Nickie , Netania Ch. 01

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Netania and I met in the 12th grade. I was the shy one in school and I think my shyness seemed like a challenge to her because from day one she was trying to drag it out of me.

Netania was very outgoing and very attractive. She was tall with long brown hair that fell past her shoulders and shone in the light. She had beautiful brown eyes that I learned to read like a book and most of the time those eyes told me that she was up to something. Her body was perfect, slender and toned, like the body of a dancer. She had long legs and perky breasts.

The moment I met Netania, I knew I was in trouble. I had just gotten to school and was almost to my locker when I saw her at her own locker. She had her back to me and I stopped dead in my tracks to look at her. I let my eyes wander from her beautiful hair and down her back to the most perfect ass I had ever seen. Her jeans fit just right and hugged her in all the right places.

I stood glued to my spot with my eyes fixed on her, unable to look away, and a thousand questions bubbling over in my mind. I have never looked at a woman this way before, never been with a woman before, never even thought about it but as I stood there watching her I felt something stir inside of me and race through my body like electricity.

“Hi! I’m Netania.” she said to me.

The sound of her voice brought me out of my thoughts and I jumped as my eyes snapped up from her body to her kocaeli escort bayan eyes. I felt my face get hot and I wondered if she noticed the way I was looking at her. I managed to smile back at her but could not manage a reply.

“And you are….?” she said slowly.

“I’m, um, Nickie.” I managed to stammer back at her. My eyes finally left hers and I stared down at the floor.

The bell rang and she stared back at me for a few more seconds before grabbing my arm and dragging me into her next class with her. Luckily, it was the same class I was supposed to be in because she lead me to a desk, like I was some kind of rag doll, and sat me down, taking the desk next to me. I sat there, silently, through the whole class and stared at the teacher but I never heard a word she said.

Netania and I ended up having 5 out of our 8 classes together and I never had more trouble concentrating on anything in my entire life. After that first day it was always Netania and Nickie. We talked between classes, ate lunch together, and hung out after school. She was always dragging me around by my arm with her. Eventually it became easier to be around her and she turned out to be my best friend.

The hardest class I had with her was gym class. Our gym lockers were right next to each other and when we changed for gym I always tried to look at the floor while getting changed so I wouldn’t be caught staring at her. I would kocaeli sınırsız escort always sneak peeks from the corner of my eye. She was beautiful naked and I loved going to gym class every day. I would get so turned on just watching her change that I had an ample amount of energy throughout the class.

One day, near the end of the school year, we were on our way to gym class. I was all smiles as I followed Netania to the locker room and we all began to change for class. I was taking my usual peeks at her, taking my time getting dressed. The other girls were beginning to file out of the locker room but Netania was still standing there in her bra and panties. I watched the last girl leave the locker room and turned to look at her.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her, trying not to stare at her while she stood in front of me.

Netnaina opened her mouth to reply but instead of saying anything she reached her arms around my neck and kissed me like I had never been kissed before. I instantly felt myself go weak and stumbled backwards but she went right along with me until she had me pinned to the lockers and continued to kiss me. Her lips were soft and tasted sweet and her tongue searched for mine. My body started to shake and I fought to gain some control.

She stopped kissing me and gave me that look that told me that she was up to something. She ran her fingers through my hair then izmit anal yapan escort her hands started to roam my body. Her hands were soft and felt good and everywhere she touched became covered in goose bumps. Her hands worked their way to my breasts where she began to massage and lightly pinch my nipples. Her lips soon followed her hands and soon they were on my, now very hard, nipples. I let out a small gasp as she sucked in one of my nipples and began to lightly nibble on it, her hands exploring my body. Her tongue circles my nipples a few more times then she begins to lick her way down my stomach to my inner thighs.

Soon I feel her taking off my gym shorts and panties in one swipe and as I look down at her wide eyed she smiles and inserts a finger into my waiting pussy. Her tongue begins to circle my clit, lightly at first, then gradually becoming more intense. I begin to moan slightly as my body shudders at her touch. She soon has two fingers inside of me, pounding at me until my moans turn into cries and I desperately try to hold on to the lockers for support.

I look down at her between my legs. The sight of those beautiful lips on my clit sends my mind into a whirlwind and soon I have my hands in her hair, holding on as if my life depended on it. My orgasm erupts from me like an explosion. My screams echo through the locker room and I am sure that the whole world has heard me.

I slide down the lockers until I am sitting on the floor, my entire body shaking. She smiles at me and holds her soaked fingers to my lips. I slowly lick her fingers clean and smile back at her. As we hear the teacher rush into the locker room to find out what is going on she smiles and says,

“Next time it is my turn.”

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