Old Friends New Places Ch. 01

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I stepped out of the plane door and could feel the dry air of early spring in Phoenix through the airport walkway. I picked up my pace to get to the air-conditioned airport terminal. I was visiting Phoenix to see my old college friend, Maya. We had been teammates on our college’s soccer team. After being roommates our freshman year we became best friends.

We shared a lot in common, from taste in movies to sense of humor, you name it, we liked the same things. We had stayed close, even while she went to graduate school halfway across the country in Phoenix. I had moved back to the small town I was from to help with the business side of the restaurant my parent’s friend owned.

Maya was about to finish graduate school in a couple weeks and I had wanted to visit her out here in Phoenix before she left. I had never been to Phoenix and I loved travelling to new places. My fiancé James was a homebody and not much of a traveller so I took my opportunities when I could find them. Plus, any chance to catch up in person with my best friend was welcome. I was excited for my weekend.

I made it through the terminal and to the passenger pickup area and saw Maya pulling up in her car. She excitedly burst out of the car screaming, “Cailyn! I’m so happy you’re here!” She wrapped me in a fierce hug and lifted me off the ground causing me to burst out laughing.

Maya was not very big, only about 5’1″ and she looked like she didn’t weigh very much. Her looks were a little deceiving though. She had always been very strong, squatting as much as anyone on our team despite being 30 and 40 lbs lighter than some other girls. Her commitment to being strong didn’t seem to have waned, evidenced by her ease lifting me off the ground and her prodigious backside I was getting a good view of hanging over her shoulder. Maya set me down and took a step back to take a good look at me, allowing me to do the same to her.

Maya wore her hair the same as she had in college. It was light brown and her effortless curls hung just above her shoulders, surrounding her kind face. I noticed a few differences though, a twinkling little stud perched itself on her cute little nose. Her face and exposed skin also sported a darker tan than I had ever seen her have. She wore an old college t-shirt and running shorts. She had never been big chested and that didn’t seem to have changed. Her shorts were straining against her ass and I chuckled to myself, as it appeared that her ass, which had already been plenty big in college, had grown even more.

“You look great Maya! It looks like the desert has treated you well,” I gestured to her tanned legs and arms.

“Well you know, the apartment complex has a nice pool setup, I hope you brought your swimsuit, we could even catch some sun this evening if you’d like,” she said as she grabbed my duffel bag and placed it in the car. She walked around the driver’s door and got in as I opened the passenger door and sat down.

As we drove from the airport to Maya’s apartment complex we caught up with each other. We had made sure to text and call with regularity during Maya’s time in Phoenix, and we had seen each other some. Maya had been back during school breaks and such. She had managed to make it up to my hometown for our annual Fall Festival last year too.

It was nice getting to see her again and our easy camaraderie made me feel like we were still in our college days bantering about classes and soccer. Maya had told me a little about her new boyfriend Luke not long ago and she was telling me more now. I filled her in on what was new with James and I, which was not much. She was set to be my Maid of Honor and was anxious for us to get moving forward with the wedding preparations, but James didn’t seem to be overly in a hurry about all of that. She allowed me to vent some about that and as I was finishing up my complaining we arrived at her place.

Maya lived in a little 1-bedroom apartment inside a decent sized apartment complex. It was just down the road from her school campus and she could walk to classes pretty easily when the weather permitted. Maya insisted on carrying my duffel bag for me and I took my backpack and followed her into the bedroom of her ground floor apartment. She tossed the bag down and immediately began stripping off her clothes.

“Grab your swimsuit, let’s get outside to the pool. I’ve gotta take advantage of this weather before I graduate and leave.”

She had her naked back to me now and I couldn’t help but peek as she slipped her shorts to the floor. Her back was toned and I could tell she still enjoyed finding time to make it to the gym. She had several tattoos along her sides and one that wrapped around her hip. My eyes fell lower to see she was wearing a simple pair of blue cheeky panties that had lace on the waistband and leg openings. They hugged her large ass tightly and did their best, but still only managed to cover about half of her ass cheeks. She finished her rummaging and turned before bursa escort I could avert my eyes.

“Quit drooling and get your stuff Cailyn,” she mocked, but made no effort to cover up. I turned to my bag blushing with embarrassment and began digging through my clothes for my swimsuit as she changed.

“You get ready in here, I’m gonna go prep a pool bag for us, there is a mirror on the back of the closet door if you need it” I heard Maya bounce out of the room and down the hall as I found my swimsuit.

I shut the closet door and began changing. I took off my t-shirt and leggings that I had worn for the flight and slipped out of the sports bra and thong I’d worn underneath. Standing naked in front of the mirror I stole a glance at my body. My blonde hair was up in a ponytail, but when I let it down it came down straight and to about my shoulders. My eyes were a light blue and my face was a nice round shape, I’d always liked how it looked like I was constantly on the verge of smiling.

My eyes travelled down my body and examined my 30C cup breasts. They stood proud and high on my chest and my nipples were a nice dark pink contrast to the paler color of my breast. Even though they weren’t huge I thought they looked great. James was rather vanilla sexually, but he had always enjoyed my boobs and I knew I could drive him crazy if I trapped them in a push-up bra.

My stomach and arms were not as toned as they had been when I was playing soccer in college, but I still made my way to the gym here and there and always enjoyed a good run. I used to be able to see the hint of abs and couldn’t now, but I was still rather slim and my 5’6″ frame carried my 140 lbs well. I had gained weight since my college days and while some of it had been in my midsection, most of it was in my ass.

My ass had never been in Maya’s league, but it had been respectable through high school and college. When I had been playing soccer my ass and legs had always been really toned, if not all that big. Now though, my ass wasn’t as toned and muscular as it had been, but the additional fat had filled it out nicely and given it a large round shape. I still wasn’t on Maya’s level, but I’d caught more than one man stealing a look at me in my leggings just during my trip today.

I slipped into my rather chaste, simple dark green bathing suit. The bottom offered almost full coverage and the top left a fair amount to the imagination. The color was flattering to my paler skin and I was admiring my form in the mirror when I heard Maya bound back into the room.

“Hot damn girlie!” Maya emphasized her statement with an emphatic slap of my ass.

“OW!! What was that for?” I yelped.

“You’re looking damn good Cailyn, just thought you should know,” she stuck her tongue out at me as I turned away from the mirror rubbing my ass where she’d slapped me.

“Yeah well it hurt!”

“Yeah well it hurt,” Maya mocked me and flipped her hair drawing my attention to her body and her swimsuit.

It was a salmon color that made her skin seem even tanner. Her boobs were smaller than mine, but not a ton, probably like a 28B cup. She wore a string top that had smaller pieces of fabric covering her chest than I would ever be comfortable in. They flashed some underboob too, which I know is in style, but it was pretty suggestive. She had never had fear of showing her body, even in school and I guess I couldn’t blame her, as she was very fit. I looked to her stomach, which was toned and muscular, like her arms, but not frighteningly so. You could see her abs and muscles, but they weren’t overly intimidating.

I cocked an eyebrow at her, “Not leaving much to the imagination.” I gestured to her bikini top.

Maya laughed a turned around, “I don’t think people mind.” She smacked her own ass playfully for emphasis and my jaw dropped at her bottom choice. It was a barely there thong bottom wedged between her large ass cheeks. There had been more fabric on my thong underwear from earlier than on this bikini bottom!

“Yikes!” I said, half in awe and half in embarrassment on her behalf.

“Oh stop, it beats the tan lines and besides, I don’t mind some of the stares.” She winked and waved her hand, “C’mon, I’ve got the bag ready, lets get to the pool.”

She marched out the door of her room and down the hallway and I followed her. I couldn’t help but take a peek at her ass as she walked in front of me. I’d never been with another women sexually, however I’d always been able to appreciate the beauty of the fairer sex and had definitely recognized how pretty Maya was. For some reason now though, her ass and body had me spellbound. I told myself it was just simple envy, but I couldn’t completely deny the telltale flutter I felt just below my navel.

As we got outside into the hot, dry air I shook myself and Maya and I began to talk and chit chat again. We made it to the pool and we cheered to ourselves when we found we were alone. We lounged about and bursa escort bayan joked and laughed and just had fun.

Eventually, our conversation turned to sex and how our respective men were at taking care of things. I’d been with James since my sophomore year of college so Maya knew all about him. Maya was much more flirtatious and certainly looked more adventurous, but had only slept with 4 men, including her new boyfriend. I’d actually slept with more people than Maya with a modest 5 notches on my bedpost, 2 boyfriends in high school, 2 boys my freshman year of college and then my now fiancé James.

Maya jokingly referred to my freshman year as a ‘slutty phase’. I would make sure to remind her that despite having slept with one fewer person than myself, she had seen quite a few more dicks. Maya wasn’t so willing to let a man enter her, but she had always been happy to kiss and make out and had enjoyed giving blowjobs to many a satisfied customer.

We were pretty open with each other about our sexual experiences. We both enjoyed hearing about the other’s exploits. James had always been very defensive of our sex life and didn’t especially like that I’d had a sexual past before him. Part of that, I think, is James has slightly below average manhood and he doesn’t like that I’ve probably seen bigger cocks than his. Which, I certainly had, I didn’t mind though. James never would have understood that I could both enjoy his cock now and have enjoyed bigger cocks in the past. That is just how men are I guess. So, I didn’t share these sorts of things with him, which made Maya an even better outlet for me.

“Is James still as blah as ever in bed?” Maya teased me.

“Hey! My fiancé is not blah!” I was defensive of James, even if her jab had some truth to it. He wasn’t the best lover, but sex wasn’t everything. He was kind hearted, quick to laugh, and a great listener. I loved him dearly and was truly excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

“Well does he still just get on top, finish and roll over?” her harsh words were cut by a twinkle in her green eyes. She was referencing James’ preference for missionary sex and his overall lack of imagination to what else sex could be. I wasn’t the wildest girl in the bedroom, but I did like some more variety than James did.

“I’ll have you know I’ve gotten him to go down on me,” I said proudly. For the first part of our relationship James had refused to give me oral. At first, I’d been hurt by this, but I’d later learned it was because he had never done it before and was nervous. I had managed to get him to try it recently and without any bad habits he was halfway decent.

“Oh really!? What did you have to do to get that?” Maya countered.

My face flushed a little with embarrassment, I wasn’t particularly proud that I had to trade something for it, so I had hoped to avoid sharing. “Anal,” I mumbled quietly.

“What was that!?” Maya had sat up in her chair and was staring me down.

“I said, ANAL,” annunciating the last word mockingly. James wasn’t particularly imaginative when it came to sex, but he did seem to have the same obsession with anal that every other man had. He’d wanted to try it for some time and I’d resisted. I’d tried it before with my second high school boyfriend and hadn’t been a big fan. I’d really wanted James to go down on me though and I’d been willing to give anal another try in order to make that happen.

Maya smiled at me and laughed. “Well, did you like it?”

“Eh, it was alright,” I laughed. It hadn’t been terrible, much better than my first attempts at it. However, I still much preferred being penetrated in my vagina.

Maya leaned back in her chair smiling, “I do love a good anal fuck.” We both knew Maya enjoyed anal. “You know sometimes I even miss Kevin because of that,” she said with a laugh. Kevin had been her last boyfriend in college and Maya said they practically only ever had anal sex.

“Really? Just do it with Luke,” I cocked an eyebrow at her.

Maya laughed a huge belly laugh. “It would never work with Luke. No, Kevin had the perfect cock for anal. You’ve gotta be a little on the smaller side to make it fun for everyone. I bet James is perfect, you just don’t want to admit you liked it,” she winked at me to let me know she was being playful, but the jab at James manhood still stung a little bit.

“Hey now! Only I get to talk about James’ dick like that,” I shot back with just enough heat to let her now that I was defending his honor.

“I’m just saying I bet you liked it and just don’t want me to know it,” she smiled.

I rolled my eyes and shot back, “Whatever, quit trying to get off on my anal stories and just work up the nerve to tell Luke you like it back there from time to time.”

“Oh he knows. He uses his fingers down there when he’s going down on me sometimes, it’s just not the same as a cock though.”

Again I rolled my eyes, while I hadn’t hated my newest anal adventure, escort bursa I sure didn’t share the same appreciation for it that Maya did. My curiosity was getting piqued though, why couldn’t Luke fuck her back there?

“And Luke doesn’t have a cock?” I joked.

“Oh quite the contrary Cailyn, he has TOO MUCH cock.” She grinned with self-satisfaction.

I laughed, “Oh please, come off it Maya.”

“No, seriously, he would put me in the hospital,” her expression told me either she was really trying to sell this or she meant it. “What? You don’t believe me?”

“No, I believe you,” I said in a voice that clearly said I didn’t believe her. Not that Maya was one for hyperbole; I just couldn’t give her the satisfaction of drooling over her boyfriend’s manhood after she so recently poked fun at my fiancé’s.

Maya reached for her phone and started scrolling and I thought our exchange was over and relaxed into my pool chair. Suddenly I had a phone screen thrust in my face and on it was Maya’s face and a humongous penis. She was smiling broadly up at the camera and the penis was draped across her face, extending at least from her chin to the top of her head. Not only was it plenty long, it was thick too. I was ashamed to think it, but it really put James to shame. It might not have been the biggest penis I had ever laid eyes on, but it was certainly close.

My expression must of said it all since Maya took her phone back and gave me a simple ‘told you so’ glare and reclined back into her chair. Nothing else was said because nothing else needed to be said. Luke had a huge cock. Maya definitely hadn’t been exaggerating.

Our sexually charged conversation fizzled out and we took a couple dips in the pool. We left not long after a few more people started to take advantage of the warm sunny day. As we walked out, I noticed both guys and girls stealing glances at Maya’s impressive body and skimpy suit.

“Did you see those people gawking as we were walking out?” I asked her.

“Yeah, they see the fresh new hottie and are wondering if she just moved in,” she elbowed me lightly to show she was referring to me.

“Oh please, they were drooling over you in that thing you call a bathing suit,” I returned her compliment and received a roll of her eyes in response.

It wasn’t long before we made it back to her apartment. We dropped the pool bag and returned to Maya’s room to change out of our swim attire.

“Can I borrow a towel?” I asked. “I kinda wanna wash off the plane and the pool.”

“Sure, let me hop in with you too, the chlorine always makes me itchy.” It wasn’t unheard of for Maya and I to shower together. After practices and games in college all the girls had shared communal showers, and on road trips our hotel rooms were packed full. I was a little nervous now though for some reason and those flutters were returning to below my navel at the prospect of getting naked with Maya.

We wasted little time. We undressed and got in the shower. I was slightly self-conscious of my body now that Maya’s was in such close proximity. Her commitment to her fitness really put mine to shame. I wasn’t out of shape by any means, but Maya was definitely in shape.

“Damn Maya, do you live in the gym?” I asked her.

She laughed, “No, but I go there quite a bit. Luke works at a one nearby and if I go I can hang out with him, and if it’s slow he likes to lift and I can check him out.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and we both shared a giggle. “Actually, he works the morning shift on Saturdays, I usually go in, but I wasn’t planning on it with you in town. If you’d like we can go and you can meet him?”

The prospect of working out with her and meeting her big dicked boyfriend was slightly intimidating when put together, but my inner athlete sprang to life and I wasn’t going to back down from a challenge. “Sounds like a plan! What sort of workout are you going to do tomorrow?” I wanted to see what I had got myself into.

Maya reached behind me and fondled my plump ass cheek, “Booty day!” she giggled.

“So mature,” I rolled my eyes, trying to ignore the fact that her playing with my butt had moved the flutter from below my navel to between my legs. The rest of our shower was uneventful and we were drying ourselves off when Maya gestured between my legs.

“James needed further encouragement to venture south?” she was referencing my completely waxed groin area. I blushed a little at her noticing. I’d gotten it done before trying to get him down there in an effort to leave him no reason to say no. “I like to keep mine shaved, but I’ve never gone for the wax.”

She opened her towel and gave me a full view of her shaved nether region. My mouth went dry and the tingle between my legs upgraded to an itch in need of scratching. I had always kind of had a fantasy about being with another woman, but had never entertained doing anything with Maya. Those thoughts were definitely on my mind now though.

“It was definitely awkward getting it done,” I managed nervously. “But, James had no complaints, so it was worth it.”

“About time he ate you out Cailyn, I always thought that was a red flag,” Maya stated matter-of-factly.

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