Park Ch. 01

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Yes this is a true story, any comments please mail me at the link below.

Chapter One

We had met at a party a few weeks ago. I shall remember it forever. She was a girl who could make me laugh and was really great fun. She had a very self-assured manner, which she used to dominate the conversation from the very beginning. I liked that about her straight away.

She asked all about me. What I liked to do with my time, where I worked, how I chose to have fun.

When she asked me about fun, I may have imagined it but I’m sure she licked her lips and brushed my breast as she reached for the wine bottle, or was that my imagination?

We had had such a wonderful evening, that it was only at the very end, in the twilight hours, that I realised I had barely spoken to anyone else. I had kissed her goodnight, sure with the knowledge only that she preferred to be with another female as a lover, but not knowing if she would be all I had hoped for. I did however, feel I had known her for years already.

We arranged that we would meet in the town park the next afternoon, to laze about in the late summer sun, and maybe get to know each other a Little better. ………………………

Her name was Marion, she was a little taller than I, with long curly dark brown hair cascading over her shoulders. She was beautiful, and In the short black dress she was wearing I could see she had an amazing athletic body. Long tanned legs stretching all the way past the short hem of her dress and long sculptured arms. She smiled at me as she saw me admiring her body.

I blushed……

“Do you find me attractive”, she asked with a smile. She arched her back and pushed her small breasts out, uncurling her legs provocatively.

“I find I’m really very attracted to you.” she continued, as she lay down with her head resting upon her elbow. “I was from the first moment I saw you.”

She gazed up at me with dark brown eyes.

I felt my face flush.

“Let me look at you” she said, reaching out to brush away the hair from my eyes.

She drank in my body, looking me over with an undisguised lust.

I was almost as tall as she was, with long very sexy legs that I was very proud of. What set us apart was my breasts, they were far to large for an athletic body such as Marion’s. I had always been proud of them. They were of a large side definitely, and definitely not meant for athletics of any kind. At least not the kind yet deemed an Olympic sport.

They were just where eyes always seemed to fall. As were Marion’s now.

“My idea of the perfect body is much more like yours, than mine. I’m far too small where it counts” She squeezed her breast as she smiled up at me. I felt myself blush again as she looked deep into my eyes. “I think you’re beautiful” I said, thinking immediately how silly that had sounded. “You, my darling, have a gorgeous body,” she purred. ” I would just love to play with it, to touch and lick you from head to foot.

Now I really was blushing, I had only ever made love to another woman once before, but that had just been high school fumbling between friends really. I had never actually known what to do, it had just been one of those girl school things.

“So are you going to let me look at you or not?” she asked again.

“You can already see me, … or do you mean you really want to see a lot more of me?” I said suddenly feeling really rather hot. “If you want you can just tell me what to do” I whispered.

Now it was Marion’s turn to be shocked, she hadn’t expected quit so willing a playmate. ” I would love to see every little piece of you ” she purred. “I should also tell you that what I would really love to do, is take control. I think I can sense you’d like that as well … Wouldn’t you?” she smiled. You would have to do anything and everything I told you, anything at all” She reached out and took my hand.

“I would promise to tease you, but never to hurt you, I would drive you to dizzy heights of lust, feasting on you, maybe deliciously humiliating and embarrassing casino siteleri you a little if your naughty … or good. I would send you into waves of ecstasy as I played with you, making you feel your raw feminine lust.” She got onto her knees and looked me deep in the eyes. “Spanking you, chaining you, teasing your body in many different ways” She squeezed my hand, “Would you like that?”

My pussy was feeling really hot, but how far could my fantasies go. For years, as long as I could remember I had waited for someone like Marion to enter my life and take control of me sexually. I loved the Idea of Marion, dominating my every move.

Playing with me,……………… teasing me.

I looked at her beautiful face, finding it hard to keep eye contact. My heart was beating a strong rhythm in my ears. Would she be everything from my dreams?

I felt the need to take a deep breath.

“Marion, I would love to be your plaything” I was looking down at my hands playing with my rings, by now unable to look at her.

“I would love to be your plaything”, I said again … so … Would you really spank me if I was naughty?” The words all rushed out of me as my biggest secret was shared for the first time in my life.

“Oh my God,” I gushed, “you must think me as a complete lunatic, Who in their right mind would actually want to be spanked and punished? Are you cross with me?” I looked up at her hopping my blue eyes were really sparkling … and … that I looked incredibly cute to her. I held my breath watching her and waited for her response.

“I would really have to insist on punishing you in many different ways if you were ever naughty” I could see she was actually as excited as me, and my heart skipped a beat. “I think we should see just how good a plaything you can be, … don’t you?”

“So … Josie, I asked you to show me your body, are you going to be a good girl and do that for me?”

I looked at her, watching that lovely smile, wondering what this sexy woman had in store for me. I shivered. I don’t know if it was a little delicious fear … or anticipation.

I looked around, there was a group of youngsters about 100 yards away playing Frisbee and fooling around, a young couple kissing under a tree a lot closer, and to the other side of us two young mothers discussing babies as they rocked prams.

“I can’t just stand up and take my clothes of here” I said. “What do you want me to do?”

Marion was smiling at me ” you are so beautiful and sexy” she said, “I can wait until later to really eat you up, but for now I just want some tantalising glimpses of what has become all mine.”

Besides if you hesitate … I get to spank you later and maybe tie you up or something as well, … won’t I? … Hmmmmm?”

“Yes Mistress Marion”, I answered, blushing.

“For now I want to see what’s under that dress, pull it up so I can see how lovely those long legs are. Would you like to do that for me?”

‘Uh, okay.” I sat up slowly feeling driven to do whatever this beautiful woman asked of me. I was very conscious of all the other people around, but I really wanted to please Marion. Besides, I was getting incredibly turned on.

I smiled shyly at her as I re-arranged myself on the blanket and put our bags to one side to act as at least a tiny screen. “Very well … your desire … is my command.” I made a mock bow.

If I was going to do this I may as well play the role that I had dreamed of playing for so long, as I had lay in bed playing with my pussy, dreaming of being a slave to the whims of a loving mistress.

I sat up with my back to the Frisbee players and my legs out in front of me. I pulled the bottom of the dress slowly up my thighs, watching Marion’s face as more of my legs were revealed.

And should someone look over? Then I hoped it would just appear as if I were just tanning my legs. “Like this?” I said as I drew my feet towards me, looking around all the time, feeling my dress slid over my knees, exposing all o my legs so Marion could see me. I was also conscious slot oyna of my knickers showing now and felt my face blush.

” That’s it, good girl”, purred Marion. “I want you to do everything very slowly, be as sexy and beautiful for me as you can, okay. Now, slowly pull down your knickers … there’s no one looking.” She gave a mischievous grin, aware she was testing me.

“I … I … I … ” I stammered, suddenly feeling like I was at the point of no return.

“Three spanks later for questioning a command,” said Marion with a smile. “Now … take … off … your … knickers,” she leaned over and kissed me on the lips, startling me. “Be a good girl and show me my plaything as I ask, or I could tell you to stand up and strip in front of all these nice people,” she giggled. “You are my self confessed plaything, aren’t you”?

I blushed nervously but smiled. “Yes Marion, I really am, but … “

“Yes Mistress Marion” said Marion stroking my ankle. “Yes Mistress Marion,” I repeated with a smile.

I looked around one last time, and with as little fuss as possible slid my Knickers slowly down my legs.

I turned and put them in my bag.

Looking back at Marion, I started pulling my knees up to my chest and felt for the first time ever, another women’s eyes on my pussy. ” You have an incredibly beautiful and incredibly wet pussy,” said Marion smiling. I could see she was also very turned on as her cheeks must have surely been as red as mine felt. “Are you enjoying this Josie?” She asked in a hushed, very serious voice. “Yes mistress,” I answered, “Very much.”

I enjoyed the feel of her eyes and the cool breeze as they played as one over my naked sex. I felt at the same time, both the desire to cover myself, as well as to expose myself to Marion … My Mistress.

“Open your legs a little my sweet little thing, mmmmmmmm, you are such a treasure.” I opened my legs a little, and putting my fingers under my thighs, I pulled apart the soft wet lips of my cunt.

Marion stared, hypnotised as I opened myself for her.

“Is that what you wanted?” I breathed huskily.

“You sexy little thing you.” she whispered. “I’m going to lick that pink pussy later and if your lucky … Ill fuck you as I lick that tight little ass that I can see.”

She was looking in my eyes to see how far my lust went. To see if she had shocked me. My lust went a long way. I brushed one finger from my pussy down to my ass leaving a glistening trail. “I’m yours to lick and fuck as you wish Mistress,” I said smiling at her as I leaned back a little more, giving her a chance to see my fingers touching both my pussy as well as my ass. I wanted her to do anything and everything to me.

“Lets walk back through the woods,” she said, “I know a little spot where I can get to see what else is under that dress.”

She started to pick up our things, and I began to pull my knickers out of my bag. “No, leave those there, I’ll also want to taste that wet heaven before you hide her from me, and I want you to feel the breeze on you naked wet pussy.”

We walked across the fields in the afternoon sun, hand in hand as she gave me instructions to come to her flat later that night, to receive the punishment I so clearly wanted.

I giggled and told her I would do anything she asked. Then we kissed in front of the whole world.

It was becoming such a wonderful afternoon.


You will be at this address tonight at eight O’clock,” she explained. “Come dressed in … ” She thought for a moment. “mmmmm” … Wear stilettos … black stockings and a suspender belt.” She smiled at me. “And the smallest black knickers and bra you have. Over the top, I think a short black skirt, pleated if you have one, and a white blouse and tie. Do you have all that at home”?

“Yes Mistress Marion,” I giggled again. Then we were both falling about in fits of laughter. “This is really sexy, but why’d you want me to be dressed like this?” I questioned.

“If your coming to be punished canlı casino siteleri you have to be dressed for the part. Your a very … very naughty school girl, caught wearing far too much make-up and dressing like a tart, how does that sound”? She giggled.

We were now in the wood and our mood had hushed with the surroundings. Marion had led us to a secluded clearing and we had now stopped.

I looked around hesitantly, was anyone out there watching us?

“That’s five more spanks and a special order for you, answer me, are you going to enjoy being my naughty school girl this evening and do all your told, even when given a special order?”

Ooops, I hadn’t heard her … bad start … or … maybe good start.

“I’m going to be the, sexiest and naughtiest school girl you could ever imagine … Mistress. I’ll be ready to be punished and teased.” Then I whispered,” what’s a special order”?

“It’s another form of punishment for you, I will order you to do something for me and you will do it … or be punished even more.”

“Yes Mistress.” I couldn’t wait, but was even more nervous.

Marion pushed me gently back against a tree.

“Keep you hands at your sides”, she instructed me as she leaned forward to place her mouth upon mine.

Our lips and tongues met and I felt her breasts push against me. I felt her hand lift my dress up to my waist and … again felt my pussy exposed to the world. Without needing to be asked I opened my legs to allow her exploring fingers access to my now very slippery pussy.

She gently rubbed my clitoris before slowly pushing first one then two of her slim fingers deep into my cunt, slowly working them around until I felt my legs start to give way.

She stepped away from me and dipped her now wet fingers into her mouth to drink away the musky juices.

“Pull your dress up again,” she ordered huskily.” I want to look at you.”

She was as turned on as I was. “Finger your pussy for me … mmmmmm yes now open her up so I can see deep inside of you.”

“Yes Mistress Marion.” I held my dress up with my left hand and parted the wet lips of my pussy with my right, sliding a finger into myself.

She had sunk down to her knees now, watching as my finger moved inside of me.

I looked hesitantly around the ring of silent observing trees, but seeing no other audience, I looked down on this beautiful woman, who’s face was inches from my aching pussy. As I fingered myself she also now had her hand under her own dress, but as she was the mistress and I was the toy, it wasn’t my place to ask to see her.

This I instinctively new.

She stood up and reaching for my hand put my fingers to her mouth as she again tasted my juices. Her hand then came to my lips and I opened my mouth to taste her sex for the very first time.

We licked each other’s fingers for a second before she stepped away.

“Undo your dress”, I turned for her to help me with the zip. “Do I have to take it off completely mistress”? I asked. She walked over to me and kissed me again,” no my love, but I must touch your breasts before we leave, the rest I shall save for this evening.

She pulled my dress and bra down to my waist, pinning my arms at my side. I pushed my breasts forward inviting her touch and feeling my nipples hardening. My eyes closed as she took my left nipple into her mouth, it felt wet and warm, I tingled all over.

I felt her pull back and opened my eyes.

She was smiling as she felt the weight of my breasts in her hands. “You have wonderful breasts,” she said as she squeezed them and rolled them gently in her hands.

“There so big and beautiful”. “They are all for you Mistress,” I gasped. Again I pushed back into her touch.

“I’m going to love playing with you tonight,” She looked into my eyes as she pulled my nipples squeezing them painfully. Painfully … but somehow … nice at the same time. I loved being in her power.

“Well my little plaything, tell me what you will be tonight just for me”

My nipples were on fire as she pinched them but I still held her gaze and didn’t try to stop her.

“I’m going to be dressed like a little naughty school girl slut who has come to you for sexual punishment mistress.”

My pussy exploded in an orgasm.

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