Bill bit his hand as he shot down her throat at the same moment she came moaning around his dick as her orgasm struck. Content with the scene I moved to sit on the bed and see them recover from their mutual climaxes. The nurse leaned over and he nodded and whispered something back in her ear.

“Food is a very good idea right now, I am always hungry after a great fuck.” Bill said to address the entire room. The nurse dressed and went downstairs to fix a meal without a word.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked him and he gave me that ‘duh’ look.

“Thank you.” He said and took me into his arms.

“No need to thank me, we aren’t married or officially dating or anything.” He puzzled that over for a moment and nodded to himself.

“Well thank you anyway.” The nurse arrived with soup and sandwiches a few minutes later. We all ate heartily and munched in silence as the heat of the sex cooled for a little while at least. Bill went to the bathroom and the nurse sat next to me.

“Thank you.”

“What? You too, there is no need to thank me, we are just friends.”

“More than friends I think,” she said with a note of respect in her voice.

“You have beautiful breasts by the way.” I told her to change the subject.

“Thank you, she’s going to be okay you know.” She said speaking of my grandma.

“I know, I’m just worried. She means the world to me. I hate to think I will lose her soon. I mean she is getting up there in years and all.”

“Not tonight and certainly no time soon, relax okay?”

“Okay, are you staying the night?” I asked to see if her sexual appetite was filled or not.

“Yes, just in case she needs anything you know.” I nodded and knew exactly what she meant; she had tasted his cock now she wanted to feel it up inside her deep and…my wetness was distracting me for the reason I came up here. Grandma.

“The doctor will be here tomorrow by the way, so if you have any other questions you can ask him.” The look of relief on my face must have been evident. “I am going to watch some TV yell if you need ‘anything’.” And with that she was gone from the room and Bill appeared with a bottle of wine, two glasses çavuşoğlu escort and a corkscrew in hand.

“I raided the basement and found a wine cellar, its pretty well stocked by the way.”

He handed me a glass and opened the wine and poured us each a glass. We sat on the bed and he was looking at me strangely.


“It’s okay to be upset.”

“Your grandmother, hell I would be worried to death if it were my grandmother in that room. Finish your wine and go see her, it will do you a world of good.” He was right of course the sexual energy was distracting and seems to pervade every moment. We finished our wine in silence and then I made my way down to grandma’s room to check up on her. As I neared the door I could hear a deep rasping sound, I ran to her doorway and looked in. She was lying awake in her bed and was having trouble breathing.

“Nurse!” I screamed and ran to her side. “Grandma? Can you hear me?” She nodded and I could hear footsteps running up the hall as Bill followed shortly by the nurse came into the room in a hurry. I stepped aside and let the nurse step up and take a look at grandmother. From out of her back pocket she took out a cell phone and hit an autodial.

“I’m calling the doctor”, she said as it dialed his number, “Michael this is Shelly at the old Caerdwick house. We have an emergency can you come up right away?” She nodded as the doctor gave her instructions and then Shelly, the nurse shut her phone off and told us the doctor was on his way and to make her as comfortable right now.

“Relax he will be in a little while, so lets all calm down and take care of your grandmother.” The only sound in the room was my grandma’s desperate wheezing and my muttered prayers under my breath. It seemed like hardly any time had passed and someone was at the front door and Bill went down to let the doctor in. The doctor took the steps two at a time and made his way swiftly into the room with black bag in tow.

“Everyone out and I will have word for you in just a few minutes. I’m sorry.”

I understood he needed space to examine and treat my grandmother and so Bill and I left the doctor and nurse alone.

“She’s in good hands,” Bill said as we returned to my bedroom, “let’s give them a little time and until then let’s relax for her sake. Worrying is only going to wear you down.” It seemed like sensible advice but why was I more worried about my sexual needs than whether grandma lived through the night. I was ashamed at the heat between my legs and the longing to feel Bill inside me. Ten minutes passed when the doctor reappeared and he seemed in bad spirits.

“I have bad news I am afraid. Your grandmother’s pneumonia has taken a bad turn unfortunately and the antibiotics are not enough. I am afraid that she has perhaps two days to live at the rate of deterioration.” I believed I fainted then for I was lying on the bed with Bill and the doctor looking down at me. “Are you feeling better?” I was blinking and trying to sit up when the room began to spin. I shook my head and lay back down. Bill and the doctor were arguing then about something.

“I don’t care what the dangers are or the legal consequences!”

“I am sorry I even brought this up.” I found my voice and yelled up.

“Quiet! What the hell are you two talking about?” It was almost comical the way they both looked at me. Bill knelt down and started blurting words out in no coherent form.

“What is he talking about doc?” I asked the young physician.

“There is an old hermit in these woods that has a possible cure for your grandmother. It is a rare herb that grows this time of year only in this part of the world. But the man is touched and will likely kill any man who sets foot on his land.”

“So your telling me that there is hope for her but that if Bill goes out and this guy sees him he will get shot.” The doctor nodded, “But if for the sake of argument I were to go and get this herb he wouldn’t shoot me would he?”

“No, he likes woman, a lot.” I understood what he meant, but if there was hope for my grandmother.

“I’ll go.” The argument arose once again and I had to shout them down once again. “Where does he live?” I listened carefully and there was a pretty straightforward way to get on this guys land. The doctor described the herb and how it was to be harvested and what to do and what not to once taken from the earth. I never liked stealing but this whack job wouldn’t likely give me the herb so if I had to take it to save grandma then so be it.

A half hour later I was creeping through the woods and wondering for the thousandth time if this was the right thing to do. I could simply approach him and ask for the herb for my grandma but something said that this was necessary. It felt somehow very right and morally justified. It seemed I should go on instinct, everything pointed in that direction. I slipped as I daydreamed over the dilemma and fell over an old sign; it read ‘No Trespassing-Violators Will Be Eaten’. Eaten? What a sick sense of humor, I kinda liked this crazy old fuck. It seemed like hours but my watch said only twenty minutes had passed when I came across the clearing with the herb garden. And just as the doctor had explained the night bloomers were opened and a pleasant fragrance filled the area. I balked at entering the open area under a full moon hanging fat and pregnant in the clear sky overhead.

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