Our Neighbor John Pt. 03

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We kissed and he kissed my chest to my cock, he played with it, he licked it. He stroked it as he sucked my knob, my balls reacted, my body tensed, my cock exploded in John’s mouth and face. I rolled John off of me and got between the man’s legs, there it was that big beautiful cock that I had sucked and jerked off too.

I held it like it was breakable glass, I licked it, I pursed my lips and kissed and sucked at his piss slit. John was so vocal, he let out a loud wail as his cock filled me once more with his wonderful white cream, I stroked out all he had, I sucked his cock clean. I stayed there his cock in my hand my tongue gently licking his cock head.

John pulled me on top of him, he rolled us over and pinned me to the bed, his hands laced in my own, he held my arms over my head and his lips pressed in tight to my own.

“Stay the night Billy.”

I was not sure how to tell Mom that I would be staying the night at John’s, she would worry if I did not tell her where I was.

“I have to call my Mom and tell her you and I plan to watch a movie with you, so I may spend the night here on your couch.”

I got up called Mom told her John had asked if I could stay and watch a movie with him, she was very understanding glad I would stay here with John and I was safe. I went back in the bedroom, John was laid out naked, his hands laced behind his head, his legs spread really wide. He smiled as I danced a strip tease but I was already naked.

I got on the bed and and crawled up to John’s face, I hovered over the man, he really was a handsome guy, straight looking and so ruggedly handsome. I leaned in and kissed the man, John pulled me in tight to his hot body. He rolled us over and held me down, his lips on mine, our eyes focused on each other, I pulled my legs up and wrapped them around him.

I knew I wanted John to take my cherry, I had played with my ass, but I had not had a real cock inside of me. John’s cock was so hard and so wet, dripping precum all over my ass, I knew we needed lube, his cock was quite large, and very thick.

“John do you have lube? Something we can use so it will slide in easier, I really want you to make love to me John.”

John reached over he had some generic lube, it would do the trick, John slicked up his cock and my hole. He slid a finger in and it hurt, I knew I would have to relax to be able to take his massive cock inside me. John istanbul travesti fingered my hole, first one then two then the third, it hurt a bit but I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

John put lots of lube in my ass and on his cock, he pushed his cock to my tight hole, my ass would not be letting him get his huge cock inside of me.

“Billy you need to push out when I try to push in to you.”

John held his cock to my hole and as he pushed in, I pushed out, his cock slowly was engulfed by my overly tight hole. His cock was about four inches in and I felt like that was all I could take, John gently pushed his cock a little harder and his cock slowly disappeared inside my ass. He and I did not move, he looked at me I knew his cock was in heaven right now.

“I’m not hurting you am I Billy?”

“No John just give me a few minutes to get accustomed to your huge cock inside me.”

John smiled at me, I knew he wanted to shove his huge cock in then back out of my ass, but he was not a guy like that. He slowly pulled out then slowly back in, his pace got quicker, his cock felt like it was getting bigger with each thrust he pushed in to me.

It hurt but it also felt so good at the same time, John soon was giving it to me, his cock slammed in to me, then mostly back out. John leaned in and kissed me, just the feeling of his cock and how tender he was kissing me right now my body rocked as the orgasm took control of my entire body.

John fucked me harder now, his strokes harder, his cock swelled then shot me deep inside. How do you describe how it feels the first time a man shoots his load inside of you? The shot of cum splashing the insides of your hole. The feel of his cock sliding in and out as his body was wracked by an intense orgasm.

John laid on top of me, his head on my chest, I felt like I was in the perfect moment right now. If I died right here right now I had felt how it felt to be exactly where I should be at this moment in time. John laid on me, he kissed my chest, his arms held me close to him.

I ran my hands through his hair as he laid there ready to doze off, John was half asleep when he told me he really liked me. I smiled cause I really liked him too, I knew he would be my first love, the man I would compare all others too. John and I would sleep right where we both were tonight, him on top of me.

I pulled the blankets over istanbul travestileri us and reached over and shut off the lamp, John did not wake up he was tired a long day at work, and some good sex as well. I woke up at about three John was getting back in bed, he snuggled in close to me. I held him as he quickly fell back asleep, I kissed the top of his head and he was out.

When I woke up John and I were spooning, his rock hard cock was grinding against my ass, I knew he wanted back in, and I wanted that as well. I grabbed the lube and slicked him up, I got his cock back inside me before John woke up. As John woke up he started to pump his cock in and out of me, the feeling of his cock inside me his knob and his foreskin sliding along the walls of my tight hole.

John was so gentle, so concerned he might hurt me, but he also knew how to make me feel, how good his cock felt in my hole.

“Oh Billy this is the best way to wake up, I want you in my bed every single night Babe.”

Did he just call me Babe? Was John starting to have feelings for me? I knew it was way to soon but I knew how I felt for the man who used to intimidate me, and now here we were in his bed naked and his cock is deep inside my tight ass. John was hitting me in all the right places, his cock in the position it was in was rocking my prostate.

I grabbed my cock and stroked it as John worked my butt, I was so close to shooting, once my cock exploded so did John’s, again I felt his seed press its way inside my hole. Once he stopped shooting and his orgasm subsided he pulled me in close to him and kissed me. His arms holding me tight his lips pressed in tight to my own.

This was what it felt like to be in love with someone, I was sure of it, John pulled back and looked me in the eyes. I wanted to tell him I really liked him, I wanted to be in his bed every night, I wanted to cook clean and be with him. John continued to stare into my eyes, he would lean in and kiss me, some kisses just a peck some a full on make out kiss.

I suspected John lacked this in his relationship with his wife, he needed affection, he needed to feel love, he needed to be taken care of. John would tell me in the weeks to come that he indeed did not have this with his wife, she was cold in bed, she never ever kissed him. She did not want or need affection, he craved it and he knew it was with a man not a woman.

John travesti istanbul and I laid in bed our bodies tangled into each others, I could lay here all day long, just him and I our naked bodies linked with each others. I looked at him and kissed his lips, he smiled as I did this.

“John I better get up and make us coffee and you Mister need breakfast if you are going to have the energy to do this all day long.”

I leaned in and kissed him, I tried to get up but he held me in place, he held my face in his huge calloused hands, his lips on mine.

“But Babe I need you in bed here with me.”

“Nope breakfast then we can go back to bed, besides I need to pee and drain you out of my backside.”

I peed and drained, I got up and made us coffee, then I would make the man a full breakfast, I went in the bedroom to see what he was doing. The man was fast asleep, I covered him up and kissed his lips, I went back in to make us breakfast. I was finishing the hash browns and bacon when John came in naked and rock hard.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, I turned and he pressed his lips to mine. I pulled back and put a slice of bacon in his mouth.

“Go sit you, I will bring you coffee.”

“You spoil me Billy.”

“Yes I sure do and I want to do that all the time, is that okay with you Mister?”

“Yes I think it is Babe.”

I poured him coffee and kissed him as he sat there in his chair, I set the table and got the food on the table. He smiled as I wiggled my ass as I walked away from him, I got us fed then I would do the dishes. John came to help but it was more touching and kissing than actual helping.

John pinned me to the cupboards and pushed his cock to my tight ass, he spit in his hand and slicked up his cock. He would take me in the kitchen at the sink, I held on as John fed his huge member into my tight hole. After this weekend I may not be able to say that my hole was tight after this, he was making up for lost time.

I gripped his cock with my ass, John reached in and grabbed my cock and stroked it hard, his grip so tight. My balls reacted, my cock shot all over the kitchen cupboards, John grabbed my hips and fed me his huge cock. His body slapped my own and his cock drove in deep, the feeling was incredible.

John screamed as his cock filled me up once more, John lay on my back as he caught his wind back. He stood up and turned me around, he pressed me in tight to the cupboards. He held me close and kissed me.

“Can you stay all day Billy?”

“I’m sure I can, I will just call to let them know I will stay here with you.”

John smiled, held me close in a tight embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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