On the Lips Ch. 01

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Heather stood in front of her bathroom mirror and smiled at herself. “Not bad,” she thought. Her blonde hair was still thick and shiny and she was still able to put it in a ponytail without looking like she was trying too hard. She looked quite cute in her tennis outfit and as she leaned over to tie up her running shoes, she smiled as her soft round breasts pressed against her top. She grabbed her racket and house keys and made her way down the street toward the tennis courts.

She had lived in Winterwood Village for over five years and loved it. It was a gated community and had all the amenities that were important to her. There was a tennis court with a cute tennis coach named Jason. The pool and fitness center was the best in the area and Mark, the lifeguard, was very cute in his black swim shorts. Heather waved to her neighbors as she entered the tennis courts. Jason was waiting for her and she couldn’t help but stare at him. She knew from chatting with him that he had graduated from college last year and since the only thing he really loved to do was teach and play tennis, he was ecstatic to get this full time job.

“Hi Jason.” Heather walked up to him and kissed his cheek. He was almost twenty years younger then her, but he still reacted to her body. She glanced down and could see his member pressed against his tennis shorts.

“You ready to get beat?”

“Yeah right!”

Heather and Jason began their set. Jason was amazing at tennis, but after coaching Heather once a week all spring, she was almost taksim escort on equal footing with him. Now that it was summer, they played once a week. Both of them were sweating and after three sets he had won. They made their way to the sidelines to grab some water.

“I told you I’d win.”

“Young guys are so cheeky.”

“You love it.” Heather laughed and after making sure no one was watching, she kissed him softly. They had kept their affair secret for almost four months and so far it was working.

“You going to be home later?” Jason whispered against her lips as he ran his hand up and down her inner thigh.

“Unhuh.” Heather was trying to concentrate, but every time he touched her she went crazy.

The couple pulled away from each other and Heather made her way back home. She knew that Jason was staring at her cute butt as she walked away and she loved it. She walked up her front steps and admired her home. She had one of the only bungalows in the community, but she loved it. It was just her and she didn’t need the large five bedroom mansions that most families lived in. She had never gotten used to the idea that money was status in Winterwood. She entered her home and made her way to the master bathroom to shower and change. She let the warm water cascade down her body and as she rubbed her body with vanilla body wash, she could feel her inner thighs were wet with her moisture. She resisted the urge to touch herself. Jason would be over soon and would help topkapı escort her with that urge.

Heather was showered and changed into a short summer dress. She was sitting on the couch when she heard a light knock on the patio door. She got up and smiled as Jason stood in her backyard grinning. She unlocked her door and the moment Jason stepped in, he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She wrapped her legs around his hips and moaned as he grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed.

“What’s the lesson today baby?” Heather nibbled his earlobe as her hands rubbed her shoulders.

“Rough sex. Tiffany liked when I bit her neck last night. I want to do more.”

Heather slid off Jason and undressed quickly. He did the same and they lay on her queen size bed.

“Pull me into your lap.” Heather spoke harshly to Jason, needing to get him angry so the rough sex would be intense. He did as she demanded and they looked into each other’s eyes.

He rocked her back and forth, knowing his cock was rubbing her pussy. She moaned.

“Push yourself inside me and hold my hips tight. Bite and then lick my neck.”

Jason was moaning loudly as this older woman gave her directions. He did as she asked and before long he was bouncing her on his cock while his teeth dug into her neck. She smelled like vanilla and it was driving him crazy.

“Flip me over. Bend my knees and rub my clit while you fuck me.” Heather was so close to cumming. She always got so turned tesettürlü escort on when she gave him directions. It gave her power and purpose.

“Fuck you feel good baby.” Heather nodded as she lay on her back. Jason was gripping her legs in the air with one hand while his thumb pushed on her clit. She exploded in an intense orgasm.

“Don’t stop. Remember last time.” Jason nodded and continued to thrust. If he hadn’t jerked off before coming over he wouldn’t have lasted. Looking down at Heather trying to catch her breath pushed him over the top. He thrusted one last time and emptied himself inside her.

“Was that good?” Jason looked at Heather for approval. He had learned so much from this older woman and was desperate for her approval.

“Yes sweetie. You can bite harder. It will leave marks, but she’ll love it. You can also spank her ass while she rides you.”

Heather glanced down and seeing his cock twitch she giggled. “You want to try that?”

Jason nodded and Heather climbed back into his lap. He kneaded her butt and then tapped lightly.

“No harder. With your cock inside me the pain and pleasure will drive me over the edge.”

Jason lifted his hand and spanked her hard. Heather gripped his chest with her long fingernails and breathed in hard. Jason spanked her again and again. He watched as Heather rode his cock roughly and when she came she twisted his nipples.

“Oh fuck!” The intensity of her orgasm along with his nipples being twisted drove him over the edge. He unloaded his cum inside her again. After they recovered, he got up.

“I have to go. Mom thinks I’m still at the tennis courts.” Jason leaned over and tried to kiss her on the lips, she turned her head so he could kiss her cheek. They had a rule about kissing on the lips.

“Next week, same time?”

“Of course baby.”

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