No Longer Sure Ch. 01

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“I can’t believe we’re actually going on a cruise! I’ve wanted to do this for years.” Margaret announced with giddiness. Ben, her fiancée rolled his eyes as they waited in line to board. “I’ll be right back. I can’t stop looking at the ship.” She rushed over to the window and stared in awe at the massive vessel that would be their home for the next week. She kinked her neck, trying to see the top but came back pouting when her efforts were denied.

“Will you relax.” Ben nearly snarled. “It’s just a boat. Nothing more.” Margaret sighed and looked over her shoulder where an older couple smiled. “I still can’t believe you convinced me to go on this and not on the hunting trip. That could have given us enough meat for years.”

“Ben, will you simmer down man. You’ll love this. Tina said that they take care of all your needs. We’ll be treated like Kings.” Ben scoffed and looked away, still fuming over his lost trip.

“It’s true.” The old woman piped up. Ben turned, rage in his eyes and she was forced to look away. Margaret smiled apologetically as their turn came. They handed in their papers, had pictures taken, and had their bags taken to their rooms. Ben smirked as their bag carrier struggled slightly with their luggage.

“See if he ate more meat then he would have bigger muscles.” Margaret closed her eyes and resisted the urge to unload. She loved Ben with all her heart. He had saved her from a tumultuous relationship that was on the verge of battery. She wondered if she fell into another seeing his demeanour.

“Ben, please relax. I’m sorry you couldn’t go shoot things. I really am but Tina and Claude couldn’t go so I thought it would be nice.” Ben sighed and looked over. He nodded and Margaret smiled. “Besides, it will do us some good to actually go and meet people.” Ben chuckled and pulled her close. She wrapped her arms around him and held herself close, savouring the kindness. He kissed her softly as they came to their room. He swung the door open and turned the light on. Margaret stepped in and fell back onto the bed. She sighed in comfort before rolling over. Ben stopped in the doorway when Margaret’s green eyes radiated her desires. “Let’s start this trip off right.” Ben grinned and closed the door behind them as she lifted her shirt.

“Welcome aboard. Now that you’ve done all the safety training I hope you enjoy your time as we set sail for Alaska.” Margaret rushed outside, watching Vancouver fade into the distance. Ben came up and wrapped his arms around her.

“This is amazing. It was a long flight for this but I just feel that it’s actually going to be worth it. I overheard that the views are to die for.” Ben whispered and Margaret grinned.

“Told you. I’m glad you’re going to enjoy yourself. I bet there’s even a hunters group or something on board to quench that thirst.” Ben smirked before pecking her black hair. Both jumped when the ships horn sounded when another ship passed. Margaret waved to the other ship before jumping once again when the horn sounded. Margaret and another woman further down screamed before looking at each other. Margaret froze when she saw the couple amongst a group of friends. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the woman’s sandy blonde hair that shimmered in the open sunlight. She felt compelled to meet her and before she could stop her train of thought, her feet began taking her on a journey.

Margaret took Ben’s hand and made her way down the ship, her sight never leaving the stranger. She was pleasantly surprised when her target couldn’t move her eyes elsewhere.

“Bloody horns.” Margaret said and smiled. The group chuckled, some poking fun, while others sized up the two. The blonde closed her eyes before letting out a deep breath. Margaret studied the woman, curious why she kept her eyes closed as her face reddened. She smiled sweetly and offered to save her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of your friends.”

“Oh no need. She’s always been jumpy.” A man said behind her. Margaret didn’t notice him, instead she offered her hand.

“Margaret.” The blonde opened her eyes and both stared, unable to form any words. Margaret felt a hum in her core that she couldn’t ignore when she became lost in the stranger’s steel blue eyes. The blonde managed to lift her hand and shake the offered hand.

“Anna.” Margaret’s heart melted once her soft voice fell upon her. The hum in her chest grew and before she knew what happened, she moaned quietly. Their hands dropped and Anna looked back.

“I see your man has moved on with Mark.” Margaret blinked several times, trying to break the spell upon her. She glanced over Anna’s shoulder to see Ben and another man walking away with another two in toe. Margaret looked around and suddenly felt out of place. “This is Maria and Jennifer.” Margaret greeted the two politely. Maria’s dark brown eyes studied Margaret as she greeted Jennifer, letting her six foot frame tower over her. Jennifer smiled and briefly hugged escort izmit Margaret, pressing her five foot frame in close.

“Don’t mind Maria, she’s very protective.” Jennifer whispered before parting. Margaret blushed when the feeling her Jennifer’s breasts tingled through hers once they parted. Margaret quickly composed herself before turning to Anna.

“Sorry if I interrupted. I’m only here with Ben so I thought…”

“Well it was kind of rude, just barging in. What if we didn’t want to meet new people?” Maria replied and Margaret took a step back. Anna flinched and stepped around Maria, keeping her steel blue eyes fixated on the newcomer.

“That will be enough Maria. She’s alone and wanted some company. Besides the men are going to be a while. With Mark finding the bar earlier I’m sure they’ll be well on their way talking about whatever boys talk about.” Margaret smiled as Anna defended her. “Come, let’s walk around and get to know each other.”

Margaret took the lead with Anna not leaving her side. Maria and Jennifer stepped back and shared a smirk before letting the two chat as though they’d been friends for life. Margaret was surprised that she’d opened so much to her. As she told them about herself, she felt compelled to continue. They stopped outside the sports bar to see their men laughing and drinking their fill.

“So who’s with whom?” Margaret asked. Anna sighed and looked around. Jennifer stepped forward and answered. Margaret felt a sting against her side when she looked over at the suddenly solemn face of Anna. She nearly missed that Mark was with Anna while Maria’s Mexican man named Demar sat to the right of Ben while Jennifer’s man Aaron was across the table. All four were striking young men that the female servers were keen to serve. Margaret kept her focus on Anna and smiled when Anna finally met her gaze.

Their stare broke when Jen squealed and pointed further down.

“Oh-my-god, they have a massage parlour. We so have to get booked in!” Jen took Maria’s hand and pulled hard, dragging the taller woman. Margaret snickered as she turned.

“She’s strong for a short stack.” Anna laughed and snatched Margaret’s hand. Both women instinctually stared at their sudden union before looking back into their eyes. “Call me crazy but I…”

“Feel as though there’s something between us? Like we’ve known each other forever?” Margaret nodded and sighed deeply. She never felt any connection to anyone as profoundly as the new bond being forged. She couldn’t put it into words what coursed through her soul when Anna squeezed her hand. “I don’t know what it is but I like it, a lot.” Margaret’s heart stopped momentarily when she saw a flicker of adventure cross Anna’s eyes. She felt the hum return and once again a quiet moan escaped her. Anna’s cheeks lightly reddened before looking down the hall.

“Me too.” Margaret squeaked out. What is going on here? I’ve never felt so alive. Ben doesn’t even bring out these emotions. Margaret’s brain shifted gears as she tried to understand what was happening between them.

“Are you two coming or what?” Maria shouted from the room. Margaret snapped out of her thoughts and let go of Anna’s hand.

“I wish.” Anna muttered before her eyes widened when she blatantly stared at Margaret’s firm backside. Margaret turned, feeling her eyes and Anna blushed before catching up. I knew it! She was checking me out. She’s a wildflower like Amy. She’s a perfect woman, all the curves in the right places. Bigger than Jen in the tit department but not a skyscraper like Maria. I’d turn gay for her.

“What?” Anna asked and Margaret paled when she realized she was staring down Anna’s shirt. “Yes I know my twins are big, you want some?” Margaret turned a deep crimson, averting her lusting stare.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Anna smiled and patted Margaret on the shoulder.

“It’s okay. I get it all the time. Men drool over my chest while women glare. You’re the first to actually stare without hatred. Maria’s so jealous she calls them anchors and I take great pride in being a good swimmer.”

“Why would I hate them? They’re part of you and you’re such a sweetheart.” Anna laughed and Margaret stared at the roof in disbelief.

“You are something else Margaret. I’ve never met someone so open before. I like that.” Margaret brought her attention off the roof as Jen poked her head out.

“If you want a massage you better get your fine asses in here.” Anna stared shocked and Jen laughed.

“Jen! Such language is not ladylike. I don’t know how Aaron lives with you foul tongue.” Margaret snickered as Jen’s eyes gleamed with naughtiness.

“Oh he loves my foul tongue for more than just words Anna dear.” Anna eyes nearly fell out and Jen laughed heartily before waving. “Maria says to get in here before she makes them believe you’re a couple of fags.” Margaret instantly took offence and stepped back. She’d always defended her friends and izmit escort felt compelled to do the same here.

“I can’t. I have plans that day to go see the huskies.” Anna watched as Margaret snapped at her best friend. She quickly caught the anger and closed her eyes. “I’m sorry Anna but I having friends that are gay and seeing their fight firsthand, I just don’t tolerate that.” Margaret turned and left, not wanting Anna to see her pain. Anna stormed into the massage parlour and openly slapped Maria across the face, stunning the tall woman.

“Some days I wish you would shut your big mouth.” Anna growled, handing her card to Jen. Jen filled out the papers for a massage, keeping her attention away. “She’s a kind soul and you just have to get your feathers ruffled.”

“She’s gay Anna and she has the hots for you.” Maria replied sourly and Anna shook her head. Maria was keen in that regard and had been wrong only on the rare occasion. Anna usually avoided them when Maria pointed them out, not wanting to cause any problems between them or with Mark.

“She’s here with Ben. That’s enough proof that she’s straight Maria. I want to meet her. I like her.”

“Just watch out Anna or else Mark’s going to take his cushy job and all his money and run. He’s a great guy and you shouldn’t lose him over a fling.” Anna bit her tongue and swiped her card from the desk.

“I’ll be wherever Margaret is apologizing profusely. If you’re woman enough come find us, if not I suggest you keep busy and away from me. I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life.” Anna snapped and stomped out. Jennifer smirked when Maria turned.

“She’s a mean one Ms Grinch.” Jennifer sung and Maria chuckled. “I think Margaret is here to stay Maria.”

Margaret stormed up to the upper decks and out onto the outdoor pool. She smiled momentarily as the sun warmed her. She marched to the bar and ordered a strawberry daiquiri before heading to the railing. She drank quickly hoping that the coolness of the drink would douse the fire of her anger. Margaret flopped down on a nearby bench and let the sounds of children playing in the water fade away. She closed her mind to the world, the same trick she did as a secretary, and took calming breaths.

“Sorry about Maria. She’s very judgemental.” Anna said, snapping Margaret from her angered stare. “May I?” Margaret nodded and slid over. Anna sat down and leaned back, letting the sun hit her face. “She’s just scared that I’ll ruin my life.”

“It’s Mark isn’t it?” Margaret blurted out. “Fuck.” Anna giggled before letting out a deep sigh.

“You’re right. Mark and I are together but she believes that I’m with him for the money. He’s a rich man with a great job at a law firm. He’s going to be wealthy but I like him for more than that. He treats me well when his eyes aren’t wandering. I cannot ask for anything more from a man.”

“He’s cheating on you? That ass..”Anna placed a finger over Margaret’s lips before continuing.

“He’s like his father and I’ll leave it at that but I believe I can change him into a one woman man. I think he loves me but you know men, they’ll never admit it.” Margaret chuckled before downing more of her drink.

“I guess I should be sorry to about my actions with Maria. I have two girlfriends that are in item and having seen their fight firsthand I admire their tenacity. I respect their courage to fight when so many call them down. I’ve stood up to so many people, it’s just become instinct.” Anna smiled and rested her hand on Margaret’s shoulder. Her fingers played with her shoulder length black hair, savouring the softness.

“It’s okay. I think she deserved every word you said.” Anna replied, leaning back once more. “I wish my friends would do that.” Margaret turned, her eyebrow raised. “Pardon my language but Maria is an opinionated spick. She believes that the world owes her a favour and rubs in continuously. Jennifer is a god damn flake that can’t see past her own nose.” Margaret’s eyes widened as Anna bashed her friends. She went to speak but Anna cut her off.

“Why am I with them you ask, because our men are high school buddies. Like it or not I’m stuck with them. I’ve wanted a friend that I can actually talk to without worrying about repercussions or class.” Margaret sighed and looked out over the ocean. Her heart went out to her. She known her for less than a day and already had her pains. “Funny how I barely know you and here I am bleeding my frustrations.”
“Anytime.” Margaret replied as Ben and Mark emerged from the ship. They sauntered over, slightly buzzed.

“Maggie I have a plan.” Margaret cringed when he called her. She hated the nickname forced upon her by Ben when he wanted to stop an argument before starting. “Mark’s told me about the groups onboard and we’ve decided to sign up for a fishing trip and you two can do whatever. Sounds great right?” Margaret was about to object when the rest of Anna’s friends came outside. “Glad izmit kendi evi olan escort you like it. It’s dinner time let’s go.” Ben took Margaret’s hand and pulled her from the bench. She looked back and smiled sadly. Anna watched her leave until the door closed behind her.

“She’s different, nothing like us.” Maria said and Anna kept her opinion to herself. Jennifer, however saw the rage boiling inside Anna.

“Let’s get some grub. There’s a show I want to watch tonight in the theatre.” The group left and Anna for once felt segregated from the group.

She toyed with her food, unable to think of anyone else but her. She looked around the buffet dining area, hoping to find her but knew better. Mark was a rich man and would treat Anna with the greatest expenses he could afford. Ben rambled on about the groups he was thinking of joining. Sports, hunting, and cars bubbled from his mouth while Margaret began slouching in her seat.

“I’m going to check out the casino.” Ben said, seeing that his partner wasn’t interested in his stories. Margaret nodded and kept her head down, wondering why she felt so down. The evening continued on and her plate was taken without her noticing. Finally she left the table and slipped into her room. She looked around at the small room with no windows and her mind faltered back to Anna.

“I got to get my act together. She’s just a girl.” As she walked into the small bathroom for a shower, she realized she wasn’t fooling anyone.

Anna rolled her eyes as Mark ploughed into her, his grunts the only sound other than her ass being slammed into. She prayed that he would finish and as soon as she finished her thought, she felt his seed splash through her. She moaned to please her drunken man. Mark rolled off her and quickly passed out beside her. Anna slipped out of bed and after cleaning up, dressed and walked out onto her balcony. She looked out into the darkness and slouched as a cold pit in her stomach formed.

“What the hell is wrong with me? She’s someone you’ve just met and you’re thinking about…” Anna looked up to see Margaret. She smiled looking up. “I mean I know you’ve fought for gay rights and all. It doesn’t mean you are one as well does it?” Anna listened and the more she heard, the less she worried.

“I think you should stop there.” Anna shouted. Margaret looked down and paled when her eyes fell upon her. “Want some company?”

“I’d love some.” Margaret said before thinking. Anna smiled and rushed through the room and out onto the top levels. Why do I want to be with her? It just feels right. Margaret exhaled deeply, calming her suddenly racing heart. Anna emerged from the ship and stood beside Margaret. A pleasant silence consumed them as both shared glances before giggling.

“Look at us. A couple of lovesick kids.” Anna said and Margaret smirked. Are we really? I don’t think so. I’m just fooling myself. She’s going to be a married woman soon. She wouldn’t have time for me.

“Coming from the woman that stinks of sex.” Margaret replied with a chuckle. Anna blushed and looked down at the water.

“I’d call it shame and defeat.” Margaret laughed before sighing. “He was plastered and wanted some action.”

“I know, Ben was the same. I told him to go to sleep. He’s so sloppy in bed that there’s more of a mess on me than in me. The other problem is that when he’s drunk he snores like thunder.” They laughed and Margaret wrapped an arm around her. “At least we have each other. I don’t think Maria or Jen would be out here in the middle of the night.”

“No, they wouldn’t. Maria’s probably playing with herself while Jen is savouring whatever Aaron has for her. Self righteous bitches.” Anna said sadly before slipping closer to Margaret. She rested her head just above Margaret’s breasts and exhaled in comfort. Margaret rested her head on hers and took in her scent. She held back her urge to grimace when the faint smell of sex lingered underneath the pleasant tones of perfume. “Look!” Margaret looked up to see a shooting star. She smiled and made a wish that surprised her. “There’s another.” Anna lifted her head and began pointing at trails of light before they became too many to count. They marvelled at the show, both gasping when a larger streak of light lit the night sky. “So pretty.”

“Not as pretty as you.” Margaret whispered instinctually. Anna turned, hearing her and Margaret lowered her head. “I really got to stop doing that or I’m going to get in…” Anna gripped Margaret’s chin, turning her before kissing her soundly. Both women quickly parted with a delicious shiver running down their spines.

“Don’t ever stop speaking your mind. We women need people like you.” Anna whispered, resting her forehead on Margaret’s. “You must think I’m a floozy or…”

“Don’t say it. I’d hate to tear a strip out of you.”Anna smiled before parting when the laughter of another couple came to their ears. Margaret looked over her shoulder and sighed when an old couple watched the stars. Margaret turned back and quickly found herself lost in the blues of her blonde counterpart. Anna sighed deeply and licked her lips. Margaret did the same, savouring the taste that she hoped as Anna and not the remnants of Mark.

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