Brother Asked to Correct Bratty Sis Ch. 02

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Driving away from Coastal Bakery, I called Richard to give him a heads up. I laughed when he answered, hell I needed a good laugh right now.

“Too late this time asshole,” he chuckled, “hope your ass is in jail because I’m not coming to bail you out.”

“Good morning Lee,” I heard Lisa greet me in that sweet breathy voice of hers. Richard obviously had me on speaker phone.

“My apologies Lisa, for not calling sooner, but I’ve got some Blueberry muffins with me to make up for it.”

“I’ll start the coffee,” she giggled.

Minutes later…

“Have a seat Lee, I’ll pour you a cup. Richard should be down in a minute he’s in the shower,” she told me as she turned to get a cup from the cabinet. She was wearing a thin white robe cinched at the waist, looking beautiful as usual.

“Let me guess Ava problems again is the reason for this early morning visit,” grumbled Richard entering the kitchen wearing just a towel.

“Yeah, how did you guess,” I groaned, not really wanting to discuss it in front of Lisa.

Lisa just smiled at me sitting my coffee down in front of me, and turned and poured Richard a cup.

“Don’t look surprised, I told you Lisa and I have no secrets, she’s aware of the whole Ava problem,” he grinned, “now talk I have meetings this morning.”

By 7:15 a.m. I was out of there heading back home. I had told them both what had taken place the previous day, and my thoughts of saying the hell with it all and sending Ava back to Deer Creek. Richard told me if I sent her packing I would regret it until the day I died, and made suggestions about what I should do. At one point Lisa giggled, “Men, you over think everything. You want to fuck her, she wants you to fuck, just go ahead and fuck her, and make her your submissive.”


Peeking through half-lidded eyes at my narrow windows, sunrise was just creeping up to start another day. My ass was sore and I wasn’t about to roll over on my back.

I could see an envelope on the night stand leaning against the lamp that was turned on. My stomach was growling from hunger, so I eased up off the bed without letting my ass touch the mattress.

The note in the envelope read:


As you can see the collar is back on, the sensors are set to where you can only go from your room to the bathroom. Food tray and water bottle on the dresser to hold you until I return. We will TALK later!

Stomach growling I stood at the dresser and gobbled down the banana he left along with the protein bar, which helped as I drank half the water. In the bathroom was another note laying next to a tube of salve, saying apply to ass after showering.

Standing under the warm water soaping up, I finally turned the hot water off, the cool water felt better, especially on my sore ass. Drying off with a soft fluffy towel and gently patting my ass dry, I applied a generous amount of the salve to my ass.

Returning to my room, I finished off the water and laid across the bed on my belly and thought about the evening before. Did I really want to escape and go to Chicago? Not really, I wasn’t sure what the hell I really wanted! Closing my eyes I drifted off to sleep, my mind replaying the events of the evening before.


Entering the kitchen from the garage, I opened a bottle of water and sat down and checked my massages. None from Sandy sadly, but there were 2 other customers I needed to call back. Glancing at my watch I saw it was 8 o’clock. Time to check on Ava, but still not sure how I wanted to approach her, I decided first things first. Make sure she was okay and get her properly fed.

I chuckled to myself thinking how she could consume food, a banana and protein bar was not going to hold her long. Opening her door I saw she was laying across the bed, naked, her ass a rosy pink shade and her dark hair partially hiding her face.

Shaking the thoughts of last evening from my head, I gently shook her foot to awaken her. She groaned and slowly rolled over on her back, and yawned and stretched like a cat, her arms above her head, her chest arched up, her breasts slightly jiggling. Pointing her toes downward continuing to stretch out her legs, like she was doing with her arms, she moaned softly, “Wh…what…..”

Taking several deep breathes, and letting them out slow to calm my racing heart, my eyes roamed over her sexy voluptuous body. My gym shorts suddenly got tighter, but I resisted the urge to jack off and coat her with cum from her twat to her tits.

“Get up Ava,” I growled, “it’s time for breakfast. Meet me in the kitchen in 15 minutes and don’t be late.”


A touch, then a shiver ran up my body making me turn over. Stretching I squeezed my eyes shut and yawned, feeling relaxed and rested. A rough voice forced me to open my eyes. “Wh..What..?”

It was Lee telling me to get downstairs for breakfast. From the look on his face, I was going to be his breakfast. Watching him walk out of my room, I realized I was naked, and best of all my ass didn’t ankara escort hurt. I guess the salve really worked.

Dreading the ‘TALK’ he mentioned in his note, I quickly ran a brush through my hair.

The sight of the collar around my neck angered me, but I knew it would do no good to protest. Since my ass felt better I slipped on a pair of pink bikini panties along with a pink silk robe and clinched it around my waist and headed downstairs.

Nervously approaching the kitchen, not sure what awaited me, I found Lee making pancakes, and smelled bacon and the aroma of coffee. My stomach growled loudly, making Lee turn and look at me.

“Have a seat and let’s eat first, then talk,” his voice sounded low and husky.

I was stuffing myself with my second stack of pancakes, when Lee finished eating and started cleaning up. We had not spoken a word to each other and I was nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers. He had his back to me as he cleaned up the kitchen, and I almost choked on a mouth full of pancakes when he calmly started talking.

“Ava, I’ve given it some thought and it’s not working, if you wish to leave I’ll give you enough money to go wherever you want to go.”

Coughing and spitting up my food, that was the last thing I expected to come out of his mouth. Then he surprised me even more by saying as soon as he loaded the dishwasher he would remove my collar. My hand went to my collar, shock, fear, sadness, all conflicting thoughts raced through my head.

He never even turned around, when he had to have heard me cough and spit out my food. I’m free now, but why wasn’t I jumping with joy? He’s through with me, why the hell does that hurt so much? One part of my brain was saying ‘grab your shit, take his money and go girl.’ The other part of my brain was saying ‘you dumb ass, go where, get on your damn knees and beg him to give you another chance.’

All the pancakes, bacon and orange juice sitting in my stomach, seemed to want to come back up! I was just about to jump up and run to the bathroom when he turned and walked to me as he dried his hands on a dish towel.

I just froze, my mouth hung open, as he finished drying his hands and quickly removed the collar. It felt like a part of myself was taken from me when the collar was laid on the table in front of me.


Maybe Richard and Lisa were right, especially Lisa. Ava was a natural submissive, if she felt safe and it was her decision she’ll stay, if not maybe it’s time to set her free and let the hard knocks of life teach her life’s lessons.

Was she shocked from me telling her she’s free to leave, and that was why she hadn’t spoken. If Lisa’s wrong, Ava left how would I explain that to our parents? My stomach was in knots thinking what it would be like with her not here.

Oh well, now’s the time to give her a second option. Laying the collar on the table in front of her I stood up and took a deep breath.

“Or you can stay here Ava, without the collar, but you have to accept that I’m the boss and do what I say. I’ll listen to what you have to say if you disagree with what I tell you, but in the end my words are final. No more sensors or collars.”


Did I just hear him right? I think my ears heard him say I could stay. The two voices in my head were arguing, one saying take the money and go, the other saying tell him you’ll stay stupid before he changes his mind.

With both hands over my ears I said, “Shut up.”

“Wh..What?” Lee stuttered.

“No not you,” I mumbled, “never mind……yes I’d like to stay.”

“Maybe you would like to think about it before you decide. I’ve got some work I have to do in my office, and you can give me your answer at lunch.”

“No I want to stay, just tell me what I need to do,” my voice almost whispers from the shock of being offered a chance to stay. My bottom lip quivered as I stared up at him.

“Well,” he finally grinned, “the first thing is to clean up this mess you made,” pointing at the mixture of pancakes and syrup I spit out on top of my plate and the table.

“Yes Sir,” I gratefully answered.

“We will talk more later when I finish working. After cleaning up your mess, you’re free to roam around the house, or outside as long as you stay on my property.”

As soon as Lee was out of sight I started cleaning up my mess, and for the first time in a long time I felt at ease. We still had to talk about what he expected, but I knew I would do whatever he said. Finishing up the kitchen I started to head to my room, then I smiled remembering I was free to go outside.

On the patio I got a bottle of water out of the fridge and plopped down hard on a lounge chair excited to be outside. Oops, my ass hurt from sitting down so hard, but I giggled remembering why it was sore. The sun was shining as I lay back and enjoyed the freedom and the beautiful surroundings. I smiled thinking maybe my life was changing for the better.

Finishing my water I went up to my room and was going çankaya escort to get dressed, then remembered Lee said I could roam anywhere I wanted. So I head to the door leading out to the second floor balcony, and like he said it was open. Up here I could see the water, a little breeze was blowing and it lifted my spirits even more. Glancing at the bedroom I wanted when I first got here, checking it was locked but I could peek through the sheer curtains covering the sliding glass door.

Oh well, I wasn’t going to push my luck, so I went on to my room and dressed.


I worked like a madman for the next 2 hours taking care of my customers. Happy for the first time in several weeks. Still disappointed I had not heard from Sandy. Before leaving my office I logged on to my security system to check on Ava. Finally the camera on the second floor balcony caught her staring out at the water, the breeze blowing thru her hair. Then she turned and walked over to the door leading to the bedroom she wanted. I could see the disappointment on her face, but she finally walked away going back to her room. No cameras there, that might have to change.


I smiled seeing the kitchen was cleaned up and she had left a note:


I will make your lunch if you allow me.


Seems my sister is interested in ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ having read all three books, I chuckled to myself. Maybe I could give her a taste of what that lifestyle would be like and see how she responds. She certainly responded the other night like a true submissive. First she had to prove she was going to change her attitude and try and make something of herself and no hard drugs!


Slipping off my robe, I put on a bra to match the panties I was wearing, and decided to use minimal makeup. Wearing a pair of low waist denim shorts, white sleeveless halter top and my hair in a pony tail I excitedly headed downstairs.

Smiling as I raced downstairs barefooted I felt sexy but not slutty, and hoped he had found my note. I looked forward to having my hot brother take charge like he did the other night, and hopefully he would do the dirty with me.

Regardless I planned to force myself to do whatever he asked of me. I no longer desired to leave, I wanted to be here no matter what it took. It would just be icing on the cake if he would see me as a woman and not his sister.

“Good morning Lee,” I excitedly greeted my brother. He was in his recliner working on his laptop, looking sexy in just a pair of swim trunks and nothing else. Maybe we were going swimming, which made me giddy.


Good morning to you too,” I grinned. Damn she looked sexy and excited. Time to see how she reacts and if she’s really serious about obeying.

“Come in and sit down, we need to talk,” I said in a stern but polite voice. Putting my laptop down and sitting up in my recliner, I watched her frown and sat on the couch.

“I got your note and yes I would appreciate your fixing lunch,” which made her smile again, “but the rest of the day you will spend on your studies you have gotten behind on while I relax in the pool.”

I could see in her eyes she was disappointed and getting angry. Was she about to explode again and rebel?

“Also in the future you will address me as Sir. Every morning I expect you to have my breakfast ready at 7 a.m. You will then clean up the kitchen, and spend the rest of the morning until noon on your studies. At lunch each day I will lay out your afternoon schedule. Understand?”

“Yes Sir,” she mumbled her eyes shooting daggers at me.

“Good girl, now go and fix me some lunch, and go ahead and ice down a six pack of beer for me to take to the pool.”


Ugh, I wanted to scream at him, but I held my tongue. So I just smiled and told him ‘Yes Sir’ and headed to the kitchen to fix lunch. I saw my computer and text books set out on the counter, making me realize I agreed to this so I went about fixing BLT’s which I knew he liked.

I was just fixing his plate when he walked into the kitchen and took a seat and laid two phones down on the counter. I knew the iPhone in the black case was his, the other iPhone was in a red case. Was he going to finally let me have a phone. That made me smile as I placed his plate in front of him.

“What would you like to drink?” I asked him

He just stared at me and didn’t respond. Then picked up his phone and flipped through to a screen and typed in something, then looked up at me again. He still just stared at me with a blank look.

“Wh..what….is there something on my face?” I mumbled while wiping my mouth to see if something was stuck to my face from eating a piece of bacon earlier.

He starts typing on his phone again without saying anything.

Now I’m getting pissed. “Just tell me what the hell is going on!” I shouted.

He grinned then typed some more, then finally cleared his throat and said, “I’m keeping track of how many times kızılay escort you fail to address me properly. Your question of what I wanted to drink should have started with ‘Sir’ When you have reached a certain amount of demerits you will be punished.”

“So this is about finding ways to…to. punish me,” I huffed furiously.

He calmly typed into his phone again.

“Sir,” I gritted out through clenched teeth, “can you please explain the rules better and how I can earn credits instead of demerits?”

“Good girl,” he chuckled, ” your catching on. I always knew you were a smart girl. I believe I’ll have a glass of milk with lunch.”


This is going to be so much fun. She was getting all flustered and red in the face, but I give her credit she didn’t totally lose it. Getting us each a glass of milk she sat down beside me and ate without another word.

When I finished eating I thanked her for the meal picked up the two phones and started to grab my ice chest and head to the pool.

“Sir,” she pleaded, “if I finish my studies can I come join you at the pool?”

“If it’s 100 percent completed then yes,” I grinned, ” see I’m not hard to please.” picking up my ice chest and heading outside.


When he finished eating and picked up both phones I frowned, guess I don’t get a phone after all. Nothing ventured nothing gained so I addressed him properly and asked if I could come out to the pool when I finished my studies.

I giggled when he walked outside, I kind of looked forward to being punished if it meant he would have his hands on me. Must not be too eager I thought or he would be on to me. Hurriedly I cleaned up the kitchen mess and started on my studies.

It was 1:15 p.m. when I started. It was not hard, just time consuming as I completed each assignment. Wishing now I had not blown off all this crap during high school.

By 3:45 p.m. I was finished and hurried upstairs for my bathing suit.


I sipped my beer thinking about Ava, she looked good enough to eat in her tight jean shorts and I thought about how well she looked naked. I closed my eyes thinking about her masturbating at my command the other evening. My cock thickened as I thought about how pleasurable it would be to bury myself balls deep in her pussy.

Putting down my 4th empty beer, I spotted Ava walking slowly toward me one foot in front of the other like a runway model. Her hips swaying and her breasts jiggling with each step.

Popping open my 5th beer I glared at her and barked, “You better have completed all the assignments like I instructed.”

“Sir I completed every assignment, and if you check your emails I forwarded you copies of each one,” her voice was low and husky.

“Very well, but there will be severe consequences if you’re lying to me,” I growled trying hard not to stare at her sexy body.

Ava spread her towel out and laid down on her back, and sighed, “Oh this feels so good,” she moaned softly, placing her hands behind her head and arching her chest skyward.

Ignoring her, or at least trying too, I picked up my phone and checked my emails. Sure enough she had not only completed her assignments, but they were perfect and each quiz she scored 100. Maybe go ahead and reward her I thought.

“You did very well,” I commented, “maybe that deserves a reward. What do you think?”

Her eyes flew open and an ear-to-ear grin spread across her face, “Sir only if you think I deserve it.”

“Good answer,” I chuckled, “here’s a new iPhone but it’s only to be used to call or text me. You can use Google to look up information plus I put a few apps on it you can use. Do not attempt to put other apps on it.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” she giggled and immediately started tying something.

“What are you doing?” I quizzed her.

“Sir I’m using the note app to make a grocery list of things I need in order to make you chicken and dumplings, and to make pecan brownies. If that’s okay,” she grinned.

“Here give me your phone,” I smiled, “I’ll add the Kroger app with my account on it and you can order what you need and they will deliver it. Just don’t abuse the use of it,” I laughed.

“Thank you Sir,” she responded as she quickly typed in her list.

I went back to drinking my beer and a few minutes later my phone chimed. Picking it up a text popped up from Ava. “Sir, I will not disappoint you.” smiling emoji.

“Better not!” I texted back with an angry faced emoji, followed by LOL.


Strutting toward Lee I saw him guzzle his beer and then reach for another, I could tell he had a boner. Hopefully it was me he was thinking about, but he could have been thinking about that woman Sandy.

I got a kick out of him when he checked out the email I sent him showing I had completed the school assignments. The smile on his face made me happy and I realized how much I wanted to please him.

When he gave me the phone I could have leaped with joy and hugged him, but I controlled myself and decided I wanted to reward him. So I immediately started typing out a list of things for him to get so I could fix a special meal plus some brownies for him.

It made it even better he trusted me and added his Kroger account to my phone so I could do it myself.

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Time Never Waits Pt. 02

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How does a man get into situations beyond his control? I mean, I know that at times all the variables one must consider are beyond the reach of logical conclusion.

Yet, here I am, standing in the doorway, looking into the living room trying to overcome the emotions coursing through my mind.

At some point today, I had pulled myself up short, considering the implications of having so many strong, independent females living under the same roof, sharing the same man, yet on different levels.

My mother, grandmother, Ruth, and Angela, were all sitting in the living room, laughing at some errant joke, or statement, one or the other had made.

Regardless of the sexual consensus we shared, when it came down to it, each individual woman present represented a different component in my life.

Angela. My eyes settled on her. I’m trying to sort out what transpired between us the moment we met. I was never one to even entertain the idea of love at first sight.

Until now.

The moment I looked into her eyes, I knew I was lost. Her beauty, her voice, her grace. They all came together to form an answer to a dream. Her long black hair. Hanging down her back. Glossy. Full. Her skin ivory, smooth and flawless. Her high cheek bones setting the tempo for her expressions. Her eyes deep, dark blue. Full of passion. Of confidence. Lashes long and full. Eyebrows arching over her eyes. Her lantern jaw angular, flowing into full, well defined lips. Her lower jaw jutting slightly forward. She was elegant, yet strongly built. Her buttocks forming a rounded heart shape. She was graceful but muscular. Built like a Greek goddess of war.

I knew from the very moment I saw her, I wanted her.

My mother. She was just that. My mother. We shared a bond that mother’s and son’s shared the world over. Yet, we also shared a mutual physical attraction. Although, I think that attraction goes beyond the idea of the simple act of sexual gratification. We need each other.

My grandmother. Well, she’s something else. She’s a practical, sensible, down to earth, woman. Never afraid to speak her mind.

Ruth. What can I say about that old gal. She was as much a contributor to my development as my mother. I had misjudged her, for that I was regretful. But, the past is the past.

These four women were the core of my existence.

I stepped in. “Hello ladies.”

Angela came over and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me.

I looked at mother and nodded to the kitchen. She got her tea and followed me in. Ruth hurried in and fixed me a glass of tea, setting it in front of me, kissing me quickly, and left me to talk to mom.

I took a long, gulping pull from the ice cold jar. Leaning back in the chair, letting out a sigh. I focused on her,

“We need a bigger place.”

She just nodded, waiting on the rest.

“I’m buying a ranch here abouts somewhere. You want to stay here, or come with me?”

“No, I’ll come with you. This place isn’t that important to me.”

“Good. I’ll talk to Ruth and gram’s later about it.”

“I’m hiring a realtor tomorrow. I also need an engineering and architectural firm. A project manager and his support team. I think I’ll use the banks legal team for now. I need you to touch bases with them and feel them out.”

She was taking notes. Nodding.

“I’ll need an assistant. Check around tomorrow and see what you can come up with.”


“I was planning on an office in town, but I’m gonna play it by ear for now. See what plays out.”

“Makes sense.”

“Where’s the file from the bank?”

She went to her room and came back with it, handing it to me.

I got up, looked around the corner, “Lady’s, can you join us, please?”

They filed in. Mom and gram’s at their usual spot. Ruth by gram’s and Angela sat by me.

I slid the file over to Ruth. She opened and flipped through the papers. Her eyes brimming with tears. She just looked at me, unable to trust her voice. I winked and smiled at her.

“Ok, ladies. I’m buying a ranch. Who’s moving with me? You can stay here if you want. Mom’s keeping it, but I need some elbow room.”

“I’m going wherever you are.” Ruth said

Grandma just shrugged, “Reckon I am,too.”

Angela shrugged. “You know where I’ll be.”

Mom looked around, “Well that settles it. I guess I’m going with you.”

She turned back to me. “What about this place?”

“Keep it. Sell it. I don’t care.” I said. “Now, what’s for supper. I’m starving!”

Angela” replied first, “What you hungry for?”

“I dunno. Maybe something Italian?” I looked around. They all nodded in agreement.

“Ok then ladies, get your duds on, we’ll go to town. Who knows a good place?”

Angela replied, “There’s a little Mom and Pop bistro on the East Side that Dave used to go to.”

“Sounds good.”

They all got up and went back to the bedrooms to dress.

I just sat there, sipping tea. Considering my options. Planning. Prioritizing.

Angela came out first. She had freshened up her make up and braided her hair. The woman was absolutely remarkable.

Next kocaeli escort was Ruth, followed by gram’s, then mom. They were solid rocking the 50’s theme that drove me wild. I just stared in wonder. They were all beautiful in their own way.

‘Just how lucky can one man get?’ I thought, standing up and heading out.

We ate well. Then returned home. I went to my room, followed by Angela. We stripped and went to bed. Falling asleep almost immediately.

Ruth slept with mom. Judging by the sounds, Ruth was practicing her skills in pleasuring pussy.

I needed a break from sex, and Angela seemed content just cuddling.

Morning came all too soon. I guess my little break from sex irritated my cock, who rose in protest. Demanding attention.

I reached over and began stroking Angela’s curving hip and pert breast. She opened her eyes, looking up at me from where she was snuggled into my shoulder. She looked down at my hardness, her eyes widening. She reached down and grasped my cock in her warm hand, stroking it tenderly.

She rolled on top of me, mounting my hips, putting her feet under her. She raised her hips up, her trim little pussy covered in soft black hair, her hand grasping my cock, lowering herself, guiding me into her hot wetness. Feeling like a velvet tunnel. Her pussy clasping my hardness. Slowly rising and lowering her lithe hips, milking my throbbing length with her strong muscles.

After a moment, I felt her tense up, her body vibrating in my hands, her head thrust back, mouth opening in a silent cry of ecstasy as she orgasmed around my swelling cock. Her wetness flowing. Baptizing my manhood in her flowing wetness.

My cock began jerking wildly, swelling to its full capacity. 10 inches long and a full 12 inches around. I felt my swollen balls tighten. My sperm rich cum racing up my shaft, gushing outward in powerful gusts of wanton pleasure. Bathing and filling her fertile depths.

She collapsed on me. Her firm breasts against my chest. Her hard nipples teasing my flesh. I wrapped my arms around her. My hand stroking her back as my cock pulsed the final remnants of sperm laden semen into her womb.

After a long moment, she kissed me gently, looking into my eyes. “I love you…” she said, her voice feminine and deep, slightly raspy. Her Deep East Texas roots betrayed by her flowing accent. Her eyes searching mine…

“I love you too, babygirl,” I replied, pulling her down into my arms.

Finally, she rolled off. I got up, heading to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet, relieving myself and thinking. I turned on the shower, stepped in, and began preparing for the day ahead.

I got out, shaved, combed my hair. The padded off to the bedroom. Angela was asleep again. Beathing easily. I dressed, eased over to the bed, leaned over and kissed her softly, my heart overflowing with emotion.

I stepped back, studying her carefully. Considering the merits of fate. I mean, here we are, a singular entity. A viable life force. Separated in some distant past. Forced to roam on this rock floating through space on some random pathway. Searching for the other half of itself, longing to be reunited again as a whole. To become One once again.

Every choice we make. Every decision. Seemingly random in its simplistic nature, yet always following the complex Master Plan to become One.

Maybe that’s the purpose of our existence on this plain. To grow and mature spiritually until the two halves are evolved enough to reunite. Then what? Perhaps nothing. Maybe everything. I sort of feel in my mind that this is the way the Universe grows and expands. It is due to our own growth. For, afterall, aren’t we yet but one small part of the Universe? Split off in some dynamic methodology to contribute individually to the whole.

Our spiritual life force a component of that whole. Occupying one body after another until we finally get it right. Then the two halves come back together to converge back into the energy from which we came.

‘Ok, enough of this.’ I thought as I turned to head into the kitchen.

Ruth was up. Sitting there sipping coffee. She smiled warmly at me when I walked in. She got up, her long breasts waggling beneath the thin T shirt she wore. She had no panties on, as I could see her elderly ass jiggling under the shirt.

My cock lurched at the sight. Looking for new life.

When she finished making my glass of ice tea and turned to bring it to me, her tits swinging to catch up to her movement. She saw me studying her body. Saw my eyes fixed firmly on her matronly, sagging tits. She smiled and came to set my glass in front of me.

Reaching down, she pulled her shirt off. Giving me unabated access to her body. Exposing herself for my personal pleasure. Her lustful gaze telling me that her body was mine to use in any way I wanted.

The thought caused my cock to surge back to life. My balls filling with cum.I stood up, looking at her. She stepped to me, going to her knees in complete submission to me. She unbuckled my jeans, pulling them down, setting my throbbing hardness kocaeli escort bayan free.

A long string of precum flowed from my piss slit. She leaned in, letting it settle on her tongue, savoring the sweetness of its flavor. She placed her thin, elderly lips on the tip of my cock head, sucking even more precum into her mouth. Her tongue probing my piss hole, begging for more.

I lifted her up, turned her around and bent her over the table. She thrust her ass back and up, offering herself to me. Her mind filled with the wanton desire to please me.

I grasped my swollen shaft, placed against her small cunt. The thickness of my flexing, dripping cock making her elderly pussy look small. I began to enter her hairy little snatch. The graying hair of her pussy spreading as my invading cock entered her.

Tight, hot, wet. Squeezing my vibrating shaft as I penetrated her, inch by inch, until my cum bloated balls were against her splayed pussy.

I began thrusting into her. Unmercifully. Taking her. Thrust after ball slapping thrust into her. I felt her juices flow over me. Hot, like molten metal flowing from a crucible. I felt her matronly cunt walls begin to flutter as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her cunt squirting her lust borne fluids out of her past my steel hard cock, splattering wetly on the floor. Her whimpers pulsing out of her age lined mouth.

I felt my own orgasm building. My balls tingling as I thrust into her wetness, Faster, harder, I sank into her wetly flowing depths. My cum blasted into her tortured cunt. Rope after blasting rope of thick cum pulsed into her.

After my balls emptied, I pulled out of her, watching my cum flowing from her tight little granny cunt, running down her wrinkled, quivering thighs. She dropped to her knees again, using her mouth to clean my cock of our intermingled spend. Her tongue lapping at my cum like a starving bitch in heat. I let her finish, listening to her whimpering.

I caught a motion out of the corner of my eye. I turned and saw my grandmother and Angela staring at us.

When I looked at them, Angela smiled at me, stepping forward. My grandmother was staring at Ruth. Well, at my cum coursing down her legs. The look in her eyes was filled with feral arousal. Her tongue licked at her thin, mature lips.

She moved to Ruth, her heavy sagging tits swaying on her chest. The front of her sheer night gown was open, allowing me to see her tits.

She reached for Ruth, pulling her up and guiding her to a chair, then going to her knees, she spread Ruth’s legs apart, then scooted closer. She shoved her face down into Ruth’s crotch. Lapping up my thick sperm from her quivering old cunt.

Ruth began to jerk uncontrollably as grandma’s tongue lashed at her swollen, cum drenched clit. Her wrinkled hands grasping at grandma’s head as she thrust her dripping cunt into her face, a creening squal escaping her lips as her small gray twat squirted a fresh orgasm into my grandma’s open mouth.

As her orgasm subsided, she collapsed back into the chair, quivering and jerking, causing her long, sagging tits to jiggle and sway.

Grandma got shakily to her feet. Her tongue licking at my sperm coating her lips. She stepped over and poured a cup of coffee. She looked at Angela who nodded her head. She got her a cup and filled it, stepping over, she held it out to her. She glanced at Ruth’s cup, ahd reached over, topping it off. She put the pot back, then walked over, taking her seat. Her tits swaying tantalizingly across her chest.

Angela had been watching grandma lapping at my cum, a look of longing lighting up her eyes. Her ivory skinned cheeks flushed. After the spectacle ended, she came to me, bent over and kissed me deeply. Her tongue snaking into my mouth. She broke off the kiss, taking my face in her warm hands, staring down into my face. Her smokey dark blue eyes penetrating my very soul. Leaving me exposed, raw and vulnerable under her gaze.

She said, “I love you so much.” Her voice husky, flowing with her slight raspy quality that drove me wild.

She sat down, taking a sip from her coffee. Then looked back to me.

“What are your plans today?”

“Well, to begin with, I need to find a dependable realtor. Then start assembling a team.”

She nodded, sipping her coffee.Then stared across the room, lost in thought.

I turned to grandma. “Mornin’ gram’s”

“Good mornin’, honey”. She replied with a crooked grin. “When you gonna give your poor ol’ granny another fuckin’ like you gave her.” she jerked her chin at Ruth who was beginning to recover from having her senses assaulted.

“Soon enough, I reckon.” I replied, drinking from my tea glass.

Ruth got up and walked down the hall, still naked. Her elderly ass swaying openly. Her sagging tits shaking and swaying in time with her steps.

Angela turned back to me. “Can I go with you today?”

“Of course, baby. Why do you ask?”

“I’ve got a friend that’s a real estate agent. I think she might be what you’re looking for. She knows all the contractors around. She’ll be a good izmit escort place to start.”

I nodded in affirmation as she drained her coffee cup, turned and picked up Ruth’s, then walked to the bathroom. Her body lithe and graceful. Her hips swaying easily beneath my T shirt she had requisitioned.

I smiled lazily, ‘What is it with women and mens shirts?’

I heard the shower turn on, followed by mom coming in. Her hair bed raggled, her make up smeared. A sour look on her face. She stopped, look around the kitchen at everybody, then turned, walking back up the hall.

I finished my tea. Stood up and strode down the hall, casting a glance at grandma’s heavy tits hanging out of her open gown, hanging low onto her belly in their bell shape. Narrow off her chest, rounding out into large, heavy orbs the size of big grapefruit. Her nipples large, pointing downward. The urge to get lost in them a while difficult to ignore.

I glanced in the open door of the bathroom, seeing mom in the shower with Angela. The bathroom thick with condensation from Ruth’s earlier shower. I strode on down the hall, located Ruth in grandma’s room, sitting at her makeup dresser in panties and bra, applying makeup.

I went in and sat on grandma’s bed. She looked at me in the mirror, outlining her thin lips with a pencil of some sort to give her lips more definition, then taking up a tube of bright red lipstick, she applied it. Staring at the mirror, satisfied with what she saw, she turned to me.

“What can I do for you, my lovely?”

“I need a favor from you.”

“My love, you need only tell me what you want from me, and you can consider it done.” She replied with a solemn glow in her brightly sparkling eyes.

I smiled, satisfied with what I saw. I have never saw such happiness in her before. It did my heart good to see the glow of life renewed in her worry lined face.

“Well, like I said, I’m buying a ranch. This place is just too small for the five of us. I’m going to depend on your organizational skills to keep the place running smooth. I trust your judgement more than anyone elses. I figure if you can maintain order in the chaos of a grade school classroom and keep a batch of 12 year olds in line, this should be easy for you.”

She chuckled, “Oh, believe me, I’ll have no problem keeping your house in order. I’m grateful that you could find a use for an old woman. I’ll be more than happy to serve you in any way you want me to.”

I nodded, standing up, I moved to her, leaned down to kiss her. She pulled back,

“Don’t you dare fuck up my makeup, young man!” Her face taking the trademark scowl that once sent shivers of dread down my spine.

“Why, Mrs Blankenship, such language!” I proclaimed. I’ve never heard the word ‘fuck’ come from her matronly mouth before. Well, perhaps when I was pounding my cock into her splayed pussy, but I digress.

Her eyes sparkled, she leaned forward tentatively, puckering her thin lips, offering them to me. I kissed her ever so gently. Then strode out.

The women were out of the shower. Mom in her bedroom, fixing her make up. Angela in ours, doing the same. She had braided her long hair still wet. She had dragged my chair over and was sitting in front of the full length mirror hung on my wall.

“Baby, I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer you here.”

“My love, I would live under a fucking bridge in a tent if I had to, just so long as I can be with you. But, i admit, we do need a bigger place and my shit from Dave’s. I packed the little bag, though, so, I atleast have clean clothes for a couple of day’s.” she turned and stared up at me, ” It was hot as fuck watching you fuck Ruth,” she grinned, ” you wore that old gal’s little pussy out. Then when your grandma went after your cum like that, I almost creamed my panties. Anway,” she said turning back, “leave me alone so I can get ready so we can go.”

“Yes m’am.” I spun on my heels and left.

I stopped by mom’s room. She was still naked, putting on her makeup. I sat on her bed.

“I want Mexican food tonight. I drove by that old Mexican restaraunt yesterday on the way home. There’s a for sale sign out front.”

“Yes,” she replied without stopping her task. “The old couple want to retire. Their kids aren’t interested in it, so they’re selling it. They came by the cafe and talked to Bill about buying it. He wasn’t interested.”

“I want to buy it. I love that old place. I remember when I was a kid, you would take me there.” I got lost in reminiscence for a moment, thinking back.

“Honey, I took you there for dinner on your graduation night just last month.” she replied with a little laugh, causing her tits to jiggle.

“Right, I remember now. We talked about my college plans.” I thought in silence a moment. “Damn, that was so long ago now. 42 years. I feel old now.”

She broke out laughing at that. Her tits bouncing wildly.

I got up and went to her. Bending over, I wrapped my arms around her sides, my hands sliding around grabbing her tits. They were some tits, too. Gorgeous East West type. D cup, spread wide on her chest, hung lower down, leaving a lot of real estate from her collar bones to where they hung. They were bigger, fuller, dropping off spreading outwards, before curving up off of shapely, curving underboob, ending in pointed nipples pointing outward.

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Sophia’s Father Pt. 01

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Originally Logan had moved back home to the great Alaskan frontier for a fresh start so to speak. To turn back to his roots. The way of life up here was much different compared to his time spent down in the warmer states and even briefer time spent in Quebec.

It was simpler here. You don’t just live, you survive.

Coming back home was his only plan, he hadn’t thought much further than that. He had thought the life he had before would simply be left in his past to be forgotten. Until Sarah had called.

She had been, well not a girlfriend but they had been seeing each other off and on during his time as a truck driver. She had been sweet and decent in bed and that’s all he had wanted. Eventually she wanted something more from him and he walked away. They had left on decent enough terms, not like they’d be best friends but she hadn’t wanted to hold on to him in the hopes of more later either. She hadn’t been happy about it all but Sarah had agreed that they just weren’t compatible longer term.

That phone call had made him feel a little different about that last talk. The last time they had talked was almost thirteen years ago. At this point the last thing he had anticipated was a phone call from her.

“Listen Logan I’ll be real straight with you, I wouldn’t have bothered to track you down if my sister wasn’t so adamant she wanted nothing to do with this, but you’re the only one I have left that might help me.” She sounded tired. “I haven’t been real honest with you, when we spoke last I had planned that conversation going a lot different.”

She was brief and to the point. They had a daughter named Sophia, of which Sarah’s sister wasn’t very supportive. She had his brown hair and blue eyes and she was short like her mother. Her mother who was sick and dying.

“I know I have no right to ask this of you after keeping it from you Logan, but she’s yours and you’re all she’ll have left.”

So, by the end of the year after more phone calls and an expensive trip back down south, Sophia was coming home with him.


Six years later.

“Dad?” Sophia pokes her head in around the door to the shed, positive her fathers poking at something in here as always.

“Yeah? Whatchu want girl?” He’s gruff as ever.

Her father is elbow deep in the engine of their old truck fixing some odd end or another. He’s fit, just heading into his early forties. His classic blue jeans and plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He’s clean shaven now in their summer months but come closer to the fall he’ll grow it out again.

It looks good on him, a lumberjack dream. Sophia blushes kocaeli escort at the thought.

She had felt strange about how her life had turned upside down. How this man had suddenly come into her life during such turmoil. She can still remember her Aunt Beth bringing them to the airport to pick him up. They had spoken a few times over the phone but meeting him in person had been different. Minus the fact that it had been for her mothers funeral. She had always pictured him as a blank slate, just a nondescript man. Vague and unknown.

Waiting for him at the pick up zone she had been anxious. She had no idea what he would be like. She can still remember the way she felt when she first saw him. Her Aunt had pointed him out.

“That’ll be him.” She didn’t sound pleased. Given the fact the she had barely heard from her Aunt over the past six years more then proves that point.

He had a simple black pack back slung over one shoulder and a small black suitcase. He was just as handsome then as he is now, although she didn’t understand the feeling she had back then.

He had a strong jawline, striking blue eyes and warm brown hair. He had a bit of a five o’clock shadow across his cheeks. Sophia can recall one of those fitness magazines with some model or celebrity splashed across the front promising gym ‘gains’ and thinking this man fit the description.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts she focuses back on the here and now. Her father is cleaning his hands with an old shed rag. His hands are big and work worn.

“I was just wondering what you think about having for supper? I can start getting things out.” Sophia had slowly added household duties over the years here. It had taken her awhile to get used to life up here but now it felt like home. Her thoughts of moving away for college slowly slipped over her last years of highschool. Now at 19 she thought in seasons. What needed to be done in spring to set up for summer to prepare for fall to endure winter. Rinse and repeat and enjoy the things in between. Survival.

“Whatever you can cook up will be just fine.” Logan wasn’t picky about most things, food being one of them.

He closed the engine hood and turned to follow her back out of the shed.

As they made their way back towards they’re little homestead Logan unbuttoned his plaid just enough to be able to pull it up and over off his head. His body fit, not surprisingly knowing how much physical labor he did around the house alone. His chest hair flowed down into a trail that disappeared into the band of his jeans. Shoulders broad and suntanned this time of year.

Sophia kocaeli escort bayan averted her eyes. It was both enjoyable and strange living with her father. They lived up further outside of town then the rest. Her father wasn’t much of a people person and it was a trait she had started to adopt herself. This meant he was the person she socialized with most instead of the few younger people near her age.

Age was mostly only a number up here. Most folks settle with who they can. ‘Slim pickings’ the woman at the bar in town would laugh. But it was true there were only a few boys near her age but even then there was a few years between them. She didn’t have much interest in them anyways. They were still young in her eyes. Inexperienced and dumb. ‘Brazen’ the woman called them.

Her father was quite popular with the eyes of the woman in town as well. They’d look and then flirt and while Logan was keen to flirt back it never went further than that.

She can only remember her father bringing a girl home once. She can still recall the sounds she had heard from her fathers room just down the hall from her own. It wasn’t unusual for him to go into town on a rare occasion for a drink. She’d be readying for bed as he headed out and would wake in the morning to find him home again in bed himself.

This time she had been awoken late into the night by the sounds of a woman’s drunken giggle. She’d heard them move down the hall, the sounds of clothing moving and someone bumping into the wall.

Inside his room things had progressed. At one point it had gone quiet and she had been dozing off to sleep again before a new sound had begun. Her fathers bed was notorious for squeaking. The quick and repetitive noise was unmistakable even given her naivety. The high pitched moans even more so.

Her body had flushed first in embarrassment. She had thought to pull the pillow over her head and attempt to drown out the noise before a deeper groan caused a different flush to burn through her.

Her father’s voice carried well through the walls between them. His deep guttural moans over powering the squealing woman in with him. The bed beneath them began to whine in protest as his pace quickened.

Sophia lay frozen, her nether region wet and pulsing as she listened with rapt attention.

The woman in the room gave a series of high quick moans before groaning in release and her fathers pace increased sloppy before he himself moaned deep and loud.

The memory left her squeezing her thighs together before following her father up the steps to their front door.

Their front izmit escort door opened up straight into the living room. A fairly large open concept space, the kitchen along the wall across from the front door. A staircase immediately to the right of the door leads upstairs to their rooms and the bathroom.

Logan heads upstairs, probably to shower before supper.

Sophia makes her way over to the kitchen and begins preparing to cook. She grabs a basket kept under the sink before making her way over towards a door located under the stairs. She pulls a chain hanging just inside the door to turn on the light before making her way down the old wooden stairs into the cellar. Here they keep their jarred, smoked and other preserved provisions. She grabs a few potatoes out of a bin when she hears the shower start upstairs.

Sophia pauses, knowing she has a moment to herself she hesitates only a second before dropping her basket on top of the bin.

The cellar had been her hiding spot since she got over her fear of the dark space below their home. Here it was quite and mostly undisturbed since her father left most of the cooking to her.

The thought of her father upstairs in the shower alone gave her the last push she needed to unbutton her own jeans and dip a hand into her damp underwear. Sophia had done this more than once down here especially after realizing sound didn’t carry up well from the cellar.

Her delicate fingers slide easily between her glossy folds and she can’t help a soft sigh from escaping. It turns into a whine as she rolls over her clit with her middle finger in tight circles. She has some time but not a lot. Her father won’t be long in the shower and she really does need to begin preparing their meal.

She widens her stance to give herself more room and quickens her pace. Her clit throbs as she pictures her father bare chested in the shower with his own aching length between his legs. She thinks about that night with the woman and recalls Logan’s groans of pleasure. Her pussy gushes warm and wet and if she’s not careful her jeans will stain damp with her arousal.

The shower upstairs turns off and it only heightens the feverish want within her. She can hear her father moving around upstairs and the idea of him coming down stairs to find her knuckle deep and moaning is what sends her over the edge. She throws her other hand over her mouth tight as her thighs quiver and threaten to give out on her as her cunt throbs hard. She’s moaning high and needy behind her hand, hips rolling into her hand as the pleasure slowly subsides.

Her hand is soaked along with her panties but there’s no time to change. She quickly grabs one of the kitchen towels left on one of the shelves, hastily wiping her hand before fixing herself.

She’s just grabbing the last of what she needs when her father calls down the cellar stairs for her.

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My Sweet Tea Ch. 04

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First off, thank you for reading, voting and commenting on my stories.

This is the final chapter I have planned for this series. There’s a lot of sex in this one and it jumps through months as indicated by dashed lines. I hope you enjoy it.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.


I stifled a yawn as I blearily regained my senses. I was still groggy as I realized I was not alone in my bed. In my arms, was a warm, soft body pressed up against me. I ran my hands ran exploringly across the body. I heard a noise that could only be described as a purr.

“You’re finally awake,” it was said as a statement not a question.

“Not sure. Could be dreaming,” I croaked out.

A soft chuckle. “If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.”

Still trying to piece together how I ended up in bed with a woman, I stretched–as much as I could–which pressed my morning wood firmly between this person’s ass cheeks. My stretching also pulled this person’s back tighter against my chest in a tight, warm embrace.

“Mmmmm. I could get used to sleeping with you, bro.”

My eyes shot open as the memory of yesterday screamed through my mind. In my shock, I physically froze. My mind was too preoccupied trying to piece together the events that had led to me sleeping with my sister–Cassie, my brain had been able to fill in–to control my body to release her from my grasp.

So it wasn’t a dream.

“No, Rhett. It was. A dream come true.” Shit! I said that out loud! “But I have a feeling we need to get up soon.”


Cassie extricated herself from my embrace and sat up on the bed. She yawned and stretched her arms above her head. I got a wonderful view of her naked back. She turned her gaze on me and smiled brightly. “Come on. There’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” She reached her hand out to me.

I sighed and allowed her to “assist” me getting up. “What’s that?”

“I’ve always wanted to shower with someone else.”

“You want to have sex in the shower?” I followed along with her holding my hand. We didn’t bother slipping on clothes as we made our way through the hallway to the bathroom.

“I didn’t say that! I want to shower with someone else. As in, I always wanted to have someone to wash my back for me.” She looked back with a twinkle in her eye that matched her mischievous grin.


We made it to the bathroom and she fiddled with the knobs. Not having any clothes on we just stood watching the water waiting for it to warm up. She was pressed against me her breasts pressing up against me. I would put my hand under the stream to test the warmth. Finally, once I figured it was warm enough, I told Cassie to step into the shower. She just shook her head.

“Nuh-uh. That’s your job.” She stepped away from me as I stepped into the tub. It was a bit hotter than I thought and made a few adjustments. Once set, I grabbed Cassie and yanked her into the shower with me.

“Eeeep!,” she yelped as she was unexpectedly pulled into the shower. “You jerk!,” she yelled with a giggle in her voice as she weakly pounded on my chest. She spun me around so I was under the flow of the shower. I pulled her to me and just hugged her tightly as water cascaded over our bodies, mostly mine.

“Just don’t get my hair too wet. I don’t have time to dry it,” my sister stated as she broke free of me.

She went and gathered her body wash and pouf and handed them to me and turned her back to me. I soaked the pouf and applied the body wash before beginning to lather up my sister’s petite body. Once her back, ass and legs were lathered up, I went to her front and had her back up to the shower stream. She pulled her hair over her shoulder and hunched her neck down to keep the water out of her hair.

I began washing her front. She chuckled, “You know, I can reach my front just fine, Rhett.”

“I know. Just figured I’d be thorough, though.”

“Never leave a job half finished, huh?”

“Yeah. Exactly. And your back was definitely only half of you.”

I had stopped during our short repartee my hands on her boobs. She started having a giggling fit. “Sure, bro. Whatever you say. Go ahead and finish the job.”

So I did. I paid generous attention to her breasts and between her legs. So much so that she began to pant at my ministrations. She started to moan, “Oh fuck yes! Make me cum!”

At that point, I figured I had cleaned her thoroughly and so stopped washing her body. “Oh, fuck no! Finish me off! I was so close.”

“Mm-mm. You’re washed. I think it’s my turn now. Before the hot water ends.”

“Motherfucker!,” she groaned.

“And sister-fucker, too,” I smugly proclaimed.

“Fine,” she reluctantly agreed. I should have suspected something was up since she rarely gave up so quickly before. But I didn’t question my easy win. She turned to face the spray and rinsed off. I reached kocaeli escort around my sister, making sure I didn’t push her further into the spray, to grab my body wash and my shower scrubbing detailer.

When Cassie finished rinsing off, she grabbed my stuff from me and proceeded to start washing my back. She made quick work of my backside, but she hadn’t used a detailer before. She was using the scrubbing side instead of the mesh side on my back which had me squirming to get away.

I turned around and took the kit from her and showed her how to use the mesh side to lather and the rough side for under my arms and soles of my feet. I turned back around and Cassie restarted with my backside. I must say having someone bathe you was rather nice.

She nudged me to turn around when she felt she had adequately washed my back. She started washing my front with extreme care, but way more efficient than I had been with her. That is until she got to my dick. Once she had lathered my cock and balls with my detailer, she hung the tool by the string around my shaft and started working my dick with her hands.

I had been hard this entire time in the shower. I am not sure it is possible or just my imagination getting the best of me, but her working my shaft made it feel like I got even harder.

“You like this, Rhett? You like your little sister stroking your big dick?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“I bet you just want to cum don’t you? Want to cum on my tits?” She thrust her chest out to display her tits to me. “Or do you want to cum all over my face?”

“God, yes.” I don’t know what I was agreeing to. All of it? Probably. I just wanted to cum. Where was immaterial.

“But you can’t cum on my face or tits, bro. That’s so dirty. And you did so well making sure I was clean. Maybe I should just blow you.” She sank down on her knees and looked up at me. “Just be careful and not let the water hit me. I really don’t have time to dry my hair, okay?”

“Yeah. Sure.” I readily agreed.

She smiled up at me. In hindsight, the smile should have sounded alarms in my head. But the expectation of getting a blowjob from my sister short-circuited the synapses in my brain that would have registered that look.

I was basking in the moment. Being so lovingly treated to this amazing blowjob, I shut my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations. I needed to plant my hands somewhere to keep my balance. I instinctively started to place my hands on my sister’s head, but I quickly stopped myself. I couldn’t put my wet hands on her head. Couldn’t get her hair wet. So I put my hand on the wall and the other held the shower curtain rod.

I was close to cumming. I could feel my shaft swell. All of a sudden I felt nothing. I opened my eyes and looked down. My sister had stood and had a smirk on her face. I was aghast. She just stopped? How could she?

My surprise must have been evident on my face. “Doesn’t feel so good does it?”


“Being denied an orgasm. Doesn’t feel so good.”


“So are we done?”

“Um, what?” My brain still hadn’t caught up to the situation.

“Do you wash anything else? Or do we just turn off the shower and dry off?”

“Hair. I still need to wash my hair.”

“Okay. But I can’t reach you like this.” She motioned for me to come closer to her so she stayed out of the spray and to kneel down. I was still racking my brain at the turn of events.

As I kneeled down in front of my sister, she lathered my hair up with shampoo. Her fingers massaging my scalp felt exquisite. My eyes were focused on my sister’s naked body. I began to rock back and forth with the rhythm that my sister was using in my hair. My face got closer and closer to my sister’s flesh.

Soon I had no choice. My body made the decision before my brain could do it. I started kissing her stomach. Made my way down to her mound. She spread her legs for me. I didn’t need any other invitation. I began lapping at her nether lips.

She pulled me in tighter. Held my hair a bit tighter. I plunged my tongue into her cunt. I wrapped my arms around her. Grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me. My back and neck ached in this position, but I didn’t want to stop. Not until I could taste my younger sister on my tongue.

“Don’t stop, Rhett. Almost there. Please…please…please…make me cum.”

I had no intention of stopping. I was going to make Cassie cum.

“Fuck! YES! MAKE ME CUM! Goddammit…CUMMING!”

She let go of my hair. I stood up and got under the shower to rinse out my hair. When I turned around, I saw my sister pressed up against the back wall of the shower catching her breath. My erection, which never softened, needed release. And right now, the only target was standing before me.

I reached Cassie quickly. I hoisted her up. She wrapped her legs around me as we started to make out in the shower. I lowered her to her feet. When we broke the kiss, she looked hurt and confused. I grabbed her by the waist and turned kocaeli escort bayan her around so her back was to me.

I bent my knees and spread her legs. I guided my cock to her tight pussy and pressed in. With my hands on her hips, I thrust in and out of her. Her torso was pressed against the tile wall her hands splayed out. I reached a hand around her and started to strum her clit.

Playing her body like an instrument, I had Cassie moaning as I fucked her against that wall. My orgasm, that had been pending since I woke up and had been denied recently, erupted from me. At the same time, Cassie screamed her release.

The shower, forgotten by this point, had gone cold. I didn’t want to leave my sister, but I managed to drag myself away to shut off the cold water. As I stepped out of the shower, I helped her out of the tub. I began drying off her wet skin. Again, paying close attention to her breasts and ass. Once finished, she in turn dried me off.

“You know, you might be right,” I said as we exited the bathroom.

“I usually am,” she cockily replied, “But please tell me what I was right about this time.”

“Showers are more fun with two people.”

We separated to go to our respective rooms. I sat on my bed contemplating what life would be like now. I felt things for Cassie I hadn’t felt with another person before. I knew I loved her. Hell, I loved all three women in my life. But somehow this felt different. I tried to wrap my brain around it. Tried to define exactly what it was. But it eluded me. I shook my head and relegated it to the back of my mind. I’d figure it out eventually, but for now I needed more data. I got up and got dressed.

When I exited my room, I noticed Cassie was leaning up against the wall freshly changed as well. “Took you long enough to change,” she chided me.

“I hadn’t realized there was a schedule to be kept.”

“Yeah. Unfortunately, I have practice soon so I need to eat and run.”

“Oh.” I was a little dejected, but had to remind myself we each had responsibilities to maintain. I did have a job to get to, but not for another couple hours. We made our way to the kitchen where mom and Stephanie were finishing off their breakfasts.

“Ah good,” mom announced, “We need to have a quick family discussion.”

Uh, oh. This can’t be good. Cassie and I started making our breakfasts. I grabbed the loaf of bread and showed her. She nodded her head so I placed two slices in the toaster. She grabbed a couple oranges and the milk from the refrigerator.

As we silently coordinated our breakfast, mom continued, “So about yesterday, I am not going to stop what seems pretty obvious is still going. But we do need to have some rules. More like general guidelines, really.

“First, we aren’t going to be running around naked all the time. I can understand a little lax judgment from time to time, but no lounging around naked all day, either.

“Second, you have to keep up with your lives. For you two,” she motioned to Cass and I, “means school, work, cheerleading, etc. You’ve worked too hard to piss it all away on a tryst. So I insist your grades better not start slipping as you keep slipping in and out of each other’s bedroom, understand?”

We both nodded.

“For you,” she zeroed in on Stephanie, “I still want you to try getting your life straightened up. I love that you are back home, but I am sure you don’t want to be an adult living at home with your mom and younger siblings. Even if you love having sex with them.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Thirdly, I expect you three to show each other respect. If someone isn’t in the mood, no badgering them and pressuring them to have sex.” She pointedly looked at Cassie, who gave her her most innocent look she could muster.

Mom merely arched her eyebrow at her. She knew Cassie could get me to do just about anything she asked with her puppy dog eyes and pout. Cassie hung her head and muttered, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Fourthly, I don’t know what these relationships are going to grow into, but you are and will always be brother and sisters. So please be mindful of that. If one of you finds someone else, be happy for them, please. This could break this family up, if we let it.

“And finally, this goes without saying, what happens behind these walls, cannot leave these halls. It will be tough not to show your newfound appreciation of each other outside this house, but you need to restrain yourselves.

“Also, I don’t want any unplanned grandchildren. At the very least, wait until after you get through college. I don’t want anything to derail your futures you have planned. Are we clear?”

Cassie and I nodded our heads. She hadn’t exactly said no pregnancies, but she wanted us to be smart about it. Which was fine by me. I had no intention of impregnating my sisters, at least without extensive conversations with each of them.

We all three nodded our head in agreement. “Good. I need to get to work, now, so be good.” She approached each of us and izmit escort gave us a kiss. Not a mother-son or mother-daughter kiss, but a kiss like she was leaving her lover for the day. To each one of us.

We soon drifted apart for our day’s plans.

The days became weeks. The weeks turned to months. The sex started to normalize. Well, more like stabilized because I can’t say sex with my sisters will ever feel “normal”. We would often pair up, sometimes with more than two, but we didn’t let the sex get in the way of living our lives.

Our beds were often shared. It was on a rare occasions that someone didn’t have someone in bed with them. But it seemed more often than not, Cassie was in my bed. But there were definitely some memorable moments throughout the rest of the year.


On Valentine’s Day, mom had to work her second job so it left Cassie, Stephanie and I to our own devices. They had insisted I was to be both of their Valentine. So I took them to a modest restaurant. Not quite unlike Applebee’s or Chili’s, but also not as commercial, either.

My sisters had coupled up across from me in the booth. Where they each proceeded to have a foot each rubbing my penis under the table. The hands closest to each other were, noticeably, absent much of the evening. We shared a desert pie between the three of us before we headed back home.

When we got home, the girls told me to go to my room and wait until I got a text message and to put on the gift they had left me on my bed. I got to my room and saw a nicely wrapped package, which I quickly unwrapped to discover a pair of white silk boxer shorts with red lipstick marks printed on it.

I undressed and slipped into the new boxers. A few minutes passed before I got a text message to go to Stephanie’s bedroom for the rest of my present. When I got to her room, I saw rose pedals scattered leading from the door to the bed. And on the bed were two half naked angels. I kid you not, they wore the matching lacy bra and panties with the only difference being Stephanie wore red and Cassie was in pink. They also wore white angel wings.

They patted the bed between them. I eagerly joined the bed with them. We would alternate kissing between the three of us. Soon, their hands drifted down my body and began stroking my erection together. One would go up the shaft as the other went down.

Stephanie soon bored of just stroking my cock and started kissing her way down my body where she removed my boxers and began sucking my cock while Cassie stroked the area Stephanie’s mouth hadn’t swallowed.

Soon Stephanie was taking all of my cock so Cassie removed her bra and panties (leaving the angel wings on) and sat down on my face. I was only too happy to give my younger sister a tongue lashing. She had her hands on the headboard as she ground her pussy on my tongue. All the while, she was looking down at me. Our eyes maintained contact all through her orgasm.

During my oral stimulation of Cassie, Stephanie had straddled my thighs and slipped my raging hard-on into her dripping quim and began riding me in earnest. With everything that had gone on in the restaurant and currently, it wasn’t long before I erupted in my sister’s pussy.

Spent, I lay on my back as the girls disentangled and started to kiss each other. Stephanie broke the kiss and smiled at Cassie, “I got you–well, us, rather–a gift as well.” She got off the bed and retrieved a box from her closet. “Sorry, I didn’t wrap it up.” She opened it and discarded the empty box. In her hands was a red dildo attached to some kind of leather straps. She expertly stepped into this apparatus. I quickly deduced it was a strap-on dildo.

Our younger sister seemed to understand what it was as soon as I did because her eyes bulged out, but her smiled widened.

“Since brother dearest seems to need a moment to recover, perhaps you’d like to break this bad boy in in style?,” Stephanie asked seductively.

“I’d love to have my older sister fuck me with her big hard dick.”

Stephanie had been stroking the silicone toy, presumably with some lube, while Cassie had been eyeing her with lust. Stephanie crawled over Cassie’s body and guided her dildo inside our sister while I lay next to them watching the whole thing.

It didn’t take long for Stephanie to start ramming that toy into Cassie’s cunt. Cassie was matching her thrusts with vigor, wrapping her legs around Stephanie’s legs right under her ass while wrapping her arms around Stephanie’s back as they made out.

I was quickly hardening as I stroked my cock watching this live lesbian porn. I was soon at full mast. Cassie and Stephanie noticed.

“Fuck our sister, Rhett,” Cassie moaned, “Fuck her while she fucks me.”

“Are you sure?,” Stephanie queried, “I’ve already had him tonight.”

“Mmhmm. I want him to take your virginity like you mentioned.”

Virginity? I knew Stephanie, even before we started fucking, wasn’t a virgin. So what did Cassie mean?

Stephanie leaned forward and gave Cassie a tender kiss before looking over at me. “Fuck me, Rhett. Fuck me in the ass.”

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Making Daddy Feel Good

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(Warning: NC, All characters are over 18 years of age and this is a fictional story)

I had just slipped on the silkiest pink satin lingerie slip for bedtime. I stole them from mothers old clothes. The soft coldness of the fabric and how it clung to my new curves made me feel so tingly and excited.

I walked out into the living room to say goodnight to daddy and see if he would notice. He had been working longer shifts since the loss of mother leaving our family for another man. It had hit him hard and I knew he missed her a lot.

Mother leaving hadn’t bothered me a bit though. She was distant and always away from the house. It was daddy that kept me company and made me smile. Daddy that cared for me and cooked for me, that cuddled me during movies and played games with me. He was all I ever needed and I hated that graduation was around the corner and I was expected to go off to college.

Although, while usually appearing professional and clean cut, he now looked so tired and weary. He had fallen asleep on the couch, a glass of whiskey and ice sitting on the ground beneath a dangling arm.

The large frame of his lumberjack-esque body barely fit the couch as he lay on his back. His peppered dark hair fell across his forehead almost covering his brow, and his scruffy face clearly was beyond a five-o-clock shadow.

His jeans had dirt smudges at the knees from work, and I watched as his chest rose and fell beneath a buttoned flannel shirt. He was in a deep sleep. Probably helped by the whiskey.

I slowly approached him, wishing I could crawl up on top of him and wrap my body around him. I missed how he held me when I was little. He no longer let me straddle him when we hugged, saying I was a big girl now and it wasn’t appropriate. I hated that. I missed being so close to him and feeling him against me.

Although lately, there were new things I was feeling that I couldn’t explain. I found myself thinking of the times I watched him in the shower, and the one time I saw him with mother. I even dreamed about it.

I should probably take his clothes off and tuck a blanket on him, like he does for me when I fall asleep during a movie, I thought.

I leaned over his body, smelling the sweet spice smell of his body wash. My hands trembled a little as I reached down to his silver belt buckled and slowly undid it.

Grabbing the buckle part, I tugged and tried to slide the belt from its loops and off from daddy but it didn’t budge.

Frustrated. I tugged again but couldn’t slide the belt off, it only move a little bit. I placed a foot on the couch and began to bursa escort give a heave with my full strength, when I felt my bare foot slide from the edge of the couch and my body flew back as I fell on my butt with a loud thunk.

The noise scared me and I immediately glanced to daddy but he hadn’t woke. Thank goodness! It was then I realized how silly what I was doing was and giggled out loud. I didn’t need to take the belt off him. They would slide down with his pants.

I rolled my eyes at the situation and giggled some more, covering my mouth with my hand. Sometimes as daddy says, I focus too much on tiny details and not the big picture. And honestly, it was sometimes very hard to focus around daddy.

Returning to the couch, I moved my fingers to his jeans, this time undoing the button and sliding down the zipper.

My breath quickened a little as I tugged the pants down and saw the outline of daddy’s manhood through the thin cotton of his boxers.

I tried not to look, my face blushing, and finished removing his pants. I folded them and placed them on the ground.

Then I went to start unbuttoning his shirt, but my eyes strayed back to his crotch. He was so much larger than I had expected.

My friend Sara once dared a guy to remove his cock and show us and he did it, but it was like one third the size of Daddy’s.

I wanted to touch it and see how it felt, see if it would grow bigger. See if I could make daddy moan like when he was in the shower. I sat quietly on the edge of the couch, to get comfortable. My hands slid down to the waist of his boxers.

I glanced up at him. Daddy probably wouldn’t wake up..I had seen him this drunk before and he slept through mother blasting music in her bedroom.

My fingertips traced the outline of his manhood before laying my hand down on it. It was so warm and firm. I wondered what would happen, if I just slid his boxers down a little more.

With both hands, I slowly eased his boxers down.

I watched daddy’s sleeping face for any changes as I slid the boxers down his legs, and his large cock sprung slightly up at the action of his boxers disappearing. Folding the boxers up, I set them on top of the pants.

Looking down at daddy, I blushed a little at the sight of him. His cock lay elevated and stiff along his stomach. cautiously, I reached my fingers over to run them along it’s length and then tracing the circle of his head.

A soft moan startled me, as I looked and saw daddy make a face as he continued sleeping. The breathing of his chest moved a little faster than before.

Being bold, I let bursa escort bayan my hand encircle his cock and hold it. It was warm, hard and seemed to pulse under my grasp. I was surprised this was what daddy had under his clothes all the time.

I slowly let my hand move along its length, hearing soft little noises and growls from daddy. He must be having a good dream. As a little droplet of liquid started to form at the tip, I was compelled to use a finger to collect and taste it. It was salty but also sweet.

I clenched my thighs at what seemed to be a tight achey feeling spreading to my core. All of this touching had gotten me very wet and I wondered if I should rub myself.

I knew about masturbation from tv and friends. Sometimes I liked to straddle my pillows while my hand rubbed between my legs touching the little nub at the entrance to my pussy.

Moving one hand against daddy’s length, I slid my other hand up my inner thigh under the satin slip I was wearing. My fingers rubbed in the wetness of my pussy and I moved my hips to grind against them. My breath sped up and I whimpered at the feeling of need and unknown ache.

I tried to move my hand up and down daddy’s length in pace to my own grinding, feeling its warm throb and wondered,.. Would daddy wake if I rubbed myself along his cock?

So far, he seemed very dead asleep, besides moans and heavy breathing there were no signs of waking.

Using both hands, I shifted my slip above my hips and tried to carefully straddle daddy on the couch without disturbing him. I lowered myself slowly against his length and moaned.

His cock lay flat between us and the head pressed against my nub. Using my wetness, I rocked my hips back and forth against him. Rubbing his cock faster and increasing the pleasure for myself.

I moaned panting. Daddy felt so good against me. I wish he was awake to see me being so grown up, but it was probably best that he was passed out. He did seem to be having fun as well from his moans.

Using my hands to steady myself, I grinded more, feeling a pressure build that was completely new to me. It overwhelmed me and I loudly cried out, ‘Daddy’, as I felt myself plunge over an edge of ecstasy.

I collapsed against daddy’s chest panting and heard a soft.. ‘Oh Becca’. Was he awake? I sat up and glanced hopefully but his eyes were still closed and his face still passive.

But that was my name, was he dreaming about me? Pleasure flooded again through my cheeks and I smiled. My body still clenched and pulsed from the fun rubbing but I wanted daddy to be pleased. I wanted him escort bursa to know how much I care for him.

Laying down I moved myself lower to daddy’s cock. It stood shiny and wet but also looked quite swollen. Using a hand, I gripped it and moved from base to right below the head. I let my pink tongue dart out to slide along the slit of the tip. I could taste more of the salty liquid along with what must have been my own fluids taste.

Lowering my mouth I gently sucked on the tip of daddys cock like a straw trying to get more liquid. Then ran my tongue around the head and flicked at the tip with my tongue.

I could feel myself getting wetter from sucking on daddy. I moved my mouth to slide along the side of his cock licking it up and down.

I wondered if I could do what mother did and take him into my mouth. He was so big though. I could feel his body moving to my touch now and it filled me with excitement.

He seemed almost awake but still dreaming, moaning and mumbling. I lowered my mouth back to his cock taking a little more than the head in my mouth and sucking. I started moving faster when I felt a large strong hand on the back of my head.

It pressed me further down on cock and I started to gag a little. I moved my hands up to try and remove his hand but it only wrapped around my hair and continued to hold. I tried to say, ‘Daddy’ but his cock filled my mouth and nothing but a mumble came out.

I briefly heard him mumbling among groans, ‘Good girl, take all of it.’ and ‘Yes, that’s it.

His hand moved my head back up and I gasped for air before he shoved it back down again, this time going further and I felt his cock start to slide and fill my throat. Panicking I tried to get him to release but he was too strong and set in his dream to stop.

He forcefully punished my mouth shoving his cock in and out while I whimpered and moaned. Suddenly, he arched his hips and the entire length of his cock slid down my throat and flooded it with hot liquid. I gagged and choked not being able to breath. My body squirming and sliding against his. Finally, his hand released and fell back to his side.

I rose immediately and backed away coughing and gagging, looking wide eyed at daddy. I didnt know what to do. I had never seen daddy be that forceful. Was that what he did with mother? Wanda, the class slut was totally wrong about giving head being easy. That was way too much.

Yet, I was very happy and it felt so good to have pleased daddy. All of my emotions were very confusing. My thighs were damp from being so wet, and I could still taste him in my mouth.

Grabbing a blanket, I gentle tucked it around it around Daddy. I left his shirt alone but brushed aside his hair and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He looked so much more peaceful now.

I loved that I made daddy feel good.

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Filthy Aunt Elaine Needs Even More

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Elaine awoke the morning after the night before. The night she had spent being used by her nephew. The night she had broken that taboo line of letting a family member taste her pussy and the night she gave in to her desires and finally tasted Nathan’s cum when he explodes down her throat. Rolling over, she stretched her legs and felt the soaking wet sheet under her skin.

‘God I came a lot last night’ Elaine thought out loud. Then rolling over she felt exactly how tender she was in her most sensitive and intimate areas. ‘Oh god, I let me own nephew fuck my arse. How the hell do I handle this going forward?’ Elaine knew enough about her own charms that once a man had enjoyed her body once, they inevitably came back for more. Or they at least tried. She didn’t always go back for seconds or thirds. Only if the fuck she had received was worth going back for more of, and she certainly couldn’t deny that she’d had the fuck of her life the night before. But this was Nathan, her nephew. She had helped sow the hems on his first pair of secondary school trousers and now here she was, wincing each time her pussy lips touched one another from the fucking that same young man had just given her. Gingerly she made her way to the bathroom noticing the door to the room Nathan slept in was ajar. Taking a quick glance in, Elaine saw Nathan naked on top of the covers, his cock at its full erect length as he undoubtedly ran through the previous nights events in his sleep.

‘No wonder I’m sore.’ She thought to herself and gently closed the door fully. She didn’t want to wake him right now. Everything had changed and she wasn’t quite sure how it was going to play out so a quick shower and then most of the day to think about it suited her just fine.

Closing the door behind her as she went in to the bathroom, Elaine took a seat on the toilet and felt a sting as she peed. Dabbing herself dry gently she realised it was even going to be difficult to wear underwear. Chuckling to herself she couldn’t help enjoy the stinging reminder of the fucking she had received from her nephew. Entering the shower she turned the heat up and the power on to its fullest setting, turning so the pulsating water massaged her shoulders, slowly waking her up from the drowsy affect of the weed and alcohol the night before and helping her shake off the physical exhaustion from cumming dozens of times and for hours on end. Massaging shampoo through her hair she felt the soothing affects of the suds run between her arse cheeks, washing away a lot of the dried cum that had run from both of her holes as she slept.

If Elaine wanted to be clean and make sure she didn’t continue to leak her nephews seed all day as she went about her businesses she really did need to clean herself properly and oh so gently run her finger across her arse hole, cleaning herself as best she could as she flinched and winced from the deliciously painful reminder of the cock she had taken in full in her slutty arse hole the night before. Turning to face the jets of water Elaine soaped her heaving breasts and run her fingers over her nipples as the shower gel made its way down her body, passing her tummy button and reaching the top of her mound and on to her red and swollen pussy lips.

Once again the soothing suds made Elaine breath a sigh of relief. Continuing to soap her body, down her stomach, Elaine’s hands reached her pussy and carefully washed herself, crouching a little and carefully running a finger inside herself to encourage any remaining spunk from her hole. Purposely dragging her finger across her clit as she withdrew it from her body, she realised that, as horny as she was feeling and, considering how she had cum so much and so hard just a few hours previously, desperate to cum she started to become, that she was way too sore to have the quick play with herself that she wanted to. So, switching off the shower and stepping out of the cubicle, she wrapped herself in a towel, with another around her hair, turban style and headed to her bedroom.

As she dried off, Elaine was brought suddenly in to focus as she reached her swollen, well used pussy region.

‘Something floaty and long I think today,’ she said out loud. ‘I’m way too sore for any kickers. The fresh air will do me some good. And this going without underwear seems to be a habit when Nathan is around.’ Elaine laughed to herself and silently hoped a day of breeze and air would sooth her enough to be able to take whatever Nathan had to give later that evening.

Opening up her wardrobe, Elaine was stuck between the choice of two outfits. Either a long, white cotton skirt and a vest top that she loved. It clung to her perfectly, gripping her tits before clinging to her sexy body. She put this aside as an option but the grabbed a beautiful summer dress. A lightweight, cream material with a kind of corset sown in. A bit shorter than she’d have liked if she was going knickerless in public, but she didn’t need a bra with this bursa escort dress and the way she had gripped her tits the night before had left them tender to the touch and the lace on her preferred bra to wear with the best top would irritate them all day.

‘Dress it is’ she said to herself, removing it from the hanger and sliding it over her head as her towel dropped around her feet. Reaching under her bed for her white converse, she mistakenly grabbed hold of one of her wedges.

‘Oh, these might work,’ she thought to herself. ‘a nice bit of height and show off my legs a bit.’

Who she was showing off to, she didn’t know. She wasn’t going to see Nathan until later that evening and by then she would have showered and changed. But the previous evening had left her fully charged sexually and she felt like strutting a little today with the swagger of a woman that was fucked in to a sense of the bliss just the night before.

The clumping of the cork soled wedges on Elaine’s stairs stirred Nathan from his sleep and he opened his eyes and stretched as his unfamiliar surroundings brought to mind last night’s events. Listening in to work out what Elaine was up to, he sat up, sliding his boxers on from the night before and headed to the bathroom.

Downstairs Elaine was busy making herself her morning coffee and the noise of the bean grinder and milk frother had covered the noise of Nathan’s door opening and the bathroom door closing and she stood with her back to the door in a world of her own, watching for the perfect moment to take the milk from the heat when out of the corner of her eye, Laurence, her 18 year old neighbour walked past her kitchen window. There was nothing unusual about that but for some reason he waved and smiled, giving a cheeky wink as he made eye contact with her. She shook her head and took the milk jug and was about to start pouring when Nathan walked in the door, wrapping his arms underneath hers and pulling her towards him and grabbing her tits through her dress.

‘Were you trying to sneak out with waking me? I’m offended and feel used.’ Nathan laughed as he finished his sentence.

‘You feel used? I haven’t even been able to put on a bra and kickers today. That’s how used I feel!!’ Elaine replied, pretending she didn’t love the fact she was so sore.

‘Oh really, and going out in public too. I’ll expect to see a picture or two while you’re doing whatever you’re doing in that case.’ Nathan run his hands up his aunt’s thigh, bringing her dress with it until his hands reached her pussy for the first time that day causing Elaine to wince. She put her head back on Nathan’s shoulder and enjoyed his touch as he gentle caressed her mound with soothing strokes. Finding her engorged clit he gently ran his fingers over her hood, barely touching her but causing flinches of pleasure none the less.

‘Oh, fuck that’s so good. Keep doing that please. Mmmm.’ Elaine was on her way to yet another orgasm but this one felt slightly different. Not slutty, not taboo or whore-ish, but sensual and welcome in her sore pussy. Nathan’s fingers went a little faster and he added a little more pressure to his desperate aunt’s clit and Elaine begin to breath in a pattern that had become familiar to Nathan the evening before.

‘Fuck, yes, I’m going to cum.’ Elaine was breathless and her voice little more than a whisper and she was on the very verge of cumming when Nathan snapped his hand away and let her dress fall down.

‘What,? No fair, Nathan please!?’ Elaine couldn’t believe her nephew had stopped just like that. ‘I was about to cum, don’t you want Aunty Bo to cum to send her on her way this morning? Just one little orgasm?’

‘Mmmm, I don’t think so. You can have the rest when you get back later. You can stay horny for me all day.’ Nathan replied. His aunt had complied last night when he made requests of her, so he felt like pushing her a little. Who knows what she might do for him. ‘What are you doing today that means I can’t spend all morning having my way with you?’

‘Nothing interesting, got a few bits to pick up that I ordered from the DIY shop, food shopping and I wanted to do a bit of clothes shopping for something to wear for your Dad’s birthday do.’ Elaine filled her nephew in on her days planned errands and finished making her coffee in her travel mug and grabbed her car keys from the hook near the door. She approached Nathan and habitually went to give him a kiss and hug as she had done every other time she had said goodbye in their lives, but Nathan grabbed her, pulling him towards her so she could feel his hard cock pressing against her and gripped her bare arse under her dress. Kissing her hard and passionately in the way that sent Elaine’s sex drive soaring.

‘Well that hasn’t helped,’ she said to him. ‘I’m going to be in a foul mood until I get to cum now, you know?’ She warned.

‘Be a good slut aunt today then and who knows what I might let you do while bursa escort bayan you’re out? No cumming unless I say so though, Bo. I want you desperate by the time you get home later.’ Today was going to be fun, Nathan was sure of that. A few beers with his army pal, a couple of games of pool and a sexy brunette at his beck and call. What could be better?

‘Hmmmm, unless you say so?’ said Elaine, bending over and picking up her handbag. ‘And if I don’t do as I’m asked?’

‘I’ll make you bend over like you just did lots while you’re out. That dress gives a great view of your arse and pussy when you bend over like that.’ Nathan replied. ‘But you’ll probably enjoy that.’

‘What? No it doesn’t. For god’s sake. I’ll go and put my longer skirt on. I’m trying to at least appear respectable to everyone else.’ Said Elaine chuckling.

‘No you won’t,’ said Nathan moving in to the doorway. ‘You can stay just like that. You look way too sexy to warrant changing.’

‘But I have to go to B&Q. That’s always full of tradesmen and I have to get a couple of bags in to the boot of my car.’ She replied. Elaine was often in the DIY shop. She was proud of the amount of different jobs she could turn her hand to and had gotten to know a few of the guys that worked there as well as being on nodding terms with a few of the plumbers and builders that frequented the shop. ‘They won’t ever leave me alone if I end up flashing them. It’s bad enough as it is.’

‘I guess you had better be careful then. Otherwise you might end up with all sorts of offers.’ Came the words of advice.

Elaine went to the downstairs bathroom and grabbed some tissue paper and raising her skirt dabbed at her moist pussy.

‘You’ve got me dripping here, please Nathan, just one orgasm,’ Elaine begged.

‘Nope, have a good day, I’ll see you this afternoon.’ And with those words ringing in her ears Elaine was essentially ushered from her own house.

‘Fucking cheek of it!’ Elaine complained to herself as the door shut behind her.

She unlocked her car and threw her handbag across to the front passenger seat of the car when she was interrupted by Laurence heading back the other way.

‘Hi, Bo.’ He said taking her by surprise with the use of her family name for her. ‘Hope you had a good night with your nephew.’ And with that he carried on walking, opened his front door nonchalantly and went inside.

‘What the fuck was that all about?’ Elaine wondered, hoping he had only heard her nickname and nothing else that had gone on ‘What if he has though? Oh well, he’s just a kid. Not much he can do even if he did hear. Who’s going to believe a little fucker like him. He’s always in trouble, so nobody will take him seriously.’

Slipping her car in to reverse she backed out of her driveway, her foot action on the pedals making her dress hem raise a little further. Elaine opened her window as she reached the main road and felt the wind blow through her car, circulating and blowing her hair around and lifting her dress that much further. Still needing fresh air around her most sensitive area to help sooth her aching loins, she flapped her dress up and down a little as she waited at a set of traffic lights, intermittently flashing her pussy. Turning her head to the left, she noticed a lorry driver staring right in to her passenger window. Catching her eye, the driver gave a thumbs up as the lights changed and Elaine realised she had been exposing her cunt to the neighbouring vehicles driver. She put her car in gear and moved away in a bit of a hurry as the lights changed, filtering in front of the smiling lorry driver that she could see in her mirror. Taking more notice Elaine noticed the livery of the vehicle.

‘B&Q, oh god. I hope he isn’t going to the local one. That’s my next stop,’ thought Elaine as she lost sight of him in her mirror. Forgetting about the embarrassing moment, she turned the radio up to be greeted with one of her favourite current songs and as she had hoped, the sun, sexual contentment from how her own nephew had satisfied her last night and sunshine music made her relaxed and happy. Pulling in to the car park of the DIY store, she noticed how busy it was and was glad she had pre-ordered the gravel she needed to collect. Making her way to the customer service desk, Elaine was greeted by a couple of familiar faces and said her polite hellos as she tottered away across the shop, feeling a little self conscious. Normally she would have put on a pair of cut off shorts for a trip here but right now she felt like a typical woman in a man’s environment, over dressed and a little embarrassed.

‘Good morning, how can I help?’ Greeted the young man in his twenties behind the customer service desk.

Elaine produced her printed order confirmation and was directed to the collection point.

‘If you just drive around the back, you can pick them up there. It’s sign posted Deliveries & Click and Collect. Show them escort bursa your order confirmation and somebody will bring the bags out.’

Turning around, Elaine found a queue of two local tradesmen and one regular customer standing with his wife waiting behind her and as she went to make her way past the first one caught his eye

‘Thanks for improving my view while I waited. Have a good day.’ Smiled the man in overalls as she past him.

Reaching her car, Elaine checked her phone for messages and saw one waiting from Nathan.

‘Can’t wait to fuck you again later X’ and attached to the message was a picture of Nathans cock, standing proud with his hand wrapped round it.

Elaine began typing her reply. ‘And I can’t wait for you to fuck me. Oh and by the way, you making me wear this dress meant a lorry driver has already got to see my pussy! X’

As she turned the last corner and into the delivery yard, directly in front of her was a lorry blocking her way.

‘No way!’ Elaine stated out loud. ‘Please don’t let that be the guy I flashed’

The deliver truck pulled forward to one of the large industrial bay doors, allowing Elaine to nervously pull in to the customer parking area and as the driver got out of his cab, the nervous brunettes fears were confirmed. It was definitely the same guy. Watching on to see where he went and hopefully avoid him while she picked up her order and seeing him disappear in to the delivery bay, Elaine felt quietly confident she could slip in and out before the delivery driver noticed his flasher from just a half hour or so ago. Elaine once again presented her order confirmation to the first person she saw in the recognisable orange uniform of the store.

‘Its in bay 4. If you want to back up in front of it, I’ll get somebody to lift it in to your boot. Actually, Mac, to save this lady waiting, would you mind doing that while I get a forklift driver to unload you?’

Turning around, Elaine came face to face with the delivery driver she was next to at the lights and who had seen her wafting cool air over her bald pussy as she waited. He was mid fifties, maybe a bit older. He was in decent shape so it was hard to tell. The tell tale signs of a slight greying looked good on him but what struck Elaine most of all was how tall he was. He must have been 6’6 at least. Something she hadn’t taken notice of when she saw him from a distance earlier.

‘Nice to see you again,’ he said with a smile stretching from ear to ear. Yep, more than happy to help a lady in need.’

Next to him, Elaine’s 5’4 frame looked ridiculously small, even with the slight lift her wedges gave her, her eyes didn’t go much higher than his chest.

‘Erm, Hello. Yes, thanks, I’ll just back up my car.’ She stammered, reaching in to her handbag for her keys and avoiding eye contact with Mac. ‘How the fuck do these things happen all the time?’ she thought, rushing out the door to her car.

‘Brilliant, the lorry driver that saw up my dress is now at the shop and helping put my order in the car X’ Elaine typed in a rush and sent it to Nathan.

‘Haha. Brilliant. Send me a picture of your pussy. I bet that’s made you horny! X’

‘For god sake,’ muttered Elaine, looking around her to see if it was possible. Lifting her left leg on to the centre console, with her right leg straight, she leaned back against her door and stretched her arm out, framing her own image so it showed all of her and the back ground of the DIY yard. Without even checking it she sent it to Nathan. Before she had time to readjust the positioning of her legs and arrange her dress to look somewhat decent, there was a knock on the window. Mac was standing there, with two bags of gravel on his shoulder.

‘If you click your boot open, I’ll load them for you.’ He said. What he had seen earlier was surprisingly common from the height he sat at as he drove his HGV up and down the motorway. He saw lots of stocking tops as dresses rode up as ladies drove, their legs slightly parted with one leg near the clutch and the other on the gas pedal. He also saw lots of people changing the back seats as other people did the driving. Plenty of blow jobs during his later drive even. But, up to that point, he had never been up close to the people he saw. And especially with them putting on a second show for him. He was a confident man but this knocked even him out of his stride briefly.

‘Shit, oh fuck. No, yes. Fuck.’ Totally flustered and embarrassed, Elaine slammed her legs closed bring the left back in to her own foot well in one swift movement. She pressed the button and still with phone in hand jumped from her door waving her hands with apologies and explanations.

‘I’m so sorry. It’s my ne…new friend. He just asked for something a bit risky. I’m really sorry if I embarrassed you. Shit, as if earlier wasn’t bad enough!’

Mac placed the bags in the boot, once again standing up to his full stature as the petite brunette in front of him explained herself, pointing to the phone she was holding out in front of her as she blamed Nathan fully for the man in front of her now having seen her opened legged. As Elaine was pointing to the screen the screen lit up with a WhatsApp notification.

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Bonnie and Dee Dee go to Uncle Doc

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(This story is set directly after the events in “Guarding Bonnie on her 18th Birthday, Part 4)

Instead of going to the ER, Dee Dee drove to her retired physician ex-uncle, Doc, who lived nearby. He was once married to her mother’s sister, but that ended sadly long ago.

When they arrived at Uncle Doc’s house, they saw the doctor, a virile and still muscular man in his early 70’s, emerge from the pool like a Greek god. His tight Speedos clung to his chiseled physique, and Dee and Bonnie couldn’t help but admire his impressive form. A former college swim champion, he was still in swimmer’s shape, his bald head and deep tan adding to his rugged, masculine appeal.

Dee Dee couldn’t help but feel a rush of desire as she took in the sight of the man she had once loved passionately when she was just 18. Despite the passing years, he was still just as handsome and virile as ever, and she felt a pang of regret that their relationship had ended.

Her niece, who was now 18, was equally mesmerized by the doctor. She had never seen a man so attractive and masculine, and she felt her heart flutter at the thought of being near him.

As he toweled off, they sneaked glances at his large bulge, their pussies getting wet at the sight of his confident, handsome demeanor. The doctor’s Speedos clung tightly to his body, leaving little to the imagination. His muscular chest and toned abs were on full display, as was his large cock, which bobbed up and down as he walked. They couldn’t help but stare in awe, their eyes drawn to his impressive physique.

As he made his way over to his towel, the doctor smiled confidently, clearly aware of the effect he was having on the ladies. They watched him with a mixture of admiration and lust as he dried himself off, their eyes following every move he made. The doctor seemed to revel in the attention, his ego no doubt boosted by the knowledge that he was still able to turn them on despite his age.

A plump young woman who wore nothing underneath her scrub top came out of the house and handed Doc a towel to dry off. She introduced herself as his nurse, Clara, and led Dee Dee and Bonnie to an exam room.

She quickly got to work, taking the women’s height, weight, and vital signs. As she moved around the room, Bonnie and Dee couldn’t help but catch glimpses of her trimmed pussy and round ass, completely visible whenever Clara raised an arm or bent over.

Clara efficiently took Dee Dee’s and Bonnie’s vital signs, her expert hands moving quickly bursa escort and confidently as she checked their heart rates, blood pressure, and temperature. The women couldn’t help but notice that the nurse was very hands-on, and they both felt a rush of heat as she touched their own exposed flesh.

As Clara prepared them for the exam, she efficiently removed what remained of their clothes, her hands deftly slipping each garment off as she exposed their naked bodies. Clara caressed Bonnie’s skin, which was soft and smooth, like the petals of a delicate flower. Bonnie was mortified at showing her young body in front of a half-naked stranger, but Clara’s professional demeanor put her at ease. She followed her auntie’s example and put down her arms, showing her tits and pussy.

After Clara left the room, Dee Dee and Bonnie hugged each other’s naked bodies, pressing against each other, and Bonnie ran her hands over her auntie’s whip marks. They both felt a warm flush spread over their cheeks as their skin met. They couldn’t help but make catty comments about the nurse’s handsy removal of their clothes. Then they joked about how Clara seemed to enjoy getting them naked a little too much. Dee Dee teased Bonnie about the way that she had flashed Bonnie glimpses of her tits, pussy, and ass, while she caressed her.

Uncle Doc walked in, in his Speedos with a stethoscope, and no signs of shrinkage. He asked her what happened, and Dee Dee gave him quick highlights, as he listened attentively. He wondered if she was telling the whole truth about the whip marks. He then visually inspected Dee Dee’s body, starting with her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat. As he peered down her throat, he saw traces of cum, and he and Dee Dee made eye contact.

He began the physical examination with a professional and clinical demeanor, looking over her vital signs and checking her heart and lungs. As he moved his hands over her body, performing a thorough examination from head to toe, he felt a sense of restrained passion brewing inside him.

He remembered the passionate love affair he had with Dee Dee when she was 18. It was just after he had lost his wife. He felt an aching need, and Dee Dee filled it – she was an 18 year old version of her aunt. He connected with her when she came with him for an exam and they shared a mutual attraction. He sometimes wished things had turned out differently for them. Despite this, he was still deeply attracted to her, and he found himself admiring bursa escort bayan her naked body as he performed the examination.

He checked her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, looking for any signs of infection or abnormalities. He saw signs of cum in her throat and some mild bruising. He checked her skin, examining the whip marks and bruises. He carefully felt her lymph nodes and checked her thyroid gland for any abnormalities.

As he moved down her body, he checked her chest, listening to her heart and lungs again and smelling the cum on her chest. He then performed a thorough breast examination, checking each breast for any lumps or abnormalities. He lingered on her tits, savoring the smoothness of her skin and the warmth of her body. She sighed in pleasure as he ran his fingertips over her breasts, enjoying the sensation of his touch once again on her sensitive skin.

Next, the doctor moved on to her abdomen, checking her liver, spleen, and other organs for any signs of abnormality. He then performed a thorough pelvic examination, checking her external genitalia for any signs of infection or abnormalities and inserting a speculum to examine her cervix and vagina, with her tan pussy spread wide.

As he performed the pelvic exam, both the doctor and the Dee Dee felt themselves getting aroused. They tried to hide their arousal, maintaining a professional and clinical demeanor, but they couldn’t help but be moved by the experience. They exchanged a knowing look, as they both remembered the passion they once shared.

When Dee Dee’s examination came to an end, she and the doctor shared a moment of mutual longing and regret. He kissed her gently on the lips, and she felt a warm flush spread over her cheeks as their skin met. Despite the passage of time and the changes in their lives, the love and attraction they once shared was still strong, hidden just beneath the surface.

The doctor continued with the physical examination of Bonnie, who moved to the examination table. Dee Dee remained in the room, watching as the doctor moved his hands over Bonnie’s body, taking note of every curve and contour. As he touched Bonnie, Uncle Doc couldn’t help but compare her to Dee Dee, whom he once loved so deeply, and he found himself drawn to Bonnie’s youth and vitality.

He started with a general check-up, listening to her heart and lungs and checking her blood pressure. As he moved his hands over her body, he felt her warmth and the softness of her skin. escort bursa He was careful to be professional and respectful, but the 72 year old man couldn’t help but be turned on by the experience of having his way with Bonnie’s teenage body.

The doctor continued the examination, moving on to the other vital signs. He listened to her breathing, noting the sound of her soft, steady inhalations and exhalations. As he moved his stethoscope across her chest, he couldn’t resist flicking her nipple with his finger, causing her to gasp with pleasure. He cupped her tits in his hands, feeling the softness of her skin and the gentle swell of her flesh. He knew where this might lead, so he politely suggested to Dee Dee that she wait in his bedroom. She happily took the offer, because she needed to play with her own clit, and get some self-pleasure.

Once Dee Dee left, it was time for the pelvic exam. The doctor told the young Bonnie to lie back on the table. He began the examination, gently inserting a speculum into her vagina to examine her cervix. As he performed the procedure, he couldn’t resist rubbing her clitoris with his thumb, eliciting moans of pleasure from the girl.

The doctor then checked her uterus, gently plunging his fingers deep inside her pussy to feel for any abnormalities and rubbing her g-spot on the way out. As he performed the internal exam, Bonnie’s moans grew louder and more intense. She was completely lost in the sensations of the doctor’s touch.

Finally, the doctor moved on to the rectal exam. Her ass was firm and round, with a youthful plumpness that invited him to penetrate her. He inserted his lubricated finger into Bonnie’s rose colored anus, checking for any signs of abnormalities as he buried his finger in her beautiful ass. She shuddered with pleasure at the feeling of his finger inside her, and she teared up as he stifled a cry of ecstasy. Throughout the examination, he found himself comparing the two women, wondering what his life might have been like if he had stayed with Dee Dee instead of letting her go, or what it could be if he took Bonnie’s ass right then and kept her as his young lover.

As the examination came to an end, the doctor and Bonnie shared a moment of mutual longing and desire. The doctor offered Bonnie a warm smile and a reassuring pat on the shoulder before he left the office to check on Dee Dee and see what he could reignite, at least for the afternoon.

Clara returned to the room, with medical supplies, a wash basin, soap, sponge and shampoo. She was ready to personally attend to Bonnie’s wounds, bathe her sweet young body and share some pleasure with the nubile teenager. Bonnie looked up at her with wide, innocent eyes, her skin glowing with the radiance of youth and purity.

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A Dangerous Threesome Pt. 02

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I awoke the next morning, with a bit of a fuzzy head. Laura, my mum, wasn’t lying beside me.

The memory of the night before slowly reloaded into my head and I lay on my back, recalling how I had committed such terrible but oh so pleasurable acts on my mum.

I put on what must have been my dad’s gown and padded through to the lounge, where Laura, my mum, was sitting on a single chair, right leg tucked under her.

She wore a thick cotton gown but I could see that she wasn’t concealing her breasts. Their fullness quickened my heartbeat.

She sat, lazily smoking a thin cigarette with a bottle of vodka beside her, almost two thirds full.

“Mum, what are you doing? You had given up cigarettes.” I chided her.

She looked at me and in an amused voice, retorted “My son has fucked me and his biggest problem is me going back to smoking!”

That shut me up for a moment, as I looked at her, casually blowing out smoke.

I should have felt mortified but instead I had a pride inside, knowing that she had given her sexual self to me.

She moved and I could now see a nipple. She was quick to realise and teased me.

“Does my little boy want some more?”

My body said yes, as my cock was rock solid but my head was holding me back.

“Mum, you really are beautiful but It’s wrong of me to take advantage of you.”

She looked puzzled and took a swig from her bottle.

“Would you rather some stranger had taken advantage of me?”

“No, of course not! I don’t want anyone to take advantage of you, mum.”

“What if mummy wanted cock? Still wants cock?” That husky tone returned and I knew that I would submit.

My gown could not conceal my erection and she smiled.

“Stop pretending you don’t want to fuck me.”

I stepped forward and stood in front of her.

“Has my darling son brought me some breakfast?”

She opened the gown and grabbed my cock, which was pulsing madly. She leaned forward and kissed it.

Floods of pleasure ran through me, as I felt her lips encase my shaft.

Her gown fully opened and I could see her her breasts squashed against me, her nipples pressed into my thigh.

At that moment, I had never wanted another bursa escort woman more than my mother.

But what about her? Why was she doing this? I thought it may have been the alcohol, maybe my dad treating her like a worthless no mark. I even considered that she actually enjoyed sex with her son. Hoped actually.

Mum was sucking with a great deal of energy and it soon became evident that she was skilled at deepthroating. I felt honoured that she was using her skills on me.

My balls now had their cum levels replenished and I prepared to empty my heavy load down her throat.

Her tongue massaging my cum slit was what did it and my cock was buried deep inside her, when I exploded into her mouth.

She sucked every drop from me and there was a wide grin on her face when she finally released me.

“Oh Leon, yesterday might just have been an accident. This morning isn’t”

I couldn’t argue. I loved her sucking my cock and yes I had loved fucking her the day before.

I headed off to the shower, if it had been bigger I’d have invited her in.

By the time I had finished, she had only a half bottle left and her icy blue eyes looked a little hazy.

“Mum, first cigarettes, now vodka. What is happeng to you?”

“Just been enjoying my three favourite things, Leon. A smoke, a drink and a cock!” She laughed, in a drunken way.

I was exasperated. I knew I was to blame for pouncing on my vulnerable mum but I wanted the best for her.

I made my excuses and went out after dressing. I wasn’t going anywhere in particular, I just needed to clear my head. That wasn’t proving easy, every moment my thoughts were filled by my mum’s naked body, her large hard nipples, her hairy pussy and her willing mouth that had taken me that morning. My cock was rigid and I needed to sit down for a moment as I was uncomfortable.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I fished it out, expecting a lewd message from mum. Instead I was shocked to see that it was a message from my dad, a man I now had no contact with. His message was short, merely asking me to call him, with no explanation why.

My curiosity was piqued and I wanted to know what he was after and I wanted to tell bursa escort bayan him that I knew about his tricks.

“Hello, is that you Leon?” His excited voice answered.

“No, it’s the man on the moon. Who do you think it is, dad?”

That last word stuck in my throat.

He ignored my sarcasm and continued.

“How are you doing son?”

“I’m just fine, dad. Why the sudden interest?” I knew I sounded irritated.

“Okay, Leon, I’m going to be up front with you. I know you are at your mum’s.”

That came as a surprise. How the hell did he know that. Had mum sent him a message?

“The old lady next door called me.”

“Old Mrs Mackintosh, why?”

“She’s been keeping me informed for a while.” He answered.

“About what, for God’s sake, get to the point.

What dad went on to tell me, turned everything I had believed on its head. My mum hadn’t caught him in bed with anyone. In fact, the neighbour had insinuated that a few strange guys had been to the door, been invited in and left about an hour later.

My dad came home early one day and caught her naked, a delivery man eating her out. She was, of course, drunk.

He then had a full-blown row with her and stormed out. He was now staying in a rented room in one of the less salubrious areas of town.

This story shook me. I didn’t have any real feelings for dad but I now knew that my mum was a real cock chasing slut and that I was only one of many who had fucked her.

I still couldn’t get the thought of her sucking my cock out of my mind. I was still hard but now I wanted her in a different way.

The walk back to the house failed to clear my thoughts.

Surely it was the booze doing it.

As I entered the front door, I wasn’t sure what would be facing me. I was surprised to find that she had got dressed, well, to an extent.

She had put on a white vest top with no bra. Her nipples were prominently displayed and they seemed to harden when she saw him.

She was also wearing a denim mini skirt and as usual, Leon found himself hardening.

This wasn’t how he planned things.

“See son, the bottle isn’t my master.” She exclaimed.

“You sure it isn’t having escort bursa an effect on your dress sense?” I countered.

“Don’t you like me like this, sweetie?” She said, whilst widening her arms to display herself.

That woman knew how to get me going, as my erection raged.

“Of course I do, mum, who wouldn’t. That’s the problem.”

“Problem? What problem?” She queried.

“You dress like that for all the guys.”

My words hit her like a shell barrage. First a direct hit to the head, then smaller ones to her heart and her stomach.

“What do you mean, son?” She asked doubtfully.

“I mean it wasn’t dad who was found being sucked in bed but you sucking a delivery man.”

“How……how did you find out?” She didn’t even try to argue.

“Dad told me, he said all you were interested in was alcohol and cock.”

“Don’t preach at me Leon, I can still see you’re hard.” Mum pointed out.

She wasn’t wrong. I still wanted her.

“What colour panties are you wearing?” I genuinely asked.

“Who said I’m wearing any?” She teased.

That was like a red rag to a bull and I advanced into the kitchen, where she stood, looking the sexy woman I had discovered in the previous 24 hours.

I pushed her against the tall fridge and forced my lips to hers. She moaned as my tongue searched her mouth, as she gave herself up. I put one hand under her skirt and started to massage her bush, inserting one, then two fingers. Her pussy was soaked and most welcoming but I had another idea in mind.

I bent her over the counter and used her cunny juice to lubricate her ass. I put a finger in her ass, quite forcefully and she yelped. Then I rubbed my cock around her hole. She moaned in anticipation and started to push back onto my cock. My bulbous head broke through and I could feel her tense up but I pushed forward and after an initial shriek, she settled into the rhythm.

I was now fucking her ass hard and also spanked her cheeks.

“That’s for lying to me.” As i slapped her ass.

“And that’s for cheating on dad.”

I saved the best for last and I whacked her again.

“That’s for fucking up our relationship.”

At that, my cock let free its heavy load and I filled her slutty ass.

By the time I withdrew, I could hear her sobbing. I turned her around and this time kissed her cheek as I held her.

“Just be my mum again, please.” I said as my shrinking cock dripped some spunky residue.

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The Marine Bk. 02 Ch. 14

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Previous chapters found in the following:

Chapter 1-10, 20: Incest/Taboo

Chapter 11, 13-15, 23: Erotic Coupling

Chapter 12, 21: Interracial Love

Chapter 16: Mature

Chapter 17-18: First Time

Chapter 19: Anal

Chapter 22: Group Sex

As planned, this will be the penultimate chapter. Due to the amount of content that I’ve got in mind to finish this off, this chapter might be one of the longest before wrapping everything up in the twenty-fifth and last chapter.

Like most of the chapters in ‘Book 2’, there is a suspension of belief somewhat required but it’s all written with that in mind and simply meant to be all in good fun. It’s all fiction and fantasy in the end!


“ASIO officers will be present upon your arrival, Captain.” Looking at Julia, I almost smirked at the use of my old rank. “Get used to it, Nate. The boss told you that you will be brought back to life in more ways than one.”

“What about my family?”

Her face fell. “Nothing yet, Nate. This isn’t a normal kidnapping situation. The Russians want blood. They want their vengeance. They want you to pay for embarrassing them.”

“Well, I’m not going to just hand myself over and I doubt they’ve managed to get them out of the country so where do they think they are?”

“A secure compound, hoping to make the exchange. You for them. They’ll threaten and bluster. As soon as we get a fix on their location, you’re going in.”


Katie was sitting next to me, listening in to the conversation. Feeling her cuddle into my side, I turned and hugged her tightly as she needed a cry. “You’ll save them, won’t you, Nate?”

“You bet your sweet little arse.”

The giggle she released warmed my heart. Hannah and Emma were snoozing on the other side of the aisle, covered in blankets. We’d spent two days in Montana, the Director having everyone available going over all the intelligence available. What he could confirm is that the enemy had gone after me and Julia, Katie, Hannah and Emma, and my family back home all at the same time. By the time the word was sent to intelligence back home, it was already too late.

There had been only one message so far. I was to return home and surrender myself to those who had taken Amy and my parents. My captors would then be allowed to leave by plane. I knew exactly where they’d take me and what would happen rather quickly upon landing. Interrogation. Torture. Eventual execution.

“I don’t want anyone else fucking this up, Jules,” I finally said, “This will be a two-person operation. You and me. We figure out where they are, I infiltrate, take the fuckers out, and save my family. That’s the only thing that matters.”

“Not sure the locals will appreciate that.”

“I don’t care. Get the boss on the phone and he can authorise it. It will take one phone call from someone high up elsewhere to somewhere high up back home. I don’t care how many noses are put out of joint.”

“Some would say you’re too emotional, Nate.” I gave Julia a look which earned a smirk in return. “I know you’re pissed off. However, I’ve worked with you long enough to know you don’t operate on emotion. Facts, logic and the occasional gut feeling.”

Landing at an airport outside of Sydney, we were greeted by a trio of ASIO officials. To my surprise, they’d already been briefed, offering their assistance, the lead agent informing me that he’d received a call hours ago stating the operation would be mine and mine alone, and while I would require assistance, it would be up to Jennifer and I to resolve the issue. He admitted it was highly unusual but the call had come from near enough to the top that he didn’t argue. Leading me away for a private conversation, my first concern was the three women with me.

Hannah, Emma and Katie were naturally worried when I was in conversation. Julia wouldn’t be going with me, at least on the operation itself but would join me until we found them. Otherwise, she would simply be giving me all the information I needed, our two people act the same as always. Perhaps the last time we’d work together in such a manner. We had only one cache in Australia that I was going to make full use of. Although my home country was considered incredibly safe, it was always best to be prepared in case the worst happened.

“I can assure you that the authorities will be kept in the loop regarding what I’m doing,” I told the lead ASIO agent before we started to split up, “But what we know so far is that we will likely not be dealing with Russian nationals, so a diplomatic incident should be afforded. We’ve received word on the way here that military contractors from the region were deployed here to take care of the targets.”

“Do you know where they are?” he wondered, “We haven’t been able to get a fix on them yet.”

Nodding, I replied, “Within the Sydney Metropolitan Area. My two priorities are to rescue to the targets and prevent civilian casualties. Once we locate the targets, the hope is that they are not in a suburban setting. I will need a message sent to all bursa escort stations across the Metro Area for them to not involve themselves once we locate the targets.”

“If you get us word of where they are, I can spread word to keep the area closed until you give us the all-clear.”

“Thank you.”

He paused before asking, “Is this personal?”

“They’ve taken my family because of what I’ve been doing. I took the job with the near assurance my family would be safe.”

Gesturing to one of the large vehicles, he explained the three women would be taken to a secure building to wait for my return. He promised to also keep them in the loop of what I was doing, and once I have found and rescued my family, ensure they would be told of our condition. Before they were driven away, I made sure I hugged each of them tightly, whispering how much I loved them. I was still expecting anger from Hannah and Emma. Maybe that was still to come. Instead, all I’d received so far was endless hugs and cuddles, both women still crying occasionally at my return. It was a little different for Katie, as she knew I was alive, left feeling a little guilty that she knew but I’d sworn her to secrecy. Hannah and Emma said no forgiveness was necessary as they understood enough already.

“Where are we going?” Julia asked once we were in the car provided.

“I’m still getting used to calling you Julia in front of other people,” I admitted.

“I think our old identities are dead now so you might as well get used to it.” Taking my hand as I drove along, she smiled at me. “So where are we going?”

“An industrial site in the inner west. We had to be careful getting everything we needed into the country. Gun laws and all that. What information do we have on possible locations?”

“We’re currently cutting out possibilities. We know they won’t be stupid. They’ll want somewhere with plenty of exits, a clear lay of the land, and where they will have the upper hand against the sort of force they’ll anticipate facing.”

“But there’s a good chance they won’t expect a lone operative?”

“They’ll believe you’ll either be part of a team or you’ll be used as bait to get the upper hand. I doubt they’ll anticipate you going all lone wolf.” She paused before asking, “Where do you think, Nate?”

“Outskirts. Farmland or something similar. They won’t want any witnesses, so they won’t be in suburbia. They want me handed over and then to get out as soon as possible. They’ll have their own air support already set up. Once they make contact again, see if we can get at least some sort of fix, but they’ll want to be close enough to at least a provincial airport that a small jet can use.”

Arriving at the cache, it didn’t exactly have the greatest of security, as I hadn’t been present when it was set up, but once we opened the door, I smiled as it was stocked well enough that I was confident we’d be successful. While Julia focused on technology, I was more worried about weapons. Backing the car up to the door, I filled the boot up with all the weapons, ammunition, clothing and necessities we would need for an operation. Julia had everything she would need too.

OGIS had a safe house in the western suburbs of Sydney. Never used by any of our operatives but was leased out to other agencies whenever they were working on another operation. The apartment needed airing out as it had likely not been in use for months, not surprised that, after opening all the windows and making the bed, we headed out for some other sort of supplies, namely food and drink.

Once we were settled back in the apartment, it was a case of intelligence gathering and waiting for them to contact me. As soon as I had them on the line, I knew more than one group would be helping track the call. Whoever had taken my family might think they’d have the upper hand, perhaps thinking they would have the technological edge. They were going to learn very quickly that, compared to what I had at my disposal, they were in the stone age.

Thirty-six hours after arriving, my phone rang and I knew it would be them as it was a new number, one that had been passed to them. Julia quickly sent word to everyone who would be listening, waiting until she gave the signal to answer the phone.


“Is this Nathan Smith?”

“Might be. Who’s asking?”

“The people who have your parents and sister.”

“You claim that but I’m going to need proof of that. Put one of them on the phone.”

“You are in no position to make demands, Captain Smith.”

“You want me to play ball, you put one of them on the phone.”

“We could just kill them.”

“Then you lose any leverage you have, and I’ll still kill you all in the end anyway.”

“Your confidence will eventually be your undoing.”

Glancing at Julia, she gave me a thumbs up and the signal to keep the conversation going. “Look, are you going to put one of them on the phone or are you going to keep wasting my time? I have important things to take care of and talking to people like you is way down the list of things bursa escort bayan I want to endure.”

Julia had to cover her mouth to suppress her giggle. I’d dealt with arseholes like this before. Full of bluster and threats though like a lot of people in their position, they knew not to follow through on the threats. They already had my family. They knew, if they were to come to any harm, I’d follow them into hell to ensure retribution was delivered.

There were muffled sounds from the other end of the line before I heard another male voice. “Hello?”


There was a pause before I heard a whisper of my name. “Nate?”

“It’s me, Dad. Long story but I can’t tell you it all right now. Are you okay? Mum and Amy okay?”

“I’m fine. Roughed me up a little. I haven’t seen your mother or sister since they took us.”

“Just do what they say for now, Dad.”

“What’s going on, Nate?”

“Long story, Dad. I’ll tell you once you’re safe. I just wanted to make sure you were okay before I dealt with these arseholes. Put the other guy on the phone now. I’ll see you soon.” Glancing at Julia, she gave me the signal for fifteen more seconds. As soon as I heard breathing, I asked, “Right, arsehole. I know my father is at least okay. What do you want?”

“An exchange. Your life for your family.”

“What’s your deal in this? Who have I pissed off this time?”

“You pissed off the wrong people and we’re being paid handsomely to ensure the resolution of this matter. Make sure your phone is charged. We will be in contact again shortly.”

Hearing the line disconnect, I placed the phone down and met Julia’s eyes. She smiled before turning the laptop around. “It’s not an exact position. We’ll have to wait for more information though this is the general area they are likely based.”

Looking at the position, I don’t exactly recognise the area of my home city as it had expanded rapidly in the time I’d been away, realising I hadn’t been home in Sydney since the day I’d departed to join up with the Royal Marines. Julia realised I was away with my thought for a moment, feeling her take my hand in hers. “You okay, Nate?”

“Realising I’ve been gone for so long. Just flying over the city, I knew how much bigger it already was.” Clearing my throat, I pointed at the map. “Anyway, I don’t exactly know the area but it’s an isolated area of the Metro area. Once we’ve confirmed where exactly they are, we’ll do some recon.”

“Are you sure you want to do this with just us two?”

“I don’t want a big operation, Jules. We do this quietly and the only casualties will be those holding my family hostage.”

“You’re going to need someone to…” She paused when I met her eyes, making her smile again. “I was expecting something like ‘They work in pairs’ or something like that.”

“I know how good you are with a rifle, Jules. I remember those days on the range while training.”

“You spent half your time looking at my arse.”

“And a very fine arse it still is.” Moving my chair around the table, she leaned against my shoulder. “Yes, I want you on the ground with me,” I added quietly, “Once this is over…”

“Whatever you decide, I’m going with you, Nate.”

Information arrived within an hour, and we were quickly able to figure out exactly where they had my family. Calling Katie a little later, I didn’t go into detail but let her know we’d figured out a few things and I aimed to have the situation resolved sooner rather than later. Letting her know I talked to our father, she sighed with relief and told me that all she wanted was for her family to come home safely. Talking to Hannah and Emma afterwards, both were rather quiet, admitting to still being scared but the apartment they were staying in was comfortable and the people protecting them were helpful and friendly.

Julia and I headed out near midnight to do a little recon. It was quite a drive from one side of Sydney to the other, but there was little traffic on the road. Approaching the farmstead where my family was being held, we approached with the lights off, pulling off the road and using the darkness as cover. We had night-vision binoculars, assessing the situation on the ground. A large main building which looked a little dilapidated. A couple of large barns and storage buildings.

“I’m counting three teams of two on patrol,” I whispered.


“Two-man team on the roof.”


“That leaves unknown number of hostiles inside the main building and no sign of where my family is.”

“The boss could get a drone flown over for us. Thermal and heat signatures could give us an indication of where they are.”

“If they’re smart, they’ll hold them separate as although they’ll be hoping I play ball, I reckon they’ll be expecting something like what we’re planning.”

“When do we move?”

“Quickly. The longer we wait, the more nervous they’ll get. They want this over and done with, and they’ll want to be out of the country ASAP. I know for a fact we won’t be the only people watching escort bursa them. ASIO will give us a little time to finish this off the way we want, but they won’t tolerate this going on too long.”

“So when do we move?”

In the darkness, I met her eyes. “Tomorrow night.”

Returning to our apartment, we showered together before she leapt on me once we were back in the bedroom. On my back, she mounted my cock and slowly rode me, the light of the lamp illuminating her body. “Nate… Would you want to restart your relationships with them?” she asked, moaning softly as she enjoyed my cock.

“I’m not sure they’d be interested after everything.”

“You’re blind. They’re still in love with you. If you invited them into your bedroom, the three of them would leap at the chance.” Leaning down to kiss me, she whispered, “Can’t wait to meet Amy. I remember her photo. She’s beautiful.”

“I broke her heart, Jules. Out of everyone, I’m not sure she’d forgive me.”

“She still mourns you, Nate. That proves how much she sill loves you. It will take time, but she’ll forgive you.” Kissing me again, she asked, “Would she be okay with sharing you with me?”

“She’s shared me before. Granted, this would be different.”

Grabbing her arse, she smiled before kissing me again, slowly picking up the tempo of how she was riding me, we were quickly moaning together, Julia leaning over me, her lips seeking out mine constantly. Quickly picking up a sweat, our glistening bodies moulding together, I rolled her over onto her back, feeling her legs spread wider as I started to pump her.

“Want me to get a little kinky?” she wondered, “Maybe call you my brother?”

Raising an eyebrow, I asked, “You really don’t mind it?”

“I never had a sibling. But if you were my brother, Nate…”

“Does my sister love my cock?”

The fact she shuddered and then released a guttural moan answered my question. “I love my brother’s big cock,” she groaned, “Fill me with your potent seed, big brother. Your naughty little sister wants your baby.”

She was actually older than me, but Julia always knew what to say. Grunting as I really started to pump her, feeling her pussy starting to squeeze my cock as she started to orgasm, I leaned down to her ear. “You’re not the only one who will carry my child, Julia,” I growled.

Her fingers dug into my back. “Babies with your sisters and cousins?”

“What do you think about that?”

“So hot and naughty,” she moaned, “Cum in me, Nate. Your kinky little sister needs it in her arse next.”

Waking together the next morning, she met my eyes before blushing brightly and burying her head into my chest. Caressing her back, she started to laugh. “We did get carried away last night,” I admitted, “But I’m glad you’re so accepting.”

“I saw how they looked at you the entire time, Nate,” she explained, “They’re still in love with you and I won’t get in the way of that. And if one sister looks at you like that, I can only imagine how Amy will react.”

“I’m expecting more than one slap before we share a heart stopping kiss.”

Information had flowed in while we were asleep, and the Director told us that a drone would be flying over once darkness fell closer to the time we’d start the operation. We spent the day preparing, pulling up a map of the area and going over tactics. We drove over in the day to take another look around, taking photos with our phones and confirming our plan upon returning. It wasn’t going to be easy, hoping that speed and surprise once I hit them would work to our advantage.

After one last call with Hannah, Emma and Katie, Jennifer and I dressed and headed downstairs to our vehicle. We had everything we’d need close to hand or in the boot. Though I was hoping to do it as quietly as possible, I knew the chance of completely the operation in such a manner was slim. The last phone calls were to the Director and the head of the local intelligence services, informing them of the plan. No surprise that local agents would be nearby to take control of the situation once it was resolved. As for the Director, he assured me that, once my family was secure, we would be whisked to the airport and transported back to headquarters for debrief and discussions regarding my future.

On the drive over, Julia asked, “Sure you don’t want help, Nate?”

“I’ve faced worse odds than this by myself.”

“You do realise the Director would already have boots on the ground.”

Pulling the car to a stop, I glanced at her. “What have you done?”

She smiled and passed me her phone. “Just take the call, Nate.”

It was Angie. I should have been pissed off that Julia went behind my back, but in fact, I loved her even more for it. Angie told me she’d been kept up to date and that the small team with her was in position already. They would be covering us at a distance, allowing Julia and I to infiltrate and take care of business. When I hung up, I turned to Julia. “I wasn’t letting you go off on a suicide mission, Nate,” she whispered, “You’re not dying now. There are far too many people that like you, and quite a few people that love you. I’m not allowing you to do that to your sisters, your cousins and your parents again. And I don’t particularly want to have to tell the likes of Adriana what happened to you too.”

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Spontaneous Sex with My Daughter

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I am sitting on the couch browsing the TV channels when my daughter Natalie enters the living room.

“Hi, dad.” She says in a sleepy voice.

The eighteen-year-old girl is wearing only a white tank top with a cleavage under which her lace bra and black lace panties can be seen. Her young, alluring body looks phenomenal in them and I can’t help but to admire my baby’s breasts and long legs for a moment.

“You can’t sleep, baby girl?”

“I’m not very sleepy.” She says, tossing her long, black, glossy hair aside.

“Why don’t you watch a movie with me, honey? It’s just getting started.”

Natalie smiles beautifully at me.

“I’d love to, daddy.” She says, then quickly jumps to the place next to me.

We watch the beginning of the movie together for a few minutes, but my thoughts still revolve around my daughter’s teenage body, covered only by such skimpy clothes. I glance at her bare, firm legs and can’t feast my eyes on her smooth, pretty thighs. I feel like grabbing her and feeling her immediately. But I limit myself to just putting my hand on the shoulder of the eighteen-year-old girl and pulling her slightly towards me. Natalie looks at me and smiles pleasantly, then hugs her father a bit.

Although the movie is playing on the TV, I look only at my child’s boobs, because now Natalie is hugging me in such a way that her breasts are perfectly visible to me from behind a cleavage. I cannot get over how beautiful and tempting my daughter’s tits look, her beautiful, young skin just glistens and I just wish I could see her little nipples through her black bra. Half consciously, I put my hand on Natalie’s hip and move it slightly. At first, my touch is just an innocent, tender touch of a father, but after a while my fingers land on my child’s thigh. I touch the fabric of the eighteen-year-old’s panties and stroke her plump skin while still staring at her lovely breasts.

As my fingers rest on the inside of her thigh, suddenly Natalie lets out a soft, erotic moan.


She turns her head towards me, I can see her flushed cheeks and the excited expression on her face.


We kiss, my young daughter’s lips taste delicious. The girl moans as I caress her thighs then lift my hand up and touch her teenage breasts. My daughter makes a sexy groan and we kiss even harder, our tongues intertwining as I squeeze her cute tits.

Natalie tilts her head back as I kiss and lick her neck.

“Ooooh…” The teenager moans sexy feeling her father’s kisses on her skin. “But dad… what if mom finds out?”

“Mom doesn’t need to know anything, baby.” I say and kiss her cleavage. “Not if you don’t tell her anything. This will be our little secret, baby.”

“Our little secret?” My daughter asks smiling charmingly.

“Yes, baby girl.”

“I like that.” The eighteen-year-old giggles and kisses me, sticking her tongue down my throat.

We keep kissing and Natalie wraps her arms around my neck and she’s rising on her knees, so I place my hands on her shapely butt. I play with her soft buttocks as my daughter smiles and places her hand on my crotch, moving her fingers over her father’s cock.

“Take me to the bedroom, Daddy.” She says in a seductive tone.

I take her in my arms and, kissing her, take her upstairs and open my and my wife’s bedroom door. I put the girl on the bed while our tongues intertwine in kisses. I start kissing her breasts while the teen giggles happily.

“Oh, Daddy!” She smiles at me showing her white teeth. “It will be so much fun!”

We kiss while I caress her shapely breasts. I grab her blouse.

“Let’s take it off, honey.”

The eighteen-year-old girl smiles happily and puts her hands up. I take off her blouse and toss it on the floor. The teenager looks dazzling, smiling while wearing only beautiful, lacy underwear. We kiss for a while as I touch my daughter’s tits through the fabric of her black bra.

“You are so beautiful, baby girl.”

“Thank you, daddy. That’s so nice to hear.”

I slap her ass and the teen giggles happily. After a few moments of kissing, I reach for her back and remove her bra. I see the wonderful, shapely, teenage breasts of my daughter.

“Do you like them, daddy?”

I reach them with bursa escort my mouth and start licking them. Natalie giggles as she feels her father’s lips against her skin. I squeeze her buttocks while sucking her delicious nipples. Her young, flawless skin is amazing in taste. I put the girl with her back on the bed and begin to caress and lick my daughter’s tits. The girl moans and breathes heavily, enjoying her father’s caresses. Then the eighteen-year-old girl grabs my crotch and moves her hand.

“Are you hard, daddy?” She asks with a smile. “Does your daughter turn you on?”

She touches her father’s erection and smiles.

“I want to see it dad…”

I sit on the edge of the bed and Natalie unbuttons my belt and takes off my pants. My daughter smiles broadly at the sight of her father’s gigantic hard cock.

“Oh daddy, you are so big…” She says, taking it in her hand. “And your dick looks so delicious…”

Teen takes a cock in her mouth and starts sucking it. Her tiny hand caresses the shaft of my dick while she sucks the tip of it. I can feel my daughter’s tongue on my cock as she gives me a blowjob.

“That’s it, baby girl. Suck daddy’s cock.”

Natalie starts moving her head up and down while her lips tighten on her father’s cock. The girl sucks with all her might, purring delightfully, her tongue curls around my shaft and caresses it. My daughter moans as she sucks, my precum flows out in her mouth and I feel the teen lick it off my cock. She takes my dick out of his mouth for a moment and smiles as she caresses my dick with her hand.

“Mmmm… your cock is so delicious daddy…”

The teen moves her fingers along the shaft and takes my testicles in her mouth. She starts sucking on her father’s balls while jacking off my big cock. The girl moans as she tastes her father’s testicles.

“Mmmm dad… I want your cum. I want it in my mouth…”

The chick runs her tongue from the testicles to the tip of the cock and takes it in her mouth. The eighteen-year-old girl sucks with all her might and swallows her father’s cock, and in seconds my cock lands deep in her throat.

“Baby girl…”

Natalie touches my skin with her nose and purrs delightfully, my cock hidden in her throat. The girl raises her head a little, wraps her parent’s penis with her tongue and swallows it completely again, moaning loudly.

Suddenly I feel the flow of pleasure and my penis explodes in my daughter’s mouth, flooding her throat with cum. The girl twitches briefly and then presses her lips even tighter around her father’s cock. My baby swallows sperm over and over again, moaning sexily.

“Oh, baby…”

After a few moments, my daughter swallows every drop of her father’s semen and, tilting her head back, catches her breath.

“Oh, dad!” She says and smiles broadly. “Your cum was delicious!”

Natalie giggles and rises to me, kissing me hard. I drop my back on the bed with my daughter on top of me, feeling her sexy, petite, naked and hot teenage body. I stroke her skin, her back, and her buttocks as her tits press against my chest. I squeeze her firm ass and roll her over her back.

I get between her legs and grab the fabric of her panties. Natalie smiles broadly. I take off my daughter’s wet panties, showing the little pink pussy of my eighteen-year-old girl.

“Do you like my sweet little pussy daddy?” says my daughter in a cheerful, flirtatious tone of voice.

“Your pussy is so pretty, baby.” I answer.

Her labia is already wet, glistening with her juices. I bow my head and start licking my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, dad!” The teenager exclaims with pleasure.

Her pussy is delicious. I can feel her wetness on my lips. I lick her vagina, it’s warm and wet as only a teen girl’s pussy can be. Natalie begins to moan with pleasure feeling her father’s lips on her crotch.

“Ooooh…. daddy….” She moans. “Oh, daddy…”

I caress my daughter’s clit with my fingers. I use my tongue to slide between her labia, licking her vagina, and I feel my baby’s pussy getting wetter every second. For a few more moments I listen to her sexy moans, and only when I’m sure her pussy is quite wet for my cock I lift my head.

“Oh, dad…” The teenager is delighted. “It was bursa escort bayan so nice!”

The girl reaches for her father’s cock and smiles.

“I want you inside me daddy…”

I kiss her on the lips and not letting her wait any longer, I bring my dick close to her wet vagina. Then Natalie lets out a loud sigh as my cock enters my teenage daughter’s pussy.

“Oh! Daddy… Yes!” She moans.

She’s very tight, but my cock easily goes between her labia considering how wet she is. The eighteen-year-old moans once more as she feels her father’s penis move inside her.

“Oh, dad… your dick feels so good…” She says, then cuddles up to me, looking me straight in the eyes, whispering. “Make love to me daddy…”

I start to thrust and move my penis inside her tight pussy. Natalie moans as she feels the waves of pleasure and kisses me passionately, wrapping her arms around my neck. We kiss while I start fucking my daughter.

We make love for a few long moments. I didn’t realize that having sex with my daughter would be so wonderful. It’s unbelievable how tight and tender a teenage girl’s pussy can be. My dick goes deeper and deeper inside my baby’s vagina, I feel the warmth inside her body. I feel her tongue inside my mouth. I kiss my baby even harder and make a few stronger thrusts.

“Oh… yes… oh, daddy…” Natalie moans between our kisses.

I start to fuck her harder, feeling my balls against my daughter’s pussy. Natalie moans even louder, feeling her father’s penis penetrate deep into her vagina. The girl puts her legs behind my back and holds me tight. Fucking my baby is a wonderful feeling, hearing her loud moans I can’t help but thrust even harder. I fuck her for a few more minutes and feel the teen’s body begin to tremble.

“Oooooh! Daddyyyyy!” Natalie moans loudly.

I push again and again and feel my daughter’s nails against my back as she’s cumming. Her body trembles under the influence of orgasm, we join our lips in a kiss and only after a while the tension subsides. Natalie is breathing hard.

“Oh… gosh… that felt so good, dad.” She says.

I lie down next to her to catch my breath, but the eighteen-year-old smiles and starts kissing me.

“I want more, dad.” She says in a sweet voice.

Then she gets on all fours, rises her ass up and shakes it sexy.

“Fuck me daddy.” She says with a smile.

The sight of her smooth buttocks and pink wet pussy is too tempting. I grab her from behind and slap her firm butt. My daughter giggles while I put my dick in her teen pussy. Then Natalie sighs with pleasure.

“Mmmm… daddy…”

I grab her hips and slowly start fucking her from behind, enjoying the wetness and softness of my young daughter’s vagina again. For a few moments I love her calmly, listening to her purr and squeezing her firm tits. Then, without undue delay, I begin to make strong, quick thrusts, slapping the eighteen-year-old from behind. The girl moans every time my cock enters her tight pussy.

“Oh, daddy… oh… oh, yes…”

I slap her hard on her ass again and feel her plump buttocks vibrate. The teen gives out a short scream and I fuck her hard, feeling my hard cock making its way inside her vagina.

“Just like that daddy… just like that!” Natalie yells in delight. “Yeah, I love it when you fuck me like that daddy!”

I grasp her teenage tits and grab her long hair and pull it. The teen moans and I give her a solid slap again and fuck her hard from behind while pulling her hair.

“Oooooh, yes daddy!” The eighteen-year-old screams loudly, overwhelmed with excitement. “Fuck me! Fuck your little girl! Fuck me like you fuck mommy!”

Sounds of fucking echo through the bedroom as my daughter gets fucked by her own father in her parents’ bedroom. Natalie keeps moaning, I keep fucking her and slapping her sexy ass until she yells :

“I’m cumming! Ooooh, don’t stop, dad! I’m cumming!”

I pull her hair and make the last hard thrusts before I feel my daughter’s pussy tighten on my cock as my baby climaxes once more.

“Oooh! Mmm, daddy! Oh daddy!” She moans, then collapses onto the bed.

I make a few more thrusts inside my daughter’s pussy while she gasps before slapping her butt and laying escort bursa on the bed. Natalie gets up and lies down next to me, kissing me hard.

“Oh dad, you know how to give girl a good ride!” She says and giggles.

We kiss for a few moments while my daughter caresses her father’s hard cock. Then she smiles and climbs on top of me.

“You gave me so much pleasure, daddy, so now I will please you.”

Then the teen rises up and impales herself on my cock. We both sigh as I feel my dick sliding inside her wet pussy.

“Oh, daddy…” Natalie moans in a sweet voice.

My daughter slowly starts riding my cock while her beautiful young teenage body is completely exposed for me to play. I place my hands on her hips and stroke her smooth thighs and her back. I reach down to her firm breasts and play with them freely while my daughter slowly moves her hips as she rides her father’s cock.

“Oh…. oh… oh yeah…” my baby moans every time my penis fills her vagina. “Your dick feels so good inside me daddy…”

To see my beautiful, naked daughter move with such sensitivity on me is stunning. I grab her ass, squeeze it tight and slap it hard.

“Come on, honey. Show daddy what you got.” I say.

Natalie smiles in a sexy way and then starts riding me with much more passion. She starts to rise and fall on my cock much faster, her tits starting to sway. My baby starts moaning louder and sexier when she fucks me like a naughty slut.

“Oooooh! Oh!” The girl moans, floating on my rock hard cock again and again. “Oh daddy, you’re so big!”

“Come on, baby girl.” I say then I slap her hard on the ass. “Ride your daddy’s cock.”

I slap her butt one more time, playing with her plump buttocks. I admire my daughter’s eighteen-year-old tits sway as she eagerly bounces on my cock that fills her pussy. I bring her closer and start sucking on her delicious breasts while she moans loudly as she rides her father.

“Dad… oooh daddy… I’m going to cum!” She yells.

I feel that I will orgasm myself in a moment.

“Daddy is going to cum too, baby girl” I say.

“Cum inside me, daddy!” My daughter cries out, overwhelmed with excitement. “I want to feel you cum inside me!”

Natalie starts riding me like crazy, moaning and cuddling against me. I squeeze her sexy ass and feel like my orgasm is near.

“Oh… fuck!”

My cock explodes inside her tight, delicate vagina, flooding my daughter’s pussy with hot cum. The girl cums, feeling the sperm fill her pussy completely. The teen lets out a loud cry of pleasure as she feels her father’s seed deep inside her.

“Oh daddyyyyyyyyy!”

We both struggle in simultaneous orgasm for a few moments, then my baby falls on me, exhausted. I feel how weak her young body is, her heavy breathing as my daughter catches her breath.

“I love you daddy…” says Natalie, looking straight into my eyes.

“I love you too, baby girl.” I answer her.

We kiss and then lie down next to each other on the bed.

“Oh Dad, you were amazing!” says Natalie with a delighted, joyful voice. “I had so much fun!”

“I liked it too, honey. It was fun fucking a teen pussy.”

I look at her vagina and see my semen flow out of her vagina. The eighteen-year-old smiles and puts her fingers in her pussy and licks them off her father’s sperm.

“Mmmm… delicious.” She says and then giggles.

I slap her on the butt while Natalie laughs.


“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Are we going to keep fucking? I mean, is it just a one-night-stand or are we gonna have sex on regular?”

“Would you like to fuck more, sweetheart?”

“Sure, dad!” My daughter smiles and cuddles up to me. “I love you daddy! You’re great in bed and you’re such a good parent to me. Sure I’d like to have more sex with you, dad. Does having sex with your little girl three or four times a week suit you?”

“Sounds good, baby girl. Just remember, mom can’t find out about this.”

“Because it’s our little secret. I remember daddy. I won’t tell her anything, you have my word.”


Natalie yawns and stretches her sexy body, then hugs me, smiling.

“I love you daddy. I’m so glad we had sex.”

We kiss.

“I’m glad too, honey.” I say and put my hand on her firm butt. “Good night, baby girl.”

“Good night, daddy.”

We close our eyes, I slowly fall asleep, feeling my daughter’s naked teenage body next to me and thinking about all the delightful moments that await us in the future.

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