Nun Gives in to Lust Ch. 04

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Blow Job

Convent life consisted of routine. Years upon years of the same routine until you gave in to the system or regime as some refer to it. The life was hardest of course for the younger nuns and novices. They still had to fight the demons of their sexual desires, and no matter what the older nuns may say, they all had their desires. On those silent, cold, black winter nights the warmth and tenderness of that cleft between their thighs calls to them. Sister Joanne had managed for some 19 years before her final resolve had been breached totally.

Now nearly every night the debauched nun would kneel at the side of her crib and self-pleasure to the wildest fantasies, sometimes multiple times. But always in near total silence. An ear to the door may have discerned the sound of wet fingers slapping vigorously at a hungry maw. Not every nun or novice had that same skill as this sister, and as you know some noises are heard more keenly than others in that still night air.

When her turn came to tour the corridors on night rounds, Sister Joanne had taken to doing so without shoes. By treading softly between the wings she could often hear the sighs and muffled gasps of the devil finding another partner. Somehow listening to these falls in grace was reassuring. She now knew that she was not alone in her failures.

As she returned to her own door she could hear something different. It was drifting along from three doors beyond her room. It sounded like kissing and stifled moans. it was coming from Sister Ruths room. Sister Ruth was in her early 20s and had not long taken her vows. She had become a particular confidant of Sister Joanne (having particular friends within the order was frowned upon), probably as she hadn’t seemed so much older than herself. They had talked quite openly about the difficulties of faith which is often taboo with the older sisters.

Sister Ruth was a slender woman with the physique of a 15 year old. Her brunette hair and dusky skin had given her that Mediterranean beauty. Timid and awkward in her teens she had shied away from boys. Now a few years on, and she had started to have regrets as her self-confidence had grown.

With her ear to the door Sister Joanne could hear more. Not words, no that would have been too risky, but noises. Noises easily recognised by another experienced woman. Within someone was painting the other bursa escort with the softest of kisses. Even stopping to seek out darker places with her tongue. Behind that noise was another. Something, or some ones fingers, where being repeatedly pushed inside a receptacle that was nearly too tight to receive the intrusion. The rhythm became more urgent and the frenzy of limbs louder.

Outside the snooping nuns pussy burned as she sensed her own lips engorging with blood. This warmth swelled her clit and made it peek from under its hood. One of her pockets was just an open slit and Sister Joanne was able to delved deep and were she began to encourage her pussy to bring on the ecstasy. She had to see though. The corridor was darker than the rooms if no candles where lit, so Sister Joanne turned the handle and opened the door inwards.

There was no mistake, the sounds were definitely sexual in origin. In the gloom she could make out only the outlines of two naked bodies. One laying back on the bed, propped up by her elbows and another knelt before her and between her legs. The guttural soft moans were from the figure on the bed. The source of the chorus of a tongue lapping at wet lips, was from the figure on the floor, Sister Ruth.

Sister Joanne touched the shoulder of her distracted friend. The other figures raised thighs had blinkered the busy nun from noticing Sister Joanne’s entrance. Startled and shocked she instantly recoiled. Sister Joanne already had her finger to her own lips.

Without a word she knelt down next to Sister Ruth, stroking her forehead in reassurance. Without being able to clearly make out her face Sister Joanne was aware of how wide the other nuns eyes were with fear. Sister Joanne first kissed her on the forehead then on her mouth. The heavy aroma of the young woman’s sex was all over Sister Ruths face. She didn’t rush the kiss but licked and probed her open mouth. Then forcing past her lips Sister Joanne plunged deep into her throat as any desperate lover would. The sign that she would be doing the same between the vulnerable Ruths thighs very soon. Turning to the body on the bed Sister Joanne leaned in, placing her face in the welcoming hot pussy.

First she breathed the odour, hot and heady. Then open mouthed she too ate from the forbidden valley. Who this girl was didn’t matter, she had to satisfy her own desires. The anonymous bursa escort bayan partner had a vigorous growth of hair. This had to be held apart for the sweetness to be accessed. The effort was worth while, the woman’s juices flowed freely and inserting 2 fingers only increased the flow.

Sister Ruth rose and mounted the bed. Making their victim lay back Ruth placed her knees either side of the prone head. If there had been light the girl would have seen that from the mass of hair were two open lips both dipping with lust juice. Lowering her spread hole, Sister Ruth began to work her clit across the girls mouth, insisting that she too had her juices drunk.

Sister Ruth now leaned forwards and took over from Joanne. As the two naked entwined body’s ate each other Sister Joanne began to suck at the nipple of a very firm youthful breast. The wonderful hard teat was comforting in her mouth. She knew just how to role suck and tease it to give maximum pleasure to them both.

The shape of her figure, the outline of her face, Sister Joanne thought she at last recognised their silent partner. It was the novice Sofia, at eighteen she had only been at the convent for a few months. She was obviously not coping with the demand of celibacy that a postulant should adhere to.

Sister Joanne now moved behind Sister Ruth. Her cheeks were open and so pale they seemed to reflect the faintest light. The spectacle before her induced her to do something she had never thought to do before. She held the nuns ass with both hands as it writhed on the face below, and tongued the tight virgin anus. The nun didn’t resist but pushed against her probing mouth. Now she understood the desires of the priests that had abused her own anal passage with their hard cocks. It was all too much and Sister Ruth buckled with pleasure as wave on wave drove hard through her body from her clit.

“Young lady.” whispered the senior nun. “Give me your hand.”

On the bed Sister Joanne reclined and spread her legs. Her own pussy had been kept smooth since her exploits at the conference. The girl’s nails were short and hand delicate. Guiding it by her wrist she led the postulant to her opening.

“Now Sofia you are going to push your hand in me, and fuck me hard. Sister Ruth will suck my breasts.”

Now in command the others meekly complied. The young woman pushed into escort bursa the tight old hole of this rampant nun. Tight as it was, never the less her whole hand was received gratefully, and each thrust returned with a low grunt of pleasure. For one so young Sofia was not new to arousing another woman as she pumped and lapped at the erect clit in the darkness. Sister Ruth nuzzled and sucked the older nuns ample breasts. Taking as much as she could in her mouth, she would suck and tease the sisters hard nipple whilst pinching her other. The thrill of her sexual power on the other two and the stimulation of the ramming of this nubile teenager was enough to release her own orgasm. The postulant thrust against the spasming pussy. She knew better than to stop before being prompted. So she carried on pumping the sloppy pussy, but more slowly, until the old nun pulled her hand out from her love hole. As she slowed she could feel all the tension in the older woman’s frame melt away.

“Enough Sofia. To your room. Say nothing. Shhh.”

The naked girl jumped off the bed and quickly threw on her thick cotton night dress, wiping her hand down the side of it.

Joanne turned to Sister Ruth and held her in a passionate embrace. The two kissed long and hard entwined on the bed. Exploring each other with their hands and fingers. Fondling each other tenderly. Sister Ruth being particularly attracted to casually stroking Joanne’s smooth pussy as she lay akimbo next to her, and Sister Joanne to the pert breasts that she could have sucked for days. Across the bed the sheet bore witness with several patches of love juices that would not be seen in the first light of morning, however, their scent would fill the room long after Sister Joanne had left.

“Will she tell?” Joanne whispered at last as Sister Ruth brought her fingers to her mouth and tasted more honey.

“No, she is a good girl. This isn’t the first time. She’s had a terrible home life and she knows it would mean returning to it if she get discovered.”

“Good, will she visit again.” Sister Joanne wanted to get her own fingers into tight young thing and experience the wicked tongue of youth.

“Yes soon, I will tell you when, but you don’t need to wait for her. Please fuck me with your fingers. Put your wetness against my wetness.”

With that the nuns splayed their legs and crossed each other, bringing their most intimate wet places together in a writhing mass of mutual pleasure. Both searched the others soaking labia for her bud of ecstasy. In the darkness their joining could be heard far outside the door.

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