Overwhelmed Pt. 02

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I lie on my back with Nana partially on top of me…her mouth back to work on my breast, I can feel her teeth raking my hard nipple, making me gasp and moan. I again put my hands on her shoulders and start to push when she yanks my hair hard and I drop my arms down…my fingers resting lightly against her upper arms. Trapped…pinned by her…as she enjoys one of my breasts.

She lifts up some, still grinding my pussy thru my thong with her thigh, making me shudder. She releases my breast finally with a “popping” sound. I can feel her saliva on my breast as it heaves. She looks down at me and smirks at me.

“Such a big, sexy girl. You want to be my pet don’t you?” she asks.

I start to answer, to deny to her that I want her, that I want her doing this to me. I start to shake my head, my mouth opens to answer and she slaps me quickly across the face. I gasp at the sting of the slap, my eyes watering from it. My face is turned to the side from the slap and I look back up at her, a bit of fear in my eyes now and I swallow hard.

“You WANT to be my sexy pet, don’t you??” she asks me again.

I nod my head slowly…afraid to trust my voice to try and speak and a bit cowed by her. I’m in shock at how she’s acting, how aggressive she is, controlling. Feeling the strength she possesses just from that simple slap…all the time my body is responding to what she’s doing to it. My nipples are rock hard, my breasts are heaving, my boy shorts are soaked by now. I can’t help but squeeze her thigh between mine as she keeps grinding it on my pussy, claiming me as hers.

She smiles at me and strokes the side of Beylikdüzü escort my face with the back of her fingers. “You’re going to be such a good girl for Nana. You do everything I say and I’ll take such good care of you”.

I swallow again and get the courage to speak. “wh..what about Joe though, Nana?” is all I can say.

She smiles down at me as she caresses my cheek. “Oh, don’t worry about him. I won’t be feeling well for a few more nights so you’ll be able to stay and take care of me”.

She takes her index finger and traces my lips…then slides her finger into my mouth. “Suck my finger my big slut” she tells me. And to my shame…I obey.

She lifts her leg up from between mine and straddles me. She scoots up so she’s sitting up on me, straddling my body, one arm extended with her index finger in my mouth. She reaches back with her other hand and cups my pussy and starts to rub it through my panties. “My my my..aren’t we all worked up now?” she taunts me. “So hot and wet” she tells me. I can’t even begin to deny it as my tongue strokes her finger.

She smirks down at me again as I suck her finger and asks me “would my big pet like me to pet her?”

I moan softly “mfftt” and she chuckles and starts to pet my pussy through my panties, driving my body to the brink. I can’t help myself as I start to buck under her, making my breasts jiggle and this too catches her eye.

“Oh my…I do believe my slut is enjoying this…just look at those big, fat tits of yours jiggling about” she says to me, smirking again. As I look up at her face, she leans down a bit, eyes on my breasts and runs Beylikdüzü escort her tongue over her lips slowly. I can’t help but shudder, feeling like she is going to devour me.

My eyes slowly close as she continues to “pet” my pussy. I’m numb at her calling me her slut and her pet. It’s like I’m somewhere else, I can’t believe that Nana is doing this to me. I just lie there, under her, sucking her finger and obeying her.

She lifts her hand away and I open my eyes and she smiles again. “Oh don’t worry slut, I’m not going to stop giving you the attention you want..not just yet” she tells me. Then she slides her fingers inside my panties and between my lips…and she fucks me as she rides me, smiling at me the whole time. As I moan and shudder hard as I cum, with her straddling me…I hear her laugh softly.

I buck and moan under her as I orgasm and she finally pulls her finger out of my mouth and sucks it slowly herself, looking down at me as she does this. She slides her hand out of my boy shorts and scoots down my body until she slides off the bed and looks back over my body. I start to sit up and she grabs my ankles and pulls me towards her a little.

“Roll over you big slut” she commands me. And to my shame…I obey her, rolling over onto my stomach.

“Wh..what are you going to do Nana?” I ask her, my voice faltering a bit. I look back over my shoulder as her fingers hook into the waistband of my panties and she tugs them over my ass, down my long legs and off.

I watch her, mesmerized as she holds them up to her face and then throws them into a corner of her bedroom. She looks at me Escort Beylikdüzü and smiles.

“My goodness. My slut has such a nice, fat, round ass” she tells me. Her hands stroke up the back of my legs and she gently grabs my ass cheeks. She shakes them a bit and laughs as my face turns even redder.

Without warning, she slaps my left ass cheek hard, making me yelp at the sting “Ow!”. She climbs onto the bed and spreads my cheeks…then plunges her face down at my ass.

I close my eyes, gasping and turn my head away as I feel first her breath on my ass. And I full out squeal when she shoves her tongue between them. Her fingers gripping my ass cheeks, I buck up and try to pull myself away from her, clawing at the bed. She lifts her head up, grabs my hips and drags me back to her laughing.

“This is MY ass now. I’m going to tongue fuck you like no one ever has before slut” she tells me.

I beg her no, pleading with her. “Please Nana, no, not my ass…oh God please no! I’m not like that!! I tell her.

She laughs again and tells me “you will be like that, you’re going to be my ass slave”.

I bury my face in the bed covers as she starts to tongue fuck my ass, moaning as she licks me, bucking as she devours me. She brings me to orgasm again and bites my ass cheek, just to make me yelp in pain. I lift my head, tears running down my face and I look back at her.

She smiles at me and pats my ass. She gets up, walks alongside the bed and her hand shoots out, grabbing my hair.

“Get up you big bitch” she orders me. She drags me off the bed and then pushes me towards the door. “Get some rest, you’re going to have a busy day tomorrow” she tells me.

I rush out of her room and run upstairs to the guest bedroom. I quickly put some clothes on and huddle in a corner of the room, my knees to my chest…wondering what will happen next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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