New Friends, New Experiences Ch. 02

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I woke up in a groggy state, a headache from the drinks last night dulling my senses. “Ugh,” I grunted as I rolled over. Beside me lay my boyfriend, AJ Bowman. He lay on his back, snoring gently. I nestled my nude body against his and drifted back to sleep.

I woke up again about a half hour later. My right leg was draped over AJ’s lower waist, and I rolled onto my back. I scratched at my pubic area and felt an odd, dried fluid on my twat, my body’s own lube from the night before. I smiled to myself, remembering the fun we’d had the night before. AJ had given me a crazy orgasm when he had gone down on me, caressing my clit with his tongue. We had collapsed in a heap and fallen asleep, too spent to continue. Sitting up, I saw a tented bulge from beneath the sheets coming from around his waist. I smiled devilishly. I was going to give him a wake-up call he’d never forget. Slowly pulling the sheet to the foot of the bed, I moved down to around his waist and gently took his manhood in my hand. It was hard and I gently placed my lips over the head, pushing down on it and taking it as far as I could. I couldn’t get all of him in my mouth, but that didn’t matter. I pulled off of it, my lips clearing the tip with a loud pop. I kissed the tip again, flicking my tongue around the foreskin. Gently pulling the foreskin down, I ran my tongue in figure-eights around the head. As I did this, he stirred.

“OhmyGod, baby!” he exclaimed as my head bobbed up and down over him. His fingers ran through my hair, gently pushing my head down. He released me after a moment, and I pulled up with a grin.

“Hey there, baby. Having fun?” I asked, licking my lips seductively.

“Hell yeah!” he responded. I went back on him, licking the tip of his cock. I put myself in his shoes for a moment. If I had a cock to be sucked, what would I like? I decided to try to cup his balls and see where that got me. As I gently caressed them, I felt a spasm beneath me.

“Score one for Maura,” I thought to myself. I slowed down my licking of his head and went back to bobbing up and down, adding a little suction. Every once in awhile, I would throw in a lick to his head, and he really seemed to like it.

“Oh God, Maura.” He tried to push my head off him. He didn’t have any mercy yesterday, and in a perverse game of Karma, I decided not to give him any relief either. I licked his head again, and his body thrusted towards me as his orgasm neared. “I’m gonna cum, you don’t want to take it, do you? Pull up!”

I loved how he was still a consummate gentleman even when getting a hummer. My teal eyes were full of mischief as I grunted “Nm-mm” around his cock, telling him no. I was going to take it. Hopefully I wouldn’t regret it, I’d heard of some girls barfing afterwards. I gripped the bottom of his cock with my free hand and began jerking him off as I continued to go down on him. I felt him tense beneath me as he began to cum. String after string of his cum hit the roof of my mouth. I instinctively swallowed it, and kept pumping. He kept shooting his sperm, and I kept swallowing it. I gave him three final pumps, and the last of his semen came into my mouth. I took a moment to taste the liquid in my mouth. It wasn’t bad. It was kind of sweet, kind of salty. It had a taste all its own. I swallowed the final drops and smiled.

“I never thought you’d be one to swallow,” he said in awe.

“When you make me cum like you did last night, I have absolutely no problem with it.” I grinned sexily as I caressed my nude boobs. “What do you say we get clean and dirty at the same time?”

“I don’t follow,” he said, a look of incomprehension crossing his face.

“Let’s shower together. It’ll be fun!” I said. “It’ll give us a chance to put our hands all over each other.”

“Sounds great, baby. I love how horny you are.” He smiled as he kissed me.

We walked to the bathroom without bothering to get dressed. He stepped into the shower and turned the water on, waiting for it to warm up before he motioned me in. I stepped in and swung my head under the showerhead, wetting down my wavy brown hair that extended halfway down my shoulder blades. AJ lightly pushed me against the wall of the shower, and began lightly kissing my lips. I gladly returned, and put my hands on his butt, lightly squeezing as he kissed me. He took the cue and opened his mouth, his tongue tenderly caressing mine. I felt his warm hands on my waist, pulling me towards him.

I broke off after several minutes of steamy kissing, grabbing the body wash. Squeezing out some into my hands, I rubbed it all over his chest and toned abs, letting the suds run down his body. I turned him around and did the same to his back. I bet he thought I was going to do his butt or his groin next; I decided to be a little unexpected and started at his ankles, working my way up higher until I was massaging his butt with one hand and his groin with the other, occasionally switching my hands. To signal I was done, I playfully slapped his ass.

He took the body wash and squeezed out a palm illegal bahis full, lathering up my back. His hands were amazing as they massaged the suds in. His back massages always felt great, and I was the luckiest girlfriend to receive them. His hands reached around and fondled my boobs, lightly squeezing the nipples. I felt the tingles of pleasure begin to travel up my spine. He turned me around and flipped my hair from in front of my shoulders to behind my back, lathering up my boobs and my flat belly. His hand dipped to my crotch, a finger wiggling in between my pussy lips. I was in heaven. I had a hot guy practically worshipping my body with his hands, enjoying himself almost as much as I was.

AJ’s hands on my legs made my knees weaken as he gently massaged them with body wash. I opened my eyes to see him kneeling in front of me. His hands wandered up my thighs to my ass, and he massaged them a little harder. “Babe, you have the absolute sexiest legs I’ve ever seen,” he said, massaging my calves.

“I’m glad you like them,” I purred as I ran my fingers through his hair. “Yours are pretty damn sexy too. Don’t even get me started on your ass.”

“Oh, I can easily say the same about yours. It’s perfect. If I were a sculptor, I’d immortalize your ass in marble,” he said as he rubbed my butt. He stood and detached the handheld showerhead from the wall clip and rinsed me off. With a wry grin, he took the showerhead and placed it right between my legs, pointed at my hairless pussy. I had to loop my arms around his shoulders as my knees almost gave out from under me.

“Oh my God!” I moaned as the warm water danced on my vagina, some of it tickling my clit. As suddenly as he began his unconventional masturbation of me, he stopped with a mischievous grin.

“I’ll finish up later,” he said as he began to massage shampoo into my scalp and through my long cinnamon brown hair.

“I’m holding you to that,” I purred as I shampooed his hair. After we both massaged each other’s heads longer than was probably necessary, we rinsed and got out, drying each other off.

Later that day, as I walked to my car after I got off work at Joe Bologna’s, an Italian eatery in downtown Lexington, I felt my phone buzz in my hip pocket. I pulled it out and looked at it; my housemate, Kelly Landers, was calling. I stepped under the sodium vapor light which lit up my parking place, leaned against my royal blue Mini Cooper, and answered.

“Hey Kelly, are you almost home?” I said as I picked up.

“Yeah, I’m boarding my flight to Lexington now. I’m technically in Kentucky, as the Cincy airport is actually across the river, so I should be home in a half hour or so.”

“Sweet. Do you need me to pick you up?” I asked as I got in my Mini.

“Yeah, my parents are in Gulf Shores, so obviously, they can’t.” She laughed dryly at this.

“Yeah, that’d make it difficult to come and get you. Aren’t you jealous?” I asked.

“Maura, I’ve been in Valencia for the past semester. They can keep coastal Alabama. I mean, seriously…winning!” she laughed. She said “Valencia” like “Balenthia,” the traditional Castilian Spanish pronunciation of the Spanish city on the Mediterranean.

“Well, yeah, good point.” I laughed. “I’ll be there in about a half hour. I gotta run home and change, I smell like a fat Italian man who never showers. Garlic and onions and marinara, oh my!”

We both laughed at this. “Ok Maura, I gotta go. We’re about to take off, so the no phone light just clicked on.”

“See ya!” I chirped as her phone clicked off. I shifted my car into drive and began my drive home. I rolled the sunroof back, enjoying the unseasonably cool air rushing into the cabin. After quickly changing into a pair of cheer shorts and a tank top, I jumped back in my car and took off to the airport to pick up Kelly. I pulled into the temporary spots to the side of the terminal and turned my music on, listening to Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory album, one of my favorites. After a few songs, my phone buzzed again. I turned down the music and picked up.

“Hey girl, are you here yet?” I asked.

“Guess who’s back with a brand new rap!” she exclaimed back. “I am on the ground and waiting for my bags at the baggage claim.”

“Cool. I’ll be there in a second. I’ll guess you have a few more bags than hands.”

“You know me too well. I’d really appreciate a couple more hands.”

I hung up and walked towards the terminal, snagging a baggage cart at the door. As I walked towards the baggage claim, I saw a familiar body facing away from me, wearing a multicolored peasant skirt and a tank top. “Kelly!” I called. She turned, and we ran towards each other, ending with a hug. We pulled away, and I looked her up and down. “You look great!” I said. She had lost a little weight, and had a great tan. She was always a bit more voluptuous than me, occasionally bordering on slightly overweight. Now, she was at an almost perfect weight; curvaceous, yet toned. Her collarbone-length hair was a brilliant, shiny caramel brown, illegal bahis siteleri with highlights bordering on blonde scattered throughout. She always reminded me of Kat Dennings with lighter hair. I never noticed how vivid her ice blue eyes were, but against her tan they really popped out.

“Yeah, I rode a bike or walked everywhere, and I dropped about 25 pounds. I actually had to buy more clothes that were smaller. I bought a lot of skirts because I didn’t know how much more weight I was going to lose. I gained some of it back, but in muscle.” She then noticed my arms, which were more toned and muscular than they were when she left. “And you, you look great too! You’ve always been thin, but you’ve been hitting the weights, haven’t you?” She lightly pinched my bicep, which was more muscular now that I was working out with AJ.

“I’ve been working out with AJ for the last couple months. We’ve been hitting the gym and the heavy bag since I started dating him.”

Her honey-colored eyebrows shot up her tanned forehead. “Wow, I didn’t know you were dating him! That’s good, after the last girl he dated, he needs a good girl like you. She turned out to be a total harlot.” She put her bags on the luggage cart. “I’m starving, do you want to grab a pizza? I’ll pay, I’ve had a great job at this seaside café working as a cook. They had no idea how to do Americana until I came along.”

“Sounds great. I didn’t get much to eat today, I had to go to work early. Whose pizza do you want?”

“Donato’s sounds great to me.”

Thirty minutes later, we sat at our dining room table, annihilating a pizza as we talked about the last seven months. “So how did people treat you? I’ve heard some Europeans can be kinda rude.”

“Oh, they were fine. Most people were nice if you made an attempt to speak their language. They could always tell I took Spanish from Mexican teachers. You know, the accents are like British people talking to us, it’s just really different.”

“That’s what Senora Ortiz always told us. She said Castilian Spanish was a little more lispy than the Latin American Spanish we were taught.” I said. I had taken eight years of Spanish in total, starting in middle school and progressing into college. I was pretty good at it, but nowhere as good as Kelly was.

“It really is. It was kind of funny the first few weeks, it all seemed really comical. Then, everything seemed to normalize, and I caught myself starting to talk like them. Then I went to Navarre, and everyone there speaks with a thick Basque accent. It’s like the difference between an Appalachian person and a New Yorker, it’s hardly the same language.”

“I can imagine, we covered Basque people in Spanish History. How was driving?” I picked up a new slice of Hawaiian pizza and bit into it, relishing the pineapples, cinnamon, ham, and almonds.

“Well, I never drove, but I took some cabs sometimes. The cars are generally a lot smaller—your Mini is about the standard size—and there are brands I’ve never heard of, like Seat, Skoda, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, and some others. They’re really bike-friendly over there. I bought a single-speed bike and rode it practically everywhere, and everyone gave me plenty of room. I liked the bike so much I’m having it shipped here. I took buses too, but not often. Pretty much everything I needed was either on the waterfront or in the Old Quarter, which had walls from the Templar days and everything. It was so beautiful; it was the most beautiful city I’ve been in.” She took a moment to polish off another slice of pizza and snag another. She picked the pineapples off and ate them first, tossing them lightly into her mouth.

“Ok, now from one girl to another…how were the guys there?” I giggled as I asked.

“Oh my God, they were gorgeous. Most of them were tall, muscular, and really in shape. A lot of them played football—dammit, soccer—and it showed in their build. I dated one for a while, Javier Marquez, and he looked like that tennis player, Rafael Nadal, just with shorter hair,” Kelly laughed.

“Ooh. That sounds amazing.” I arched an eyebrow as my mind’s eye formulated the image of a strong, fit, tanned Spanish man. “Well, I know jet lag may be messing with your sleep, but I’m not so lucky, and I have to work tomorrow. Plus, it’s 2 am now. Goodnight, Kelly. I’m glad you’re home.” I hugged her as I got up to go to bed.

“Goodnight, Maura. Sleep well,” she said as she sat on the couch with a book.

The next couple days passed without event. Kelly, AJ and I all hung out, went to class and work, and generally did a whole lot of nothing, which is how I prefer to spend some days in mid-July. However, about a week after Kelly’s return, I woke up one day with the thought of starting my day off with a swim.

Since I had worked the night before, I woke up later, at about eleven. I didn’t bother showering; it seemed a little pointless, since I’d need to take a shower afterward to get the chlorinated water out of my hair. So I woke up and put on my favorite green bikini, grabbed canlı bahis siteleri my goggles, and went outside in the backyard, where we have a nice in-ground pool that goes from about four feet to eight feet deep, complete with a springboard. I looked around, enjoying the bright blue sky dotted with cotton-candy clouds. That’s when I looked down, and noticed Kelly on the chaise lounge closest to me. She was totally nude, lying on her back and enjoying the sun. She really had dropped a lot of weight in Spain, as she went a size 11 and returned a small 8; her belly didn’t have a spare inch of skin, and her abs were gently rippled, punctuated with a dangling belly button piercing. Her breasts were larger than mine, probably a C cup bordering on a D, and they were quite perky despite their size. Like me, she had no pubic hair. I’m not lesbian or even bi, but I must admit, she looked really good.

“Oh my God, Kelly! You’re naked!” I exclaimed.

“Very astute, my dear Maura.” She laughed. “That I am. In Spain, nudity is a lot more common than it is here. Of course, people don’t go to the store nude or whatever, but for laying out, swimming, or something like that, it’s pretty common.”

“And people aren’t screwing all the time?” I asked. It seemed to me that a beach or a pool full of naked people would be a recipe for a giant orgy.

“Well, some of the places in France had trouble with the Eye-Ties going at it in public. Most places don’t, and if you’re caught, that’s a huge deal. Most of the Spaniards I met on the beaches wouldn’t even consider it. Even a guy with an erection is a faux pas. If I’m bothering you by being naked, I can put something on, it’s no trouble. I should have asked before I did it, sorry,” Kelly said. She did seem genuinely contrite about it.

“No, no,” I said hastily. “It’s your house, and as long as none of the neighbors can see, I don’t care. I was on the swim team in high school, so I got used to being around naked chicks then,” I laughed a little too forcefully, it sounded a little hollow.

She began to sit up. “It’s your house as much as it is mine. I’ll go grab something to put on.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her back to reclining. “Seriously, Kelly, I don’t mind. It’s a little new, but this has been a summer of new friends and new experiences. You can go nude, but I think I’m going to keep my suit.” With that, I put my towel on the lounge beside hers and descended the cement stairs into the pool, enjoying the cool water on a hot morning. It was only eleven o’clock and it was already 90 degrees. Today was going to be terrible for heat. I swam a couple laps of the pool and aimlessly floated around for a while before getting out. I lay down on my stomach on the chaise beside Kelly and untied the straps of my bikini top so there would be no tan lines on my back. This was in no way an attempt at nudism, as I’ve done this for years. After about a half hour of tanning my back, I reattached my top and rolled over.

“Kelly, it is too hot for this crap.” I sighed as the temperature got hotter and hotter. “I think I’m going in.”

Kelly, on her stomach now, merely said, “Ok, see you.”

I picked up my wet towel and as I walked towards the patio door, Bugsy, AJ’s corgi dog, fell in step at my heels. “I’m not wearing much and it’s hot, it must be horrible for you, wearing a fur coat.” I said to him. As I slid the door open, Bugsy shot past me like a furry brown and white cannonball and beelined for his favorite place in the basement, on his belly on the cement floor by the washing machine. As I poured myself a glass of ice water, I noticed something. It wasn’t much cooler in the house. Perplexed, as our air conditioner typically makes me a bit chilly, I headed for the hall and flipped the cover of the thermostat open. Sure enough, it was set to its normal 76 degrees, and the switch for the air conditioner was on, but I didn’t hear the whoosh of the air coming through the vents. The thermometer under the thermostat read 82 degrees. It was still cooler than being outside, but it wasn’t as it usually was, a cool oasis in the stifling heat and humidity of a Kentucky July. I went downstairs to AJ’s room, where a utility closet off his room held the air conditioner. As I walked through his room, I noticed that the carpet got wetter and wetter as I got to the utility closet. Opening the door, I found a large puddle of water around the air conditioning unit.

“Shit.” I swore under my breath. “It had to be on the hottest day of the year so far too.” I trudged back upstairs, frustrated at the turn of events. I opened the patio door and simply called, “Kelly, the air conditioner is broken.”

She turned over onto her side. “Really? Aww, fuck!” she exclaimed. She stood from the chaise lounge, still nude, and walked in the house, jogging down the stairs as I followed. I was envious of her butt. It was a perfect butt, round and taut, but not too muscular. Mine is smaller and more athletic, which suits my body, but I wish I had her curves. She opened the door to AJ’s room and noted the wet carpet as I did. “Shit, this is not good.” She opened the door and dipped a toe into the water. “Yup, not good at all. Dad has a guy he trusts to do air conditioning and heat stuff, so I’ll call him. Do you work today?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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