New Neighbors Ch. 02

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After Jeffrey’s breathing returned to normal and his cock began to soften, he laughed and told me to continue to keep his cock in my mouth.

“After all,” he continued, “you are still tied up and rather at my mercy wouldn’t you say?”

I managed a “mmmppphh!” and nodded. I, too, was enjoying the moment.

We remained like that for a few minutes—me tied hand and foot, wearing his mohair sweater, his cock in my mouth and him relaxing on the couch, legs spread, enjoying the delighted afterglow all men have when they have just received a blow job. In his case, I was sure his contentment had been increased immensely by his seduction of me and my submission to him.

Then he gently pulled my mouth off his cock and re-gagged me with the leather penis gag. He untied both my mohair scarf blindfold and the rope that was binding my ankles together and stood me up, holding me in a gentle embrace.

“I take it you are OK since I can feel your remarkably hard cock pressing against me. Are you ready for your first blow job by a man?”

I nodded and he led me upstairs to their spare bedroom.

He untied my wrists and had me lay down on the bed on my back. Out of a drawer he produced four fur-lined leather cuffs which he gently buckled onto each of my wrists and ankles. My cock was throbbing with excitement and he kissed it softly and sweetly after he had the last ankle cuff on me. He then tied each wrist and each ankle to a separate post on the king-sized bed. I was quite effectively spread-eagled. I was amazed at how good it all felt and I closed my eyes and ran my tongue over the rubber penis that was gagging me.

“Would you like the scarf back on as a blindfold?” Jeffrey asked.

Once again I nodded and made a soft mmmmppphh of pleasure as he tied it in place. I expected him to immediately begin sucking me but was surprised once again when I felt some kind of lotion on each of my thighs. His strong fingers began rubbing the lotion. Of course, he had full access to my body and I could do nothing about it but moan into my gag which I did.

“You like it,” he said laughing. “So do I my friend. It brings back such nice memories of my first seduction into bondage by my neighbor all those years ago. He liked to do just this very thing to me—massage my thighs while he had me helpless and gagged, waiting for him to put his lips on my rock-hard cock. I still dream about those encounters which is why I am so delighted to have found a new playmate.

I made a mental note to ask him what happened to his older friend although I suspected Jeffrey would tell me soon enough.

Jeffrey was lost in his memories as his fingers stroked my thighs. Occasionally, he would run a finger up and down the shaft of my cock and giggle when I moaned into my gag.

“We had quite the fling,” he continued. “Once a month we would spend the weekend together at this remote mountain cabin that had been in his family for decades. He would dress me up in a variety of wool-based outfits, bind and gag me in every way he could think of—to a post outside, on the bed, to a chair, you name it and I was probably tied to it. I loved it and I loved all those blow jobs even more.

“Speaking of which, it is time for yours, I do believe.”

When he took me into his mouth I thought I would explode right then and there. It certainly did not take long for that to happen. After all, I had been teased and stroked and fondled and touched and kissed for almost an hour. It seemed like my cock had been hard the entire day. I couldn’t believe the strength of my ejaculation. It was like I was nineteen again. Jeffrey had given me a sucking that was my own private anti-aging remedy.

When my cock softened, Jeffrey slowly, while dragging his lips along my shaft, disengaged from me. He then untied me from my spread-eagle, and took off both my gag and my blindfold.

“Care to stick around a while?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

I nodded and managed a “Sure” which brought a smile to his face.

“Wonderful,” he said. How does some time in our hot tub followed by a glass or two of a fine single-malt sound?”

I nodded again and said, “It sounds, well, wonderful.”

“Good,” merter escort he said, “Now, please take off my sweater and leave it on the bed. I’ll be right back with some robes.”

The robes were plush white terrycloth like you find in upscale hotels. His was monogrammed with his initials while mine was unadorned.

As we went downstairs on our way to what he called their spa room, I asked him what had happened to his older friend.

“Well, he was a good forty years older than me so, as you can guess, he has passed on. It happened about a year after Stephen and I got together. In fact, Richard was the one who introduced us.

“Let me answer the other question that I suspect is on your mind. Stephen and I have an open relationship. We are very careful in choosing who we play with outside of our relationship. I am, as you have probably guessed, rather fond of seducing married men who have not had a chance to explore their bisexual sides. He enjoys that as well but also has a thing for accomplished crossdressers.”

I was silent on this information until we had shed our robes and we had both slowly lowered our naked bodies into the 103 degree water in their large hot tub which was inside a detached building in their back yard.

“When we first looked at this house,” Jeffrey said, “this was what sold us on it. Our “spa” room, we call it. Sometimes, after a good soak, we will just sit out here and enjoy the moment.

“By the way, my friend, any second thoughts on my seducing you into a sweater, then tying you up and the exchanging those blow jobs?”

“No, no second thoughts at all,” I said. “In fact, Jeffrey, it was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.”

“Excellent,” he said, a rather mischievous smile appearing on his face and I had the feeling that it would not be too long before the curtain would rise on a second act.

After we got out of the hot tub, dried off, and put our robes back on, we went back into the house. Jeffrey showed me the bottle of single-malt and I nodded. We took our glasses down the half flight of stairs to their “family” room which was dominated by a large-screen, flat panel HDTV and all of the assorted boxes that contain the satellite hookup, the DVD player, the DVR and so on.

We sat next to each other on the eight-foot long black leather couch and sipped our drinks.

“Wow,” I said, “this Scotch is great.”

“Sip it,” he instructed. “As I suspect you have guessed, we are going to play some more. But first, I have something special to show you.”

He opened a drawer and picked out a DVD.

“Eric,” he said, grinning. “How much porn do you watch?”

“Not much,” I confessed. “The few times I watched some, it just didn’t do the trick.”

“I understand completely,” Jeffrey said. “It was exactly the same for us, especially given our rather specialized tastes—wool for me and crossdressers for Stephen.

“We are fortunate to be quite well off financially. And it turns out that you can pay a porn company to produce what they call a custom video. So that is just what we did. I wrote the script and we went down to Los Angeles and this is the result.”

He put the DVD into the machine and I took another sip of the single-malt. The title, “Bound and Gagged Detectives,” flashed on the screen and then the show began.

It started off with what I thought was a woman in early twenties with beautiful long black hair that cascaded over her shoulders putting the finishing touches on our make-up in front of a mirror. I was not at all surprised that she was wearing a pink mohair sweater, a knee-length pleated white woolen skirt and knee-high black leather boots.

Jeffrey put his hand on my thigh and whispered in my ear, “Isn’t that a gorgeous image. The hardest part of this whole thing was finding just the right crossdresser to play our version of Nancy Drew.”

All I could say was “Wow! I certainly can’t tell that’s a guy.”

He giggled and said, “In a little while there will be no doubt.”

On the screen, the door opened behind “Nancy” and two men rushed up to her. I was amazed again to see that it was Stephen and Jeffrey. mutlukent escort Stephen put his hand over Nancy’s mouth while Jeffrey showed her his gun. They were dressed in black woolen turtlenecks, black leather pants, black motorcycle boots and black leather gloves. Jeffrey had a black backpack on.

On the screen, Jeffrey said, “Hello, Nancy. You and your buddy, Joe Hardy, have been doing entirely too much snooping around in our business. The two of you are going to be taught a lesson you will always remember.”

Nancy complained but all that came out was a series of mmmppphhs causing the two older men to laugh. Jeffrey stuck the gun in Nancy’s face and said “are you going to be a good girl or do we have to be a little rough with you?”

That caused the pretty young thing to quiet down and the two men quickly went to work. When they were done Nancy’s wrists were cuffed behind her and a ball gag had been inserted into her mouth and strapped into place. They hustled her into the living room and sat her down on a couch. Jeffrey produced two long lengths of white rope and Nancy’s ankles and knees were knotted together. Stephen sat down next her on the couch and began idly to play with bound and gagged sweater girl with his hands. He caressed her hair and whispered something in her ear which resulted in another series of mmmppphhs, a lot weaker and a lot less indignant than the first set of muffled words.

I was entranced by the video. It had everything that had turned me on so much just a little earlier—bondage, sweaters, and I suspected that blow jobs would be coming along pretty soon. I felt my own cock begin to stir. I squirmed on the couch, causing Jeffrey to laugh.

His hand moved from my thigh to my cock and he said as he ran a finger along my rapidly hardening shaft, “I can see you like the show.”

I managed a soft “Of course.”

On screen, the door opened and a quite handsome young man, also in his early twenties, entered the room. He had medium-length blond hair that had some soft curls in it around his ears. He was wearing a turtleneck sweater of thick, almost luxurious, white wool, blue jeans, running shoes and white socks. This was the fourth member of the cast, Joe Hardy.

Jeffrey and Stephen sprang into action while Nancy squealed into her gag from her helpless position on the couch. This time it was Jeffrey who grabbed the young man and hand-gagged him while Stephen showed him the gun. The combination of the gun, two assailants and the sight of his pretty partner helplessly bound and gagged was too much and Joe Hardy was soon cuffed,, gagged with another ball gag, and pushed onto the couch next to Nancy where, like her, his ankles and knees were knotted together with long lengths of white rope.

“Oh my!” I said, not really sure whether I was more excited by the on-screen bondage or Jeffrey’s insistent fingers. I took another sip of the single malt and was surprised when Jeffrey reached for the remote and paused the show.

“It’s time for us to be properly dressed, don’t you think?” he told me. “Stay right there. I’ll be right back with some things that will be remarkably appropriate for us.”

He went quickly up the stairs and I heard his feet above me, no doubt retrieving both sweaters and bondage gear. My rock-hard cock throbbed with excitement, amazing me. There was usually a much longer recovery time between ejaculations. I was tempted to play with myself before he returned but did not want to spoil in any way the scenario Jeffrey wished to play out.

He returned with an armful of clothes and, of course, rope, cuffs and the leather penis gag I was intimately familiar with. He had already pulled on the sweater he had worn in the video as well as pair of black silk boxers. I could see the bulge of his cock through the boxers.

“Stand up and shed the robe,” he told me. I did as instructed. My eyes widened when I saw what he had in mind for me to wear. It was an ankle-length mohair sweater dress in a pale yellow, complete with a rather large turtleneck collar. My eyes also took in a pair of matching yellow wool socks and, finally a pair of yellow mohair mittens.

“Do otele gelen escort you need some help,” he said, a smirk on his face.

I smiled and said, “No, Jeffrey, I think I can manage this.”

In a minute or so I was wearing more wool than I had ever worn before. The sweater dress felt, well, fantastic. I was hooked on this fetish and, frankly, was becoming quite hooked on this man. It didn’t take Jeffrey long to cuff my arms behind me with a pair of metal handcuffs and to gently put the business end of the penis gag in my mouth and buckle it into place. He then spent a few delightful minutes fondling and caressing the dress that covered me and, to my delight, the still rock hard cock underneath all that mohair.

He sat me back down, knelt before me, and tied my ankles together with a long length of white rope.

“There,” he said, “you look good enough to eat. Which will happen soon enough. But now it’s time to see what happens to our young bound and gagged detectives?”

He pressed play on the remote and the action resumed on screen. The bound and gagged detectives squirmed and wriggled for a couple of minutes on the couch. It was clear to me, bound and gagged as I was, that those two were not going anywhere.

Jeffrey, his right hand caressing my thigh, laughed and said, “It’s part of the bondage video genre. There needs to be a shot of the tied and gagged folks struggling against their bonds. Personally, I think it is just a device to allow those watching time to jack off.

“I bet you wish you had that opportunity right now,, don’t you?”

I nodded and managed a rather unimpressive “mmmpppphhh” into my gag.

Jeffrey and Stephen re-entered the scene on screen. They sat on the couch, Stephen next to Nancy and Jeffrey next to Joe.

“How are you two doing?” Jeffrey asked, smiling. His right hand played with Joe’s hair, causing the bound and gagged detective to squirm and protest into his gag.

“Perhaps you are regretting snooping around in our affairs? Or perhaps, with your finely tuned detectives’ eyes, you have already noticed the bulges in our pants and have realized what the most important part of your lesson is going to be.”

This caused both bound detectives to squirm and to make those muffled gagged sounds bondage fans love so much. The camera spent a moment or two on each one’s face as they both shook their heads back and forth.

“It’s not really your decision, is it?” Jeffrey said as he and Stephen arranged their captives on the floor and on their knees, Nancy in front of Stephen and Joe in front of Jeffrey.

Jeffrey told me, his arm now around my wool-covered shoulders, “This was really fun when we did it. I was hoping for multiple takes but it worked out quite fine the very first time. Of course, Eric, with you there are going be a lot more than just one time.”

I nodded and produced what I hoped was a satisfactory “mmmppphhh!”

On screen, both Jeffrey and Stephen now had their rock-hard cocks out and were teasing their bound and gagged captives by rubbing the tips across each captive’s ball-gag.

The actors playing Nancy and Joe mmmpphhed and squealed but they nodded meekly when Stephen said, “It’s showtime. You both know what to do when the gags come off?”

From my own bound and gagged position on the couch, I watched intently as Joe and Nancy worked. They were quite good, obviously well practiced, and they basically made love to those cocks with their mouths. There were kisses and licks up and down their captors’ cocks. They were told to lick each captor’s balls and they did. The close-up camera captured all of this. Another camera was behind the bound and gagged detectives and that showed Jeffrey and Stephen in ecstasy as their captives worked. We could also see the handcuffs pinning their arms behind them and the rope encircling each set of ankles. I squirmed and actually moaned into my own gag causing Jeffrey to laugh. “Your time will be quite soon my friend, quite soon indeed.”

The camera zoomed in close on the action. Joe and Nancy were very slowly moving their lips up and down Jeffrey and Stephen’s cocks. No doubt due to an off-screen signal they picked up the pace and both Jeffrey and Stephen came at once. The bound detectives pulled back to allow the camera to capture the cum shooting out of the cocks.

Once their on-screen ejaculations were finished, Jeffrey whispered into my ear, “It’s showtime for us now my friend” and he paused the video.

(to be continued)

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