Pastoral Care

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When I was 17 I developed a huge crush on one of my teachers. She taught me psychology, and she wasn’t very old, almost fresh out of University, and had all the right curves etc. I had a brother and sister to get through the school, so even on the last day of my school career I didn’t do anything about it.

10 years later we had a school reunion. The entire L6 of my year came together to catch up and reminisce. “Miss Taylor” was doing the drinks at one end of the theatre we were using. I went over, said “hi” asked how she was, whether she ever got married etc. (no she hadn’t). In rather a drunken stupor (turned out she’d been drinking more than giving drinks out), I told her that when I’d been in her psychology class, I couldn’t stop staring at her, she had the most voluptuous and beautiful breasts in a tracksuit top I’d ever seen. She laughed, and said she’d noticed that I hadn’t stopped staring at her.

She asked me what I’d been doing since I left school, and I lied, I told her I’d become a high rise exec. And that we were planning an experiment to test interaction- based on a psychological principle we’d studies back then all those years ago. She seemed intrigued and I asked her whether she’d like to try it for herself. She said “yes”

We took a walk outside back to her old classroom, making idle chat, while I asked stupid questions such as whether she still had her old bostancı escort classroom, or whether the German department had eaten that up, and whether she enjoyed teaching and if she remembered how we never talked about psychology, but always about film during her lessons.

When we got to her classroom, I told her that it was imperative we follow standardised instructions. First close all the curtains. Second lock the door, so there could be no outside interference. Third get a candle and fourth make yourself comfortable. I relished with glee that she had on the same top she always used to teach us in under her sparkling sequin coat which she took off.

I lit a candle on the teacher’s desk and went over to the chair where she was sitting and asked her if she was sitting comfortably. She responded that she was and I leant in and gave her a soft kiss parting her soft lips with my tongue and delving around in her mouth. We kissed for about a minute, before I started to try and take her top off. The zip came undone easily enough, and with effort, we both managed to shrug it off. “Do you know?” I mouthed, “I want you, have wanted you since L6”

“I know, you’ve grown up so well, I won’t …”

I cut her off kissing her again, before removing my mouth from hers, blowing lightly on her ears, and kissing her neck hungrily and moving büyükçekmece escort down to her bra, which with difficulty and a few laughs came unhinged at last to unveil those breasts. Bigger than I dared imagine, and I knew that they had to go into my mouth. I took each one separately gently biting the nipple, and swirling each part of the breast around in my mouth, and kissed each one delicately, treating it as though it were sacred. Then my mouth moved down to the black ‘pants’ she always wore, which were shaken off much easier, to reveal a pair of black sating knickers. These were dispatched after I had lifted her onto the desks that we had used to write on, and on the edge of the desk, between her legs I pulled these knickers down to reveal her bush. I wasn’t really attracted to it orally, so she helped me unbuckle my trousers and boxers until she was naked and I bottomless. At which point I bent down and kissed her and then inserted my shaft into her. As she was lying down on the table it was easy to pump her, so I grabbed her sides at her breast regions, cushioning her, and began to move my once teacher now lover up and down on the desk, moans escaping each of our mouths from time to time. I got rougher with her, then became gentler bending over every once in a while to kiss and caress her until I picked up the pace again, blowing çekmeköy escort my load inside her. I then picked her up again, gingerly and lay down myself on the desk, with her on me missing her at the same time as bucking my hips and pushing into her, and we came simultaneously that time, our juices mixing in a warm squelching torrent, cum spilling steaming onto the desk.

“This isn’t going to work” she said, and pulled herself up, so she was on her knees, the allowed me a better grope of her tits and though our torso’s weren’t touching this time, I could still taste and feel her sweat. She went onto her knees, and placed her hands behind my head, pulling me up into her breasts and bucking my dick higher into her. She also tasted some of our juices on the table. At last I rolled away, after spilling more than my fair share and we fell to the floor with a thud. I took her from behind, still in her cunt, but with my blue shirt on her back, groping her tits. Rythmically I began again. After she came at least 3 times more, she stopped us, and her hair a mess, began to straighten herself out.

“That was great, really, you’re a handsome chap, but you and I… it’s not right, 6 or so years is a larger gap than you think… and besides there’s another woman back in the theatre who wants you… and you want her too don’t you?”

“How do you know?”

“Psychology isn’t all theoretical- she could really be yours if you act like the alpha male. Don’t miss you’re opportunity with her.”

“But Miss Tay….”

“No buts… what we had was special, but it was only sex. Nothing more”

So feeling spurned and rejected I made my way back to the reunion hall, feeling desolate but with a glimmer of hope for the rest of my life.

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